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  1. Sending good vibes to Turbs !
  2. Hope for electric heaters in the future
  3. Guys, you should add the generator producing heat to the houses they are connected to, and working AC as well haha Love the new music system <3 <3
  4. "Generator's don't emit heat" Thanks to confirm, i thought i forgot to do something !
  5. Hi everyone, When watching the trailer, it seems that the generator keeps player warm indoor during winter, but i was remember this today and tried to connect the generator to a house, but surprisingly it seems to not heating up the indoors, isn't this feature implemented yet ? or am i missing something ?
  6. Hello everyone, When chopping trees with a stone axe, there is no sound (or very low and not hearable) .
  7. When i use the panel to disassemble an object, i can also chose to disassemble an "object" behind (disassemblable Object). This disassemble the wall behind. It occurs on every wooden walls.
  8. Might be because they said they will update the foraging biomes later on ?
  9. They already working alot on the game and fixing glitches, give them some time guys!
  10. Song at 0:46 ? love this one !
  11. I think they planned to add more foraging zones later on
  12. About my new game, i found once 20 cigs on Z corpses and 3 lighters :
  13. Make an other post for this bug please.
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