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  1. that would be cool to have some new attachments including some suppressors. Some other cool ideas for firearm attachments such as - Speed loaders for revolvers to help revolvers reloading speed. - High capacity magazines for so that you can fire more rounds before reloading and help take one larger hoards of zombies.
  2. I like the new loot tables in the grocery stores since they now feature better realistic loot like non perishable and canned food on the shelves even the perishable food are a lot better now with its new realistic loot tables.
  3. since this new build came out most vehicles seem to be spawning in poor conditions I have been having cars falling apart too quickly. I have set my sandbox settings for car conditions to high setting as well as high car spawn rate but car are still in poor conditions.
  4. pretty fun build with its new challenges. I notice with vehicles there spawning in very poor conditions in this update even with a high sandbox mode condition spawns.
  5. This new build made PZ much better thank you devs for this new big ticket update.
  6. Tails


    The Zed rotting look interesting I could imagine the zombie corpse rotting into a skeleton. Also I love the new spiffo art.
  7. Tails


    cant wait to watch the live stream this is going to be exciting.
  8. That new video makes me want to change my combat tactics but it looks amazing cant wait to play this new build.
  9. pretty cool idea. I was thinking of some door breaching methods like using a crowbar to pry a door open kinda like what a burglar would do to break into a house or a car. Another idea is breaking the window on the door without destroying the entire door to find a way in.
  10. Tails


    That video was amazing with its character creation and combat shown. Thank you for showing off a katana now im excited to kill some zeds with. Im glad you are working on the single player Would you ever consider some minor injuries from tripping like skin peeling and scabbing?
  11. good thing the animations update will feature more variety of fire arms. So far I only find pistols and 9mm ammo on zombies corpse and not a shotgun or any rifles and its ammunition types.
  12. Tails

    Flashing in the Dark

    That is really cool muzzle flash it really brings some good details to PZ. Also that snub nose revolver look interesting I might even know the caliber of that gun might be a .38 revolver.
  13. Only when the devs say they're ready since nothing is set in stone for any release for any update.
  14. Tails


    Getting excited for that new vehicle design.
  15. Tails

    New Foods

    Decided to add some more ideas for food items Seafood * Clams/ Oysters * Octopus * Scallops * Clam Chowder * Muskie fish Frozen Foods * Frozen Vegetables other than peas * More flavors of Ice cream like chocolate, strawberry ect. Alcohol and other Drinks * Bubble Tea * Champagne * Energy Drink * Anisette * Rum Baked Goods * Croissant * Gingerbread Cookies ( for those good time of the year.) * Samosas * Yule Log cakes * Muffins Fruits & vegetables * Grapefruit * Pomegranate * Coconut * Kiwi * Pumpkin * Cranberries * Brussel sprouts * Squash * spicy peppers such as Ghost peppers, chili pepper, Jalapeno peppers . ect * Cali flower * Lime * Olives * Asparagus * Artichoke * Green Peppers * Spinach * Cantaloupe * Papaya * Kale * Wild Onions * Cayenne Peppers * Quinoa * Hazel Nuts Meats * Salami * Ribs usually from pork, Lamb, Venison * Sausage * Pepperoni * Bologna * Egg rolls * Duck Meat * Goose Meat * Meat balls Snacks * Jelly beans * Dips such as Sour cream, onion dip. ect * Cinnamon buns * Twinkies * Taffy * Candy Apple * Candy Corn * Hard Candy * Caramel * Cotton candy Sauces , Dressing ,Condiments and spices * Tarter Sauce * Ranch Dressings * Duck Sauce * Italian dressing * Relish * Jam * Cream Cheese * Cottage Cheese. * Basil * Parsley * Turmeric * Chili Powder Others * Military Rations/ Military Ready to EAT (MRE)
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