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  1. The title got a music to my mind Sorry to get offtopic
  2. Thumbs up for this, Also, how about removing the bad stats of stale bread after toasting?
  3. Congrats, you're amazing blindcoder, Even the sweet water spots of Mauldragh Now I'm a happy person
  4. Sorry Supreme Leader, but I think loosing the trait will be too much of free points, I would suggest that player will get sadness for eating meat or meat products, but in a value compared to the hunger value consumed. Balanced in a way you could eat meat for living, but you'll be always sad, also new fonts of protein will be needed to work with the nutrition system, if you really wanna go vegetarian. As vegetables are common during summer this trait will thrive, but in winter, it'll give jarring a new breath of live.
  5. How about the adition of EpiPen (epinephrine) for anaphylaxis? Maybe add some kind of allergic as a trait? (for seafoos, bees, bugs, peanut and/or others?) Asthmatic inhalers for the asthmatic trait Some muscles relaxants for the sore back (maybe if added to the game?) Add stethoscope to doctor so it can diagnose tuberculosis from normal cold. And how about some common diseases as traits? (diabetes, hypertension, hypoglycemia) in this case you just need to manage your food and routine, and maybe need some medecine in cases when you don't follow the restrictions.
  6. I think we should have two kins of theese, one that runs with batteries and one that runs with petrol, make one in some color and the other in a different color.
  7. Do we still need the whole bottle of coffe or it is drainable with more tha one use now? Also, thanks a lot for the update RJ, I was waiting for the anims to drop in the IWBUMS, but things are getting so intense here, that I'll have to antecipate my ride in the IWBUMS
  8. JonJon

    Hello ladies

    Can't wait to see those ladies in the new animations
  9. I have some sugestions for cooking, I know this will not make great difference in the gameplay, but i like to think it will give a good flavor to the game. How about put the recipes of bread, cake and pie in just one Good cooking magazine (maybe call it bakery apretince magazine) and add a recipe for pancakes? (also how about some mapple syrup, honey and jam for the pancakes?) And add a Italian cuisine magazine (maybe call it Mama's Old Recipes) that contains recipes for pizza, tomato sauce (that can be jarred maybe?), fresh pasta (not the convencional pasta in game, but one tha spoils really faster if not cooked soon) and fresh lasagna noodles (like the fresh pasta) And add lasagna noodles in the way pasta is in game, so if you find the normal lasagna noodles in game you can make lasagna without reading the magazine? Also, this is kind of minor, but I like to think that you don't wanna toss a whole tomato or cabbage in a dish, you'll like add a chopped/diced/sliced tomato or cabbage into a dish, then maybe, if you don't want to put the whole item in the dish, you need to chop (in game, let's use just chop maybe) it first, than you can add just part of it, but it has a downwards, after chopped, an item will spoil really faster, as it will do IRL, how about make this for meats and vegetables that are not small like peas. Have some other ideas to put down the line, just need to organize them first.
  10. I think the devs named it unusable wood to clarify for new users that it can't be used in craft, and they are trying to add it as fuel.
  11. Have to agree, dismantling and breaking are kind inverted in my opinion now. The logical will be when breaking a door you get nothing but scraps. While dismantling, with low carpentry, you get the same as breaking (since you know nothing Jon Snow) But as carpentry goes up (or metalworking) you start geting more usable items, maybe even being able to retrieve the entire door as an item with enough skill?
  12. Also how about make blankets needeed for sleeping in the winter? If winter and sleeping without blanket, you get really cold in a few hours? Making impossible to sleep more than 4 hours without blanket or fire nearby during winter?
  13. And I really love the highway, yes, zombies are kind constant there, but it helps a lot in locomotion IMO, for example, I'm in the city and want to run to the base, just go left and take the highway, use some woods to loose the horde and you're fine, also choppers are a pain in the ass, but I try to get group of 4-5 zeds and take them down with an axe, if tired, go rest, then repeat, that's how i het to 1k zeds killed. That's a good place, in MP we made a secondary base there, but I don't like it for primary, cause you can't acess a rooftop to start your farming untill you reach carpentry 7, but that's a better place if you want to get some gas.
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