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  1. This sounds way better than my idea lol... I'm hoping for now mash can implement a lil code for existing graphics, but if it gets sorted this could def be something later on down the line - maybe even modders could do the legwork once the system is in place. My bad, fingers crossed for turbo then, and all due credit for one of my favorite new features. The graphics exist for "weapons" displays, in the gun shop and shooting range. I would be perfectly fine with maybe those displays being a different tile altogether, but as I said above - could open up a ton of new windows for cust
  2. @RobertJohnson can magazine racks be made movable? and how are the visual contents of the glass display counters decided? default appears to be jewellery, but I would love it to be weapons edit: and ty for the deer heads
  3. any use for the large glass pane? or did I just waste my ingots lol
  4. maybe a cordon around a military base, smaller cordons around police stations, where this was the procedure until it all collapsed. so not only would it add more detail to the world, it would serve to point people toward a cache of weapons etc
  5. @xXSly_WolfyXx @zoeyflower thought I'd abandon my dream of becoming an artist and see what I could accomplish with existing tiles. Didnt forget your precious shadows either lol
  6. pretty much hit the nail on the head.. i know I should prob be a professional artist.. just trying to show other possibilities; the perceived elevation is purely aesthetic:
  7. impassable floor tiles and a shadow overlay. awesome, and simplicity itself EDIT: @xXSly_WolfyXx, for the sake of isometric perspective, dune 2000
  8. Just this; I found it intriguing.. like an optical illusion. Don't ask me how I would do it lol
  9. The graphics are simple but gorgeous, it's like walking around in an oil painting. The survival aspect is unique. Fire is precious. Still in early release, but I've gotten over a hundred hours out of it so far, and they are always coming up with new sadistic ways to challenge you. I'm interested to see how zoey portrays the changing elevation; definitely interested in the forestry lookout. A lone outpost in a sea of wilderness - definite safehouse for the survivalists out there EDIT: quonset huts need to be a thing in zomboid... i think corrugated steel walls with rounded roof tiles might
  10. This reminds me so much of The Long Dark, which could give you some inspiration if you haven't checked it out. Plus, I'm Canadian, so it's nice see someone represent lol.. makes me wish there was a Canadian flag pole Your roofing is awesome; I find it very difficult so.. respect. Especially, it's small but, the roofing on that main street buffet building... can't believe I didn't think of that, I've been trying to think of creative ways to put those circus tent things above windows but they only come in 2 colours, so either way it will start looking a bit dull after a while.
  11. I had some issues with this too. If you've not downloaded the new tileset from may 2015 you'll have to do that. I think I just googled it. If you have them, in the building editor you need to go to building/tiles... there's a button in that window that says "tilesets..." from there, find your new tilesets and add them all. my goal is to make probably a 1.5x to 2x bigger downtown area than West Point, but probably won't go too crazy with suburbs. Another focus is creating subtle chokepoints/bottlenecks within the downtown area. I will probably change the town hall some mor
  12. lol not for me.. last time i tried was like 2 weeks ago but ill give it another go in a bit, ty
  13. if it's early enough in the next build I might be alright if I stop auto updates right after. fingers crossed. right now its one or the other for me
  14. Hydrocraft doesnt update to be compatible with IWBUMS
  15. I. NEED. MULTI-TILE MOVABLES. pweeeeeeease i would hate to have to choose between this and hydrocraft :'(
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