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  1. another thing that should be found in foraging is rotten food items.
  2. 884. Scars after injury heals up. 885. when getting cut on broken glass it should be called "Cut" instead of "scratched" since it can confuse you into thinking you got scratched by a zombie. 886. Gauze as another medical item to help hold the pressure of a wound injury you get. 887. Grasshopper as a valid bait item to catch birds since I have seen American Robins feed grasshoppers to its nest of baby birds. 888. Cold medicine item to cure colds if you cant find any medical plants when foraging. 889. Nutritionist magazine a way to identify nutrition values on a food item without getting the the nutritionist trait.
  3. How long do YOU survive?

    the longest I have survived for as 1 month and 10 days.
  4. Frozen food fresh to rotten in no time.

    I have notice this as well with food being frozen a few days after power goes out. I have also seen food staying in stale until is leaves the freezer to end up rotten.
  5. I decided to make this report on vehicles locations I will need anyone help spotting more locations that have no vehicles. here are a list of locations so far that have no vehicles. -Farmers Market Rosewood https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.3489583333333333,0.31898674242424246,156.14222645430291 - rail yard parking lots https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.572935832820975,0.32787054227582346,29.187316316227424 - https://imgur.com/XykEZ93 - https://imgur.com/WibtCJl - https://imgur.com/pbM2YKN - https://imgur.com/tpnQzqp - Army Quarters https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.3740425173830056,0.31191395847640013,42.02973549536748 There is more locations to point out in the future.
  6. Food that should rot, but currently don't

    -Wild eggs - frog (if not butchered) - flora -Grape leaves -Rose hips these food items should rot over time
  7. More panic factors

    another thing that should panic from is a gunshot in the distance.
  8. World Furniture!!!

    - Tool boxes a containers contains some tools like screw drivers, wrenches, hammers and some nails. -Washing machines and dryers should be containers as well as function to clean clothes. -Safes in some houes may contains something like a firearms or jewelry
  9. Car battery charger

    you don't need a mechanics skill to use it. As long as you are in a building with electricity in order to charge the battery or you could leave the engine running as well to charge the battery. once your in a building make sure to right click on the charger to charge the car battery as long as there is electricity
  10. Advanced farming

    its a good idea for more types crops to grow. As for the fruit trees for PZ Apple and cherry trees would be suitable due to its climate. Banana, avocado and all those other fruits are tropical fruits that dont grow in Kentucky.
  11. 852. Allow canned Mushroom soup to be used to cook a soup in the pot. 853. Berries as a valid food item bait to catch Squirrels. (maybe Poison Berries will have some good use.) 854. Any fruit and vegetables to catch Rabbits. 855. Raw Fish should be labeled dangerous uncooked since its a meat item. 856. Overdosing on Antidepressants, Beta blockers and Pain killers. 857. Fruit ingredients for the pie recipe. 858. Maps as a fuel for the fires.
  12. I have never found a toaster in any houses. only that appliance store in Muldraugh
  13. 831- Longer TV and radio broadcasts sandbox setting. 832- Pop up headlights on the Chevalier Cossette 833- Different firearm category skills pistol, shotgun, long rifle ect category 834- dismantling alarm clocks for parts. 835- Allow male survivor to wear a skirt to make male survivors look silly lol. 836- Axe should be found in the fire department vehicles and Mccoy logging trucks loot tables as well as fire station.
  14. How Do I Use the Rain Barrel?

    It could be a bug to report.
  15. How Do I Use the Rain Barrel?

    its better to wait until it rains to collect water those barrels come in handy as well as leave out cups, cooking pots, sauce pans, buckets , ect to collect water.