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  1. I've felt this same way forever now. In my opinion, it just doesn't "fit" the setting or idea of getting a skill point in any way. All the friends I've gotten to play PZ with me have always been thrown off by it too, with a "wtf" moment when it first happens while we're play together online (was especially funny one time when a group of us were playing together [with xp boost settings] and there was a bug that made it so everyone would hear your skill point sound effect and it was going off all the time for everybody lol). I always felt like something as simple as a short twangy banjo riff would be more fitting for a setting in Kentucky especially since it seems they don't want a "gamey" sound and something more immersive. That being said, I am someone that turns off the music right away in most games (I usually leave it on for linear story based games since it goes with the story and you only play it through once and then for some reason I keep my StarCraft and Overwatch music on all the time as well lol) so I may not understand a relationship that could exist with the skill level sound and the music, as I never really liked the soundtrack for PZ and turned it off pretty quickly years ago (sorry Zach, it is well done music, it's just not what I want to listen to while surviving the zombie apocalypse in Kentucky and doesn't set/fit the mood for me). Edit: Not to mention, like you said in your OP, I really wanna be listening for Zombies in PZ and with how many hours I've put into the game (over 900 according to Steam) I'm sure I would be sick of the music no matter how good/fitting it was lol
  2. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    I feel like your character should still see them assuming they're off if they hear no sound or the car is standing still and then see it move (to a degree) based off sound when it starts taking off
  3. Cars are a great barricade.

    I think the balanced/realistic way to do this is let zombies break windows over time and then crawl through them like they would climb over a couple fences
  4. Vehicle IWBUMS

    As I've said in previous topics, The vehicle build really adds a lot to the game My only suggestion now would be make it so the generator can at least hook up items right next to it (in the open, without a building or wall), allowing me to have a fridge on the go with my Franklin lol (That and let us put a generator in a seat of a car or the trunk ), Also that and more wilderness trails So much fun lol, All I can really say is I love it all and I can't wait for what's next You guys and gals are the best
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Based off of seeing posts like these in the past I was under the impression this wasn't really a bug in the normal sense and more of a side product of how the game renders the map's lighting: https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/142260718943906831/ "Trouble is, to improve performance, lighting is baked into the map itself when it's exported. I'm not totally sure how this can be addressed, as the lighting will need to be re-calculated after the building is removed. I'm sure one of the devs will come up with a clever solution at some point, though. :D"
  6. I think the best way to add this gameplay wise comes with animations. When they come we can have zombies breaking into windows and climb through at a decent pace. Giving the game the balance it needs and the realism it deserves
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    That would be really cool to see I recently had a similar idea to have a fridge on the go and packed up a mini fridge and tv in the back two seats of my Franklin Valuline. I've been carrying around the generator in my lap since I can't place it in the car thinking I could use it anywhere lol. It works great for on the go when you're at a building of some kind but I just tested it out in the open like I planned to use it down the road and it didn't work for me I had it set up just like the above screenshot shows. There was the option to connect generator and turn it on but even after doing that I couldn't turn on the tv. It would be really nice if you could set it up outside but require the items receiving power to be right next to it or within a certain distance I really like the idea of camping out next to my Franklin with a fridge and tv hooked up to a generator, just enjoying the news while I survive in nature, hording my gas for as long as I can as I watch the world burn from afar lol I can also confirm what falcon33jp reported above about the tutorial pop up throwing out errors until closed. Mine is always set to pop up went I start the game and it blasted out over 200 error flags within a few seconds or so with the console error reported above.
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Oh that's really cool I don't think I got a pop up over my character but I definitely could have missed it lol, I'll have to give it another shot
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Oh interesting! I watched a show talking about making stairs and another carpentry type one as well as I believe a show that talked about making a certain trap (but that one may have only been there to teach a recipe for a trap and I took trapping traits so I would already have them all). I didn't notice anything but I thought it was an exp boost like books gave, does it actually just give you a small amount of exp? Cause that might be why I didn't notice anything then lol That being said, the boredom system for it certainly doesn't work for me as my character starts to bore after only a couple shows/news updates lol
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    I can confirm that TVs are not working as intended in single player as well. Watched a few programs that should have given some kind of exp boost and got nothing, as well as my character starts to get bored when I'm watching them or glued to the news.
  11. Hellgate: Muldraugh

    Thanks for linking my post about the new area Been having a blast driving around and exploring Also, so excited for the mention of what I felt was a long forgotten area that you all are hopefully referring to here: Really hoping this is talking about the Louisville outskirts (Orell) Teased in a Mondoid a while back with this picture: http://projectzomboid.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Louisville-outskirts.jpg Anyway, great update as always I'm excited for all the upcoming things in Zomboid's future Thanks for all your hard work!
  12. Furniture Gets Stuck In Cars

    I recently decided to grab a few things to take on the road to make my Franklin Valuline a mobile home and sadly found the furniture items I decided to take were stuck in the car. I put a mini fridge in one back seat and a tv in the other. When I try to drag them to another container or back to my inventory nothing happens and nothing pops up when I right click it. Also on the note of place-able items in vehicles I noticed the only way for me to take a generator on the road is to have it equipped when I get in the car and hold it until I get out. Would be nice to be able to place it in the trunk or on a seat as well EDIT: Issue fixed itself after alt tabbing back in. Feel free to close or delete this post.
  13. Now that we've checked into camp we can see what there is to do Layout and Screenshots of summer camp below: I do have to say the amount of dirt roads, trails and lakes out there is insanely awesome As a nomad/live-off-the-land type of player it's a ton of fun, getting to trek around trails with my camping gear
  14. More Adventures in the expanded land of Zomboid I decided to to go out in my now decked out Franklin Valuline with a tent, fire kit and all the things I need to get by with so I can see some more of the new map Ended up finding a summer camp! Directions with screenshots on how to get there and find your way around below: See next post for the rest of the summer camp pictures and directions
  15. It's more of a picnic area than a camp site area since there aren't any docks or tents set up but it's definitely a place for camping and fishing if you want it to be (I would certainly bring a tent and camp out there irl if permitted and the building on the far West side had a lot of fishing books in it) but it's the area in my screenshots on the OP (under the "hidden contents" tabs). This shot is of the picnic area with the Gift Shop below and to the left of it and the Diner and Fishing Shop to the side (on the upper left):