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  1. crazy high memory usage

    Your server has 3GB of RAM? How many players are usually running around? Are there daily serverrestarts?
  2. [Vehicles Test Server] Spiffospace: Vehicles

    Is the server down? Can't find it in the ingame server-browser (is the vehicle-build still the "right" build?)
  3. CoxisLootSpawn - further enhance LootModifier

    Seems like it's working pretty well, I also included the rollContainerItem now. If a mod would be so kind to move this out of the WIP section
  4. Sorry for digging up this old thread, but is this still the case? Does a soft reset really clear all playermade containers and safehouses alike? If yes, then it seems pretty useless to soft reset a server.
  5. Stumbled upon this recentyl and talked to EnigmaGrey on Discord about it. I think the behavior of the game when a player tries to connect to a server with an existing save that has a different ServerPlayerID needs improvement. Situation right now: During loading the screen stays black with a small hint at the bottom. Couldn't get rid of it, no mouse click, no ESC, no space, no Enter, only task manager and killing worked. Preferred behavior: Add two buttons, one "Return to main menu", the other "create new character". The hint stays the same. This would be much more newbie friendly, because right now affected players need to manually delete their savegame. If a serverowner want's to completely restart and force every player to start with a new char the only way to achieve this is to alter the ServerPlayerID within the servertest.ini, but many players won't understand the hint and will never visit the server again because of this.
  6. Rpi3 server?

    Still doesn't work because the architecture of the CPU is still ARM. PZ only runs on x86 processors, so only "normal" desktops.
  7. Rpi3 server?

    Nope, there is no ARM Build of the game, despite the power of the Pi would be way to low to handle PZ.
  8. Greetings, I think it would be best if admin or any account with a special accesslevel doesn't count against the MaxAccountsPerUser server setting. As per design by TIS you can't properly play with a character that has an special acceslevel defined because some of the special abilities are always on. So if a player how is a staff from the server want's to normally play the MaxAccountsPerUser setting has to be set to 2, which opens up every player to create a second account. My proposal: accounts that have a special abiltity aren't counted against the MaxAccountsPerUser setting, so this can be set to 1.
  9. Custom server commands

    Thanks! So I guess I will wait till your solution is more tested and in a standalone version.
  10. Custom server commands

    @FinestHops Sorry, shouldn't have come across as an insult or something, just curious how your guy tackled this and what his hurdles with the server-part where. @Fenris_Wolf Thought about that too. Implementing this in CoxisUtil, but if another mod overrides the ISChat it's all gone if it get's loaded after CoxisUtil. And don't know how many modders will use a external lib like this. I personally don't have a problem with external libs, used LuaNet even before it was shipped with the game. My ultimate wish: More accessibility for this stuff for mods to easily hook into. Same goes with all the menus and dialogs in the game. So much tables/variables are locally handled.
  11. Custom server commands

    There are a bunch more commands that are handled within lua (like the admin ones /teleport, /invisible, /reloadoptions, ...) @FinestHops Don't quite get will this should only work on clients? Current "easy" way of handling this: override the ISChat:onCommandEntered with my own function and check the beginning of the string for my command (e.g. /rules), if it matches I call my function to show my dialog (or even send a command to the server to refresh the rules and send it back to the client). The problem with this: only one mod can add custom commands with this "solution".
  12. Custom server commands

    Greetings, I'm trying to implement custom commands for my mods but it looks kinda tricky. I was looking at the client/ISUI/ISChat.lua and there is the "onCommandEntered" which seems to execute whenever a input from a textbox is transmitted (here the textbox from the chat window). This also handles the commands shipped with the game. The "easy" way would be to override some stuff from ISChat, but isn't there a better way to do this?
  13. Server Access Level

    Any news on this front? Reason why I'm asking: I want to alter the Moderator so that it no longer has the power to set access levels, but instead can use the "/quit" command. Even better would be a restart command, but don't know if this would be feasible for linux (especially LGSM).
  14. CoxisLootSpawn - further enhance LootModifier

    Thanks for the hint @Fenris_Wolf! I already noticed this, but would like some feedback on the normal containers first. If there are bigger adjustments to be made then the mod is more streamlined to do so. After the initial testing I will also override the rollContainerItem.
  15. with the help of @Fenris_Wolf I've made a little mod that further customizes the way loot is spawned. I made that for the gameserver project-zomboid.de, but of course everyone can use it. Right now it's pretty much in the testing phase and I therefore could use your help. You can Download the mod from github: https://github.com/DrCox1911/CoxisLootSpawn The way this works: With the mod there ships a "CoxisDistribution.ini", where you can define loot modifiers for categories and for special items. If you don't define a loot modifier for a category the one set with the normal sandbox options will be used. This mod needs the CoxisUtil mod, which you can download from github here: https://github.com/DrCox1911/coxisutil Steam Workshop