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  1. I know this isn't the topic being discussed but it felt better writing here than starting a new thread; is Creative mode a feature you guys still intend to look at? Don't need a definitive answer or a timescale. Just a yes or no will suffice. If so, obviously it'll be way down the line once more pressing matters have been attended to. Not gonna lie, it looked dope at the time though. Being able to work on a map whilst in the game would help so much with scale and distance between areas, something I've struggled with when making my own map. That and if you were able to work together and build in multiplayer (I'm pretty sure that was mentioned at the time, might have pulled that out of thin air) was something I was also buzzing over. However, I fully appriciate its been a long time since Creative mode was on the table.
  2. What movies have you seen where someone survives a zombie bite by treating it? I can't remember having seen any. I appreciate people have their own opinions but I find it so annoying that some keep banging on about the fact you can't treat zombification. The only 2 examples I can think of off the top of my head where you can is in the video games Dying Light and Dead Rising and even in those, it's only delaying zombification. Let's be honest though, whilst they are 2 great games and I enjoyed playing them, they're cheddar cheese. It's the same with using amputation as a method to prevent it. People take inspiration from watching/reading The Walking Dead but again, it's cheesy and the amputation is not realistic at all. Do people not realise how fast blood travels around the human body? We all learn this in Science class but if you've forgotten, it takes less than a minute for blood to go from the heart, around the body and back again. Anyone who has been anaesthetised knows it takes seconds for an injection in your hand to reach the brain. Why would it be any different for a zombie bite? Unless you're stood with a really sharp tool over the person as they're being bitten and immediately chop their arm/leg off in one clean swipe, it doesn't make sense. People get upset that hours of work and effort is wiped out in an instant but for me, this is what makes PZ so great. Just learn from your mistakes and try again.
  3. I had the same issue as I foolishly upgraded to Catalina without considering that Apple have removed 32bit app support. To get around this, I created a partition on my Macbook and installed Mojave. There are plenty of guides on how to do it but if you do decide to go down that road and have issues, hit me up on here and I'll help if I can.
  4. I'm not a fan of this being in PZ myself and the commonly suggested suggestion list indicates the devs aren't either. If it was to be included though (perhaps a mod), it should follow the comics instead where the Whisperers wear the whole zombie skin like a boiler suit. In the TV show, it's really really dumb. In earlier seasons, they spread zombie guts all over themselves to help prevent the zombies attacking and this isn't guaranteed to work, as there's the scene where Rick is leading a family through a horde but the mother and child get munched because the kid wouldn't shut up. Yet all of a sudden, wearing what is effectively a smelly halloween mask somehow has a better effect, as Beta stands in the middle of a horde laughing his head off and nothing happens to him.
  5. OffitMan


    This is most welcome! Thanks guys!
  6. Have you ever seen or read any zombie related media? They do things all the time that are beyond the capabilities of humans.
  7. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=google+translate
  8. As someone who had a particularly harrowing & near fatal experience at McCoy Logging Co recently, I agree with this completely. Trying to decide the best time to treat 2 lacerations with overexertion whilst being chased by zombies was intense. Thank God for the wire fence.
  9. This is my concern as having 1 key fits all would make looting so much easier, than having to break into each house individually. I definitely want variety with the buildings rather than them being cookie cut from each other. I'll try to make them individually for now but if they don't play nice or it's too much of a processing strain, I'll reluctantly revert to making 1 building for the terraced/semi-detached houses. Thanks for your advice guys.
  10. I've returned to my map project after a long hiatus and need to create terraced and semi detached houses. I'm just wondering whether it's better to just make 1 long building, or 2, 3, 4 buildings etc and place them next to each other in the editor. Do they play nice when they're that close? Creating 1 building would be quicker but I'm guessing when house keys spawn, it would be a 1 key fits all scenario which would make scavenging & base building a lot easier. There aren't any examples in the vanilla map to take inspiration from so any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Dude, I think you're overreacting just a little and are certainly putting words in my mouth. I never said you were a commoner. Your opinion and word has value. I have criticised this game many times in the past. I just wait until I've played the game before criticising as videos can often be misleading and don't portray the real feel of the game, especially when showing work in progress features. The reason I said people can't help themselves is because some people seem to think what's in the videos is final and no more work will be done on feature 'X' , despite TIS explicitly saying otherwise. These 2 paragraphs are just ridiculous. The 1st is a perfect example of people thinking things are final. Because no game has ever been changed after a feature has been released. FACT. Once features are released, they're permanent and can't be removed or altered. Did you read what you wrote before posting or did you just have a brain aneurysm and pass out on the keyboard?
  12. This is my tactic so I'm definitely more excited after that little insight. The video is beautiful! Need to get a new laptop as I don't think my 2012 Macbook will be able to handle the new animations without trying to take off into orbit.
  13. Alternative sources of power is worth exploring but one issue I have with wind turbines and solar panels (that others have suggested previously) is that they are silent. With fuel generators, the risk-reward is obvious. Zombies will be drawn to the sound of the running generator but you get to power your safe house. If not thought about properly, I can easily see them being OP and a situation where players just choose to be an engineer, run to a house in the middle of nowhere, build a few wind turbines and live a completely sheltered and hazard free life because no danger comes their way. Perhaps wind turbines could be quite fragile and would require frequent repairs in stormy weather. I often think in the end of days/apocalyptic scenarios, people would revert back to old ways of doing things. Water wheels have been used since the Persian Empire. In the apocalypse, I can definitely see someone constructing a water wheel out of wood and buckets to generate some power with a dynamo, like a primitive hydroelectric dam. The drawback of water wheels is the reliance of flowing water so they could only be located next to the river. I'd like to see more sources of power providing there are pros and cons for using them and none become godlike.
  14. Maybe wait until you've actually played the new build before you start calling for immediate action to problems that might not even exist. People just can't help themselves when they see these WIP videos. Keep doing what you're doing TIS. Can't wait to play this once it's ready.
  15. OffitMan

    Anim-Transition Blog

    I've noticed this trend for a while now, since before vehicles were released. People can't seem to wrap their noodle around the fact that what's presented in Mondoids is not final and there's still work to be done/room for improvement, even if its written directly in the Mondoid. The problem is people get so used to what's in Zomboid already that when something changes (animations for example) it's going to look weird to people regardless, because it's not what they're familiar with. If the new animations were in from the start, people wouldn't bat an eyelid. Keep doing what you're doing though. We all appreciate it massively and are super excited for the update.
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