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    Hi Nbane, all the code you wrote isn't Lua code PZ will recognize. If you want to create a window you have to use the PZ-way for doing so. Look at "media/lua/client/ISUI" for all the windows PZ is using and take a look at some of them. You can instantiate a new window with e.g. ISWindow.lua.
  2. Only kids playing this game?

    I too miss the Spiffospace server. Don't like playing with hydrocraft and unfortunately those are the only popular ones out there.
  3. Claustrophobic nerfed hard, maybe too hard

    Expanding on this: I think the bedroom in the starting house of the char shouldn't induce claustrophobia at all.
  4. Coxis Shop

    Wanted to do this for a while, but all the problems with the ini-file editing that all the people have put me of the mod tbh It's on github though, so feel free to alter it, great suggestion.
  5. Coxis Shop

    Hi Par9000, You would need to alter the LUA code for this. A quick rundown for doing this: In the client/ISUI folder you find the ISCoxisShop.lua. In there you see all the existing pages like "food stuff", so you just copy the part from the food-section and alter it a little bit. It could look something like this: -- Tab with my new stuff self.myNewStuffScreen = ISCoxisShopPanel:new(0, 8, 400, 400, self.playerId, self.settings["MYNEWSTUFF"]); self.myNewStuffScreen:initialise(); self.panel:addView(getText('UI_CoxisShop_myNewStuff'), self.myNewStuffScreen); You than need to copy and add a line to the function "ISCoxisShop:reloadButtons()". Just copy one and replace the "foodScreen" with "myNewStuffScreen". The last thing you would need to do is add a new section to the CoxisShopSettings.ini named "[MYNEWSTUFF]" and put your desired items there. Did you check the video linked in the steam workshop? In the video I describe how you can add items from mods (I show it with hydrocraft as an example, works with any other item mod exactly the same way).
  6. Coxis Reload-Sync

    OnGameStart fires before the connection between the client and server is established it seems, because adding something to this event fires before the "Waiting for player-connect response from server" is done. With LuaNet it should work with the "onInitAdd"-function but for some obscure reason the server doesn't receive the command. Looks like it is some sort of timing problem. EDIT: I just uploaded the mod to github, so if someone of you guys want to take a look at it. The function that's responsibly for asking the server to send the settings is "CoxisReloadSyncClient.askSettings".
  7. Coxis Reload-Sync

    I have rewritten the mod to use LuaNet, but unfortunately I can't figure out how to send the settings to the client without a player action like pressing a button or closing the damn dialog box. Any LuaNet professionals here? I thought that I could simply add a "send"-Command in my init-function which get's called upon initialization of LuaNet, but the request for sending the setting is not received on the server-side. The communication is working though, because I've added a debug button-press which sends the exact same command and the server receives it, sends the setting and the client changes it's reload difficulty accordingly.
  8. Coxis Reload-Sync

    Thanks for the feedback GothicGhost, so the mod does still work? Don't know when I will be able to look at it again, so no promises for this to happen soon.
  9. Coxis Reload-Sync

    I'm out of the loop regarding PZ right now, so I don't know if this is currently implemented. If not I might consider to give this mod another look and recode some of it to get rid of the hidieous dialog box and throw it on the workshop.
  10. Coxis Reload-Sync

    Is this mod even needed anymore? Haven't played for ages, so I don't know if this still works. Might throw it on github though, so that others can contribute to it if it's still a thing.
  11. Help Guides for Simple Info

    What I would really like: make reading skillbooks more interesting in that it's actually something you (as in the player) is reading. If we stay on the subject of trapping: If you are reading a trapping book a window similiar to the Spiffo guide pops up and presents all the stuff regarding it. In the background, the timed action for reading the book will still progress. The first page could be some kind of table of contents which would also be clickable to jump to a page directly. When you've read the book it already and you read it again the window pops back up without the timed action.
  12. PZ Map TOOL info

    You download the whole map-folder, do the stuff that you want with the tool and reupload the map-folder.
  13. How to set multiple spawn points?

    By default there are many spawnpoints, if you set the one in the servertest.ini you will limit it to only this one. If you want more, just don't change the spawnpoint in the servertest.ini, the game will use the serverspawnregions.lua for the spawnpoints.
  14. Server Admin ToolsV2

    What are you missing from the ingame admin tools @dydimos ?
  15. alarm cannot be turnt off

    Looks like alarmclocks are still bugged in build 36.4. We constantly have invisble alarm clocks going off in the base, only fix is restarting the server. The alarm is only present on some tiles, but keeps pulling zeds in. Without a daily restart of the server it would be completely unplayable.