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  1. The player climate menu in the new debugger shows 0 for everything, and false for inside a building even though I am in a building. This is sandbox with starting time set to October 19, other settings are standard though, also no mods. Version 40.26 IWBUMS
  2. Massive Periodic Freezes

    With the new update my game periodically freezes for a couple seconds, makes playing very tough Included the console, didn't notice anything unordinary though. I can also list my specs if that's needed. console.txt
  3. zombie bodies

    we'll have to wait for the animations release before models for zombies change
  4. I think the devs mentioned changing how the power fails in an upcoming update, and fixing this sort of problem?
  5. Fix the Aiming System or revert to old one.

    I like grabbing a shotgun from ORGM and going zombie horde hunting while I wait for crops to grow
  6. Enhanced Armor Mod

    This looks awesome, now all we need is armor models appearing on characters (if only) Also a suggestion: group all body parts with the same resistances into one so that the menu isn't so big
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    You get the idea from the latest walking dead episode?
  8. Does anyone know some mod of clothes?

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498441420 The top rated all time mod on the workshop
  9. Higher Screen Resolution?

    but you can play at 1920x1080, its in the settings
  10. First Aid improvements

    just the idea of first aid skill having more of a purpose is good enough for me
  11. Possible memory leak or spawning issue.

    i had this happen on my private coop server, everyone playing on it experienced it (we used a lot of mods), we all increased the ram limit on our clients to 2-3gb and the problem went away the default limit was 1024mb on 64-bit
  12. Hydrocraft Mod

  13. Hydrocraft Mod

    i got scratched while wearing riot armor, the ! above my head appeared signalling it blocked it and the health panel didn't show any damage but later that day i got a fever and turned into a zombie. So i think the armor blocked the scratch itself but not the zombie virus?
  14. VOIP is loads of fun. Had a good time on the server and didn't have that many problems. I did however crash about 2 hours in, so I'll attach my console.txt. Nice work guys console.txt
  15. Mandatory Preferences on Character Creation

    Reminds me of the sims and how you can pick Mac & Cheese as your favorite food since it's the cheapest and easiest to make. Therefore your sim gets happy for little effort.