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  1. I think they are doing their very best to make sure, to not break any savegames. Unfortunately though, not every feature is doable without making that decision and before hampering the development and delaying any content I'm completely fine with breaking savegames. Either try copying the map_p.bin file from one save to another or there is still the possibility to cheat your char back up if you really want to mitigate the leveling-process.
  2. You have seen the recent videos about the water they are working on? Or the animiationvideos they posted a while ago?
  3. Waterway to Go

    The water looks damn nice, although it really does kinda look too good. It's still rather exciting and I'm curious what TIS will do with the land.
  4. Runs poorly now that 40. update

    Where did you buy the game? If you subscribed to mods on Steam you could simply unsubscribe to them.
  5. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    @Necromancer had the same problem, Enigma told me to delete the media folder of the game and validate it again. TIS changed the names of the texture files for cars and Steam is not properly downloading the updates.
  6. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Cars are all black for me @ Ubuntu 18.04
  7. Union City

    Why didn't I see this earlier! Unfortunately I can't help (no mapping/housing knowledge) but really hope this will see the light of the day.
  8. POI Fort Redstone, KY

    Damn that looks nice! Hope it's out soon and I'm looking forward for more of your POIs
  9. Are characters client side only?!

    Characters are stored on the client, so you would have to copy the savegame everytime you switch PC. You could also move your Zomboid-Folder to a cloud-folder that gets synced (look here at the cachedir option).
  10. Co-op Multiplayer Lag

    What are your specs and internet connection? Are you two (you and your friend) the only players or how many players do you have?
  11. How long do YOU survive?

    Mostly playing MP with my friends and we usually quit after we get self-sustainable, which differs due to my mood when I set the difficulty. We normally play for two months before we hit this point. As for why we only play such a "short" amount: I think this is another topic and I will start another thread for it.
  12. Use a map mod to add custom safehouses to MP server

    You can't extract the map shipped with the game (it's already in a kinda "compiled" way).
  13. Zedlights

    So curious about the new climate system and now with the fancy detection of playerbuilt stuff/sealed areas this is really nice and should open up some new possibilities (claiming of playerbuilt structures).
  14. RCON Android app?

    Greetings, been looking for an android RCON app to administrate my servers but the results in the play store look kinda shady. Anyone has some suggestions?
  15. Linux Server Instructions are garbage

    I personally use LinuxGameservermanger (short LGSM). LGSM is a shell script that has many comfort functions for running a gameserver in linux. I find the setup and configuration pretty straightforward, might want to give it a shot.