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  1. not a big problem but the sandbox setting of "never lock cars" doesnt work. there are alwys cars that are completely locked
  2. in this latest verison i always get a small lock up (game freezes) whenever a car/car event is drawn. so if im zooming down the road and the game locks up for a second - i immediatley slow down as there is always a car event coming up. i dont crash into wrecked cars, police blocades etc as i know when they are going to appear. the odd lockup/freeze is fine (its beta after all) - but since its always before a car event its taken some of the suprise/fun out. this isnt a moan - hopefully that will get sorted.
  3. Hi, bug: When i click Drop from an equipped backpack it unpacks instead. it came in one or two versions ago and is still there. (i do have the cheat mod installed though). Items: I have started 3 or 4 new games all with abundant loot Garbage bags - very hard to find now. I have not seen the spray bottles (for mildew and flies cure) at all. umbrellas - also hard to find. Tailoring: I never know what i am going to get when ripping jackets - sometimes its leather sometimes just ripped sheets. Would be great if we could rip firemans jackets/trousers or repair them (as they have great bite/scratch stats) balance: seem to get bored too easily when indoors. Tailoring is apparently very boring... other than performance issues when driving through populated areas (especially in rain) I am having a blast. keep up the great work. cheers
  4. yeah it was my workers helmet that was wet.. cool
  5. i seem to get wet but its doesnt look like rain.
  6. i hope this is the correct thread for the latest iwbums build. issues found: Pickling Cabbages and other vegatables - they go rotten after a week (also the jar lids dissapear when you open them) Poultice - dissapears when you load a save. if you had a bandage and poultice on - then re-load it seems to go.
  7. the only mod i had on was that map - er New Denver or something like that. And the watermellon was in New Denver.. Mystery solved
  8. ok this sounds lame: I cant slice or smash a watermellon. there ive said it - had kitchen knife and hammer in primary inventory. Not really a game breaker... still im doing my part !
  9. just discovered that if you dont have a watch in primary inventory you cant see how long you have survived for - but if you put watch on then you can. thats quite cool.
  10. i miss that feature - i like to know when 7 days is up so i dont bother leaving the tv on lol
  11. hi just noticed that when you click the info tab it doesnt show how long you survived for anymore.
  12. ive got an xbox controller for the pc - is that what u mean? dont use it but i can test it out sorry im not really that up to speed on the names of everything
  13. does this now work? how do you do it? i have been next to a wrecked car with propane torch, welding rod and mask in primary inventory - but could not work it out. do you right click on the wreck or how do you dismantle? or do you need a certain skill level before hand?
  14. hi - this maybe off topic. 3 items of clothing are dirty. Right click Wash clothing > select all only ever washes one item. even when there is only one item dirty you still get the Wash All - when it shouldnt say all any more.
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