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  1. Romain said this was added, but multiple people on the forum reported it as not working. Would love to see this re-integrated into the game with the new darkness changes though. Would really add to the game-play and immersion While I know a pitch black place (with no light pollution) is dark as Hell (I volunteer at an animal sanctuary out in rural eastern Colorado and when the sun goes down it gets crazy dark), I know that light pollution (and Moon light pollution) is a real thing that should be included in the monthly night cycle for PZ. As well as how it should already be considered in urban areas of PZ (considering houses have lights and lights attract zombies) lol
  2. Hoping this is in reference to the long awaited Louisville outskirts (Orell) Been looking forward to it for years and always assumed the engines limitations with tall buildings was holding it back For anyone wondering, here's a old WIP teaser image of the area I'm talking about: http://projectzomboid.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Louisville-outskirts.jpg
  3. This is actually already in Press space bar for the real brake, and S for reverse/slow-down
  4. I really like this as an idea It could be a way of barricading a door if you don't have nails, a hammer or a plank, just adding a little hp to the door
  5. I agree, it looks really nice Still hoping there's a SUV/truck version too though, seems odd to me that park rangers wouldn't have an off-road vehicle
  6. This is why they always tell you to turn off mods when testing... lol
  7. What are you talking about? The backbone for all the things you listed involving the horse exist or will exist once animations are in. Over half of what you listed was the obvious animations and artwork for it too. Cars have required a ton of work on a new physics system and lots of engine optimization just so they can be implemented in the tech test and that doesn't include all the same types of things you just listed for horses. Horses would be a tack-on to existing features already used by the game at that point. Yeah there's still work to be done there, but it's not like the work that's been needed just to get vehicles/cars in.
  8. I'm talking simple by comparison... Nothing is truly simple in game development...
  9. I'm still hoping they eventually add horses down the line too I feel like it could be done pretty simply (without even using the new car physics) once animations and animals are out and would really add to the world and the farmland we come across. I'm a little biased though, as animals (wild, domestic and farm) are my most desired feature for PZ in general lol
  10. I just pretend for now Hoard gas and avoid hitting zombies, especially at high speeds lol
  11. Sadly -disableeasyvehicles still doesn't work for me, and Tatty reported the same earlier in this thread: Followed the instructions correctly but on start up the terminal window flashes "unknown option -disableeasyvehicles" and all the cars are still on easy mode when I start a game
  12. Really excited about the future balance of cars after reading the new Mondoid "Overall we’re planning for car maintenance to work (and look) a lot like the current player health/medical system – everyone can use it in a basic sense, but those with specific skills and professions will be able to identify what’s wrong with an engine. We also plan to cross-pollinate some aspects of ‘vehicle work’ with relevant existing professions that are already in the game. Zombie attraction levels to car noise, and the radius it’s heard within, is currently set really high in the Tech Test. This is partly because we wanted to push systems fairly hard, and partly because it’s better when balancing to drop things down in terms of difficulty rather than raise them up. As such Zed vehicle-love will be dropped as we go until we hit a sweet spot. This said, down the line, vehicle noise will depend on what’s being driven and engine condition – as well as how easy it is to start the car, backfiring etc." https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2017/05/cardevdoid/ Sounds like you all are taking the right approach and I can't wait to see everything come together
  13. Honestly, I agree. I personally feel like there are far too many things, that your average person could figure out, locked behind skills and professions. I feel like you could give most people a tire, jack and a tire iron or a flat and a compressor/pump and they'd be able to figure it out. And while it's pretty simple, I could see some dangers in not knowing exactly how to replace a battery, so I could see some people having issues with it not being locked behind some small trait/book and/or hidden in the electrician profession (but then again you could just say the instructions are in every car so no one needs to worry about learning it). The only reason I really suggested the trait/book requirement was because I know it's been the preferred mechanic in the game so far, and I only threw the engine maybe in there since I recalled seeing engine quality in the info panel. I really think having some kind of basic "replacement" type repair for a few parts in the info panel as well as adding tires to the equation would add a lot to cars and make them more fun and interesting in the long run though Regardless of them being locked behind skills or not
  14. I have to admit, if cars can break (as I feel they should, even if it's only wheel damage, battery replacement and maybe some sort of simple engine repair), there should really be a way to fix/repair them to some degree. Unless you completely smash/total the thing with extreme body damage of course. It could be a few simple items and maybe a recipe book/trait or two if it was really an issue. That way it's not over the top, and sure, you can find Greg's keys and take his car, but you're not always going to be near other cars out in the country, and who knows, you might actually just really like "your" car and wanna keep it around
  15. Took a trip up that way by taking the northern highway, left (west) out of Rosewood and followed it until I saw a tan (gravel?) road that I took until I saw a dirt road/trail that lead through a field that lead to a barn and three large slaughterhouse buildings. I followed the road next to the western field heading north and went west at the T in the road leading up to a neighborhood of white houses that eventually took me to the road leading north along what seems like the towns main street. Quite a few services/businesses along the way until I reached the food mart in your first screenshot Looks like a really neat little area that I'm excited to explore Wondering if there's more out there Like could you find the Knox Heights Country Club ( https://projectzomboid.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/knoxheights.png / https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2017/05/may-dayoid/ ) somewhere on the map now?