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  1. Some zombies cant climb windows
  2. Broken leg glitch (i don't see it fixed Character walk/jog faster behing very overloaded
  3. Broken leg issue Character walk/jog faster being overloaded
  4. Playing with no zombies ????
  5. But zombies can not feel cold
  6. Same, my character is pretty much hungry with the Hearty Appetite trait
  7. Maybe some electric heaters will be released in this build 41 ?
  8. Is it possible to put a melee attack priority to standing zombies ? and not the ones on the ground ...
  9. YourRussianZombieFriend Your pict made my day !
  10. It doesnt if you have multiple same weapons and if one is not attached to the belt
  11. Is it also possible to have an indicator in the inventory to know which weapon is attached to?
  12. Farming doesnt stop in winter i think but crops should take longer to grow
  13. In sandbox you can turn the loot in very rare, as well configure farming and such
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