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  1. Self-sustainability and the culprit

    Just increase the zombies multiplier. Remember your in a server with four players not on single player so the difficulty should be appropriate to the number of players on your server. Set the zombie multiplier to 4.0 its double the amount of zombies in survival settings. Set the peak multiplier to 3. Increase the distance between the zombies on a group. Set it to 7,8 or 9 so they look more spread and its harder for your guys to run or sneak. Pitch black nights, increase meta events, increase the number of zombies in a group by 200 or more, instant shut off water and electricity, all loots are rare, imcrease zombie respawn at least 1/2 or double
  2. The fixes should have been on stable build because the iwbums is gonna take a lot of months before players can experience the bug fixes
  3. Decomposition

    So i saw an option in sandbox about decomposition so i was wondering if we will see zombies that changes their look on animations update
  4. Subtypes of zombies

    Its already in plan on animation update
  5. Make metalworking worth it.

    Yeah we should be able to double metal sheet barricade on each side so its 4 barricade on 1 window or door
  6. This is my suggestion to make an advantage when doing metalworking 1. Enable repairing barricade with scrap metal 2. Reinforce door with metal but can still close and open the door 3. Enable to scavenge cars for metal 4. Enable reinforce cars with metal 5. Enable making weapons with metals 6. Traps with metals
  7. Home alarms

    where is the location of those electronic stores?
  8. Home alarms

    I search in google and find out that home alarms can be dissasrmbled but i dont kmow how? What does a home alarm looks like?
  9. Car battery charger

    How to use the car batter charger? Do i need a mechanical skill to use it?
  10. Car battery charger

    How to use the car batter charger? Do i need a mechanical skill to use it?
  11. Re-balancing of zombie threats

    Just read it again damien... He probably thinks its easy because he can do things like store food easily or make bases but when you play it harder that every horde on every corner with 30 zombies spread high hearing, rare loots, no lights or water, setting migrate to faster so you wont be able to stay in one place, higher zombie spawn, darker nights that you need flashlight that you totally ignored before, no more stacks of axes to fight zombies just a few butterknife and more pushing and stomping....that walking outside the house has a great risk dying from 10 zombies coming on your way just a few seconds after you started the game. That killing one zombie attracts more. Theres literally no threat playing modes other than 6 months or 6 months sanbox with harder settings.. Hardcore s not really hardcore its just the matter of exp you can get and if you have or havent started with a starter kit...
  12. Re-balancing of zombie threats

    Just play sandbox preset 6 months later and change the spread settings for zombies or if you want you can also increase theyre hearing
  13. Some vehicles just won't start

    Just message the dev and give this as a suggestion for the vehicles
  14. Zedlights

    I knew it.. I almost got hyped this few weeks but i didnt because i know TIS. never get hype on the features that they promised because your going to assume that theyre going to release it within weeks then it becomes a month, months, year, 3 years and more to come
  15. This is from the upcoming sequel for Survivalist. Its called survivalist 2 and it is a zombie game that i've been following just like project zomboid. Can you add some of the features that is shown in this video? This makes the combat more complicated and not dull like what we have today. project zomboid melee pvp is not good you just press the key and wait for the first one to die