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  1. OffitMan

    Drink to the Memory

    You should know better than to ask that. I have to agree. I've never seen anyone take pills like this in real life. Maybe in films. Cannot wait for this build!
  2. OffitMan

    PZ Lacking Sprites

    I agree as well. As @Neutz said above, perhaps once the Louisville map extension is complete, this is something that could be looked into. The current sprites aren't going to ruin anyone's experience by any means, but adding more variation can only be a good thing.
  3. OffitMan

    Cooking frozen food takes too long

    Sounds like your issue is with how long it takes to thaw, rather than cook.
  4. OffitMan

    Cooking frozen food takes too long

    I uSe CaPiTaLs FoR eMpHaSiS. gEt OvEr It. I just have visions of this guy scratching his head in front of the oven, wondering why nothing is happening.
  5. OffitMan

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    A game set in the 90s would be incomplete without bucket hats, baggy jeans, flannel shirts and dungarees (though I'm fairly certain I spotted the latter in a recent video).
  6. OffitMan

    Improving Favorited Items

    Favourited items shouldn't be dismantled either. For example, I had a digital watch as a favourite, but had 3 others in my inventory so I could dismantle them for parts. I hit dismantle all and it did all 4 so I was left with no watch. Not a game-killer or anything, just a mild inconvenience. It has been a while since I've played so if this has been changed in the meantime, I apologise. If not, I suspect this could be looked at once we have a clothing menu and we can actually wear watches.
  7. OffitMan


    Congrats to Batsphinx and family! Nick should be immortalised in PZ somewhere.
  8. OffitMan

    Project Zomboid's biggest problem

    Could say the same about real life. Whats the point in any of this since we're all going to die at the end? Using that logic, I might as well dig a hole, jump in, cover myself in dirt and wait for death's loving embrace. No, life is what you make it. In any zombie scenario book, film, TV show etc, what else do survivors do apart from gather supplies, fight enemies, establish a base and bitch amongst themselves? We can already do the first 3 in PZ and I suspect the latter will be possible to some degree once NPCs are in. Some scenarios have the search for a cure but TIS have decided not to include that in their world. Perhaps they could add a quest to search for a cure that eventually turns out to be bogus. Some scenarios include an attempt to escape and perhaps if a story mode is introduced, that could be the end game, but for me, after you've escaped once, why bother replaying the game? The whole idea of open world games is exploration and that the player dictates the experience. There are 2 types of story in video games, the designer's story i.e the plot, narrative, lore, that can't be changed by the player. Then there's the player's story, created through their actions, unique to each player and each play-through. This is what gaming is all about and is something PZ excels in. One player telling another about how their character went out like a badass or perhaps unfortunately, like a bitch. You ARE just another schmuck trying to outlive the apocalypse and ultimately, its the player's choices that lead to their demise. For example. I don't want some arbitrary horde rolling into town and screwing me over, like others have suggested in the past. When I die, I want it to be my fault and mine alone. I'm not against hordes, I just don't want them to be a consequence of RNG. They should form as naturally as possible, due to the actions taking place in the game world (either my own or NPCs once they are in). I find your example of Rick Grimes building a legacy a bit daft as well. What has he actually done apart from repeatedly attempt to build a self-sufficient base for him and other survivors to live in? The same thing you're complaining about above. You also mention adding secret scavengeable bunkers as a solution for something to do after the initial scavenge-and-fortify phase. That's not solving anything though, that's just prolonging the scavenging phase and adding extra nooks and crannys to find. Whether its a bunker or a Butlins, what you're describing is a map extension which we all know is on its way. I wholeheartedly agree more needs to be added to stave off boredom but don't think what you've suggested is the answer, apart from Easter eggs and challenges that reward XP/prizes, but those things I presume are added into games once the core/main feature development is over and will more than likely be included in due course. What the game needs is more lore. Things to read, people to speak to (I know they are coming), scripted events to stumble upon, things to keep you interested in the world and wanting to explore everywhere and leave no stone unturned. I have faith all this will come after NPCs are in and TIS can focus on other areas. (Creative mode FTW )
  9. OffitMan

    Silent Hill Map

    The map looks awesome! Look forward to playing it once it's released. I'm not sure if it should be one of the challenges though. Personally, I think the game should stand on its own feet and its own ideas, rather than borrowing from other games. Certainly should be a mod though, without a doubt! Keep up the good work.
  10. OffitMan

    Project Zomboid is In Need Of A Change Of Design

    Some of you are more than likely already aware Mark Brown has a recent video discussing skill trees. I watched it today and thought it was relevant to this topic. Forgive me if I'm mistaken but I feel some of his views mirror the points you're raising @nasKo. On one hand, I can see why TIS have forced us to choose which skills to assign points to, in order to create replayability where each playthrough can be different dependent on what skills you level up first. But it doesn't make sense. It should be that skills level up automatically once you have enough experience in that field, and if you want your game experience to be different than the last then you should be forced to adjust your style, rather than just arbitrarily clicking another box in the skill tree. Maybe the main skills in the game could only be levelled up through discipline XP and skill points can be used to gain extra perks? The perks could also be lost again, kind of like how you can go from fit to overweight and the game could even assign negative perks based on your actions (smoke too many cigarettes, become dependent). I dunno, I'm just spitballing but theres definitely some improvements and new avenues that could be explored. The current system is by no means the worst I've experienced. TIS already do a good job by not allowing us to unlock everything in a single playthrough and make us gain XP in a particular skill before we can level it up. It's just the process of assigning of points that could use a bit of TLC IMO.
  11. OffitMan

    Post Papers on Cork Board

    Just the vanilla maps. If you have a pen, pencil & red and blue pens, you can convey quite a lot of information.
  12. OffitMan

    Post Papers on Cork Board

    I've thought about the use of cork boards for a while. They could really turn into the hub of your survivor community. Not only could you add notes/messages as you mention above but you could pin a map of town on the board, so people could mark off what buildings had been looted and what area the community were targeting next. Potentially, you could trace the map so you could take a copy out with you. You could pin a calendar on there and mark off dates for certain events, like when crops needs to be watered etc. Add lists of what supplies the base desperately needs. Cork boards could be really valuable, something where people could just log into a server, look at the board and immediately know what the community plan of attack was, without the need for anyone to be there to explain it.
  13. OffitMan

    IWBUMS Beta: Version 40.35 Patch

    What furniture in particular? Purely because my current save, I've built a barricade at the top of the stairs so was wondering how this might affect it.
  14. OffitMan

    Crepe Expectations

    What you're looking at in the video is meant to represent what regular river water would look like, rather than floodwater. As the post says, the system currently doesn't recognise the map water boundaries so water is just spilling out all over the place, but it inadvertently gives us a rough idea of what floodwater could potentially look like in the future. Great Thursdoid guys! This all looks really awesome! With all this recent water work, if you were toying with the idea of having boats, all that I ask is that you please add a fancy dress/costume shop somewhere on the map so I can sail the seas as a pirate.
  15. OffitMan

    Compass Item

    I get what you're saying but most of the fun in this game occurs when things don't go to plan. Plus, if you're just dishing out coordinates to people, they'll never learn the map for themselves because people will just blindly follow instructions given, rather than trying to take note of whats around them. There are plenty of things you can do/use to make navigation easier. In the past, my group have used clothes or corpses on the ground at a junction to indicate a turn you need to make (for example: bright coloured clothes mean left turn, dark clothes mean right turn). There's also the online map and in-game maps (though I've always thought it'd be cool to be able to trace in-game maps onto blank paper with a pen/pencil, especially in MP when its difficult to find multiple versions of the same map). Try to find a creative solution, rather than everything being spoon-fed.