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  1. Exhausted moodle

    I wish they would just keep the description and wait to add passing out once animations drop. It's a just punishment for the player choice of not sleeping for days on end lol Edit: This game is about the many ways you can (will) die after all
  2. Exhausted moodle

    I really hope that "yet" part is true Any player playing in the difficult world of PZ should be punished for something as common sense as not sleeping for 3 days lol
  3. Exhausted moodle

    I'm still hoping it's something that will come after animations are out
  4. More types of vehicles.

    The new golf course at the country club definitely needs some golf carts
  5. Riversiders

    Brandenburg is in fact a confirmed location for PZ 1.0 "Louisville, or at least the part on the Kentucky side of the river, Brandenburg, and of course Fort Knox will all be on the agenda" Source: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2014/06/march-to-1-0/
  6. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Great update Could we also get a sandbox option for if generators require the skill/magazine or not?
  7. I'm hoping we see a variety of animals added to the game once animations are out as well. Not just farm animals but wild animals too. That way hunting can help remedy this diet problem for the physically active survivor in the late game. I feel like a farm with a chicken coop and a pasture would be the best place to post up. Assuming you could get eggs from the chickens, that alone would be a good source of food. I currently try to post up next to water and make fishing my priority. I can catch more than I can eat that way but I need lots of pans for stir-frys since every type of fish becomes a simple "fish fillet" when cut and you can only add 15 hunger of a single ingredient to a recipe without it ruining the meal. I cook a bunch at once and I'm set for the day though lol
  8. DrivPZr

    Romain said this was added, but multiple people on the forum reported it as not working. Would love to see this re-integrated into the game with the new darkness changes though. Would really add to the game-play and immersion While I know a pitch black place (with no light pollution) is dark as Hell (I volunteer at an animal sanctuary out in rural eastern Colorado and when the sun goes down it gets crazy dark), I know that light pollution (and Moon light pollution) is a real thing that should be included in the monthly night cycle for PZ. As well as how it should already be considered in urban areas of PZ (considering houses have lights and lights attract zombies) lol
  9. DrivPZr

    Hoping this is in reference to the long awaited Louisville outskirts (Orell) Been looking forward to it for years and always assumed the engines limitations with tall buildings was holding it back For anyone wondering, here's a old WIP teaser image of the area I'm talking about: http://projectzomboid.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Louisville-outskirts.jpg
  10. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    This is actually already in Press space bar for the real brake, and S for reverse/slow-down
  11. Of Chairs and Barricades

    I really like this as an idea It could be a way of barricading a door if you don't have nails, a hammer or a plank, just adding a little hp to the door
  12. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I agree, it looks really nice Still hoping there's a SUV/truck version too though, seems odd to me that park rangers wouldn't have an off-road vehicle
  13. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    This is why they always tell you to turn off mods when testing... lol
  14. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    What are you talking about? The backbone for all the things you listed involving the horse exist or will exist once animations are in. Over half of what you listed was the obvious animations and artwork for it too. Cars have required a ton of work on a new physics system and lots of engine optimization just so they can be implemented in the tech test and that doesn't include all the same types of things you just listed for horses. Horses would be a tack-on to existing features already used by the game at that point. Yeah there's still work to be done there, but it's not like the work that's been needed just to get vehicles/cars in.
  15. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I'm talking simple by comparison... Nothing is truly simple in game development...