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  1. So glad that this massive update is here! Can't wait to give this a proper go tomorrow.
  2. I'm really glad that the mod spotlight is back and hope that it will be published on a somewhat regular basis
  3. Thanks for making this, had it on my todo-list for ages. One thing that is needed for my upcoming mod though: can I target a simple gridsquare (even one that is currently not loaded because no player is around)?
  4. @leon2356I quickly skimmed through the sourcecode and found a couple of mentions of Axeman. Don't know if these are all of them though: IsoGameCharacter.class protected float calculateCombatSpeed() { float f = 1.0F; HandWeapon handWeapon = null; if (getPrimaryHandItem() != null && getPrimaryHandItem() instanceof HandWeapon) { handWeapon = (HandWeapon)getPrimaryHandItem(); f *= ((HandWeapon)getPrimaryHandItem()).getBaseSpeed(); } WeaponType weaponType = WeaponType.getWeaponType(this); if (handWeapon != null && handWeapon.isTwoHa
  5. Greetings Tangos! First things first: I've absolutely no knowledge about 3D-models in PZ, but I know a few basic things about modding in PZ (or at least where I can look for info 😁) In order to start modding PZ you should start with the basics, that is script-files for items and Lua for pretty much everything else. @Fenris_Wolfcreated an awesome beginners guide on github, after you have worked your way through this you should have some basic knowledge. The next crucial thing in my opinion is getting familiar with the base Lua files and the Java classes PZ ship
  6. Would it be possible to Support the Tag Mod from Maris: More Mod tags
  7. Currently at Work, but damn this looks nice!
  8. Dr_Cox1911

    [WIP] Mod Options

    I did previously start something similiar myself. Are your mod options synced to clients as well? I previously wanted a way to let admins change some mod settings right through the game, so my framework consisted of a hookable UI that a mod can add a page to. These settings would then be transfered to the server and propagated to all clients. I never really got it done 100%.
  9. Dr_Cox1911

    PriZon Break

    I'm really eager to try the new menu style, before I play it I can't really tell which control scheme I like more, but this seems pretty sleek. MP news is good as always👍
  10. Greetings ToastyPancakes, as syfy already said we need more info regarding the server. Could you provide the following info: Server hardware Server "type" (V-Server, root, on your gaming machine, ...) Server internet connection Player count RAM addressed to the PZ-server itself That's all I can think of from the top of my head right now. After you posted this info we might see the culprit and can point you in the right direction.
  11. Only thing that I see missing in your list is maybe something like "Framework". I think about something like @Fenris_WolfProfession Framework. I know that there aren't that many mods that would fit in this category, but maybe it's something to consider? Otherwise your list seems pretty complete and I can't think of anything else.
  12. Dr_Cox1911

    Zed OwnerZhip

    Those new lived in details looks so good, can't wait to find all these little things. The MP progress seems like we get a sleek system lying underneath, take your time TIS.
  13. Dr_Cox1911

    Zed Paddling

    MP-progress is looking good! I've got a few questions regarding the zombie update settings interface though. What exactly do these values mean? Especially T1, I have no clue what that means.
  14. Wie wird denn jetzt eigentlich die Übersetzung gepflegt? Das Github Repository aus dem ersten Beitrag gibt es ja nicht mehr.
  15. @WATTOThose are the perks for the current stable build 40.43:
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