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  1. Conversely, if you were to move a cabinet with the doors open, the doors would close when you placed it down again. Intentional or not, they should add a function to the decorate system that lets us choose between item variations.
  2. and untucking shirts, while we're at it!
  3. I've noticed from non-cooperative online play that having to share a community full of resources with other people greatly changes how the meta for supplies is handled. In a world where you can't fish idly for hours in a safe spot because of the risk you will run into a person, and one person can decide to empty out the grocery store where 10 other people will now have to go house to house - it is definitely a different experience, and one where "resource scarcity" might mean that they have been moved elsewhere on the map. When the consumption of easily acquired food multiplies by 3x just because you are playing with some friends, you feel the difference. And there is no convenient time skipping, especially in games which run on real time or have very long days. Of course, some of this translates well into singleplayer when NPCs are implemented. Now you'll have other people fishing and foraging out in lakes, and you'll have to figure out if them being on your territory depleting the natural resources will be something you can tolerate in your routine. The dynamic should not change. I said it. Everything you described for getting food should still work, and building a strong base should work. For a survival game, it's a bad idea to have built-in recurring failures that the player cannot control, and cannot recover from. These left-field hooks make the game frustrating and counterproductive, and only serve to create work-arounds and stuff like the "sky base". The helicopter alone used to terrify my party, now we just pack up and come back when things die down or move. Adapt and overcome.
  4. I would disagree with you here because the shovels ingame are much larger and longer than entrenching tools. It makes sense that the blunt face of conventional shovels would carry more force than the edges (which aren't sharpened, mind you). Also, your entrenching tools are much smaller and lighter than these shovels, making those more purpose-built for this kind of thing than an actual gardening shovel. Maybe if historic entrenching tools were added to the game, treat them more like a bladed weapon - but not regular shovels and spades, which has more heft when using them as a weapon.
  5. Really scrounge around your starting area - it is extremely unlikely to have nothing, you must have really bad RNG to have nothing at all for 4 straight spawns. Check every container. Even a pencil is better than nothing. Generally, if it can be equipped and held in your hands, get into the mindset that you can use it to help you survive until you can find something more effective. Butter knives (and as a last resort, other silverware) are effective enough to protect you in a pinch as a new character.
  6. Magic Mark


    I'm excited to see the new polish finally coming in to play! I'm looking forward to what can be done with the map markers.
  7. With the help of our wonderful community managers, I just got my name changed from Kim Jong Un to Magic Mark, my discord handle. My previous name was in pretty poor taste, but it's up to date now!

  8. This is a wonderful idea! I was wondering myself how we could possibly alter this as players. I learned that picking up and placing furniture got rid of the varied appearances, at the cost of the chance to break. In my opinion, this is a fair solution for this and an absolute must.
  9. Yeah, I agree! I also got my complaint wrong - I forgot the C4 actually does take the headlights with the hood as it lifts. No need to "fix" it either.
  10. Even if this could happen, it is an outright no for me. Not that I use sky bases, but this is very unrealistic and best reserved for World War Z where it belongs. Harsh, maybe so, but zombies here have been pretty grounded* so far - this is just too much for me. *ba dum tss
  11. Thank you for sharing the above photo I guess the sports car (Corvette) takes the popup headlights with it when the hood opens. Correction, this is not an issue, I just had to remind myself what the engine bay looked like.
  12. Which you can enjoy fully on C:DDA. My point was, none of this stuff should be seen as a way to catch up to C:DDA, rather a completely different design direction. This would be better suited as a mod since freaks and bionic geeks isn't exactly what is being emulated here. Despite what previous conversations on the C:DDA discord have covered, it just isn't the direction this particular game is trying to go in. If it's what you enjoy, all the power to you! I just don't think this is the right bowl of cereal for the orange juice.
  13. "You have almost a carbon copy of CDDA" Sorry, but some of us prefer the more grounded elements of the apocalypse and don't want a game with that extra futuristic stuff going on. Clearly you are fond of CDDA, which has pretty distinct differences aesthetic and gameplaywise. Why would we want it to become more like something that already exists? Have a good day, #6865.
  14. Hello @claire, thanks for translating and reading my post! I'm glad you agree about the dirt situation. You cover a lot of different topics in your post. This thread is about recent changes to the game in the last update. Would you consider making a thread in the suggestions section? That way, your new ideas can be categorized and seen easier. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/forum/20-pz-suggestions/ Have a great day!
  15. Overall test feedback: ~~ Dirt: Great in appearance, acquisition is not logical. Currently, dirt piles on way too quickly in passive gameplay. My character's jeans, face and arms got muddied from 20-30 on-off seconds of jogging (not sprinting) up and down my gravel driveway and front yard. Realistically, this should only occur (and at a lesser rate) if the character is sprinting. When I run in real life, I often run on the grass/dirt as it's easier on the feet. I don't ever worry about kicking up mud and soaking myself unless I'm running through puddles. Additionally, despite appearing visually over my clothes, the dirt would only be removed after washing "myself". And then I went out, watered my plants and immediately had more dirt on my face than I did before. ~~ Bags: Functioning, look great, but one minor issue: I experimented around with bags. These work great. I think it's awesome that you can take a tumble and drop one. It creates some harrowing moments out in the world where you have to choose whether going back for your stuff is more important than keeping on going. I admit, when you are carrying two bags and drop both of them at the same time, it does look a little weird that both icons on the ground overlap each other. It's hard to tell whether you dropped one or two bags this way. I don't know if you have 3d ground models on the books for bags (I do love the new models for them) but you may want to consider spreading the dropped bags (in the case of dropping more than one) by a tile. ~~ Flashlights: Attach the new smaller one to your belt! The fix for the new hand flashlight is great. For consistency, you need to be able to attach it to your belt. If you want it to become more integrated into regular gameplay as you claim, this is a needed change. It is too much excess inventory management otherwise to replace risking running through the dark. It also completes the 'security guard' look some of us have during our patrols. ~~ New car damage: This is great that you are putting in real consequences for having a damaged/no hood, but you need to counterbalance this by giving us a way to repair the front end of our vehicles. We can't always go out and find 100% condition hoods to replace ours with, even if we actively avoid crushing zeke like a black-friday wet dream. You may also want to consider differentiating the front bumper and hood, as this is pretty necessary as an upgrade to the maintenance system overall. Give players two potential barriers to engine damage that both make sense. Referring to the entire front end (fenders and all) as "hood" was great as a temporary sticker, but you might want to make the distinction. Wreckfest, for example, considers bumpers as an element separate to the hood. Players may replace bumpers if they wish, which should integrate nicely with the car armor you showcased a while back in another thursdoid. It's just easier to go that route than having to continually explain that the hood is all-encompassing. It also makes more sense - you hit a zeke, what part takes the brunt first? The first step, however, is making the hood repairable. Duct tape, glue, and metal sheets (what is currently the status quo for other parts) are satisfactory. It would be nice if using welding was buffed overall for vehicle repair as it is too resource intensive for obsolete repair benefits. As you recently re-balanced metal walls, this might be on the books as well. ~~ Misc. Build 41 has been out for a while, and the meat cleaver is still a non-reparable item. It should be repaired in the same way any kitchen knife or machete can already be repaired. Other than that, great work! It's very close to polished now, and I'm looking forward to what you do next!
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