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  1. Favorite Foods to Cook

    I like to make some soups since it will taste good for my survivor since its high bonuses to reduce hunger and unhappiness and bordom and my second thing for my survivors to cook is some burgers.
  2. BBQ can't turn off [40.25]

    have you tried using water to put out the fire?
  3. Build 39 obsolete items list.

    added Gun powder to the list.
  4. taking a look of items during scavenging experience so far I havent found here is a list of items that are obsolete. - Potatoes. So far potatoes are obsolete from the fridge and grocery locations according to the distribution spawns stated on the wiki https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Potato .They can be farmed but not scavenged at the moment. - Speakers. Never found on of those items through out my PZ game play experience. - Home alarm. Also never found on of these through out my PZ experience - Gunpowder. a material needed to make some explosives that I have never found in PZ
  5. 898. recipe magazines for crafting pipe bombs, flame trap, and aerosol bomb without choosing the engineer occupation. 899. flower pots to grow your crops and make it portable to travel with when you need to move your crops. 900. zombie corpses loot tables should have shotgun shells, 308 rounds and 223 rounds.
  6. Men with Ven

    pretty good Thursdoid this week with all those weather improvements. Im looking foward to the awesome animations.
  7. Beeverdoid

    that armor looks awesome on those vehicles.
  8. (Build 39) Something I have notice when looting 2 weeks after power is out and looting buildings and noticing that food items like peas, burgers seem to still have been frozen looking at the bar I have noticed that the frozen status on the food in the freezer to be at a full bar.
  9. Vehicle Breakdowns

    as for engine for the vehicles in PZ it seems that car engines dont ware down over time. Another thing that does not make sense is that when I crashed my car in PZ I have not gotten engine damage at all from the front end collision. also adding some spark plugs to the engine maintenance to help keep the engine running as well as the oil as suggested above.
  10. Sandwich values are bugged

    I find this odd how making a sandwich with stale ingredients makes it stale but creating a burger seems to be in a fresh quality.
  11. another thing that should be found in foraging is rotten food items.
  12. 884. Scars after injury heals up. 885. when getting cut on broken glass it should be called "Cut" instead of "scratched" since it can confuse you into thinking you got scratched by a zombie. 886. Gauze as another medical item to help hold the pressure of a wound injury you get. 887. Grasshopper as a valid bait item to catch birds since I have seen American Robins feed grasshoppers to its nest of baby birds. 888. Cold medicine item to cure colds if you cant find any medical plants when foraging. 889. Nutritionist magazine a way to identify nutrition values on a food item without getting the the nutritionist trait.
  13. How long do YOU survive?

    the longest I have survived for as 1 month and 10 days.
  14. Frozen food fresh to rotten in no time.

    I have notice this as well with food being frozen a few days after power goes out. I have also seen food staying in stale until is leaves the freezer to end up rotten.
  15. I decided to make this report on vehicles locations I will need anyone help spotting more locations that have no vehicles. here are a list of locations so far that have no vehicles. -Farmers Market Rosewood https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.3489583333333333,0.31898674242424246,156.14222645430291 - rail yard parking lots https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.572935832820975,0.32787054227582346,29.187316316227424 - https://imgur.com/XykEZ93 - https://imgur.com/WibtCJl - https://imgur.com/pbM2YKN - https://imgur.com/tpnQzqp - Army Quarters https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.3740425173830056,0.31191395847640013,42.02973549536748 There is more locations to point out in the future.