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  1. Seems like Player is more likely to bounce off a wall when sprinting then a zombie.
  2. Welp, finally had some time and did an update. There's more to do but it works. Should be compatible with Build 39, 40 and IWBUMS 41 without issues. If there are any, do let me know. Necroforge 2.7b Changelog Added Missing Clothing Items Added Missing Skills to EXP Debug Menu [Backwards Compatible] Added Support for Clothing Dryers and Washer objects to Tile/Object Cloner New Vehicle Function - Spawn Vehicle New Vehicle Function - Debug Repair Full (Adds Missing Parts Too) New Vehicle Function - Debug Remove Vehicle Fixed Generated Vehicle Key had Default Key Icon Fixed Some Weapons Being Miscategorized into Ammo Fixed Spawning Zombies in Undies Mediafire Download: NecroForge 2.7b Also available on Steam Workshop
  3. Welp, we can replace our clothes by right clicking and using something to the like of "Wear X Instead of Y" so why not? Makes sense that it should be a thing if resources are on hand.
  4. IF you're running IWBUMS it might be a quirk of the current update. Go to your C:\Users\%Username%\Zomboid and find and open with any Text Editor software a file named options.ini Find this line bMultithreadedRendering=true And change it to bMultithreadedRendering=false It's one of the things that I know used to cause crashes like that years back so who knows, might work. Either that or the game as of some recent update just dies on some intel CPUs as I cannot run it on my Job issue lenovo no matter what, always does what you described. Edit: Though in my case it's probably the fault of my work laptop not having a GPU and Intel's HD Graphics just being poop because the thing is old. Edit 2: Thread below, also try what Beard recommends.
  5. Is the Flashlight/Light Source Character Has On or is the tile the character is on getting any light? Sounds like something the game should be able to check fairly easily before starting the read process and thus another feature.
  6. Hahahah, I didn't even think that's the one you were referring to, got too used it to it back in the day I guess I thought it was default way the game worked (Even having an Axe and knowing how to use it is no longer making me feel OP) sure does make it easier to adapt since even before the break it made me avoid groups of zombies and only engage them 1v1. Gotta pat myself on the back for the foresight. It's no secret I always wanted and advocated for PZ to become more and more hardcore but I don't doubt for a second there is a place for people who just want to fool around in it with all the customization Sandbox provides. Really do like that (Whether because someone heard me or others like me or by design) the game did generally go for the hardcore survival and realism, in most zombie games (and media in general) zombies are just a decoration, background noise (or a plot device). In PZ they can be an actual unpredicatble force of nature as the general lore intended them to be, adapt to it, run from it or perish by it while defending your stuff. Best fun I ever had was when a horde found my deep woods hideout hundreds of days into the Apocalypse after the update that expanded/introduced zombie migration and having that Last Stand against hundreds of them, watching all that I built and cared for perish, I had it all, I had all the supplies, all the ammo and all the tools but I still died. Far as MP goes, yeah, the few times I did try it it was awesome, and it's exactly as you say it is.
  7. It always was and still is a blast PZ is just one of those games that always struck that chord in me that I like, it's like the games I grew up with graphics wise, nothing too great but adequate and it has it's own visual soul but when we get down to mechanics and game play options it's incredible how advanced it is. Nobody is holding your hand, you get what you make. Sure the game encourages a certain play stale if you want to survive long term but it doesn't force you into it, so instead you can learn first hand how cocky people meet their end in a zombie apocalypse. And really there is no wrong choice, it's the Zombie Apocalypse game I always wanted. It's just you and the zombies and it's up to you how you deal with it, it always ends the same anyway, something the loading screen spoils by "This is how you died", the game just spoils us in the amount of ways we can get to that point. Always loved it, still do. Also as far as NecroForge (I assume that's the mod you mean) is concerned It's intended to be used as a debugger/test, server admin or f*** it I just wanna have random fun tool. Rarely use it other than for the fun it gives me to make and add to it. Like to think that's how most people use it, it's always fun to have that one cheated save game where you just abuse the rules to your amusement because you can.
  8. It really is, combat is so different now, couple of zeds really do feel like a threat, used to chop em down like tree branches with an Axe. I love where it's going. I remember how fun it was to mess with vehicles for the first time and how much they changed the way I play but Build 41 is something else entirely, lot's of fun messing with it, almost feels like the first time I played PZ after discovering it. We'll see about me coming back as an active member of the community, would love to but we'll see, I'm gonna work to update some of my stuff though, hopefuly won't disappear into the void again
  9. Had a really long break from PZ and escapism in general as I enjoyed a full dive RL experience. Just wanted to say that PZ changed a lot and all for the better, love the new models and how much the game changed with them. It's good to know that devs are still as dedicated as they always were to realizing the idea they had some 10 years ago. I can only admire that as I get burned out by everything after a month. Cheers.
  10. Noted, will look into it when I have some time off work, I think I know why it happens but not too sure, been a good while since I looked at the code. I know it has been a long time since I even posted anything on here but I legitimately have almost no time for anything due to RL work. I'll try to at least get an update out sometime next week with some bug fixes and updated item list. Far as moveables go, could you name some specific examples of what objects you're looking for in there?
  11. I don't even own F4 And also definitely a "cishetscum" male. Svarog is a name of a Slavic God, not exactly unique :S And thanks, means a lot to me, would love nothing more than just that, enough time to both play some vidya and go back to modding the games I really enjoy. As is I'd honestly rather play than mod in my free time. Though it legit hurts to know some of my mds for PZ are no longer working I need to update. I do hope I'll be able to come back with time and be an active member of PZ community.
  12. Is there some guy doing it under my nickname? Or is my dox out there? Damn I wish I had the time for my F:NV mods or my Wc3 Campaig WIP for 5 years :S Never published any mods for Skyrim, few for Oblivion and F:NV, some maps for Warcaraft 3 and 2 mas for DooM 2 Project Brutality just because I wanted to laugh at someone who posted his first map and it was utterly worthless (So i dled tools and made something better with zero experience, assholeish behaviour but I wear to gods, I just read the tutorial and nothing more) maps and skins for Unreal. Fck I lost tracfk of the stuff I made that's out there ages ago.
  13. Kinda feel the same on a shit contract doing 24h/48h* (*Free time ON CALL THO) Minimum Wage. I long for the time past when I had time to actually take my time and make mods
  14. Well... I was aware of that file because of NecroForge so yeah, I was using performance enhancing knowledge. Let me know if you ever get to Eastern Poland. The beer I drink is unavailable outside of the region, I'll buy you one.
  15. I was on beer #3 (Polish one with 7,6% vol, we got those in 0,5l bottles or more, we only get CocaCola in small tiny cans) when I tested (Just to see if I could figure out what to mod [took me 5mins]) that so... You're wrong.
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