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  1. "I waited so long for THIS! What a load of garbage! What have they been doing? Doesn't even work!"
  2. OffitMan


    Looking forward to checking out the creepy fog. Regarding exercise, any chance we could get an exercise bike? I'm building a hotel with a gym for a custom map and more gym equipment would be cool. Plus you could re-use the animations if you decide to add regular bikes for transport at some point. Really excited for the future of PZ
  3. Penisham comes but once a year! By far my favourite holiday!! HAPPY PENISHAM WEEK EVERYONE!!
  4. Only if they're called Carts of Darkness.
  5. I don't see the problem here. Are you saying you DON'T keep your fishing rod in the fridge? Also, clearly someone with the fast reader trait put the book in the fridge for it cool off after reading so quickly!
  6. Loads of buildings here so might be a good place to start. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/22018-all-player-made-building-archives-verison-2-512020/
  7. You can't. If you want to "edit" the original map, instead you need to recreate whichever cells you were looking to change. The original game map.png and _veg.png are floating around on the forum somewhere which would save you time but you'd have to recreate all the buildings, unless someone else already has and posted them on here in the buildings section. The tools are more for making your own map, rather than being a map editor for the original.
  8. I like some of the ideas above but to me, it hardly seems worth it at this point to take manpower away from the actual NPC development to make a crude version described above, just for it to be ripped out again once NPCs are ready.
  9. OffitMan

    Covoid 19

    This sounds super interesting, especially the shared anim skeletons and I'm looking forward to hearing more in the coming weeks. My friend recently got back into PZ after a hiatus for several years due to him becoming a father and we were playing multiplayer together pretty much every night before we both returned to work from being furloughed. Can't wait to play the new build with him once it's ready. As always, keep up the good work guys! Stay safe out there everyone.
  10. Leon Kennedy is a policeman so has been trained in firearms. I'm not sure the average joe off the street would think to hold the gun & flashlight the way he is above. Maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps it could be something that changes/depends on your traits/profession. I really like the idea of combining the gun and flashlight with duct tape though.
  11. Looks like the zombie climbing animation started before the window was closed. Still, would scare the crap out of me!
  12. I like your suggestion about dropping loot but this sounds really lame to me. Who in their right mind would do that? Would they be dropped like Paratrooper zombies or more like out of a giant bucket similar to when helicopters put out forest fires? Surely it'd make more sense if the helicopter crashed and a horde of zombies were drawn to the crash site so when you went to investigate/loot, there were lots of zombies.
  13. I agree the helicopter event should come more than once but always assumed it was a media helicopter filming the outbreak, rather than the military patrolling the area.
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