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  1. Thank you all, for the lovely comments. I hope to find some time to start exploring the "2x_tiles" later this year, to add some more buildings or to update the tbx-files already shared. Nice to see that other community members make good (and creative) use of the tbx-files. @RushAll Network.it Downtown is available in the steam-workshop or for download at the WIP forum. Currently it is 'On Hold'. Manhattown is only available for exploring. I do not share it at the steam-workshop, because it is unfinished for now. But don't forget that patience can be a virtue, so maybe it will show up somewhere, in the future ...
  2. Z3759xy

    In-Game Mappage

    Thank you for "the quick shout out", I really appreciate it. When I started following PZ, I noticed that the people behind, and around TIS are skillful and determined to buid a quality product. Today, with 20+ years of gaming, I still believe this is true.
  3. "Although a fashioner, the demiurge itself and the material from which the demiurge fashions the universe are both considered to be consequences of something else." ... You then, who are spiritual, should worship neither the creation nor the Craftsman, but the Father of Truth ...
  4. * Manhattown Unfinished mod, based on a part of Manhattan. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fc20hfp39u9igxm/AAAZOyXxpQZXgkqsBuIbiHnOa?dl=0 Place the "Manhattown" folder inside your ".../Zomboid/Workshop" folder to explore (no foraging). What is there to explore?
  5. Make your world 1 cell bigger, and open the empty cell in WorldEd.
  6. The issue with the black/empty tiles is that the overlapping _.tbx-files, overwrite each other. If I look at your example, in the OP, it looks like the wooden fence is on both _.tbx-files. Did you try and remove the wooden fence on the _.tbx-file with the tent-kit inside the garden, so they overlap but don't overwrite?
  7. If you create 2 buildings inside 1 "_.tbx"-file (BuildingEd) , 1 key opens all the doors. For semi-detached or rows of houses, it is possible to build them separated, using multiple "_.tbx"-files. Within BuildingEd, Using the Iso-Mode you should be able to draw a room 1 tile from the edge, then make the 'connecting' wall "invisible". After that you can add the walls, roofs, ... using the Tile-Mode, placing them on the correct Layer, on the edge (1 tile). There is a example inside my tbx-topic. Download the Downtown "_.tbx"-files and open: "random_house_11.tbx" and "random_house_09.tbx" with BuildingEd, these 2 files can be connected without overlapping. I'm not sure about it, but I remember that the light inside the "connecting" space (1 tile) can be off, because it is not inside the room with the light-switch.
  8. Z3759xy

    Downtown(On Hold)

    I set Downtown "On Hold" until further notice for now.
  9. Great to see (and play) some more work from you.
  10. Z3759xy

    Downtown(On Hold)

    The "chunkdata_.bin" , "_.lotpack" and "_.lotheader" files are included within the mod (I still have an older version, dated at 23/8/2015 and those files are already there). The "SuburbsDistributions.lua" file is not included within the mod.
  11. Z3759xy

    Downtown(On Hold)

    The SuburbsDistributions.lua is not adjusted/included. Downtown uses the "Original" file (.../media/lua/server/items).
  12. Z3759xy

    Downtown(On Hold)

    June21th Update 6.5: A very small update. - Made changes to the roomdefinitions for garages/sheds; - Added trees to fill out some empty spots. Update on Steam and Dropbox => https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8evjwx8d03my9er/AAAyJ8N2MdfINSRChoMGDwpPa?dl=0.
  13. Z3759xy

    Downtown(On Hold)

    @sma342 The library is located near the policestation
  14. Z3759xy

    Downtown(On Hold)

    @Atoxwarrior Thank you. Looking forward to see some work from you aswell. @Hicks Sadly this weekend I don't have much spare time, but I'll go look at those roomdefinitions again and make some changes, hopefully to update them during next week or the weekend.
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