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  1. Hi there, Really appreciate the new combat system, here some balance issue i encounter/ideas that could improve the new system Accuracy with mouse should be improve, reacting a bit more fast where it's pointing at; Sometimes i get injured too fast compared to the zombie animation, as well pushing back the right zombi at the right time is pain (accuracy , animations timing)and seems delayed a little bit. Sneak system is good, but no sneak kill ? can't aim while sneaking without my character stands ? I encounter an little issue as well when i loot items, the character plays its animation, then i have to turn back to the loot container direction, making alot of clicks each time ; as well it would be more confortable to the character not rotate a bit while playing the animation. Thanks for the release guys ! you re awesome !!
  2. NagashUD


    Need IWBUMS test !!!
  3. NagashUD

    6 month after apocalypse battery/car issue

    Well after reloading the battery and added some fuel it worked, seems like battery has be be around 60-70% to hopefully start the engine.
  4. NagashUD

    6 month after apocalypse battery/car issue

    hmmm ok ok so i'll try to reload it more and see, thanks for the reply !
  5. Hmmm having 8% battery loaded and 50% fuel, but i am unable to start (sport) vehicle. Swap batteries do not change anything; but attract zombies as a loud noise.
  6. NagashUD

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

    Thank you !!
  7. NagashUD

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

    Dunno if you aware of this bug but sometimes it seems to have some slow motion moments; no fps drops . (Solo)
  8. Why is the general sound so buggy ? like opening windows or whatever the action, it seems to be delayed and sound seems to be so far :/
  9. NagashUD


    Maybe soon we will get frostbites
  10. NagashUD

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Thanks my french !!
  11. NagashUD

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    " Add damage to player if you're carrying too much (capped so it's not too annoying). " 2 years i waited for it ! thanks !!!!
  12. NagashUD

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Just a question about the car batteries, is it possible to reload them with electric generator? or an other way ?
  13. NagashUD

    RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Some car textures missing : Seems like cars are spawning on each avaiable spawning points :
  14. NagashUD

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Ok ok thanks !