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  1. Spiffin'

    Expansions generally involve a much higher price - 29.99 vs. 1.99 for example, so it is acceptable that the two don't have the same level of content. I've also had to suffer through some expansions that involve changes to the basic mechanics, thus creating a different game, entirely. Expansions like Denver, St. Louis, Seattle, Washington DC or LA (Grand Theft Auto with a twist) would be cool, but I don't think it would bother me if motorcycles and bicycles were part of a DLC for 1.99 and, as mentioned by Butter Bot, Louisville is part of the project. I do think that we currently have plenty of map to play on while other pieces of the project are rolled out. No one has really said much about a campaign, but it was obviously the intention of the devs to have a campaign for the project and that will be a different kind of beast, entirely, as it requires story-telling rather than programming to be successful and no matter how great the mechanics and graphics are, if the campaign isn't good, it ends up being just a sandbox. The point of this is that the devs definitely have enough environment to test and run each element as it is introduced without a need for more maps. Before too long, Orell will become more necessary as the devs need to work out taller buildings, basements, etc., but I think we are ok until then. We don't need taller buildings or basements for a vehicle that is just going to drive by or for an NPC, unless he or she is going to live there.
  2. Spiffin'

    At this point, I don't want to be a party-pooper, but I think there are enough maps to allow for hours of fun gameplay in the upcoming v1.0. I would rather not distract devs from their monumental task of adding the remaining elements that will turn this from an EA game to the blockbuster that it certainly will be. Can we agree that Orell and Louisvill, etc. could be really fun, but would also work as an attractive DLC once the whole Project Zomboid experience has come together? I also like the idea of bicycles and motorcycles, but think that they could probably work as a nice little DLC, too. I'm getting tired of reading posts by people (but certainly not you Kuren), who lament the time the TIS team is taking due to expanding their concept of what the v1.0 game should be, while simultaneously trying to pile up their plate with a wish list of non-essential items. I'm looking forward to this becoming the first EA game to actually be released out of dozens that I have bought. But that can't happen if they are constantly reminded of ideas they happened to mention a number of years ago.
  3. I've thought of this, too. Perhaps some of these changes can happen later to cosmetically improve play and feel, but I'm happy enough with the way things work for now as I wait for the things that have a higher priority, like anims, NPCs, vehicles. I even heard mention of armor (Armour for the British and Canadian chaps). I could really dig some armor - even if it was just leathers for riding bikes, etc. Anything that keeps the zeds from sinking their nasty little chompers into my ever-so delicate flesh.
  4. Metal bed frames are of little difficulty, except where they join with the headboard and foot. If these are not solid wood, you are going to have a problem, even if you don't damage it. Frames made entirely of wood are a different case entirely. I have encountered a number of frames, where holes need to be re-drilled once a screw is removed because the wood will no longer hold it. Trying to change where pieces are connected causes other issues with stability. I never mentioned mattresses. The fact is, the game doesn't consider the mattress to be a separate component. The bed is a unit by itself. Break any part of the bed and the mattress won't work. That doesn't mean the mattress is broken. Your problems are not caused by the game mechanics. They are caused by a decision someone made creating your world. That isn't the dev's fault. These are the rules of the world your survivors live in. Just like you learned to live with gravity, they must live with fragile furniture.
  5. More funding

    I for one would love to get a Spiffo with my next Happy MealTM Teeshirts are cool, too. There are a number of online marketers that would do custom tees in a heartbeat as a fund raiser. I've seen some that give a couple of weeks for pre-orders and distribute them as long as there are at least 50 buys. A Spiffo tee or a Project Zomboid tee could probably hit this mark easily. I'd probably buy a few.
  6. Poll

    Hey, I know this doesn't have anything to do with the game, but I'm enjoying the game as it is with your frequent updates. Can we get a new poll on the Forums page? Pancakes or Waffles is getting pretty old. I suggest we try Boxers, Briefs or Commando. Just my 2.5 cents - considering inflation.
  7. I know what you guys are saying, I have yet to be able to get my carpentry score above level two or three, but every house has at least one bed. Just go to another bed and try to move it. Your carpentry score is bound to improve in the process. Speaking as someone who has moved a bed or two in my day, keeping them from being damaged is difficult. Especially the ones that were kits from Ikea, etc. They seem to be designed to stay in place once constructed. I don't really see how this is too far off from reality. Sorry. Screws and fiberboard are a bad combination.
  8. As long as it isn't a gas stove or a wood stove. This stuff is a bit too nit-picky. Is this a decorating sim or a zombie apocalypse sim?
  9. The Great Project Zomboid Statistical Study Thread

    Are results of these studies going to be posted?
  10. Digging underground, Caves, Mining and Smelting

    Obviously, you need to cover a pit trap, otherwise it's just a pit.
  11. Digging underground, Caves, Mining and Smelting

    On this subject, but slightly different, I've thought it might be another type of trap for the game. Larger game could be caught in pit traps with or without spikes at the bottom. Since Zeds don't appear to climb very well, I have thought that luring a bunch of them into a pit and then tossing in a Molotov cocktail might make a nice little campfire for roasting hotdogs or marshmallows. Might even make some smores.
  12. 35-Alive

    Macro1, Yes, bitching. Yes, my entertainment is MY only standard for whether or not a game was a good buy. Unless you are really bizarre, the reason you buy a game is to be entertained when you play it. The more you are entertained, the better the buy. Replay ability is a phrase that is tossed around a great deal for RPGs such as this one. Do you not already feel that Build 36 has replay-ability? Or are you so bored that you spend hundreds of hours playing something you hate? Of course you aren't. you enjoy playing it. You just want the developers to wave some magic wand and have it finished. From a value standpoint, Build 35, or even Build 34 already IS about a $10 game, which is what you paid. This seems to hit somewhere around your point that you don't understand why they are still working on it. The only thing is, you confuse your point by saying that you would feel "robbed". The terms involved in getting an EA game are rather clear about "... may never be completed." Now yes, I'm bringing up the terms of the disclaimer, which you don't seem to appreciate, but only to remind you that you have already gotten what you paid for ... EARLY ACCESS. Apparently, you have a problem with how early your access is, but it is exactly what you paid for and thus, you have not been "robbed". If anything, you should be pleased, even grateful that the TIS team continues to work on this project to make improvements. Whether or not you think they have any significance, the additions to build 35 are very nice. Nutrition alone is amazing. But they have also doubled the number of skills that can be improved through books, and added the mechanics and objects for a whole new skill: metalworking. Another map has also been added, too. How can you not realize that Build 35 added significant game-play? It's because you are busy bitching. Maybe, like me, you were hoping for Anims in this release. Well, TIS decided that rather than delay the release date further by continuing to work the bugs out, they would remove it from the build and give us the remainder of the build, thus putting off Anims for later. As for me, I have mixed feelings. I'm really enjoying what build 35 added to the game, but I could have waited longer for the release in hopes of getting the Anims. You should, however be thrilled - they boxed it and shipped it as-is so that you would have something to play. They are also sharing some of their development toys with the moders so that new mods can be made. That should also please you - so much more for your $10. Yet, you are still bitching. Are you a really short, rubbery, green guy with long orange hair? 'Cuz you are starting to sound a lot like a troll.
  13. Reduce composter time

    I haven't played with composting, yet, but given the time compression for other things, like the breakdown of concreat and growing of vines or even gardens, composting should take more like 1/10 - 1/6 this time to be in line with the rest of the Zombiverse.
  14. 35-Alive

    Keep up the work TIS team. I'm not a professional programmer because I disliked the impact of deadlines. I'm a purist - It's about the code and optimization. I look forward to the team that can accomplish what was done with "Joust" using a Gig. That team couldn't do it with 256K, but they were trying to expand "Joust".
  15. 35-Alive

    So it isn't done tomorrow or even next year. Ask yourself this, since you claim to spend a great deal of time playing it - "Do you enjoy that time?" If so, why are you bitching? You are getting what you paid for. I've been on board since late 2014, sot that's two years, now. Do you know how many games can actually keep my attention for 2 years? Outside of the Civilization franchise, there are probably fewer than five, I certainly could not list five. Now, over that two years there have been a handful of new patches released. Each one feels like an expansion and renews my vigor and excitement for the game. And I get all this for one low price paid a number of years ago. Quite frankly, if the game takes until 204X, I would not be disappointed, because I would have a game that I have played for 25 years. -- Gosh, and my wife thinks I'm too cynical. Let me add, that if the Dev. team stopped work on PZ tomorrow, it would be sad news, but I would certainly feel I got my money's worth. To the Dev. team: Please don't stop. I love this game, appreciate your hard work and look forward to playing Build 36 and beyond.