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  1. You can't close the "save" prompt after typing a name in the game, nor cancel it. It requires an Alt+F4 to close the game, because it locks all the options behind it, even though you can hover the mouse over them to check their descriptions If anything else is needed, let me know
  2. Viilea

    ORGM Rechambered

    Is it going to Steam anytime soon? (sorry, don't have time to read all of the stuff)
  3. Finalmente... Isso só expande a nossa comunidade pra jogar também. Muito bem, parabéns pela iniciativa (e pode ter certeza que vou comunicar todo e qualquer bug ou erro de tradução/ortografia)
  4. I'm hosting a server by a PC, normally, everything is configured and the server is good to go. Firewall inbound and outbound rules are made, router ports are opened, sandbox configs done, and the server is up and running. For a while, it stays normally open, it even shows on the Archspace list, even the integrated list on the game. Suddenly, after a few minutes (sometimes, seconds) the server doesn't show on any list, no one can connect even via direct IP, and it stays running normally, and even the players that managed to connect before that, continue to play normally, no lag spikes, nothing. I've checked the router configurations, the firewall, anti-viruses are disabled, all the game configs are normal, and I don't have any idea of what could be causing this. The server specs are quite good, so I doubt its the matter. Please, someone help me, I've spent my whole day trying to fix this and nothing worked.
  5. Hey ORMtn, I just wanted to say congrats for this awesome mod that you have created! Its one of (if not the most) my favorite mods to add, since it adds a whole new perspective to the game itself But, since I'm here already, I have a question: the modelloader provided by Jab, in most guns, spawns "weird" guns in their models, such as a M16 model for a M249. Is that meant to be, or the guns do have their own models to be loaded?
  6. Hello! My issue is as follows: I'm running a dedicated server, on the same computer I play now. My internet does have a good speed and my computer runs considerably good the server along with the game. Most players get a normal ping (40-80) and can play normally, but some are getting ridiculous pings (Such as 1100+) when all the others aren't lagging. I do play normally to, with the "localhost" thingy and get 16 ping. All the needed ports are open and the server is running for quite a while with no problems, and players joining normally. What could this be?
  7. Viilea

    Lock Crafting Mod

    Will it be available via Steam Workshop?
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