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  1. Noted, will look into it when I have some time off work, I think I know why it happens but not too sure, been a good while since I looked at the code. I know it has been a long time since I even posted anything on here but I legitimately have almost no time for anything due to RL work. I'll try to at least get an update out sometime next week with some bug fixes and updated item list. Far as moveables go, could you name some specific examples of what objects you're looking for in there?
  2. Svarog

    Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    I don't even own F4 And also definitely a "cishetscum" male. Svarog is a name of a Slavic God, not exactly unique :S And thanks, means a lot to me, would love nothing more than just that, enough time to both play some vidya and go back to modding the games I really enjoy. As is I'd honestly rather play than mod in my free time. Though it legit hurts to know some of my mds for PZ are no longer working I need to update. I do hope I'll be able to come back with time and be an active member of PZ community.
  3. Svarog

    Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    Is there some guy doing it under my nickname? Or is my dox out there? Damn I wish I had the time for my F:NV mods or my Wc3 Campaig WIP for 5 years :S Never published any mods for Skyrim, few for Oblivion and F:NV, some maps for Warcaraft 3 and 2 mas for DooM 2 Project Brutality just because I wanted to laugh at someone who posted his first map and it was utterly worthless (So i dled tools and made something better with zero experience, assholeish behaviour but I wear to gods, I just read the tutorial and nothing more) maps and skins for Unreal. Fck I lost tracfk of the stuff I made that's out there ages ago.
  4. Svarog

    Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    Kinda feel the same on a shit contract doing 24h/48h* (*Free time ON CALL THO) Minimum Wage. I long for the time past when I had time to actually take my time and make mods
  5. Svarog

    Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    Well... I was aware of that file because of NecroForge so yeah, I was using performance enhancing knowledge. Let me know if you ever get to Eastern Poland. The beer I drink is unavailable outside of the region, I'll buy you one.
  6. Svarog

    Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    I was on beer #3 (Polish one with 7,6% vol, we got those in 0,5l bottles or more, we only get CocaCola in small tiny cans) when I tested (Just to see if I could figure out what to mod [took me 5mins]) that so... You're wrong.
  7. Svarog

    Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\vehiclesvehicleitems.txt Those are the ones you need to mod. The Trunk item Property themselves. Changed MaxCapacity value to 250 on SmallTrunk1 just to check and got a SmallCar that randomly spawned on a new game to have 200 capacity (Not 250 because it spawned with damaged trunk I guess).
  8. Svarog

    PZ inventory over hall?

    RIP pad users. The "Weight" stat of items in PZ kinda META does this, it's a combo of Mass + Size I believe and other than stuffing random bags full of logs/planks I never had issue believing that I can actually shove the things i have in the bag into it. IMO it would be a better solution to add a layer of code into item containers that makes it possible for either allowing or prohibiting specific items being put into them, that way we could have for example a wallet container but it would only "accept" cash/credit cards/random note/etc. as items to store and you couldn't shove a pistol in there. That and prohibiting logs/generator/tires being shoved into containers that there is just no way in hell could contain them.
  9. Svarog

    More Variation in zombie speeds and timeline.

    How about PERCENTAGES in the option menu. % of Shamblers % of Fast Shamblers % of Joggers % of Fast Joggers % of Runners Add an option for decomposition to affect it (Fresh Zombies Run if someone so does wish as months go by they crawl nice for RP servers)
  10. Svarog

    Is PZ Ever going to get finished?

    Imagine where Bethesda games would be right now without modding. At the exact same place most big games are. Irrelevant, Dead and long forgotten by everyone who played it for long enough. How long does it take to beat Thief: Dark Project? I can do it in about 6-7h on Expert. And yet I remember playing that game for hundreds of hours back in the day, why? Fan Missions, dozens of them. Same for Thief 2. Why is the original DooM still alive? Modding. Hell the only reason some games exist is Modding, Counter Strike, Killing Floor... Hell, the new Doom game is based on Brutal Doom mod for the original Doom. Warcraft 3 Modding spawned one of the most popular genres available, mobas through a single MP map called DotA (I know it really started in Starcraft but whatever) Edit: To this day I wish that instead of DotA, RP maps got all the attention and help spawn some awesome RP oriented projects :/ All the games that are hard to mod I ever played, I played, for however long it took to get through the story, and then never again unless the gameplay was really that good AND/OR had multiple endings that were worth a second playthrough which is rare. I would legitimately argue that modding is one of the most important things when it comes to any game's longevity. Not MP, not DLC, not lootboxes, fuck all that (Unless you're EA and into $$$ whales will buy that shit no matter how far you shove that harpoon up their ass), all games that have JUST that DIE. Games that are moddable live forever. Fking Freedom Force modding exists to this day and people buy old Windows 98 PCs just to run the Map Editor. Edit: I will admit, I am burned out by PZ but somehow (gee i wonder how considering what I said above) I keep coming back to it. Despite work, despite fcked up IRL drama I got involved in (Why I don't update my mods anymore, for which I am infinitely sorry) It's because, Official updates or mods, there is always something fresh for me to experience in it, be it a new map, random content or some basic but fun to fck around with for a few hours NPCs. Edit #5: And that's my complete rant on gaming v0.9.
  11. Click an option Select it and then click the Remove button on the lower right side of the window (Trash Can icon above the Anvil icon)
  12. Me I was talking about believability. Honestly, the way some mondoids sell NPCs, the things would have to be sentient at this point to get close to the amount of hype around them. I've already dismissed my imagination and wrote the thing off as deceased because it's impossible they'll be that good, I'll enjoy what I get. Other than that I'm just laughing. I get kicks out of reading those "Where are muh NPCs" threads where people get triggered because "I spent 15€ on this game!" Where I spend that much on shitty microwave dinners and cigarretes in less than a week. PZ is a fking great game as is, I'd gladly cease smoking and eating for 3 full days to buy it again in the state it is in. Gave me way more entertainment than many other games (hundreds if not over a thousand hours worth of it, don't mind my steam, I played off steam mostly) and it taught me how to code because I got hooked on modding so I basically got free basic coding class out of it. And I bet those same people that bitch about losing 15€ then go and buy the next big thing for full AAA price on release, play it for standard 8-16 hours and forget it existed. So many other things to do than wait for NPCs to come... but no, there is a thread about "Wer muh NPC" every week. And I wish I could really get that angry about something when all I really have as an argument is 15€ at the most and I can't even really accuse the devs of not doing anything because they clearly are doing something, especially when I myself would have ditched the Project out of burn out years ago. It's just funny to me. And no, TIS didn't pay me off to shill for them, I'm a russian bot, we shill randomly just to annoy you Американцы.
  13. Just gonna drop a thought here, If someone wants to see machine learning how to play video games go watch "MarI/O - AI playing Super Mario Bros" stream on YouTube, look at the description of how long it took it to beat certain levels via basic trial/error. An AI working that way would probably become sentient long before it could play PZ believably enough to pass off as your average video game NPC. Likely sometime around 2099 and in all likely hood the "2100 IS THE END" craze would be caused by everyone freaking out about that Video Game AI thing figuring out how to make zombies so it can test it's survival skillz in the real world.
  14. The literally only thing that could get me on the level of annoyment about lack of NPCs some people have would be seeing this.
  15. NPCs are going to be the player entity controlled by AI not how some games do it where NPCs are an entirely different entity code-wise and need literally every interaction the player can do programmed separately. Everything the player can do, they can do by default so the only real issue is giving them the AI to actually do it. If done right the only thing you need to do is "teach" NPCs how to use features that players already can use. And let's keep in mind that most of that isn't even going to be visible to the player, I imagine an awful lot of stuff can be simplified to True/False coin flips when the player isn't looking (Did/din't get to X and did/didn't achieve Y while there without dying on the way back - Three coinflips that can create a whole story). The biggest problem is making the bastards believable then the player IS looking at them and them being able to live out that story in real time while being rendered. Also, pretty sure @lemmy101 is working on NPCs like... pretty much all the time, constantly, and updates what he has to work with what the game is.