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  1. [Vehicles Test Server] Spiffospace: Vehicles

    Couldn't reproduce this on SpiffoSpace, but it's kinda hard to gather so many Zeds behind your car without admin, got scratched many times and was forced to hurry before I die. I did some further "testing" and drove from Muldraugh up to the mall and back to West Point main road, no problems so far (ping is from 130-200), didn't experience the bug where ghostzombies scratch me and car is warping back, only thing I noticed is, driving across the Railroad bridge from West Point over to the mall side is pretty much suicide for the car. Was crashing pretty much constantly with nothing in front of me.
  2. Crafting skills need to be reworked

    Yep, and I know how old nails look like (my grandma still has barns build with them), but pretty much noone in this day and age would be able to smelt iron without fancy equipment (and even then, modern smelters are kinda like a atomreactor to control). If you have the molten iron, sure, it isn't that hard to craft crude nails, but smelting iron isn't as easy as it sounds.
  3. Crafting skills need to be reworked

    For one it's the medieval and minecraft flair that this would bring into the game. The other thing is: the average joe wouldn't be able to do it. As for the stuff you mention: I don't like the appearance of the barrels either, but in my imagination it's more a placeholder for something really easy. Pretty much everybody would be able to collect rainwater with almost every ordinary item in real life. I'm not a fan of the bombs either and for radios: would limit this to way higher skill levels, but electrical knowledge is way more common these days than knowledge about smithing. I know many electricians (I even studied electrotechnic myself), but I really think that only a very small percentage of the average citizen would know how to build a kinda oldschool furnace to smelt iron (even the guys working in smelting probably wouldn't know how to smelt without the modern machinery). EDIT: I'm by the way totally fine with this if it is completely optional. I do undestand why people would want this, it's just not my cup of tea.
  4. Crafting skills need to be reworked

    I pretty much agree with all of your points, only thing I really don't won't to see is metalworking end in smithing stuff like nails, axe heads, ... This just doesn't fit PZ and if they really do implement it I hope there will be a setting to disable it. As for trapping: To give the levels more sense I suggest a system similiar to farming. The higher the level the more info you get about the place you are about to setup your trap. So your character would read the tracks of this spot and will get better with each level at it. EDIT: I really really really hope, that TIS reads this and considers the changes proposed here. Would make MP way more diverse and fun.
  5. Saving state/properties for individual items

    Thanks, was thinking about modData too but I don't know when this is loaded/reapplied to the item. There is the event "onLoadModDataFromServer", but this isn't used anywhere in TIS code, so I'm not sure how it works. How do I reapply the cooling effect then to every specific cooling box item there is in the world?
  6. Greetings, I'm trying to code a cooling box. The cooling aspect works, but when I reload my save all my cooling containers stop cooling. My cooling box is based on coldpacks, so the more coldpacks are in it the higher the cooling effect is. To achieve the cooling effect I use the "setCustomTemperature"-function, but this doesn't seem to be saved. I looked through the IsoObject and found this: public void saveChange(String change, KahluaTable tbl, ByteBuffer bb) { if ("container.customTemperature".equals(change)) { if (this.getContainer() != null) { bb.putFloat(this.getContainer().getCustomTemperature()); } else { bb.putFloat(0.0F); } Unfortunately I don't think that I can call this function from LUA (all my attempts ended in a Stack Trace with a nil error, don't know what to pass as the ByteBuffer).
  7. Ice Box - Power-free refrigeration

    I started this a few weeks back. Instead of ice I used the coldpacks shipped with the game. Unfortunately I hit a rather big problem that I couldn't fix: Upon loading a save you would need to remove and add the coldpacks to every cold box again in order to gain the cooling effect again. EDIT: This get's more a must-have-feature once vehicles finally drop in the normal build. Would be damn nice to have some boxes in your car for proper "safehouse-cars".
  8. Bug Tracker being decommissioned

    Really hope there will be a replacement soon.
  9. Lua: Adding custom user configurable hotkeys

    I use Atom to code for PZ (and as a general text editor). Prefer it over Notepad++ but needs some love at first to run like you want it. There are a bunch of plugins for it that will customize the editor to your liking. Mainly switched to it because it is available for other operating systems as well.
  10. Overhauled clothing system (kinda similar to Neo Scavenger)
  11. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.60

    I admit it, I didn't read the whole thread, please don't punch me Does the game freeze for you guys as well when running windowmode and clicking outside/minimize the game? The music is running fine, but I can't interact with the game anymore, have to kill it to get rid of it. My Systemspecs: Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon 64bit (Kernel 4.10.0-38) Core i7 2600k 16GB RAM PZ installed on Crucial SSD MSI GTX970 Attached is my options.ini, nothing in the console.txt though. options.ini
  12. Is this game still being developed?

    It's programmed in Java with a own engine based on LWJGL.
  13. vehicle branch on ubuntu Again:l

    As stated in my posts above: at first it didn't work with the branch line because the linux dedicated server wasn't properly distributed through steam. If you alter your branch line now it works just fine.
  14. vehicle branch on ubuntu Again:l

    Works just fine for me now (seems like the dedicated server wasn't pushed at first). My branch line in lgsm looks as follows: branch="-beta iwillbackupmysave -betapassword iaccepttheconsequences"
  15. vehicle branch on ubuntu Again:l

    When you log in as an admin you bypass the file-check, that's why you don't get the error. The "normal" vehicle branch is AFAIK discontinued, as it is switched to IWBUMS.