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  1. Jason132

    Megatest VIII: We Need YOU! [COMPLETE]

    when i was at the mall there was a MASSIVE horde right outside the walls and i was trying to fight the zombies inside, but they were teleporting and being very delayed in actions. maybe it was trying to smooth out the horde zombies outside through the wall? idk
  2. Jason132

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Nevermind, after about an hour of testing various mods I found the culprit. The "reduced plank and logs weight" mod broke insulation and clothing spawns since it modified the base game's item lists with very outdated ones. Hydrocraft works fine
  3. Jason132

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I noticed the new clothing items that were added into the base game weren't spawning (unless I'm really unlucky with common spawn rates), and the base game clothes have no insulation value (hydrocraft ones do though), might be another mod I have but Hydrocraft is the only really game changing one that would affect something like this
  4. Jason132

    Enhanced Armor Mod

    Disappointing, I was looking for a cleaned up interface for the current mod armor items, at this point though it will be better to just wait for animations update
  5. Jason132

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Thank you Hydro, I didn't expect an update this soon!
  6. Jason132

    New Briefs

    The page http://projectzomboid.com/blog/ seems to update on time unlike the other one
  7. Who's to say the zombie infection doesn't affect plant life too? Maybe all the plants are zombies too with insane regenerative abilities that hunger for the world
  8. The player climate menu in the new debugger shows 0 for everything, and false for inside a building even though I am in a building. This is sandbox with starting time set to October 19, other settings are standard though, also no mods. Version 40.26 IWBUMS
  9. Jason132

    Massive Periodic Freezes

    With the new update my game periodically freezes for a couple seconds, makes playing very tough Included the console, didn't notice anything unordinary though. I can also list my specs if that's needed. console.txt
  10. Jason132

    zombie bodies

    we'll have to wait for the animations release before models for zombies change
  11. I think the devs mentioned changing how the power fails in an upcoming update, and fixing this sort of problem?
  12. Jason132

    Fix the Aiming System or revert to old one.

    I like grabbing a shotgun from ORGM and going zombie horde hunting while I wait for crops to grow
  13. Jason132

    Enhanced Armor Mod

    This looks awesome, now all we need is armor models appearing on characters (if only) Also a suggestion: group all body parts with the same resistances into one so that the menu isn't so big
  14. Jason132

    RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    You get the idea from the latest walking dead episode?
  15. Jason132

    Does anyone know some mod of clothes?

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498441420 The top rated all time mod on the workshop