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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    This is happening to me too. Screen goes black apart from the HUD (screenshot provided) MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Processor: 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB The first time was after crashing into a mail box. (console1.txt) Second time, I don't think I hit anything. (console2.txt) Third time, I brushed a couple of zombies. (console3.txt) Same as @trombonaught, after its gone black, I can get out of the car but can't get back in and can hear the sound of the engine, me running around, the zombies etc. When I was driving, it felt great. Was a little choppy at times, like the game would stutter every now and again but was certainly better than the last build I was able to test (Build 15 I believe). No doubt this'll improve further once the guys have finished their respective optimisation work. I had a higher FPS more consistently. Stays at 30 FPS whilst driving fully zoomed out, whereas before it was around 14-19. All the games above were sandbox but the only setting I changed was enabling "Easy Use" in the vehicles tab. Other none vehicle related bugs. Noticed some items not being on the right level, i.e trash in the road appear above the car and zombies "disappearing" through walls when pushed. They weren't actually going through the wall but the wall would appear above the zombie. Also, couldn't interact with curtains already spawned on windows, either by right clicking or shift +left click. It was almost like the game didn't recognise they were there and only after adding an additional sheet could I close curtains. (screenshot provided). Keep up the good work guys. I loved the "reverse" sound when I was driving in a van. I'm "working" from home on Friday so will try a load of different vehicles/locations out and report my findings. console1.txt console2.txt console3.txt
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    YES! Thank you RJ! I could kiss you! I've just testing it quickly and everything loaded up fine. Will do a more comprehensive test once work is finished.
  3. Washing Machines/Clothes Dryers, Detergent

    I'd be up for having washing machines. It's not something I'd be concerned about initially, maybe at all in SP. If I was playing MP though or once NPCs are back in and I had a solid base down, I can see myself trying to get a washing machine working for the group. I always thought it'd be cool just to have a washing line you could hang outside. Maybe even find clothes horses you could put inside when the weather is wet. Purely for role-playing purposes. I'd like to recreate as much of pre-apocalypse life as possible within the walls of my base.
  4. Vehicle builds don't work on Mac

    Just tried to play a brand new sandbox game of the latest vehicle build. Waited for the game to load for 20 minutes but had to force quit in the end. Console.txt uploaded below. console.txt
  5. VHS - Video tape recorders and video films

    There was mention of VHS tapes in a Mondoid back in July, under Turbo Devices. Hope this is still planned as it'd be an excellent way to relieve boredom and potentially learn new recipes etc.
  6. How tall should skyscrapers be?

    If the tallest building in Louisville has 40 floors then no building on the map should have more than that. As far as the engine is concerned, as many floors as it can handle. Climbing a never ending tower with increasing amount of zombies on each floor could be quite a fun challenge mode.
  7. Pitch Battle

    I wasn't implying anything so please don't put words in my mouth. I never said PZ was the freshest thing since the Prince of Bel-Air, though I do find its a refreshing change compared the absolute dross most developers put out. You are correct in saying that besides its isometric style, pretty much every other element of PZ has been done before. However, what separates it from the other dross is the fact TIS solely focus on these elements (survival, zombies, the dread) and does them well, rather than relying on gimmicks essentially. Sticking to Romero style zombies, instead of ridiculous "special infected" like practically every other recent zombie game on the planet. Not having the zombies magically become super strong/alert at night (though I know there's a mod for that). Not having some ludicrous antidote or vaccine. Apart from PZ and Zombie Night Terror, every other zombie game I've played starts of well but contradicts zombie lore 101 by encouraging you to confront the horde and just ends with me feeling like an invincible Rambo with no real consequences for my actions. Confrontation should always be the last resort. It boils down to this: What would you like PZ to be remembered for? The game that just ripped off The Walking Dead? Or a game that truly made you feel like you were in a zombie apocalypse? On a side note, saying there is no originality left in a genre is quite naive and just a poor excuse for plagiarism as far as I'm concerned. Obviously there are themes and concepts that are universally borrowed (destroy the brain etc) but there are always those who push boundaries and bring new ideas to the table. I just wish people would stop trying to copy every stupid gimmick from The Walking Dead, as if its the standard of the zombie genre that everyone else should aspire to.
  8. Vehicle builds don't work on Mac

    Unable to play any vehicles build on Mac since approx build 20, maybe even earlier. In the most recent build 24.4, the game doesn't load at all. It gets stuck at "This is how you died" and then you have to force quit. In the previous build 21. the game loads in but its really buggy. Can't drink or refill bottles from sinks or baths. Toilets seem to be OK. Door locks are messed up. Can't lock or unlocks some doors from the inside, including the building you spawn in. Can't open or lock/unlock some doors from outside when right clicking. Can't right-click interact with some windows, whether you're inside or outside i.e can't open/add sheet/close curtains/smash window. All this before we get to cars. Most of the time if you go anywhere near a car, the game crashes immediately. On the very rare occasion that it doesn't, you can clip/walk through one side of the car. You can see cars from within buildings when you shouldn't be able to. You can only enter a car from one door, usually a rear door. The cars don't drive. You can see the gear indicator going from N to 1/R and the revs going up but you don't move. After exiting the car, it sometimes flips on to its back/side. The some cars spawn weird places and look like the below. I appreciate you guys are very busy and the Vehicles build is WIP, but other Mac users and I haven't been able to test out and enjoy vehicles for some time.
  9. Pitch Battle

    Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with people liking The Walking Dead. I have the graphic novels and watch the series (not as much recently, certainly the first 4 seasons). I just don't understand why people want to turn PZ in to The Walking Dead game, where you reenact the series. It's been done. Think of something new and original people, rather than just copying the show.
  10. Pitch Battle

    Oh god no! Please no. Why are people so fixated on replicating everything on that show?
  11. Pitch Battle

    Ignore this comment, quoted the wrong person.
  12. The Flies Sound.

    I don't want to be that guy but look how many zombies are around your base! There would be so many flies! This is why I try not to kill any zombies near my base, or if I do, it's only one or two. Otherwise I lead them away. Part of me thinks the sound effect needs to be changed because it is annoying. But on the other hand, IRL the sound of flies is annoying so maybe they've nailed it. Perhaps instead, as well as the intermittent sound effect mentioned above, some sort of smell moodle would be appropriate. "A bit of a wiff" "It smells" "It stinks" "It reeks" "Fuck me, that smell killed the dinosaurs" Something that is constantly on screen so the player is aware, combined with intermittent sound. Not just BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ like it is now.
  13. New york city map

    From videos put out a while back, Creative Mode had both those tools. This Spiffos Tower video shows how easy it'd be to build a bigger building if the floor limit was increased. This one shows building generation. It's a bummer because I remember seeing those blogs posts at the time and from the tone, thinking creative mode was quite imminent. I'd just started making a map with the regular tools and stopped because I thought why waste energy when I might not be able to transfer the work over to the new creative mode. Plus it looks so much faster and easier. It's only after the last few months, I've decided to finish what I started. I'm not angry at TIS in anyway. I understand other features have been more important or problematic than initially thought so Creative was put on the back burner. I'm more angry at myself for not persevering more back in 2015. If I had, I'd be running around surviving in my hometown already. It'd be a shame if Creative Mode was never finished. It looks so promising and fun to use and I for one would definitely get involved in some massive community project.
  14. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    I'm on a Macbook Pro too and haven't been able to load the last few vehicle builds at all. With this latest build, it just freezes at "This is how you died" screen and I have to force quit. With the previous builds, I'd load into a game, take a few steps and the game crashes. I've tried deleting everything and reinstalling but to no avail.
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    This guy gets it! Plus, most of those suggestions did sound pretty cool. The odometer would be awesome, just to see how far you'd traversed in your car. The battery going flat after leaving your lights on all night. Anything to do with the car getting dirty and rain washing it, I'm down with all that. My suggestion, it'd be awesome if your car wouldn't start, a group in multiplayer (or once NPCs are back) could push start it. Could lead to some tense situations. For me, its the little details that make the difference between a good game and a great game. When a game tells little stories through its mechanics and systems interacting with one another, rather than strictly relying on a narrative or a plot, I always appreciate it more. Or just let TIS make the game they want?