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  1. Survivors in the Mist

    This weeks thursdoid is rather short i hope that the next one have pics or videos about anims since they are sure to make it in build 41
  2. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Thats been there for a long time ago its a feature i mean you dont want to use your hands removing broken glass do ypu?
  3. Animal Mod

  4. zombie bodies

    I think i have read something about it thats its not gonna happened only the skin color is gonna be implemented when the animation comes
  5. 6 months later easier

    In build 40.16 i tried to play sandbox with 6 months later preset and i saw that it isnt on insane
  6. 6 months later easier

    So i post something about it before but i wanna get some answer so is 6 months later is being easier an intentional move or not? The amount of zombie is not on insane anymore its between insane and high
  7. Sasha’s Sense of Snow

    Is bags gonna have different colors or nah?
  8. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Its not even that dark have you ever tried pitch black?
  9. Infection Rate

    I survived bites before so its definitely not 100% and scratch is not 25% because i died too much on scratch
  10. Player dragging knockdown zombie

    Yep you're correct they slide in the same direction that you moved it happens twice or trice
  11. Did zombie just got buffed?

    I played on sandbox i forgot if i set my player construction to high or very high which means my barricade should have extra health points and my planks are fresh from logs so its on full health when i use it as barricade and dont forget that the zombie also destroys the door if this happens before on stable the results is probably different and i also have the handy trait
  12. Player dragging knockdown zombie

    It happened to me when i knife a zombie but didnt die im trying to one stab kill the zombie but didnt happened because my player is in panic and the zombie got knockdown and the zombie is at my feet and when i try to move my character its copying every movement that i make its like when you combine 2 different things in blender then you parent them and act like theyre one it happens for a few second until the knockdown zombie stands up
  13. I felt like zombies become strong in iwbums one zombie can easily tore down 2 barricade planks and a door in just 8 hours of sleeping ingame... zombies toughness is set to weak
  14. 6 months later bug??

    I tried to use 6 months later on sandbox and i found out that the zombie multiplier on iwbums is 3.0 on 6 months later rather than 4.0
  15. Player dragging knockdown zombie

    Just like the title says ive been experiencing this on iwbums