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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Only thing in Common is Win 7. It's one bitch of a glitch. I do have Service Pack 1 for windows 7. Note: Sometimes PZBullet crashes the game for me. I'll try to screencap the console next time it happens because it doesn't save, it's a full java crash that doesn't go into console. Related? Anyone getting a complete crash where PZBullet appears in the console?
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    What are your PC's specs? Anything like mine (Above somewhere)? Maybe it's some weird hardware issue since it seems there's very, very few people getting it.
  3. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.23

    Emergency Mondoid?
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    I ran with NecroForge debug display to see if something changes when I crash into something (Seeing as console output seems to indicate that it's coordinate related and it fails to get a square and nf debug thing outputs coordinate info) So, for some reason, when I crash into something the Z coordinate outputs nan (Not A Number) What's funny is I can exit the vehicle it will turn back to 0, I can run away from the vehicle so the error stops popping up but nothing other than UI will render and only quitting the game and starting it back up will fix it. That help somehow?
  5. Vehicle test build 21 (black screen)

    Bump. Same. Also started at Vehicle Build 21, Continued in 22 and 23 With Mods, Without Mods, On Steam, Off Steam. Specs: Intel Pentium G2030 2x3Ghz Intel HD 3000 Graphics 4GB DDR3 Ram Windows 7
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    It would be nice, yeah.
  8. NecroForge 2.6c - 15 October 2017 New Category - "Vehicle Debug" - For Vehicle Debug Functions - "Vehicles" Category contains Vehicle/Mechanic Items Vehicle Debug Functions - Updated to Work with Vehicle Build 22+ Vehicle Stuff Misc - Plug-In Now Required to get Vehicle Items/Functions - Stuff will then be added only in Vehicle Build New Brush - Lockmaker - Generates KeyID for Doors - Click a Door to Apply Picked KeyID - Read the Notes at the Bottom of Changelog! Plug-In - Updated Hydrocraft Item List - Survivors Mod Survivor Spawning Brushes [Friendly & Hostile] Misc - Disabled Item Tooltip when Mousing Over Functions Notes: Lockmaker Hotkeys: - "R" - Pick the KeyID of the Door you're currently mousing over. - "F" - Generate a Random Key ID Lockmaker Custom KeyID: - Must be an 8 Digit Number - Input into 'Module.ItemID' field - If detected will be used instead of any Picked or Generated KeyID you may have. Lockmaker: - Will only work on exterior doors of Preset Buildings and Player Built Doors. - KeyID resets on most other preset doors due to the way they are coded.
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Ok I am completely unable to use Vehicles since Vehicle Build 21. Every time I crash into something I get this error that then repeats ad infinitum until the games is force closed, the save where it happens tends to be unloadable afterwards. [Video of the error is somewhere back on page 1] No mods, revalidated game files, on steam, off steam, no idea wth this is. Specs: Intel Pentium G2030 2x3Ghz Intel HD 3000 Graphics 4GB DDR3 Ram Windows 7
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    A condition also known as Earlyaccessitis.
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Keeping it kinda less user friendly even as far as they UI goes would also not be a terrible choice IMO. I think that Something not being too user friendly can be used as a mechanic. Also, it probably occured to you guys but, someone without any skill trying to look up Vehicle Stats should not see %'s and instead only see "Good", "Normal", "Bad" or something. Also, did you know that spraying something flammable (Hairspray for example) into the engine somewhere (Don't ask me specifics) can help start a car if injectors aren't good enough to start it? I remember my father doing that with our car when it didn't start (!!DON'T TRY AT HOME!!). A skilled mechanic could probably get a piece of shit running if it was really required to run in the moment.
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Overwhelming but that's sort of a good thing IMO. It makes me feel exactly how I feel looking under the hood of a real car. WTFIsThats everywhere. Skilled mechanics will be worth more on MP if it's complicated.
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Yeah the Rust is definitely a placeholder and Car Normal occasionally has rust looking like you described, it's the only one that has a more finished rust overlay.
  14. Note: Most Vehicle Debug Functions are Currently Broken. Don't use them. I'll try to update NF sometime this week.
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Five Things I noticed immediately. 1: Vehicle Sounds don't work for me at all. (Missing in bank... ERROR) 2: Some vehicles (Taxis, some burned ones) spawn with no texture. 3: Rust looks... not good. 4: Collision is off, I can go through trees a lot. 5: This Still Happens to Me