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  1. I started a new game a few minutes ago, survival mode, vehicles enabled, turned mods off. Took some sleeping pills and went to sleep when moderately tired, game crashed like Shinjitsu's. I'll attach my console. console.txt
  2. I've had issues with 1, 6, and 9 also. Most of my containers seem to only want to spawn books or closet items. On the bright side, my personal library is complete. Refrigerators, dressers, wardrobes, and crates are still spawning the correct loot. I've also been unable to remove glass from some broken windows. I can't turn on the car while asleep but I can activate other options, like the A/C, on the menu while sleeping. The cars are really easy to control and I really like the radial menu. As a suggestion, I think it would be cool if there was resistance (for at least
  3. Nevermind, I fixed it by enabling my mods in both "mods" and "workshopItems".
  4. I can't seem to get mods to work on my server.
  5. Yeah, wasn't sure if you'd already seen that list. Figured I'd post it anyways. It's possible it is out of date though sorry I couldn't help more!
  6. RingoD123 put out a full list of current room definitons a little while back, hope this helps! Right Here
  7. My feelings regarding the challenges -
  8. I wait to find out if I'm actually infected, but since I usually play with the "hypochondriac" and "prone to illness" traits it almost always results in an infection. At that point, I drop everything on my person for the next character to find. Then I proceed to run into a large horde... in my undergarments.
  9. I could imagine one reason water in containers (at least uncovered containers) would "go bad": Insects and parasites. At least here in Pennsylvania, if you leave water uncovered outdoors for so much as a day you can expect to find mosquito larvae, among other things, swimming in it the next morning. From what I've seen this also applies to lakes, rivers, ponds etc. especially in areas where the water is still. This definitely applies in spring and summer, but I'm not sure about the winter. I'd imagine there are some parasites that would remain dormant during this time. Granted, nobody would
  10. Really cool so far, haven't had a chance to explore everything as I just installed it this morning. Noticed one little thing though: the sprite that displays for "Hairspray" is actually a hairdryer. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this mod, so I'll keep playing with it and let you know if I find anything else! Thanks a bunch!
  11. Figured out that it occurs in any container recognized as an oven. A pot of dirty water can be placed inside and then removed to give another full pot of water. The new pot of water has the option to "pour on ground" which results in a drainable full pot of dirty water. This can be done an infinite amount of times, resulting in an infinite water/cooking pot exploit. This also applies to microwaves, but doesn't apply when using a clean pot of water.
  12. Really great! I'm liking it so far but I did run into a few problems. Boiling the water doesn't seem to work in a campfire (at least not with a pot). It does work in a silver grill, which I'm guessing is because it's recognized as an "oven". I also somehow managed to get 2 pots of dirty water. I'm not sure how/where that happened but I'll try to reproduce it and let you know.
  13. Not sure if this is correct or not (main reason why I haven't posted it in the tracker) but are the sprites for cabbages and broccoli mixed up? Can't seem to get the image to work, so here's the link to the steam screenshot. The broccoli plant is closest to the barrels and the cabbage plant is closest to the shed on the lower left.
  14. Locked framerate is set to 30. I'm playing a new sandbox game (started today with build 30.8) with proper zombies set, everything unchanged except for day length, which I set to 2 hours. No mods at the moment. My character's stats are Strong, Athletic, Short Sighted, Light Drinker, Prone to Illness, and Hypochondriac. I've managed to kill 22 zombies on the first day using a baseball bat. I'm not certain, but I think windows are a bigger threat . There were two zombies I was able to kill while moderately exhausted, one shambler and on fast shambler, though I haven't tried to kill more as
  15. My inner hypochondriac is very excited!
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