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  1. It is this, your second interpretation.
  2. Thanks for the reply and glad to hear There was a part of me that thought it could still just be WIP excitement but I wanted to be sure and add my two cents if it wasn't lol You all have never steered me wrong and I can't thank you enough for continuing to make PZ the ultimate zombie survival sim
  3. Hoping you all reconsider this a bit and tone things back. A car slamming head on into another car is a bad idea and will wreck your car (the one driving head on) right away at any speed that would even move the other car at all. The cars work in progress stuff still looks insanely over powered to me, and while I get that it's fun to smash stuff and run over countless zombies, I think that it would be better if it was toned down and this sort of busting through cars stuff was left to sandbox options. Just my two cents. That being said, great Mondoid as always Keep up the awesome work
  4. While I'm not too big on the idea of random lightning starting fires (unless it was very rare or could be prevented by building something like a lightning rod), I do like the idea of more weather (some of it still being dangerous). Especially the hail idea
  5. You might be referring to the Louisville outskirts (aka Orell) that are supposed to lead up to Louisville proper and was teased ( here: http://projectzomboid.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Louisville-outskirts.jpg ) over 2 years ago. Its delay/disappearance has honestly been one of my only gripes about the PZ dev process I've had, simply because it was teased as a huge and upcoming map expansion (much bigger than the Rosewood/March Ridge area) and then pushed to the shelf with no word for years, only to still be out of the picture with different, smaller scale map expansions taking it's place. It took a long time for me to get an answer stating that it was put aside and I only got that after being confused and asking why we had Rosewood and March Ridge quickly pumped out during the wait for animations as opposed to a completed version of Orell (seen years ago as a WIP in the link above). It's just a guess but I think the delay has something to do with the changes to map streaming talked about in a now older Mondoid ( found here: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2016/02/dark-places/ ) where it talks about changes that would allow for not just basements and sewers but taller buildings as well (I'm personally hoping this is one of the things General Arcade will work on after the streaming changes for vehicles are done but this is purely speculation based on the fact that they're working on map streaming and engine improvements [which is what this would essentially be]). Regardless, I'm happy TIS keeps pumping out content and fully intends to complete the game and map, including parts of Louisville, its outskirts, Fort Knox and even Brandenburg to the west. It will take time but even the outskirts are huge when compared to the existing map and it will truly put the game on another level once there's all that space to explore and survive in
  6. First off, love the Mondoid format and info Reminds me of the good old dev blog like Mondoids we used to get (The reason I fell in love with them lol) Also, totally caught that from the picture and love that you all continue to add community names into the game Too fitting that Nolan will be immortalized into a car dealership as the creator of the car mod
  7. While I play survival character builds almost exclusively I still find trapping to be extremely wonky. I think it has to do with the "distance from character" requirement but it simply seems to be touchy at best for me. I personally see no problem with traps right outside your house catching things and feel like the fact that they don't is why people get put off by it.
  8. Even if it didn't have a room available when not moving it would be cool to have RVs as a vehicle for bigger parties/groups and more comfortable sleep (and also like you said it could maybe even have other options like cooking, cold storage and even water storage)
  9. Would love to see both these things added Even if the train needed special skills to operate it and only worked like cars (with no real "rooms" inside) it would be cool to see Edit: I'd also be fine with boats being limited to canoes and rowboats. Then the excuse for not being able to get across the Ohio River could be that you can't make it past a current in the middle or something. Assuming there wouldn't just be military there waiting to kill you as you came ashore
  10. Glad to see this after the video. Was worried about how over powered they looked and the hits/wrecks they could handle. Happy to see you all plan on toning it back quite a bit Regardless, they look awesome Will the controls work more like the multiplayer car mod (RC type controls) or like the single player version (where it works the same type of way you move your character)?
  11. It's something people don't often think about but I'll never forget when they taught us how to "properly" hit a deer if it was going to happen in drivers ed. Most people want to keep slamming the breaks up until contact but at a certain point you want you let off the brakes and give it some gas right before impact if you know you're going to hit. That way your car pulls up a bit at the end, hopefully causing you to go over the deer and not let them flip up on the hood and through the windshield (it will still mess up your car real bad but you hopefully wont end up crushed to death by a deer carcass). Unfortunately with certain smaller compact cars this isn't possible at all though, as you're so close to the ground.
  12. All of these are really solid suggestions
  13. This is true that older cars were more "durable" but the materials had certainly shifted to the more crunchy safe materials by the mid 90s. That being said, a deer (or person/zombie) coming over the hood and through the windshield isn't going to be fun for anyone inside regardless of the frame lol And you're right about the direction thing. It's common for demolition derby drivers to do this in an attempt to protect their engine Also, I should note that my previously mentioned car was an old 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was a beast of a car but a blunt hit to the wheel sure messed things up quick.
  14. I've been hoping this is the case for such a long time. I personally hope hitting a few or a couple zombies knocks your car out of commission just like it would in real life. I think we all agree that the detail put into Project Zomboid is what makes it great and that the more realistic the detail the better. I can only hope vehicles follow the same suit. Also, I love every time something adds to the list of "this is how you died" lol Edit: I also just got my car hit in a parking lot, and while the damage wasn't insanely bad, it was certainly enough to stop me from driving safely with it. It's amazing how fragile cars actually are.
  15. I'm also really hoping they add some farm based animals down the line as well. We already have farms with chicken coops and fenced off areas for them so I feel like it would be fitting if we saw some things like pigs, cows and chickens to go with Kentucky's wildlife And I of course think we're all hoping for dogs too lol