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  1. I was wondering, maybe for mods ?
  2. NagashUD

    Farm of Fear

    Farming really needed a rework indeed, glad to hear that is also in the oven ! Plants should need sunlight as well, indoor farming/greenhouse, temperature and such should be also a plus!
  3. NagashUD

    Spiffo and Friends

    Looks good, i'm also impatient about the light propagation tho !
  4. I didn't try yet with a covered trailer, but indeed if it's intentional, the possibility of adding a tarp would be great !
  5. Hi everyone, I was driving straight forward when i've heard a sound, and realized i lost some stuff from the car trailer; no car hit or anything, i was just driving and a thing dropped on the floor
  6. Yeah indeed, and the Z migration in general is way more intense than before; prob something about Z hearing/migration badly fixed
  7. Well to be honest it's been like 4 games i retried and some places are really way more full of Z than before; some areas are impossible to cross in car because the car seems to be way louder (can see the Z comming from far to the car) and getting surrounded pretty quick (especially in 6 month after apocalypse); also some starting places are overcrowed (maybe it's me but i had to flee the spawn area after i found a car, too many Z heard it from too far, and that's the first time it happens since i play the game (2015)).
  8. Before the 41.78, i was going some days/weeks pretty far away then came back , just 2-3 zombies spawned. Same zone here after some days of loot far away (past builds) :
  9. I noticed the zombies were migrating way more far than before, but i am pretty sure it is a respawn, i cleared the zone, went at the end of the street to loot then came back and all the zombies were back like if i killed none; Having the feeling of killing the respawning hordes in loop, again and again. Since the build 41, it is the first time i'm having this issue, looking on my past youtube videos and clearly this wasn't happening this way.
  10. Maybe the zombies i've killed suddently respawn way more ? because where i didn't kill much, they are less respawn .
  11. Well same issue occured again, seems like when i leave a zone for like 4-6 hours ingame, the zombies respawn at full scale; My set-up of unseen respawn is 16 hours at 0.5 but it seems like something is wrong, i left 6 hours and the respawn was way more than 0.5 . Like before, it had no zombies when i left the zone and no event.
  12. It seems like reinstalling the game fixed the issue, at the moment everything looks like it was before this; just now looking for the 11th day to compare the stats.
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