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  1. NagashUD

    The Good Life

    So 41.77 is the last patch right ? can't wait those fixes ! B42 sounds interesting, i'm just curious how it will go with insane zombies count 6 month after apocalypse !
  2. Yes, indeed it was; can't fill it at the gas pump as well. Thank you
  3. Hi everyone, I just realised i cannot transfert gasoline to bottles from the gas can to craft molotov. Not a bug, just a missing feature probably :/
  4. Indeed, Maggots do not spawn in winter , my bad ! thanks guys !!
  5. Yeah i play in winter indeed :/ i didn't know they do not spawn in winter tho !
  6. I will reinstall the game then and try again; i also found this in the fishing_properties.Lua : local lureItems = { "Maggots", --"Maggots2", Might be the issue ?
  7. Yes, well i reported the bug with two differents types of maggots that created an issue with the fishing bait, then since the dev supposed to fix it, there is no maggots spawning anymore (old save and new game) :/ In fact, i don't see any maggots anymore in the game.
  8. I played 4k hours and i would definatly say it does.
  9. Hi everyone, Is it me or maggots do not spawn anymore ?
  10. You're right, adding "Maggots2" fix the issue indeed, devs probably forgot to add it; Thank you pretty much for your time and patience !!
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