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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Is it just me that gets it the way where the engine sound is exclusively either on the left or right headphone (Depending on whether the car is more to the left/right of centre of the screen)? It's extremely annoying when the sound only comes through on one channel, to a point where I can't use vehicles when wearing headphones and I get it no matter which of the three headphone sets I have I use.
  2. NecroForge 2.6d [18.02.2018] Small Update - Download Links in the OP New Debug Vehicle - Repair All - Sets the Condition of all Installed parts to 100% Updated Vehicle Items - All the missing ones should now be there. Removed Some Bugged/Dysfunctional Stuff Sorry it took so long to get even this little bit of work done but I really barely have any free time between work and some serious RL issues. More, hopefully substantial, updates to come soon I hope. Edit: Btw, I added the Mechanic Skill boost function, probably some other stuff I forgot about, I was chipping away at updating for weeks I don't really remember all the stuff I changed/added because I forgot to write it down.
  3. The Modders Wishlist

    @Connall Yes that's exactly what I meant.
  4. The Modders Wishlist

    RemoveOnBreak and ReplaceOnBreak for weapons. Unless it was added in some update, not really up to speed but always wanted those. Edit: also OnBreakLua for extra options.
  5. you can enable health panel debug mode and get a bunch of extra options in the health menu. That is however on by default for admins in mp. Sorry for late reply but i work a lot and don't even have a computer. Posting from phone.
  6. Away indefinitely due to IRL.

  7. Away for a week or so.

  8. Vehicle test build 21 (black screen)

    @EG Bot Nope, the crash is there (Same as it was in terms of reproduction and effect) but the console now only shows this "Overflow in AABB, object removed from simulation. If you can reproduce this, please email Please include above information, your Platform, version of OS. Thanks"
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    That error I ahd when bumping into stuff. It turned into this "Overflow in AABB, object removed from simulation. If you can reproduce this, please email Please include above information, your Platform, version of OS. Thanks" It shows up in the console but doesn't save into console .txt. Everything else is the same as it was before. Nothing but Ui is rendered and everything is generally broken.
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Only thing in Common is Win 7. It's one bitch of a glitch. I do have Service Pack 1 for windows 7. Note: Sometimes PZBullet crashes the game for me. I'll try to screencap the console next time it happens because it doesn't save, it's a full java crash that doesn't go into console. Related? Anyone getting a complete crash where PZBullet appears in the console?
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    What are your PC's specs? Anything like mine (Above somewhere)? Maybe it's some weird hardware issue since it seems there's very, very few people getting it.
  12. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.29

    Emergency Mondoid?
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    I ran with NecroForge debug display to see if something changes when I crash into something (Seeing as console output seems to indicate that it's coordinate related and it fails to get a square and nf debug thing outputs coordinate info) So, for some reason, when I crash into something the Z coordinate outputs nan (Not A Number) What's funny is I can exit the vehicle it will turn back to 0, I can run away from the vehicle so the error stops popping up but nothing other than UI will render and only quitting the game and starting it back up will fix it. That help somehow?
  14. Vehicle test build 21 (black screen)

    Bump. Same. Also started at Vehicle Build 21, Continued in 22 and 23 With Mods, Without Mods, On Steam, Off Steam. Specs: Intel Pentium G2030 2x3Ghz Intel HD 3000 Graphics 4GB DDR3 Ram Windows 7
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36