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  1. Might be because they said they will update the foraging biomes later on ?
  2. They already working alot on the game and fixing glitches, give them some time guys!
  3. Song at 0:46 ? love this one !
  4. I think they planned to add more foraging zones later on
  5. About my new game, i found once 20 cigs on Z corpses and 3 lighters :
  6. Make an other post for this bug please.
  7. My biggest issue right now is as i play on 6 month after apocalypse, the hope to find cigs is out of dense Z population areas, maybe more chances to find cigs on zombies corpses? I don't want to unbalance the trait neither, it's up to you guys Farming tobacco in the future would also be a great idea on long term survival ! tobacco + journal = 10 cigs
  8. I was talking about SP, 6 month after apocalypse, rare loot; Seems like the distribution is a bit better since the last update, so you guys are on the good way ;
  9. I think they are still working on procedural loot distribution; I'm sure it will be fixed in the future.
  10. That's the definition of Sadness ! Still can find some matches/lighters in zombies corpses sometimes, but as i play on "6 month after apocalypse", cigs are really a rare thing, just found 20 cigs in a zombie corpse on my new game; none were in bar/gas station around my starting point
  11. And to make a statistic, here we go : "In 1990, an estimated 89.9 million (50.1%) U.S. adults were ever smokers, and 45.8 million (25.5%) were current smokers. Approximately 44.1 million (49.1% of all ever smokers) were former smokers in 1990."
  12. Yeah, lighters/matches are also more rare indeed, but i think the devs are still balancing the items in the new procedural items distribution. Hoping for the best in the next update !
  13. No offence but i didn't see any post of people were complaining on the past versions about it, maybe it meant that was balanced before?
  14. I think they updated the distribution in the 41.61, i'm about to restart a new game to see if more cigs spawn in thoses places ; hope to find them a bit more tho !
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