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  1. Misplaced furnitures (Riverside)

    Made a run to screenshot the spot :
  2. Misplaced furnitures (Riverside)

    It's still there (not in the great room [ballroom ?], lvl 1, in the corner of the corridor, near the White Lazy Couch, Plantbed and painting.
  3. 594. Doctor Profession changes 1) Doctor Profession = Perks cost reduction (character creation) When you select Doctor, the cost of Herbalist / Nutritionist is reduced by one (maybe two) ; afterall, it's more than possible you get some additionnal formation (or more accurate informations) on these as a doctor. The cost reduction reflect it, but you also can just don't use that benefit. 2) Doctor Profession = Gain the Trait "Trained Healer" This Profession Trait give the following bonuses to the character = 2a) Reduce healing time for all wounds treated by Doctor (Basically, give to the profession a similar effect as "comfrey poultice" [Could be cumulative]). 2b) Faster Medical options (bandage, remove bullet, glass shard, Medical Inspection, etc.) : half time required (-50% ; maybe onlt -25% ?). 2c) New Option when you click Health panel (yours or others, via Medical Inspection) ; "Maintain general wellfare" = Instantly trigger the equivalant of "Slightly fed" bonus (or add similar amount of points to the said Moodle) but for twice the usual duration. 2d) New Option when you click Health panel (yours or others, via Medical Inspection) ; "General Body care" = Instantly remove one level [equivalant points, round up] to all the Negative physical Moodle (Cold, Endurance, Hyperthermia, Hypothermia, Injured, In Pain, Sick, Tired). You can't use this option for a specific target more than one time/day (can't be cumulative if more than one Doctor use it on the same person). 2e) [Maybe] New Option when you click Health panel (yours or others, via Medical Inspection) ; "General Mental care" = Instantly remove one level [equivalant points, round up] to all the Negative mental Moodle (Stress, Bored, Unhappiness, Panic). You can't use this option for a specific target more than one time/day (can't be cumulative if more than one Doctor use it on the same person). 3) Doctor Profession = New Cost To reflect the benefis added, the cost for that profession change from the actul +2 creation's points to -2. 4) Improvised Medical garrote (with some of those "belt") ; stop blood loss.
  4. Many things come to me mind relative to this... 1) Jaw stab is totally OP but... 1a) You NEED practice to master and i speak of some kind of actual In Game practice and experience (more or less if you're fast learner/have good tempo, probably). So, rewarding IG play with that kind of move is a GOOD thing. 1b) It's not that good (as in "safe") to handle a big bunch of zed. 2H are better for that. So, it's have some sort of downside (a little one, ok...) 2) That move is really noticeable because there's no counterpart for other weapon style. 2a) Sure, 2H weap (axe mostly) swing can get out 2-3 zeds in a row ; but you need space and time to manoeuver/recover. 2b) Firearms are just bullshit (beside the zombie attraction, the killing potential is dumb...), so it's not a viable alternate... 2c) Any 1H weap (beside those with stab power as knives and screwdriver) are just bullshit (bis) : no stopping power, no dmg, reduced range... Not a viable alternate, if you want to survive. 2d) Thorwing dat bombs ; useful vs horde (downside ; noise as in firearm) but of 0 use vs a single zed. So, very specific use. 2e) The Firecamp method : If you can call that a combat style, but it"s more related to your Fitness than anything else . It's tied to a restricted & immobile area, it requires time and it comes with the risk of spreading an uncontroled fire. On the other hand, the killing potential is tremendous (most certainly THE answer to any real mass/hordes - Zed Threat). In a sense, i found that thing as OP as jaw stab... There's no other weapon/combat style allowed. So, before branding something OP and arming the nerf tool, maybe it's wise to consider to buff the others weapon/combat style a bit ? Anyway, as the chiropterate riddler (no reference to D.C. implied) says ;
  5. Back in Bleak

    It's probably a bad answer but i call late 2019-early 2020 (based on what the devs plan to do and the current ratio of release...) That's said if nothing going wrong or well inbtw...
  6. About Electricity

    13) Option to attach a noise-maker (using Duct Tape) to other launched bombs (Pire, Incendiary, etc.) ; i undrstd this feel very L4D, but why not ?
  7. About Electricity

    11) Fix the Screwdriver priority Small QoL modifications ; 1) As build 38.xx => Game still take a new Screwdriver (if one is available) in your backpack when you disassemble/assemble something tied to Elec 2) Put Screwdriver begind Butter Knive in priority order (game take Screwdriver only if no Butter Knive is available in Main Inventory. 12a) Ability to reload Battery (not car's one) 12b) Ability to craft a hand-made battery reloader (i'm not Electrician myself, so it's maybe not really possible to do that).
  8. Zombie AI

    Viceroy (again).
  9. Well, it's everything you build when you make a durable base, so not so oddly (from the lower lvl of Carpentry [Floor] to the higher [Stair]).
  10. Something bothering me (or i don"t read correctly your data-mining intel (which could be true).. When a zed hit and dmg you (29% basic chance i guess ?), it's never a 100% bite/scratch. So, i guess when zed hit & dmg you => there's a 24% chance of bite/scratch => and 76% (per default) for others injuries ? But there's no RNG to check if it's a Bite OR a Scratch, so i assume i miss something ?
  11. Going back to the opening question, about zombinfection and scratches ; How "Prone to illness"/"Resilient" impact that ? Could you find anything in code about that ?
  12. After reading this passage (btw, really interesting job on your part with all the RNG stuff deep in code), i can produce a full video of what you describe, happening durint the game. The video is not mine ; it's from the Let's Play of Jackplay (also user of this forum), and it's in French, but i provide the link anyway ; start looking by the 25mins marks (the intrusion is by 30mins, but all the situation is interesting).
  13. What happened to metalworking?

    Yeah, ok, i do a bit of necro here, but who can blame me bout that in a zombie game ? About that idea (related to Metalworking and all the smithing aspect thing), indeed, ties the smithing recipes to the higher lvl of Metalworking is something "realistic". 1) It's reflect the "natural" experience of a survivor in a new hostile environment and his need to expand (improvise) his knowledge/skillset to do new (usefull) things. 2) The higher lvl required for using smithing recipes reflect also the gained experience on the field (tying thes recipes to high lvl [my call is even 9-10, i'm less generous than Zorak ).
  14. Misplaced furnitures (Riverside)

    ANother one, by country club : 2 low tables, one above the other, on lvl 1, in corner near window by 5769x6430 (Cel 19x21). =>,0.10480945206668604,1108.2458770614694