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  1. Zed Snacking thursdoid seems even implied it will happens in the Animation update.
  2. agreubill

    Zed Snacking

    All that feels good and the sitting zeds are fine addition ; hope to see also more corpses around in cities areas. So far, the Apocalypse seems to happens in a really "clean" way. One thing cacth my attention... FINALLY !
  3. 14) Recipe to craft a hand-made Car's Battery reloader (still not Electrician myself, so it's maybe not really possible to do that). Elec. lvl required ofc. 15) Up the loot ratio of Watches For a game set in 1993, the loot ratio of watches is really toooo low. 16) Ability to attach A remote Trigger (using duct-tape, as usual) to a lamp/lamp post/Lamp on pillar to be able to light it on/off from range (the said lamp must be connected to some source of power [ie : power grid (usual or generator's one) or some connected Battery) with the usual adequate remote controle
  4. In case some others peoples look for that particular "MoreZombieLoot", there's a "Legacy" mod from Jab on the Workshop (=> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1363529614 ) which is a copy of the original. Thks Svarog for your time and dedication to this game. Hope yu'll find time to come back eventually.
  5. Last time i check, if i recall correctly, around 20 gaz cannisters, but it was with PumpPower mod (which do quite the same thing).
  6. I'm not sure an alarm is really a "security", if you see what they do in game with any kind of decent zed population and/or zed awareness Add to late game security issues ; it's really missing some kind of traps & obstacles to set up around your haven. About cameras, even if it's not so appealing, maybe the Damien Darkside's solution is not a bad one.
  7. Add watches and cigarets and remote tv command to your mix
  8. 594. Doctor Profession changes 1) Doctor Profession = Perks cost reduction (character creation) When you select Doctor, the cost of Herbalist / Nutritionist is reduced by one (maybe two) ; afterall, it's more than possible you get some additionnal formation (or more accurate informations) on these as a doctor. The cost reduction reflect it, but you also can just don't use that benefit. 2) Doctor Profession = Gain the Trait "Trained Healer" This Profession Trait give the following bonuses to the character = 2a) Reduce healing time for all wounds treated by Doctor (Bas
  9. It's probably a bad answer but i call late 2019-early 2020 (based on what the devs plan to do and the current ratio of release...) That's said if nothing going wrong or well inbtw...
  10. 13) Option to attach a noise-maker (using Duct Tape) to other launched bombs (Pire, Incendiary, etc.) ; i undrstd this feel very L4D, but why not ?
  11. 11) Fix the Screwdriver priority Small QoL modifications ; 1) Still in 39.xx => Game still take a new Screwdriver (if one is available) in your backpack when you disassemble/assemble something tied to Elec 2) Put Screwdriver behind Butter Knive in priority order (game take Screwdriver only if no Butter Knive is available in Main Inventory. 12a) Ability to reload Battery (not car's one) 12b) Ability to craft a hand-made battery reloader (i'm not Electrician myself, so it's maybe not really possible to do that).
  12. Well, it's everything you build when you make a durable base, so not so oddly (from the lower lvl of Carpentry [Floor] to the higher [Stair]).
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