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  1. Tails


    Very cool exercising and fog looks very nice cant wait to see this get added. :)
  2. Tails

    Shoving off

    Louisville is looking pretty cool I cant wait to explore this new city.
  3. I like the new watches and Jewellery they look very nice.
  4. Now I can see on the original post I do notice the pull tab on that can of tuna.
  5. most cans of tuna I have seen IRL require a Can opener. The only tuna can I have seen that that that pull tab is in Dayz.
  6. Tails

    Looks different somehow

    I like the new dark theme for new site.
  7. would be nice to see pillows and blankets on beds sprite
  8. Tails

    Zed OwnerZhip

    would be cool to see some blankets and pillows on beds.
  9. Tails

    Zed OwnerZhip

    that new details to the interior looks very nice cant wait to find some of these furniture items to add to my base.
  10. 1102. Merging firearms skills with combat skills.
  11. some ideas for guns Sub machine Guns - MP5/ MP5k - MP7 - UMP 45 - Tec 9 - P90 Pistols - USP - Colt Python - CZ 75 Shotguns - Spas 12 Long Rifles - SKS - Mosin Nagant - Fal Attachments -Speed loaders for revolvers.
  12. some ideas of locations suggest - Pet Stores - Veterinarian/ Animal Hospital - Hospital - More fire stations. - Taxi depot - Jail house - Major brand Car dealerships such as Chevalier, Franklin, Dash ect - Deli
  13. Tails


    Bandanas look very nice with its new ways of wearing it.
  14. 1091 Club hammers, Wooden Mallets as another alternative for carpentry to help with building up your base.
  15. Tails

    Zed Packets

    Excited to see those new animations.
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