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  1. Hope that this will see the day of integration! The current system really is (compared to the others) kinda bland. In the new Thursdoid the showed the insulation system and this again shows the lack of depth to the diseases.
  2. Hey all, I'm currently trying to communicate with the dedicated server via RCON. I've written an RCON protocol in Java and tried the python-valve lib, but I get nothing back from commands like "showoptions" or "players". The connection and the protocol is working fine though, because commands like "additem" or "quit" are working fine. Can somebody help me here?
  3. Hey all, I never really used the discord integration and I'm wondering what it's capable of. Is there any documentation for it? Or could someone give me a run-down/guide?
  4. @Fenris_Wolf Should I push this new version to Steam? Or should I wait till you lift it out of the beta status?
  5. MP is currently not enabled in the build 41. I guess the dedicated server will still be on it's current ID (380870), I don't think that they are certain on any config changes yet, but then again I don't know.
  6. Dr_Cox1911

    StreamZed II

    Damn these overlays look sexy! I hope that these will be able to make the world more wasted and remove the sometime steril look.
  7. Didn't look to closely into this, but getWorld() gives you an Instance of IsoWorld, so you can't directly deprive the name of it. There is the method getWorld() inside IsoWorld, so maybe it does work if you rewrite your example code to something like this: function WhichWorld() local where = getWorld(); local player = getSpecificPlayer(0); if where.getWorld() == "Madhbih Oasis" then --Name of the map's Lots player:Say("I am in the desert."); else player:Say("I have no idea where I am."); end end Events.EveryHours.Add(WhichWorld); Notice the getWorld() that I added to your where in the if statement.
  8. Love the new details the insulationsystem is getting, so I'm hopping proper clothing during winter will be more a necessity. Does this system factor in the previously shown ripped clothes lower the insulation effect? And maybe in the future this system is the groundwork for armor?
  9. Dr_Cox1911


    Wow! That car interior pic came out of the blue! Didn't thought that you guys would have a prototyp so soon. And I'm always amazed how much math is going into gamedev, even if it's "just" for rotation (don't take the just wrong).
  10. Really digging this thursdoid It's great to get more insight in the technical stuff that's needed in order to get the shiny things done. It's also good to highlight how much complex calculation is needed for Game logic.
  11. Do you know the Zomboid folder? The location of this folder ist different for each OS, for Windows it is in your User folder. In there you find a console.txt, in there are the errors.
  12. Just stumbled upon this mod again, is this still something you are working on @blindcoder? I really like the mod idea and hope that TIS will revisit the whole crafting concept.
  13. I would suggest you use the luaNet functions (shipped with the game). The setup is quite complicated, but once you got the grips of it you quickly value the possibilities. As an example you can look at my mods (like CoxisReloadSync).
  14. They stated in a recent Thursdoid that one of the coders is currently investigating the car save bug and is making some progress (if I understood that correctly).
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