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  1. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    the homes in riverside lack mail boxes
  2. NPC's come out after the animations build is finished
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 33

    some things that would be nice to see with vehicles are. - Blood on vehicles when running over zombies or from the blood splatters after hitting a zombie. - front windshields when damaged should affect the survivors vision depending on the vision.
  4. Job Specific Items

    it would be nice to start off with the uniform and the equipment that you use depending on the occupation and maybe start off at the business that the survivor works for.
  5. The butter knife shouldn't have a Jaw stab ability due to the blade being too dull and too short . The kitchen Knife and the hunting knife are more logical to jaw stab a zombie since the blade is long and sharp.
  6. wall blocking the path to the vending machines

    When looting the Hotel in riverside notice that I could not get to the vending machines unless I destroy the blocking wall towards the vending machine. I think this is also happening in build 38 as well as the vehicle build.
  7. Community Vehicle Suggestions

    I got some new vehicle suggestions for PZ to add for my suggestion. Here is my suggestion of this 1992 Armored car/ Bank truck . GMC top kick bank truck this will protect you from the zombies, bulletproof and lots of storage space. This hearse to be used for delivering dead corpses to its resting place. this 1990 Cadillac Deville Hearse This minivan would look nice for PZ with more seats and storage. This 1990 Oldsmobile Silhouette/ Chevrolet Lumina APV/ Pontiac Transport.
  8. Zombies in the Stream

    Ilike fog to help increase the challenge for the game.
  9. I decided to create this topic the for something fun for the community something to help with newer cars for Louisville in the future just remember this is not a "I want" thread. Here are some examples such as this First Generation Ford Taurus (1986- 1991) . And another example is this Dodge Spirit 1989 - 1993 Again its not an "I want" but feel free to suggest your own vehicles.
  10. Something in the Air

    snow and fog looks great good job
  11. Possible vehicle interiors solution

    I would like to see RVs in the future
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 33

    I want to point out about the vehicles on the highways (traffic pileups) usually cars that are on the highways arnt usually burnt compared to the highway scenes shown in movies such as Zombieland. something like mostly abandoned cars with doors and trunks open up, luggage on the roofs and littered on the roads. another example is some emergency vehicles that responded to the accidents as seen in the image below.
  13. Dashdoid

    I like the dash board display on the vehicles
  14. More Meta Events/Ambient Sounds?

    maybe some airplanes sounds flying over such as standard airplanes with propellers , fighter jets, large military planes and passenger planes emergency vehicles driving by ,car crashes and car alarms
  15. this is a good idea to clean clothes.