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9 hours ago, Batsphinx said:

What traits did you take in? I want to eliminate it being a trait bug - as people have mentioned Eagle Eye and tired character awareness etc.

When I visited the mall my character was quite well rested (I slept on a chair at the Abandoned airstrip and then walked most of the way to the Crossroads Mall).

This happened on the second and third visit in the Mall. On the first one zombies were already in the stores. One more thing is that zombies cleared outside the Mall did not respawn and on the second and third run there I just found some groups that migrated to its proximity (if I'm correct about the 72 hour survival respawn this was correct).

I will try to reach the Mall once again, however I will need to probably start a new game to do this. It wrill be very hard in curent one. Zombies are to near to my safehouse and btw. love the migration settings. I thought I was safe holed up in the house by the lake, but I'm not.


As for my perks:


- High Thirst

- Slow Healer

- Thin-Skinned

- Smoker

- Hemophobic

- Weak Stomach

- Slow Reader


- Wakeful

- Brave

- Lucky

- Eagle Eyed

- Fast Learner

- Organised

- Athletic

- Strong


My bad. I just checked Survival mode settings and it is 16 hours if area unseen and 72 hours cell respawn - don't know what exactly these options affect.

Did some further digging and found devs explaining what a chunk is, then following the path found out what a cell is. Respawning system became clear.

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On 16/7/2017 at 5:29 AM, RobertJohnson said:

About new view and bugs: it's IWBUMS guys, it will contains weird bug and such, it can't be always perfect on the first try :D if we add a button to toggle it, people will just turn it off whie it's bugged and we'll never have report on it...


@junglistjim: You can't wash your shoes as they don't really become dirty, i could add it, but i found shoes were ok to not be dirty, thanks for the wash all bug, will take a look :)

@Ronarch: In SP? Can you provide a screenshot so i can see the area? Also, it always bug, like even, if you reboot the game?


Hi, i had the problem in the COOP (Vehicles branch), i don't know if is still there, i haven't played the game becouse of it (the flies)


EDIT: and i reported some really big bugs of the coop, that's also the reason why i haven't been playing

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