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  1. A feedback thread on the favorite vehicle you like driving in PZ
  2. I like fishing since it very easy and has no real challenge even with the wooden spear and also with fishing rod since finding worms isnt a challenge event with digging in the same spot to collect enough worms.
  3. 773 - More kinds of crops to grow like Lettuce, Leeks, Watermelon, eggplant, onions, peas, Zucchini, corn and bell peppers. 774- Water melon chunks used in a fruit salad recipe. 775- Potatoes spawning in fridges and produce bins loot tables around the map instead of just farming. 776- Avocado is a fruit not a vegetable. 777- Transmissions and radiators as a type of car part. 778- uninstalling and installing cars heater . 779- Toilet water should be tainted to where you will need to boil it. 180- Traffic pileups should have wrecked cars models, more workable cars to loot, siphon gas as well as car parts to salvage instead of mostly bunted out cars.
  4. Raw fish not labled Dangerously Uncooked

    the wiki states that uncooked fish fillet food can make you sick. https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Fish_Fillet
  5. Build 39.67.5 something I have noticed when going fishing. looking at the fish I caught doesn't seem to be dangerously uncooked at all. this is happens with the fish and fillets.
  6. Horn queue can make you stuck

    car horns in PZ are dont sound that great at all and sound very bland. holding down the horn button causes a static noise I hear.
  7. These food items also dont seem to found at all in the food loot tables. -Potatoes are not found in produce bins and fridges. just grown only. Even though the wiki mentioned that it can be found in fridges and produce bins -Modjeksa https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Modjeska
  8. Bird Traps Not Working

    The bird traps seem to work for me since I place my bird traps on the roofs of buildings to avoid zombies from destroying the trap and as well as preventing zombies eating my trapped animal.
  9. Major Buildings Request Thread

    some other buildings ideas to request are. -Auto Repair shop in March ridge - Major Brand car Dealerships like Dash. Chevalier, Franklin, Mercia Lang ect - Casino locations ( hopefully Louisville) - Nigh clubs - More Gun store locations other than West Point and Valley Station - Military Base - random Quarantine zones - fire watch tower - airport
  10. Wrench and lug wrench as a wepons.

    An L shaped tire iron would be a good use for a weapon lug wrench alternative and have same function as a X shape lug wrench that is currently in the game. Depending on the size of the wrench that is already in PZ it might not do much damage unless it bigger and heavier.
  11. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    The auto shop in Rosewood was the one I was at. as for those vehicles the Dash Rancher and Franklin All terrain could use more higher spawn zones since there not luxury vehicles unlike those sports cars.
  12. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    been looking at the spawn rate of vehicles so far these are the vehicle that are quite rare to find. -Franklin All terrain - Dash Rancher - Chevalier Primani - Dash Elite - Chevalier Cosette - Mercia Lang 4000 I feel like there should be more locations to spawn other than the 2 story houses and have them spawn in parking lots anywhere on the map. (Even though the Chevalier Cosette that spawns in the parking lot of that bar in riverside) Car parts in the auto shops seem to not have these kind of car parts - mufflers -Trunk lids - vehicle Hoods - Engine parts -Wind shields
  13. Major Buildings Request Thread

    there are not these kind of building I will list. -Park Rangers Station -Department Of Motor Vehicle (DMV) -Sports Stadium -Doughnut shops - Government buildings like FBI/ CIA, science labs, ect - Museums -Drive In movie theater - Jailhouse - parking garages
  14. Build 39: Vehicles released!

    Right now you can only recharge battery if you leave the engine running.
  15. tree wind

    possibly with animations in the future.