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  1. I will (sorry for the delay, i was on the road for a while) ; restarting windows seems to resolve the issue for a while, but i'm sure you will get the file when it happens again ! Thank you and keep up the good work guys !
  2. Hi, Since a little while, i'm getting some small freezes then later on, the game crashes; I think it does this since a week ; (maybe due to a redistribuable update ?) Any suggestions ?
  3. Will hair spray works as well for the mohawks ?
  4. Could be awesome indeed !
  5. NagashUD

    On the Test Trail

    That looks damn good !! keep up the good work guys !!! <3
  6. Found this randomly ! and it's GOOD !
  7. Nice guys !! Keep up the good work, and don't forget to polish the temperature system (heaters in houses ? cold/warm water (water boilers)? propane gas/fuel heating boilers) ;
  8. Nice update ! Lost 10 fps with new fog but i don't care, that looks GREAT guys !!!
  9. Multiplayer is not ready yet.
  10. Adding ingredients for cooking on the radial menu is bugged in french language, just shows : " from " and when clicking, it just adds random ingredients avaiable.
  11. Since when is it impossible to hit zombies with a knife through a broken car window from inside? damn !
  12. Is it in the changelist ?.....
  13. Do the windows break by themself ?
  14. Oh ok, didn't know sorry, well that was the first time ive tried the local coop 😕
  15. Got some copy on local coop of random vehicules events
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