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  1. Dr_Cox1911

    Project Zomboid's biggest problem

    My groupe and me are facing the same problem everytime we start a new round. We typically start a round after every bigger update, but everytime we get rather quickly to the point where we have everything and the challenge is gone, so we stop playing again. The tip with adjusting the difficulty to higher zombie values is not feasible for us because of the lag and strain on the host. We have the numbers pretty high already, going even higher is reducing the performance of the game to an almost halt and introduces stutter across the clients. We too hope, that the NPCs will spice some things up in the long haul, but in short a proper reason to specialise even more would prolong the game. Pretty much all the jobs are useless and reducing the XP-gain simply introduces more grind for the skills. Everything medic-related is not even worth using, fishing and farming levels damn fast and you get way to much food from it. Same goes for foraging. I already thought aboug creating a mod that lowers the XP gain for certain skills if you are having another skill (so to mitigate a char that can do anything), but I think that this won't really solve the problem with the classes.
  2. Dr_Cox1911


    Congrats Will! Hope that Nick is coming to life ingame as an NPC or as a medical zombie. Really looking forward to the anim update, but not only because of the new look/feel the game is getting because of them even more so because of the refining of more system further down the road once this big step is done.
  3. Dr_Cox1911

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

    The new darkness is damn awesome! Really love the change and finally we need to use the flashlight. Hope that this will limit the situations where holding two bags is viable.
  4. Dr_Cox1911

    Client-Server Synchronization

    There are two ways to do this: Using LuaNet Using the (basic) sendServerCommand and sendClientCommand What you should use depends on the functionality you want. With LuaNet you can do more advanced stuff like sending packages to certain players. The initial setup is more complicated though. As an example you can look at my CoxisServerMessage mod. Pretty much all my mods use LuaNet. With number 2 you have a rather easy setup, but lose some functionality. To use it you have the commands "sendClientCommand" and "sendServerCommand". To catch the packages there are the events "OnServerCommand" and "OnClientCommand". "OnServerCommand" and "sendClientCommand" is used on the client, "OnClientCommand" and "sendServerCommand" on the server. Personally I would suggest the LuaNet approach, because if you need some of the advanced functionality down the line or for another mod you are set.
  5. You have seen the recent videos about the water they are working on? Or the animiationvideos they posted a while ago?
  6. Dr_Cox1911

    Waterway to Go

    The water looks damn nice, although it really does kinda look too good. It's still rather exciting and I'm curious what TIS will do with the land.
  7. Dr_Cox1911

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    @Necromancer had the same problem, Enigma told me to delete the media folder of the game and validate it again. TIS changed the names of the texture files for cars and Steam is not properly downloading the updates.
  8. Dr_Cox1911

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Cars are all black for me @ Ubuntu 18.04
  9. Dr_Cox1911

    Union City

    Why didn't I see this earlier! Unfortunately I can't help (no mapping/housing knowledge) but really hope this will see the light of the day.
  10. Dr_Cox1911

    POI Fort Redstone, KY

    Damn that looks nice! Hope it's out soon and I'm looking forward for more of your POIs
  11. Dr_Cox1911

    Are characters client side only?!

    Characters are stored on the client, so you would have to copy the savegame everytime you switch PC. You could also move your Zomboid-Folder to a cloud-folder that gets synced (look here at the cachedir option).
  12. Dr_Cox1911

    Co-op Multiplayer Lag

    What are your specs and internet connection? Are you two (you and your friend) the only players or how many players do you have?
  13. Dr_Cox1911

    Use a map mod to add custom safehouses to MP server

    You can't extract the map shipped with the game (it's already in a kinda "compiled" way).
  14. Dr_Cox1911


    So curious about the new climate system and now with the fancy detection of playerbuilt stuff/sealed areas this is really nice and should open up some new possibilities (claiming of playerbuilt structures).
  15. Dr_Cox1911

    RCON Android app?

    Greetings, been looking for an android RCON app to administrate my servers but the results in the play store look kinda shady. Anyone has some suggestions?