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  1. Guy running throught zombies.png
  2. 1. This blue van still uses old texture.. http://imgur.com/a/Bw93F 2. Two burned car textures are bugged ( normal and some kind of police ) - http://imgur.com/a/vHR7N P.S I don't really know is it actual ingame bug or bug that i caused by spawning them with necroforge mod ( spawns too fast - can't normally show the texture )
  3. Yeah, me too. Reminds of classic Fallout series.
  4. Every time when someone says that TIS developers are lazy just tell them how it's hard to make one simple skin for Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas ( i making it for 3 days. On first day it was literally 9 hours without break time. AVE COFFEE! )
  5. Panic on high speed? Higher your driving skill - less panic. Panic while driving will cause difficulties with driving - harder to fit in turn, random turns while driving ( same system if your character drunk ). With panic you also will do usual things slower ( just how it works without cars ). Starting car engine will be harder because of panic etc. Also, alcahol should affect on driving too.
  6. 457. Realistic nerf for the shotguns. Shotguns shouldn't kill more than 1 person at shot. Shotguns should be a good weapon for character without "firearm aim skill" because it's easy to hit the object with shotgun ammo. Yes, i know that this is already ingame ( chance to hit without skill is high ) but need to be a little bit higher, for balance. Shotgun ammo should hit target at high distance at least with one pellet ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38a7L60SLJs ) Also, all firearms in my opinion should have 100 or at least 95 ( hello to the fallout / fallout 2 ) chance to hit when you stay close near your target, not depended on your firearm aim. Do not say me that this will make shotguns useless. They too OP in current version and this need to be nerfed. If shotguns will kill max 1 person at once, but don't require high aim, this will just another good update to the good game.
  7. My thoughts on this mondoid :
  8. Grind 9 lvl of carpentry and you can plaster it.
  9. Yeah. I hope with this update zombies will grab and slow you down even if you run near them ( not like this, when you can run throught the horde if fast enough )
  10. With this we need option to apply seat belt
  11. This is 95% for how it works, just like firearm aim. I don't thins PZ needs "critical chance hit" indicators because it's only random thing.
  12. Also, about weird files : i have found interesting textures of damaged limbs in ProjectZomboid\media\ui\BodyDamage. 1. Blue lighting limbs. Is it supposed to be ingame? If you making heal, limbs will be blue? 2. Glass in the foots. Ingame you can "get" broken glass only if your hands.. Whut is this? first texture - http://imgur.com/a/HmFso Second texture - http://imgur.com/a/i4bKx Upd : would be good if we see mileage gauge in the future.
  13. ANIMATION OVERHAUL UPDATE RELATED. 1. In previous animation video we can see that corpses near walls and other stuff is looks kinda weird https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiUy7ljuVwc&index=13&list=PLfbBovtF3ArAWLpkayQUqMEG9BJT_LJjg ( 0:43 ). I propose system from Hotline miami, when someon got killed near wall it just appears special sprite. Same with PZ, just add special animation for that ( maybe you already did this, i do not know ) 2. Will we see more 90s with this update, like tec-9 ( with possibility to remake it to full - auto ), maybe classic UZI and micro UZI? ( and handmade connected clips to speed up reloading ). Don't mind my spelling i have 48 chromosomes.
  14. Best - USA community ( you know what i mean ), especially this forum Worst - Russian community, especially official group in vk.com.
  15. 100 times they said that bicycles and moto's is "yes"..