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  1. Couple of things I've noticed, washing blood from clothes requires soap, but washing blood from bandages only requires water, shouldn't they be the same? Also Washing Machine requires no soap, I understand that it needs something to make it worth using, but maybe it could just be more efficient with the soap than washing by hand. Also this might just be a placeholder thing, but the "remove broken glass" action looks like the character is removing the glass by hand, but you actually are required to be holding a weapon for the action to show up, indicating that the glass is actually being knocked out of the way using the weapon.
  2. We really need to make Dirty Rags follow the same rules as clothes for washing purposes, because it makes no sense that you can wash a cloth with just water, but as soon as it is a bigger cloth you need water AND soap.
  3. I don't feel like you should be able to check the vehicles condition while inside the car.
  4. 514. Since we can now dig graves with a shovel, and we have the dig by hand option, how about a hand dug grave? It could only hold 1 corpse instead of 3 and it would really screw up your hands.
  5. Oh Thank you, meanwhile I've also discovered that there is a bit of wall missing on the gas station in the western part of Riverside
  6. Found a weird bug with the new Riverside map area, in this house that my character is looking at: (Sorry that I couldn't be more specific about the location, but PZ map project doesn't have the new map yet and I'm not sure how to get my current coordinates) There are multiple fridges in the same spot, as seen here: You can see them in the loot window, and you can also see a bit of the fridge which is behind the fridge and highlighted in orange because I'm currently looting it.
  7. 464. Make cleaning bandages and rags use the same ingredients as cleaning clothes, e.g. soap 465. Being able to rest and read at the same time would be a nice and sensible addition.
  8. Is this a good place to post suggestions regarding mechanics in this IWBUMS? I was just thinking that since we have a new system for washing clothes, where you need actual soap, shouldn't the same recipe be used for washing dirty bandages and rags? It would make sense since you probably wouldn't be able to was bandages so easily with just water.
  9. Yes, specifically they said that the animation update brought some performance improvements for older machines with it.
  10. Oh wow wasn't expecting that, that's going to look weird on my characters Obituary
  11. Just out of curiosity what was causing the issue? If it's easy to explain.
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