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  1. Unghin


    Nice job, thanks! Very pleasent to observe how PZ developing. Also thank you for winter Spiffo - so cute
  2. OH! A lot of thanks for all team! I going to explore it
  3. Unghin

    Swing State

    Map expantion, sweeet. Thank you!
  4. In SP I have no issues with rain water collecting, but no spawn of bowls and pots. In COOP - unable to collect rainwater, but abnormal spawn of water containers too . And I don't running COOP currently - because my friends don't want to play in PZ
  5. Highlighting of containers is it. But in my opinion - remembering of what books you already have it is a good braintrain.
  6. I can't agree - because zomboid deals with realism, so you should use your brain And what about high level books? We able to read 1 page in every level?
  7. In my opinion this stuff is too heavy for moving. At least you unable to move bed and couch through door hole without disassembling, but may be we can disassembling (not only into planks and nails) and assembling later some furniture. 325. Opportunity to put a mattress on floor (like we can find in some houses) and sleep on. 326. Opportunity to move this type of bed. (may be with assembling like tent kit)
  8. 319. Mooving big stuff like chair\tables\armchairs\BBQ in to hands like generator 320. For very large\heavy stuff - use cart: 321. Durability for bags - in PZ almost everyday bags are full of loot, so in a bag the hole can appear, and loot will drop out, but we able to repair it with a needle and a thread. 322. Durability for clothes. 323. Weaver/ tailor profession - they will able to craft/repair (better then other) bags/clothes.
  9. I can't. It's moving only right and left (on horizontal axis). Strange, but I couldn't find it in this topic and mondoids. But I remember picture in MP update with map inside admin panel in game, which shows zombies (green\or red pixels) on black background around admin, central cell looked like full loaded.
  10. Unable to change size of window (fullscreen screenshot) I meant map from admin panel that show zombie population around, was released somewhere in this topic.
  11. Looks like everything works, but window of server options UI is to tall and I was unable to change it size, so I couldn't see button's names in bottom of my screen. Also, what about horde map for COOP host admin panel?
  12. But player-admin able to give access of usage admin panel for player-host or not?
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