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  1. Question about build 38

    I'm quite sure i'll have others problems indeed...
  2. Question about build 38

    In all honesty, i was hoping that was implemented with the cloth thing, cuz later could also means never...
  3. Question about build 38

    Ah... Well, i assume it's a way to go indeed... Ty for the answer.
  4. Question about build 38

    Nobody know ? Nobody check ? None can answer ? Or my question can't be understood ?
  5. [BUG - 37.14]Error in transferring water

    Yep, this bug is here since the release of 37.14 (January 30 2017...). You're not the 1st to report it and complain about it... But fix will come with the release of the next stable build... The link you refering too is another different bug related to that command. It's correct : you cant sterilize water in a bottle. But you can in a cooking pot/kettle and then pour into a no 100% empty bottle (standard plastic "bottle" ; empty soda "bottle" won't work, neither empty whisky "bottle").
  6. Question about build 38

    Listed in change of build 38. Just wondering of there's also a way to repair it (all the stuff for is alrdy IG) ?
  7. Add "Nutritionist" recipe in game

    Good names indeed.
  8. News for new players who think they can live a year

    I thk my best shot is around 8 month in the old version of 6 month later on build 34... I usually start to get bored and do stupid deadly things btw the 3-4 month IG game (the key word in that sentence is "deadly"...).
  9. Very simple suggestion this time (as i've run a game with Nutrition active for change) : Add a Nutritionist book in game that learn you the skill (as "The Herbalist" or "How to branch a generator" magazine). Also add to the description of this item some sentence like the following line : "Learn to know food values and how to reach the 1500 cal./day* you need to stay in shape." * : it take me some research to exhume the 1500 cal. info (actually from a msg in Steam forum) that allow me to keep my characater near a stable weight... So, yes, it matters to know that particular info IG to stop gain/loss of weight. I'm still not sure you need to keep geting 1500 cal a day, but you indeed need to go for that amount at some point to reach the stable state on weight balance (in PZ world)...
  10. About Electricity

    I add your suggestion to the open message. Thks to you.
  11. Did they add map yet ?

    And if you speak of the new one (Riverside, Countryclub) in the stable public released version, no, it's not implemented yet (still only playable for the tests branch)
  12. Was waiting the "Build 39 and beyond..." to post that. Nice you did it for the 38 !
  13. Anybody miss the Run OST?

    The very beginning of the Run is still in game actually (it start playing sometimes when the game reach some tension). I'm also quite sure the OST was remixed in a way i can't even recognize it's end in your link.
  14. Issue transfer warter to another container

    The problem is tied to the actual "stable" released version of 37.xx (some month ago now...). Fix will (hopefully) come with the release of next stable build (soon[tm]) ; at least, it's mentionned in the info notes of the 38.xx beta. In the meanwhile, you need to have a bootle of water not totally empty in main inventory to fill it up from cooking pot/keetle. You still can file up other empty containers to bath, counter, etc. in the game. Bath are very effective and keep water for a loooooooong time even after the turn off, as long as you don't try to fill up pot.
  15. They do. Game don't offer a specific option for standards rope, it's exactly the same sentence as for sheet rope (could be confusing). Game use them preferably to sheet rope if you get them in main inventory.