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  1. Nope, still in their own Build.
  2. After 2 hours I just got off the IWBUMS server. Was fun. Bugs: Flies Are Utterly Broken, Loud as all Hell, Won't go away when bodies are burned or buried. Annoy the hell out of everyone. I buried 3 corpses in a grave and the Bury Corpses 0/5 didn't update. Other than that I killed over 100 zombies, barricaded two houses and other than the lag I didn't have any issues that would obviously stem from server saving thing. One annoying thing was zombies disappear until save is done but I imagine normally that won't be a big problem since most servers probably don't save every 10 seconds
  3. Years...
  4. NecroForge 2.1 [28.06.2017] [Build 37.14] - MediaFire Download NecroForge 2.1 [28.06.2017] [Vehicle Test Build] - MediaFire Download Changelog Multiplayer Admin Only Support - NecroForge Should now work in MP only for Admins. - I've only done limited testing so let me know how it works if you use it. Text PopUps - NecroForge will tell you what you Enabled/Disabled or if something is wrong. - Can be Disabled via a Control Function Further Optimization & Code Cleanup Added Some Missing Items [Vehicle Test Build Specific] - Separate Functions for Refueling, Engine Fixing etc. - Can Lock/Unlock Doors - Can Generate a Key for the car - All Functions now apply to a car the player is either inside off or standing very close to. - You can for example turn a burned car into a normal car by standing next to it and using a swap function etc.
  5. With modern tools it doesn't take any effort really. Just a bit of time I seriously went into it to top someone who just posted crap and expected praise. It's dicksish I know but I kinda think I made something playable AND enjoyable. Edit: First map was 2 days of work, 3rd was 1 day of work. And I don't mean in 24h sense I mean in 8h work day sense. The versions on my YT are updated which took 1h to do.
  6. Honestly? Surprisingly many. Edit: oh lel that's what you meant :S
  7. I made 2 (Playable) maps for Modded Doom 2, I made the first because someone posted his first map ever (Which really sucked, it was a single room with tons of enemies) and I decided I can top that x100 so I downloaded the tools and started my own thing and then I experimented a bit which ended in a bunch of suck and then I made a third map which was playable like the first one. I used the general philosophy of "Keep The Player Occupied" so there's always something to shoot at even while backtracking, also tried to keep the difficulty high and added plenty of secrets. I have my own playthroughs of both my maps available on my channel, no commentary, if someone plays DooM with Project brutality, links in description.
  8. Random Spiffos should be added to the game and there should one day be achievement for collecting all of them.
  9. Never had this happen, I did get stuck a lot because my car ended up on top of another car and if car you're in is not on Z level 0 you need a new save because you're never getting out of that thing (Unless you cheat). I did see burned cars bouncing like crazy and it just happened, gotta double check if it still does. Edit: You know what's fun? Spamming addVehicle()
  10. By the way, I wish skidding when using the break and turning came back. It was cool and with some fine tuning it could have been awesome. [It was possible to do with CarNormal in the last build but it did need tuning because it was unrealistic as it was]
  11. Yep, I really wish every game did it the way PZ had it. Accelerate to speed you like and just let go of the button. Not being able to control the speed in any real way using the keyboard has been annoying me in every game with vehicles and driving for years now. Still think that top speed should only be available with the additional input (And be more dangerous in all the ways) but having a toggle for vehicle staying at what I accelerated to would be enough.
  12. And with this I feel even more strongly that holding "W" should only accelerate so much and reaching top speed should be possible by holding down "Shift" or whatever Run button. It's the same problem I have with most games, I don't always want to drive at top speed and maintaining a moderate one is tedious, that and adding in such option would allow you guys to let vehicles like StepVan to flip if the player was dumb enough to try doing a 90 degree turn while speeding like crazy. Holding accelerate button accelerates to optimal speed that allows for optimal turning etc. Holding Shift goes for maximum speed but is way more dangerous if something unexpected comes up. This is mostly a Keyboard problem, modern controllers have those neat triggers that allow for better control of vehicle speed in most games.
  13. Right click anywhere on the map and if it's enabled you should get "Carpentry" and "Metalwork" context menu options, from there you should be able to Build everything like Walls, Shelves, Furniture, Crates etc. without needing any resources or tools.
  14. Double Click it, a Red [ ! ] should appear over the [NF] button in the lower right corner of the screen. I can make it so text like "This and That Enabled/Disabled" appear over player character's head when enabling or disabling those.
  15. Bug: Clothes get dirty with Clothes Degradation OFF in sandbox.