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  1. This might be a problem once "integration" happens. @Batsphinx Maybe until the Animations and the 3D goodies it's supposed to come with come in, have the game check if 3D models are enabled when someone wants to Enable vehicles and tell them they won't work without 3D models?
  2. I'll be there with my lag if I can, won't want a key though, already got and gave one away. I just think those tests are fun.
  3. Did you see this thread? Because there was an update after 38.5
  4. NecroForge 2.5a [20.08.2017] Spawn Zombies [MP] - Found in Debug, works in MP, functions the exact same way as /createhorde Admin command. - Amount of zombies spawned is controlled by the spawn amount - Zombies should spawn around the Admin who uses it. Tile/Object Clone Brush Adjustments - Tile objects will be spawned on Highlights in Yellow and so do the floors if they can be picked Debug Info Adjustments - Displays info in two columns instead of one. (Takes up less vertical space) - Displays current date and time Using Spawn Zombies in SP will work exactly like spawning zombies used to work in SP before they were spawned using the Brush Method.
  5. Nope, this is the issue, there is no roomdef underneath, there should be but it's on top of the overhang instead of ground level where it should be. I guess when devs were updating Buildings like those something bugged out and RoomDef got applied to wrong floor. I've seen this in a few places. Screenshots: (Note: NF Debug thing says "outside" when there is no room def)
  6. This is because the Room Definitions of some of those Overhangs are messed up, the RoomID is somehow on Z = 1 instead of Ground level. This became an issue after Build 38.6. Then again, game considering there is a roof just because a given square has a room definition feels like a bug in and of itself.
  7. Panicked - Also kills the accuracy (Makes guns worthless), lowers the chance to get a critical hit to nearly zero (even melee), if you're at the most severe level of Panicked, just run. Edit: Failed to notice OP mentions that. There is also an "Angry" moddle that cannot appear without modding (Nothing ever changes the stat that would make it appear) but it does exist and does nothing. [ ✖ ] - Angry - Doesn't Appear During Normal Gameplay, Does Nothing.
  8. NecroForge 2.5 [19.08.2017] New Brushes Terrain Alteration Brushes - Found in their own Category - Allows placing of grass, sand, asphalt, water etc. As well as some plants. Toggle Tile/Object Cloner - Allows copying and placing almost every object and tile in the game - Allows your to copy and place trees, bushes, walls and various world objects as well as just about any floor tile. Toggle Destroy C - Only destroys the object you mouse over (Highlighted) Slight Optimization Notes: Tile/Object Clone Once Toggled, Mouse over the Object you want to Copy, it will highlight in Red (Floor Highlights in Green) then press "R" to Copy it. You can ten place a copy anywhere by Clicking, Object wll appear on the highlighted tile. You can also press "T" to Toggle replacing Floor Overlays when placing floors. It should work fine for most Objects and Floors in the game but it's not almighty. It won't copy certain objects like Windows or Doors. All New Brushes Should work in Multi Player. Example Picture: Download Links in the Original Post
  9. Vehicle Build has some general issues with the sprite drawing order, I don't know if that's related to that or if this is caused by the new system for hiding stuff and it perhaps requiring some additional flags on tiles and rooms which older maps may not have. Looks to be the fault of the latter, Drayton is densely packed with buildings and since the new system only hides roofs for the Current one you're in, the neighboring ones may cause issues.
  10. No problem. PM me if you need some help with the basics, always happy to help if I can.
  11. Barricade health, doors, windows, I believe are mostly on java. The health I think can be altered with lua code. Though there are mods that alter that, never used them though and never even looked into this myself so I'm guessing. Time it takes to complete actions, look at media/lua/client/TimedActions stuff, I think it's there. When it comes to traits themselves, they're are divided. The code for the traits/professions (Name, icon, how many points they cost, what skill boosts they give etc. basically what you see at trait selection screen) is in media/lua/shared/MainCreationMethods.lua The effects they have beyond that I believe is split between java and lua. Some trait effects are tied to lua code some are hardcoded in java.
  12. I ran some basic 1 Minute Benchmarks on Vehicle test with & without Survivors and Build 38.6, Standard Survival Preset, all I did was I ran from spawnpoint towards the main road (Muldraugh) Same zoom out level, same everything. There is a lot more freezing with Survivors mod but it does happen without it, albeit far less frequently. There is none of it in Build 38.
  13. Either they won't spawn at all or they will not spawn beyond the area you start in. Zombies that will initially spawn will stay there until you kill them.
  14. Whatever it is, it's not the vehicles existence being hard on the GPU, I can spawn a hundred of them and have them all on screen and the dip to performance caused by that is minimal, far lesser than I would have expected it to be, even on my current Intel HD GPU (Before I used a nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512mb but it died) The performance (to me anyway) was always noticeably worse on the vehicle build, I never ran a serious benchmark but the FPS on IWBUMS and everything that came before were always far more stable and generally better than they are on vehicle Build. I can only guess that whatever causes the dip in performance is something that vehicle build has that runs in the background at all times or fires off fairly often whatever it may be. Oh and on a side note, someone needs to look into sprite drawing order because in the vehicle build just about everything disappears behind walls when it is clearly in front of them. It applies to grass, trash, plants, stair railings and various pillars.
  15. I've seen people with animated .gif avatars on here. @Queen Glory Find some site that can optimize your gif, possibly resize it to 150x150 (I don't think a bigger version can ever be seen on the forum) if it isn't a full scene from a movie gifs can get pretty small.