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  1. Tails

    Zed Tumble

    zombies look amazing with that new clothing. im getting excited for this animations update.
  2. Tails

    Higher Fidelity

    This is some nice work you are showing us this weeks Thursdoid. The clothing looks and suitable locations for zombies wearing certain clothing to look amazing. Hopefully have more starter clothing options for character such as wearing the uniform of the occupation that the player has chosen. Another thing that would be interesting is the loot on the certain themed zombies for example like a police officer zombie with pistol , radio and ammo. The skill system looks amazing with its combat section. Hopefully firearms category will offer some types of skills depending on the firearms class such as a Pistol skill, shotgun skill, rifle skill ect.
  3. When taking a look at the nutrition system in PZ it seems that weight is the only thing I have seen for the nutrition but I would like to add some better improvements to nutrition on food items as well as adding more types of malnutrition. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_types_of_malnutrition#Dietary_vitamins_and_minerals Here are types of nutrients to be added to PZ such as... -Calcium - Vitamin B - Vitamin C - Sodium - Vitamin D Types of Malnutrition that would be interesting to have are.... - Rickets (caused by a lack of calcium and Vitamin D) - Osteoporosis (Caused from a lack Calcium and Vitamin D) - Beriberi (caused from a lack of Vitamin B1 ) - Pellagra ( Caused from a lack of Vitamin B3 ) - Scurvy ( caused from a lack of Vitamin C ) With the Vitamin nutrients category some ways to help prevent problems from consumption of Vitamins that are already in PZ to help control vitamin levels in the body other than just reducing fatigue.
  4. Tails


    very interesting video of those animations video. I love that inmate jumpsuit clothing item as well as all those other cool clothing items.
  5. 976. More types of nutrients values in foods like vitamin A to C, calcium , ect 977. More hairstyles and facial hair styles for survivors. 978. Foraging toxic plants that could poison and kill you if consume plants such as water hemlock, foxglove, poison sumac.
  6. Tails

    Puddle of Zudd

    puddles look quite nice could imagine taking some water from the puddles and boil the water lol.
  7. Tails

    Can you move a car without a key?

    Hot wiring a car should at least have a chance for the car alarm to go off if that becomes a feature.
  8. I would try on all the clothes including having my male survivor wear skirts and dresses.
  9. 963. Medicinal Herbs for reducing depression such as Lavender. 964. hand brake stops should not cause the brake lights to turn on. 965. Reverse lights , turn signals and 4 way flashers functions on cars. 967. clocks on the walls should match the same time in game.
  10. Tails

    Why is water poisoned?

    its better to boil the water to be safe from getting sick and die.
  11. 953. Starting off in March Ridge , Valley Station , unnamed town locations and Dixie locations 954. Rose hips used in tea and fruit salad recipes. 955. Wearable wedding rings, necklaces, lockets ect. 956. Zombie corpses with random food found and other useful items from in the backpacks and bags that survivors had before they turned into a zombie.
  12. Tails

    List of map errors (40.38, world version 143)

    I notice that the north farm, farm to the west and westpoint farm house seem to lack a fridge.
  13. Tails


    clothing is looking excellent.
  14. Tails

    Mist Me

    the clothing looks nice its going to be quite a fashion show for build 41.
  15. Tails

    bug on the map

    not sure why there are 2 toilets in one house could need to be looked at.