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  1. Can't take earth with Shovel+Sack

    Build IWBUMS 39.XX You can't take earth/dirt with a shovel+sack (Introduced in this version, it was perfectly fine in the last stable build) Console msg : function : perform -- file : ISShovelGround.lua line # 34 bugged action, cleared queue
  2. Riverside - Fake floor, no clip wall

    IWBUMS 39.XX 6124x6716 / Cell 20x22 / 110x116. 1st floor ; Vertical Red Circle = Wall with no clip or No Wall (you can pass through), go on the ONE floor tile and then fall on lvl 0... ... And go for a good old Fracture...
  3. Svarog's Small Mods

    In case some others peoples look for that particular "MoreZombieLoot", there's a "Legacy" mod from Jab on the Workshop (=> ) which is a copy of the original. Thks Svarog for your time and dedication to this game. Hope yu'll find time to come back eventually.
  4. what mode do you guys normaly play on?

  5. what mode do you guys normaly play on?

    Are you sure about that ? As PopulationPeakDay range from 1 to 365, i've always assumed it's the day of the year when it occurs, not X day after the start of the game (i've made a few search back in the days, but never manage to find an answer ; but maybe i've looked in the wrong place).
  6. Noise Maker and Remote Trigger Ranges

    With Survival (or worse) setting, the efficiency of noise maker is quite obvious. The sound is less than a gunshot but still pretty in fact. You actually can delay the trigger of noise maker (and all handmade bombs) if you can attach a timer (made or found) to it ; it's allows you to set a time in seconds (by increment of 1/3/5 if i recall well) before activation. I didnt try to see if it works when put inside any container, but (except for some MP purpose i suppose) i can't see any utility to that (the "on the floor" noise maker is 100% invulnerable, even to fire).
  7. Roof Range

    Still the case ? Yep, that was which make it unplayable at all unfortunately months ago...
  8. Walking through the Garage doors in Riverside

    It's only the 5 or 6th time it's reported since September and the answer is still "fixed in vehicles build"...
  9. what mode do you guys normaly play on?

    Canned food, trap, fish
  10. what mode do you guys normaly play on?

    Nope, 1th of August i guess (1 month later than the default starter)
  11. what mode do you guys normaly play on?

    Honestly (& depending of the start point), if i pass the 1st week mark, i died mostly to the mistakes born from boredom around 4 or 5th month. Population peak day is "5" (as 5th of January), peak multiplier is actually a population reset (pop multiplier is 1, which reset zed pop to a very thin number). Starting pop multiplier is the same as in 6th month later (High =2) and climb to Hardcore (=4) with a repop of 0.2 (20%) per cell every 72h (16h non view). Rally group size is 200 ; travel distance is 30 (on 50). And zeds are active both day & night (and i've forget to mention i also run the "Nocturnal Zombies" to give them some boost).
  12. what mode do you guys normaly play on?

    Sandbox with the following settings Starting pop = as in 6th Month later (+repop/multiplier 20%/72 hrs too the Insane pop lvl) ; zed focused in town ; zeds with keen earing (sound distance follow = 200) & vision & good memory (obvioulsy zeds are able to chase & destroy) Extremely rare loot on weapon & food (cuz probably the 1st thing to disappear in any post-apocalyptic context), rare for others Instant electrical & water shutdown Helicopter set to 1 apparition (next thing i've to up i guess), others sounds event are high Weather = Cold & Rain, plant growth weaker, nature abundance weaker (nerf a bif the Agriculture & Forage skills) Infection, Nutrition, flies & corpse disease, clothes degradation, fire, sledge on Day duration standard No exp modifier, no starter stuff And i usually run with some mods : Svarog More Loot / Viceroy Overlays / Winter Clothing / PumpPower (but look like i may soon remove it, cuz it finally comes into vanilla) / Hunting Mode (no hydro and no weap modes)
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.60

    Last time i check, if i recall correctly, around 20 gaz cannisters, but it was with PumpPower mod (which do quite the same thing).
  14. things you'd say about rosewood?

    Probably the best place to start & settle ; the only true issue is you amy not find a sledge... 1) Food ; alot 2) Water ; as everywhere (alot) and you even have a water pond by SE station. 3) Tools ; alot (plenty of garage & shed to provide nails, hammer, screwdriver, saw, etc.) 4) Cooking stuff : alot 5) Medical ; easy access, 2 big spawn (Firehouse and medical office) 6) Books ; libraray with relative easy access 7) Recipes ; near all house have mailboxes, so, yes, once again one of the best spot in game (1st One is probably MArch Ridge, and you're not so far). 8) Cool stuff to embelish your safehouse ; plenty, even if it lacks some special movable furnitures (wood oven notably). 9) 2 Gaz stations not so far (pretty useful on energy department, or if you play with Pump Station... or for vehicles)
  15. Hard mode: Random hordes

    That would be REALLY great !