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  1. but you can play at 1920x1080, its in the settings
  2. first aid

    just the idea of first aid skill having more of a purpose is good enough for me
  3. i had this happen on my private coop server, everyone playing on it experienced it (we used a lot of mods), we all increased the ram limit on our clients to 2-3gb and the problem went away the default limit was 1024mb on 64-bit
  4. cheers!
  5. i got scratched while wearing riot armor, the ! above my head appeared signalling it blocked it and the health panel didn't show any damage but later that day i got a fever and turned into a zombie. So i think the armor blocked the scratch itself but not the zombie virus?
  6. roosewood* :^)
  7. Reminds me of the sims and how you can pick Mac & Cheese as your favorite food since it's the cheapest and easiest to make. Therefore your sim gets happy for little effort.
  8. it was added to prevent accidentally jumping through windows and breaking legs
  9. There is a hunter perk but no job for it
  10. Hey RJ, not sure if when you fixed the restless sleeper endless tiredness bug if it only applies to new characters, but my current character that I made before the patch still has the bug where I can only sleep for a few hours at a time despite being exhausted, and after I wake up I start becoming tired about an hour or two later.
  11. changed operating system to: Windows,
  12. Metal Wall Lvl 2 require metalworking level 8 to make, but upgrading a Lvl 1 wall to a Lvl 2 wall only requires level 6.
  13. My character also has restless sleeper and whenever I go to sleep (even when exhausted) I only sleep for maybe 4 hours then I wake up in the middle of the night. I go back to sleep and I instantly attain the very tired moodle, then it quickly goes away. Then a couple hours after all my sleeping I become tired again. It's like never ending tiredness.
  14. Still waiting on the creative mapping tools?
  15. antibacterial medication. should help with food poisoning and or infected wounds