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  1. the falling animations on zombies don't make sense since they land like a super hero rather than getting injured of falling over and having to get back up.
  2. Tails

    Lag Fightin'

    trailer towing looks interesting cant wait to load up my trailer and have more looting runs. I wonder if we could get some 5th wheel trailers since there is a pickup truck in game.
  3. Tails


    I support this idea.
  4. 1188. Squishing insects off of plant crops as an alternative so you dont need to use the pesticide sprays. 1199. Naturally spawned insecticide sprays and mildew spays instead of just empty spray cans.
  5. 1183. Stones should be required to make a campfire circle.
  6. Tails

    New High Score

    love the camping zed scenes I cannot wait to find these locations and I also like those gun attachments visuals.
  7. Tails

    Half Termdoid

    I do like those attachments cant wait to make my guns much better.
  8. - Military checkpoint and roadblock zed scenes. another way to obtain some military clothing and bags without having to go to the government facility. - Quarantine areas for zombies with hazmat suits and patients - Helicopter crash sites ranging from a police helicopter to a military.
  9. unless the devs add diesel fuel for those trucks then it could work.
  10. Zombies do like to clip through each other when i hit the zombie that is in the front of the pack.
  11. it would be cool to have some Swampy areas in PZ.
  12. 1156. Plantain should be used to help heal other injuries that break the skin like scratches and lacerations since this is what plantain healing IRL.
  13. Tails


    Very cool exercising and fog looks very nice cant wait to see this get added. :)
  14. Tails

    Shoving off

    Louisville is looking pretty cool I cant wait to explore this new city.
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