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  1. Also there is a debug log on c:\users\<user name>\Zomboid\Logs\*DebugLog.txt Sometimes debugger don't stop on error and here u can see it.
  2. In 41.51 many mods are broken due new distribution system. Here working distribution example for 41.52 for little mod "Siphoning Needs Hoses (build 41)". File media\lua\server\Items\RubberHose_Distributions.lua require "Items/Distributions" require "Items/ProceduralDistributions" require "Vehicles/VehicleDistributions" local i, j, d -- Distributions for ProceduralDistributions.lua local myDistTable = { "CrateMechanics", 100, "CrateTools", 100, "GarageTools", 100, "StoreShelfMechanics", 100, "MechanicShelfTools", 100, "MechanicShelfMisc", 100, "GigamartTo
  3. I start game and red "error" window in down-right appeared. I understand, that some mod are broken by 41.52, but how can i know which one? I have about 25 mods are on and it's problem to turn off one-bye-one. Is there an instrument (mods, debug, console) which can show what mod are broken? Or pls add in future versions to error message title of executing file, for example.
  4. Хибити, мод не доступен к скачке
  5. Aaaarrrghhh!!! Book shop is gone! In 41.50 there was a book shop. Now in 41.51 there is the alcohol shop. Is it right? It was one of my favorite place to loot. Don't see it in change list. (Just a little south Sunstar Hotel near main road) All mods are off (except Niva car).
  6. how about fence made from cars?
  7. lordixi

    In-Game Mappage

    First thing i think about when I watched video. It's right idea.
  8. lordixi

    Smash n' Grab

    At last! It was the first thing I tried when I start playing PZ more than two years ago.
  9. turbotutone, Batsphinx, I think this can be solution with less blood. Take translation files "RadioData_0_*.txt" from all official translators (LeoIvanov for russian) and put in them comments about gender of speaker, beginning/ending of a dialog and maybe another helping information regarding to this Batsphinx's post above.
  10. turbotutone, Batsphinx, I have got a problems during translation. In plain "RadioData_0_*.txt" not always clear: 1. when dialog starts and when dialog ends? 2. who talk: man or woman? In russian language there is difference. If man <saw> something we write: "видел". If woman <saw> something we write "видела". So it's very hard to make right translation. I've tried to join "RadioData_0_*.txt" + "RadioData.xml" but message id in them are differ. I need an instrument to solve this problems: file with this information, or program tool, or so
  11. at last! how long I've been waiting for this! a thousand thanks to you!!!
  12. first screenshots and information I saw on pirate site, then watch on youtube, then download and try pirate version, then buy.
  13. Not in my case. Because I always answer him: "No. Your young eyes will suffer from computer. Let's better <read "Wizars of Oz" / play into "Bruce Lee and Karim Abdul Jabbar" / build a car from constructor / go to a child-town near the house / go to a fishing / ...and so on>".
  14. I'm another "old" man - 32. And I have a 4 years old son, which sometimes says: "Dad, let's play the game where woman kills zombiz!".
  15. turbotutone, some suggestions and thoughts: 1) Sickle must loose condition when used. 2) Another recipe for sickle: (Nail x 2) + Hammer (keep) + Kitchen Knife + Sturdy Stick. It will be something like this or this. This sickle must be harder than sickle with duct tape. 3) In real life I use Shovel to remove bushes because of it's roots. 4) In real life removed bushes can be used as fuel to a fire.
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