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  1. Spawning with a car

    Would be cool to see this as a sandbox option if possible
  2. Something in the Air

    Great Thursdoid The overlays look awesome It would be cool if there was some kind of pain overlay (like red encroaching on the side of the screen or something) as well as even one for super sleepy (black in this case). The pain one would be a good indicator to the player of an injury as well as a cool way to make it affect their awareness more. The extremely sleepy one would be just to help bring down awareness currently but if passing out was ever added back into the games plans it would be a good indicator of when threat would start to become a risk
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Thanks for considering our feedback And I get that approach for balance even though I feel like you could potentially force the hood open or even remove it And yeah, that's basically what I was trying to get across The big thing here is the "key" for cars should only be required for a few things, like locking/unlocking the trunk and locking/unlocking doors from the outside of the car (inside you should have door unlock/lock access without keys, same as if you broke the window) as well as of course starting the car should require them without the proper skills. Once that access to the inside is there everything should be game to install/uninstall though. Basically once the car has been unlocked in some way it should be open to everyone regardless of having the key or not (even if it's just from breaking a window and you never find a key).
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Personally, I think once you remove the window or door, things shouldn't need keys. Nothing's stopping me from working on a cars interior when it comes to keys in real life. Currently you can uninstall things without a key but can't install them. if you ask me, after breaking the door in any way you should be able to uninstall/install anything without the key. Edit: Also, things under the hood usually don't need keys to access regardless.
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Oh crazy! I just meant that it moved both the two original cars that were stuck together to the spot with the shadow there and my character would switch between those two stuck together cars each load. Wish I could have gotten out like you lol, was luckily teleported to a less busy area
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    I had the same thing happen to me a couple times when approaching different places. One time traveling out of Riverside headed west ( about the same place the game used to crash when approaching the car junk yard - here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.5309529885875125,0.08151948093429734,187.00646439876877 ) and another time headed into West Point going east down the main road through town ( around here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.7221164908117963,0.25398512502888904,75.15370386395993 ). There was a shadow of where the car I joined with was in a parking spot so I tried reloading the game the last time it happened. My car as well as the one I spawned on top of had moved to that shadow spot but were still stuck together. Then oddly after reloading it a few times to see what would happen my character would switch from one car to the other each time I would load it up again.
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    I haven't been having any issues but my friend that likes to play with me has these problems on the vehicle build when we try to play it together. It's fine on my end and it starts off fine for him until we get near cars outside. Not sure what his exact PC specs are but he does have a good one that he does 3D animation work on as well as play other demanding games with.
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Been loving the new vehicle build so far Keep up the great work I really like the Franklin Valuline since it can hold six people and has a good size lockable trunk/boot Been running around trying to max out all the stats on it I will say I feel like wheels and suspension lose their quality percentage too quickly when going off road but I've been having a blast with it regardless I also noticed you can't install certain parts to cars you don't have the key for even when they're unlocked or had their window/door removed (however you can at least still remove parts without the key) My only questions are A: Are there any plans to make the "Engine" part repairable? And B: Any plans to have vehicle collisions with objects (Like trees, cars, walls and streetlights) have a bigger impact on the car and player? Making Zombie hits at high speeds do more damage to the car and possibly the player if the windshield was at a low condition percentage would be nice too
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Thank you So much this And also this: introduce different ways to kill / inconvenience the player I (and many others) fully appreciate all the detail and complexity you all have put into PZ Many <3s Edit: Also, any update on this issue? It's been the one thing keeping me from testing more. Vehicles have made the game way more fun and brand new to me but it's hard to put in time when I can't load up a save at all for the duration of the build. "i'm guessing you know about the dissapearing cars after loading game single player." - junglistjim
  10. Cars dissapear and reset when loading saved game

    On the "Vehicle Test 23" build (wasn't happening on 21 or 22) cars have been resetting when I load up a save game, as in existing cars from the save are gone and parking lots and driveways have new cars spawn. These are new games started on the vehicle build 23, without mods, I verified files on steam and re-patched but cars aren't saved and they reset their spawns with new cars spawning still. This happened every time I exited the game through the "QUIT" buttons (completely), started the game back up in steam and hit "continue" to load. If more info is needed to help find the issue let me know what I need to do and I'll upload or post whatever will help. Not sure if it'll help but I'll attach the last save game I made to test it on here (had to zip compress for upload limit). On this last game I attempted to see if being in the car when I exited the game would keep it there. It did not work and my character came back just standing where the car was when I exited and all the parking lots around me had new car spawns again like usual. 14-10-2017_05-02-30.zip
  11. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    This is intentional With a cooking level of zero your character doesn't know how to blend that many things into a tasty meal. The higher your cooking level is the better your complex meals will be
  12. More types of vehicles.

    The new golf course at the country club definitely needs some golf carts
  13. Riversiders

    Brandenburg is in fact a confirmed location for PZ 1.0 "Louisville, or at least the part on the Kentucky side of the river, Brandenburg, and of course Fort Knox will all be on the agenda" Source: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2014/06/march-to-1-0/
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Great update Could we also get a sandbox option for if generators require the skill/magazine or not?
  15. DrivPZr

    Romain said this was added, but multiple people on the forum reported it as not working. Would love to see this re-integrated into the game with the new darkness changes though. Would really add to the game-play and immersion While I know a pitch black place (with no light pollution) is dark as Hell (I volunteer at an animal sanctuary out in rural eastern Colorado and when the sun goes down it gets crazy dark), I know that light pollution (and Moon light pollution) is a real thing that should be included in the monthly night cycle for PZ. As well as how it should already be considered in urban areas of PZ (considering houses have lights and lights attract zombies) lol