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  1. suggestions number 363. Update the Ultimate question on a forum. We all know that pancakes are the best source of nutrition. We need another question . Something fun, something witty and something sexy.
  2. SaltandPretzels

    Happy Place

    And Zombie orcs on dinosaurs as well. Also Mana bottles.
  3. 347 . Ability to start in a new region. It's big enough for a good start.
  4. 279. Ability to pull sheet rope up, in order to prevent zombies from destroying it, and other players/ future NPC from using it to their own advantage.
  5. 274. Ability to take shower, which improves your charachter mood, and hygiene ( if it ever will be implemented)
  6. That kind of sounds like a trait system in crusader kings 2 . I hope it will be implemented.
  7. I just noticed when you pick up Lumberjack proffesion . It only shows that you have a trait axe man . But when you are playing in the game, it shows you that you have a stout trait, although I haven't picked it. I tried again, and got it. Is it a bug, or it was intentional.
  8. 237-? Different variations of soft drinks : Cola . lemon soda, grape soda and etc. You can rename cola as Slurm or something like that.
  9. Thank you Nasko. It's very thorough.
  10. 233. Tea packs, not the one teabag at the time, but a whole pack. with different diversity
  11. SaltandPretzels

    Ultima Warrior

    Thanks for the update guys. Those animations looks very neat. Can't wait to dive in.
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