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  1. Still being stuck in walking animation, without getting in a vehicle, happened when i killed a zombie with an annoted map in inventory then stopped when i tried to open a locked car
  2. Vehicles is a really good content in game, i should say huge , hopefully car damage will be as part at the build (mass zombie destruction is a bit overpowered early game imo); but gratz guys !
  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. It seems like it was fixed for a while and reappeared since the new vehicle GUI ; np guys ! keep up the good work !
  5. Yeah like said EnigmaGrey, i'm getting stuck in the walking animation sometimes getting out of the car
  6. Glitch not fixed yet :
  7. Still having the issue with the walking animation loop while i can't enter in the car :/ that was fixed and now it does it again :/
  8. Sh*t, i though clothes had durability, i missunderstood dunno but it does nothing if i wear dirty clothes or not, 15 ingame days with dirty pants & shoes and nothing happen. Well clothes are only usefull on late winter. What was wrong with the old roof system ? because atm its completly f*cked up :/ i know i am like my ingame character, never happy
  9. Yeah, even sometimes it takes all over the other sounds (stomping zombies on floor sound is covered by flies sound)
  10. When too much dead zombies lay on the floor i get some fps drops and the flies noise is still wayyyyyy too loud!
  11. Just a question, will it contain later a mecanician job ? could be cool imo.
  12. Hmm yeah the noise was a bit annoying ^^ (don't forget we shouldn't hear flies from a closed inside) Hope you will work on a better medical/moodlets as well on the way !! why not a HAPPY moodlet ?
  13. I always do this !
  14. Flies sounds are still hearable from this far : outdoor flies sound should stop when player is inside a house with closed doors
  15. they probably prepare the code for the new animations update?