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  1. Kuren

    Hotwire Broken

    Just confirmed it was me being dumb and only having one of the two requirements. lol, Please feel free to delete or close this post if you can. Sorry again for wasting you all's time!
  2. Kuren

    Hotwire Broken

    Never mind, I'm pretty sure I'm just dumb and forgot and then misread the tooltip forgetting that you need both the Electrical and Mechanics levels. My apologizes! I've been busy with work and haven't played in a few months lol
  3. Kuren

    Hotwire Broken

    I just started up a new save and found a car that had gas as quickly as I could (set the spawn stats higher to make things easier). Found a car by the hardware store in Riverside right next to my starting location that almost had a full tank and was in great condition but it still said I needed Mechanics level 2 despite me being at level 3. When trying to click the key start icon on the option wheel, it just closes the option wheel (attached screen shots below). Forgive me if hotwwiring requires a tool of some kind because I just never recalled it needing one in the past and there's nothing in
  4. After about a month hiatus and then catching up on Thursdoids, I started with Mods that were supposedly up to date and then uninstalled them all after a few sandbox games. For all games, all sandbox settings chosen through menus the first few times but pre-set builds and looks I had saved; than the other few chosen all through menus (TLDR: All times I had at least level 3 Electrical or Mechanic and I was not able to hotwire a car/truck, despite the tooltip saying I needed less)
  5. Playing on Version 41.33 - IWBUMS (Steam). Not sure if intentional but I'm guessing not. Was fishing with a new rod & lure at the lake next to the mid golf course restaurant and noticed that after I caught a pair of shoes the fish abundance dropped just like it does when you catch a fish.
  6. Good to know! lol, I got lucky and found a firefighter at the start of my last playthrough and thought my head was super safe!
  7. My bad! I had taken a break from PZ for a while and didn't realize I had an extra trait options mod enabled lol, Couldn't start a sandbox game at all with it enabled in the v41.19 update but once it was disabled everything worked fine on exit and loading
  8. Having a very similar issue since I got caught up with v41 recently. I'll press Esc, hit Quit and then the menu disappears and nothing happens. The darkened overlay with the PZ logo is still up and I can press Esc to get back to the game again but even after pressing Esc again after that, the options, quit and resume buttons still aren't there and I'm forced to press the "x/close" button on the window (as I play in windowed mode) to exit. Then every time I start back up, the save is there but it says the character is dead and the body as well as some things dropped aren't there anymore. I sta
  9. Kuren

    New Briefs

    Just a heads up but this isn't posted on the Mondoid/Thrusdoid (News & Dev) announcements page ( https://projectzomboid.com/blog/category/news-development/ ). Edit: I see it there now. Feel free to delete this post and sorry if this was the incorrect way to attempt to inform you all.
  10. I feel like TVs are balanced since you have to consider that the broadcasts only last a few days before everything shuts down. If you're comfortable enough to watch that much TV in those few days I feel like you deserve the boost
  11. Kuren

    Blends n’ Shades

    I'm too lazy to find a link right now but it's been confirmed that there will be Martin even posted in a few threads saying that he's modeled interiors for the cars and they're planned to be integrated as well
  12. I feel like your character should still see them assuming they're off if they hear no sound or the car is standing still and then see it move (to a degree) based off sound when it starts taking off
  13. Kuren

    Vehicle IWBUMS

    As I've said in previous topics, The vehicle build really adds a lot to the game My only suggestion now would be make it so the generator can at least hook up items right next to it (in the open, without a building or wall), allowing me to have a fridge on the go with my Franklin lol (That and let us put a generator in a seat of a car or the trunk ), Also that and more wilderness trails So much fun lol, All I can really say is I love it all and I can't wait for what's next You guys and gals are the best
  14. Based off of seeing posts like these in the past I was under the impression this wasn't really a bug in the normal sense and more of a side product of how the game renders the map's lighting: https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/142260718943906831/ "Trouble is, to improve performance, lighting is baked into the map itself when it's exported. I'm not totally sure how this can be addressed, as the lighting will need to be re-calculated after the building is removed. I'm sure one of the devs will come up with a clever solution at some point, though. :D"
  15. That would be really cool to see I recently had a similar idea to have a fridge on the go and packed up a mini fridge and tv in the back two seats of my Franklin Valuline. I've been carrying around the generator in my lap since I can't place it in the car thinking I could use it anywhere lol. It works great for on the go when you're at a building of some kind but I just tested it out in the open like I planned to use it down the road and it didn't work for me I had it set up just like the above screenshot shows. There was the option to connect generator and turn it on but
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