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  1. burn zombies should make more noise

    I agree zombies should react to stimuli but nothing like the example you gave, where the zombie is clearly showing self-awareness (oh, I'm on fire) and starts screaming in pain. It's just lame and sounds cheesy. The only stimuli zombies need to react to is whether a human is in the vicinity. I would enjoy it if TIS added more zombie sounds, purely for a bit a variety, but not if those sounds hint at any emotion or self awareness. Why would the zombie scream or flail if it cant feel pain? It just doesn't make sense.
  2. burn zombies should make more noise

    I don't agree with this to be honest. Zombies are dead and don't feel pain. That's how they walk around undeterred even with limbs removed. The noises they make aren't "pain noises". The thing that make zombies scary is that until their brain is destroyed, they unrelentingly continue and don't succumb to what would normally be horrific injuries, such as being on fire. PZ tries to focus on realism (well, as real as you can get in a game about zombies) and adding flailing zombies or making them scream when they're on fire would just be fatuous.
  3. And the world holds its breath. If you want to write a review then just write a review man. You don't need to announce it everyone, one way or the other.
  4. You made some good points in your post. They were said pretty arrogantly but good points nonetheless. However, as soon as you write a sentence like this, you lose all respect immediately. As if writing this sentence will suddenly made the developers stop what they're doing, start grovelling and begin implementing the features you specifically want, in some desperate attempt to prevent a negative Steam review. To me, all that sentence says is that you're petulant and you (and others like you) shouldn't buy early access games. You should stick to buying finished products. Personally, I've really enjoyed watching PZ grow since purchasing in 2013 and count myself lucky to be semi-included in the development process. Sure, certain features I'm looking forward to have taken longer than I anticipated but so what? It's a video game. When I started gaming, public betas and demos were barely a thing. You'd read 2 paragraphs about an upcoming game in a magazine and maybe if you're lucky, you'd get a free demo disc or something closer to release date. Once PZ is finished, that's it. It'll either be a great game or it won't, regardless of the time taken to make it. After reading a great book, does the amount of time it took the author to write it affect your overall review of the book? After eating a sandwich, does the amount of time it took you to make it affect your opinion of it? Why should video games be any different?
  5. About action's animations

    searches for "Animations" - Results: Page 1 of 38. Jokes aside...
  6. Not trying be an arsehole. Just wanted to open a discussion on how the idea would work. Perhaps I misinterpreted OP and they'd rebut the points I made. However, if an idea can't survive the 1st round of scrutiny then 9/10 times, its not a very good idea.
  7. Sorry to be that guy but seems like you're contradicting yourself a couple of time here. That sounds really immersion breaking to be honest. Would instantly remind me I'm playing a game if a character just disappears and is replaced with a symbol like an exclamation point or something. Doesn't fit into realism. Again, not very realistic. Plus, I don't understand how the "days survived is paused" thing would really work. Say I have 2 characters. On day 1, I take my 1st character to a house and then swap to 2nd character. With 2nd character, I survive for months and months, erosion has gone mad on the map. What happens when I swap back to character 1? Does the world reset to day 1, including erosion effects and loot in buildings for example? Also, I take character 2 to the same house character 1 was in and kill a load of zombies inside. When I change back to character 1, would all the zombies just appear on the floor? If inactive characters are like statues then how are they taking care of your crops when you're out looting? Unless you're talking about just swapping back and forth between the 2, in which case, someone else isn't taking care of crops. It's still you. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against the idea of more than one playable character. It was one of the things State of Decay did it quite well. (Its a shame they spoiled it with daft special zombies. Sorry for digressing.). I just don't think it'll work the way you've described above. I think the only way it'd work effectively is once NPCs are in, you can just take control of one and your 1st character effectively becomes an NPC until you decide to swap back.
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Mac user. Getting black screens again after the most recent update. Before that, my FPS had improved and the stuttering reduced, only occurring consistently when lots of zombies were on screen or travelling quickly in a car.
  9. Community Vehicle Suggestions

    1984 Ford Econoline Van. According to Wikipedia, "Prior to its discontinuation, the Ford E-Series cargo/passenger van was the best-selling full-size van in the United States since 1980". There must have been a few of these knocking around Muldraugh in 93, maybe in one of the pickup varieties. The reason I want a 1984 version has nothing to do with the below, (even though the film came out in 94):
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    I'm at work currently but will check it out tonight and post my findings.
  11. Something in the Air

    Excellent work as always guys. The snow & fog looks great, can't wait to check it out in game when it's ready. Especially looking forward to creeping around in the fog once the stealth animations are in.
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    This is happening to me too. Screen goes black apart from the HUD (screenshot provided) MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Processor: 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB The first time was after crashing into a mail box. (console1.txt) Second time, I don't think I hit anything. (console2.txt) Third time, I brushed a couple of zombies. (console3.txt) Same as @trombonaught, after its gone black, I can get out of the car but can't get back in and can hear the sound of the engine, me running around, the zombies etc. When I was driving, it felt great. Was a little choppy at times, like the game would stutter every now and again but was certainly better than the last build I was able to test (Build 15 I believe). No doubt this'll improve further once the guys have finished their respective optimisation work. I had a higher FPS more consistently. Stays at 30 FPS whilst driving fully zoomed out, whereas before it was around 14-19. All the games above were sandbox but the only setting I changed was enabling "Easy Use" in the vehicles tab. Other none vehicle related bugs. Noticed some items not being on the right level, i.e trash in the road appear above the car and zombies "disappearing" through walls when pushed. They weren't actually going through the wall but the wall would appear above the zombie. Also, couldn't interact with curtains already spawned on windows, either by right clicking or shift +left click. It was almost like the game didn't recognise they were there and only after adding an additional sheet could I close curtains. (screenshot provided). Keep up the good work guys. I loved the "reverse" sound when I was driving in a van. I'm "working" from home on Friday so will try a load of different vehicles/locations out and report my findings. console1.txt console2.txt console3.txt
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    YES! Thank you RJ! I could kiss you! I've just testing it quickly and everything loaded up fine. Will do a more comprehensive test once work is finished.
  14. Washing Machines/Clothes Dryers, Detergent

    I'd be up for having washing machines. It's not something I'd be concerned about initially, maybe at all in SP. If I was playing MP though or once NPCs are back in and I had a solid base down, I can see myself trying to get a washing machine working for the group. I always thought it'd be cool just to have a washing line you could hang outside. Maybe even find clothes horses you could put inside when the weather is wet. Purely for role-playing purposes. I'd like to recreate as much of pre-apocalypse life as possible within the walls of my base.
  15. Vehicle builds don't work on Mac

    Just tried to play a brand new sandbox game of the latest vehicle build. Waited for the game to load for 20 minutes but had to force quit in the end. Console.txt uploaded below. console.txt