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  1. OffitMan

    Post Papers on Cork Board

    Just the vanilla maps. If you have a pen, pencil & red and blue pens, you can convey quite a lot of information.
  2. OffitMan

    Post Papers on Cork Board

    I've thought about the use of cork boards for a while. They could really turn into the hub of your survivor community. Not only could you add notes/messages as you mention above but you could pin a map of town on the board, so people could mark off what buildings had been looted and what area the community were targeting next. Potentially, you could trace the map so you could take a copy out with you. You could pin a calendar on there and mark off dates for certain events, like when crops needs to be watered etc. Add lists of what supplies the base desperately needs. Cork boards could be really valuable, something where people could just log into a server, look at the board and immediately know what the community plan of attack was, without the need for anyone to be there to explain it.
  3. OffitMan

    IWBUMS Beta: Version 40.35 Patch

    What furniture in particular? Purely because my current save, I've built a barricade at the top of the stairs so was wondering how this might affect it.
  4. OffitMan

    Crepe Expectations

    What you're looking at in the video is meant to represent what regular river water would look like, rather than floodwater. As the post says, the system currently doesn't recognise the map water boundaries so water is just spilling out all over the place, but it inadvertently gives us a rough idea of what floodwater could potentially look like in the future. Great Thursdoid guys! This all looks really awesome! With all this recent water work, if you were toying with the idea of having boats, all that I ask is that you please add a fancy dress/costume shop somewhere on the map so I can sail the seas as a pirate.
  5. OffitMan

    Compass Item

    I get what you're saying but most of the fun in this game occurs when things don't go to plan. Plus, if you're just dishing out coordinates to people, they'll never learn the map for themselves because people will just blindly follow instructions given, rather than trying to take note of whats around them. There are plenty of things you can do/use to make navigation easier. In the past, my group have used clothes or corpses on the ground at a junction to indicate a turn you need to make (for example: bright coloured clothes mean left turn, dark clothes mean right turn). There's also the online map and in-game maps (though I've always thought it'd be cool to be able to trace in-game maps onto blank paper with a pen/pencil, especially in MP when its difficult to find multiple versions of the same map). Try to find a creative solution, rather than everything being spoon-fed.
  6. OffitMan

    Compass Item

    You can't adjust the camera so your view never changes and neither does the direction of North, South etc. W + D at the same time, you're facing North. A+S is South. Your character can only face 8 directions so would anymore than an 8 point compass be necessary?
  7. This is the screenshot of Enable Zoom mentioned above:
  8. When at certain zoom lengths, weird lines appear on the screen. I've posted my specs and some screenshots below. MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) MacOS Mojave Version 10.14 (18A391) Processor 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB Playing IWBUS Version 40.26 I only updated to Mojave this morning and the issue was happening beforehand as well. The lines don't occur when fog isn't there. I accept I have an old Macbook and it may be down to device limitations or some settings I can change. As you can see in the bottom left, my FPS starts to dive when I zoom out (this happens regardless of fog) but I can usually get a steady 30-40 when I'm zoomed closer than the examples above. I also noticed that if I turn off "Enable Zoom", the game changes not just in performance but also in looks. With Enable Zoom disabled, I can hit 55-59 FPS not problem but the colours change as well. Everything gets brighter and more detailed. I've posted a screenshot of this below. Please forgive me if this is all down to my outdated hardware. I need to upgrade (get a Windows device for a start) but am not in a position to do so currently. All advice welcome.
  9. OffitMan

    Fracture Clinic - Broken Thigh

    It took 4 months for my leg to heal when I broke it IRL so a trade off of 2 weeks in game in pretty lenient, maybe even a bit too short in my opinion. I usually take the slow healer perk to make it more realistic. In that time, I couldn't walk at all so the fact the game let's you hobble around a bit is again lenient. A broken leg in the zombie apocalypse would almost certainly mean death, unless you happened to break it within the walls of your fortified, well stocked base, or someone else was there to look after you.
  10. OffitMan

    Favorite Foods to Cook

    Depends how long I've survived for. If it's early on and all the perishables are still fresh, I'm partial to a fruit salad. If it's later on, Beef Jerky for the win!
  11. OffitMan


    This is an interesting idea. I agree with @Burger_Time that you should still be able to make things regardless of what surface you're using, but being able to speed up the process or get a slight XP boost by crafting in the appropriate area could work nicely. Depends how much effort it'd be to code and whether the payout would be worth it. Perhaps certain furniture you couldn't build a better quality version of unless you have access to a workbench. (I'm not a carpenter so someone in that line of work could suggest examples where this might be the case).
  12. OffitMan

    Legible Street Names for Advanced Naviation

    To be fair, though it'd be really cool if they were, the street signs themselves don't need to be legible. A small-ish box with the street name could appear when you hover your mouse over the sign.
  13. OffitMan

    Change to the pacifist trait?

    Pacifist should work the same way as being panicked. If I understand correctly, the longer your character survives and is exposed to danger, they will become less prone to being startled. The more your character reluctantly uses weapons, the less reluctant they become over time.
  14. OffitMan

    Zombies in the woods?

    I'd hate to have some arbitrary horde appear through no fault of my own. If that happened once every week, I'd stop playing to be honest. I don't understand people's logic. I thought the whole reason you build a base in the woods is to get away from zombies. Something could be done to make zombies more attracted to bases in general, but only if the player is doing actions that would cause it. Sawing wood, building, vehicles etc.