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  1. Oh, my ! Yes, fuck'in yes ! And hope that someday, he adds some more filters effects
  2. Winter Survival

    Care to clarify, plz ? Grow slowly due to winter/season ? or grow slowly due to "indoor" croop ? Or, even, both ?
  3. Washing Machines/Clothes Dryers, Detergent

    You answered to yourself, it's indeed a "no" ( I, unfortunately, couldn't give you good reasons why they adds trash hygienes items tho... Yeah, that, they truelly need to do. I dare you to try that with running electricity Even if I sincerely don't thk it's viable, that's still an idea to thk about/from.
  4. Washing Machines/Clothes Dryers, Detergent

    40 to 150 l. of water per wash (according to web pages i've seen) ; yeah, definitely need a river. I'm still convinced that hand-washing is still far less water consuming. Anyway, if i agree with the possible connection idea (the tube thing is probably doable), that need some handwork actually not handled by game (but that can be implanted [Not sure of that word, sorry]).
  5. Washing Machines/Clothes Dryers, Detergent

    You can powered them up, okay... But i wonder where you find the water they need/use (after water shutdown)...
  6. Winter Survival

    Actually, as long as Depression moodle won't kill you, you also can dig for worms ; it's the ultimate last resort to avoid starvation (as long as you get a shovel or trowel). It's tedious but can keep you "alive" even in dire circumstances... I can't say it's exciting, nor fun, but it's a solid way to survive the 1st 6 month winter (at least as long as you can set a viable Agriculture, in some remote places).
  7. About Electricity

    That could works too, indeed.
  8. About Electricity

    These points are solved since 38.26 IWBUMS. Ty devs
  9. Various battery connector bugs (?)

    Works now perfectly on 38.26 (no instant dry, energy from battery is correctly drawned over time).
  10. Light command doesn't work with Battery connector

    Just checked it on 38.26. It works perfectly well now. Thank you
  11. Begginer - few questions

    1) The Mythic Metalworks reviews... Only drop there (see below). There's absolutely no other places to drop these in Vanilla (no library nor school bookshelves and no mailboxes, in contrary of OP's told... It's pure fantasy, unfortunately...) Shed : Counters can drop metalwork 1 & 2 (coef drop is bullshit and there's so many things that can drop there, that's near a miracle to get it there Garage : storage can drop Metalwork 1,2,3,4 with a coef chance of 0.2 for the best. Once again, the loot list is very dense and with some hammer with a drop coef of 40, i let you do the math... It's near a miracle when you drop one... Toolstore : Shelves and counter can drop them with same coef (0.2 / 0.2 / 0.1 / 0.1). Loot lists are thicker, so, i may bet it's the best place to try your luck... 2) Smithing is canceled from game now, yes? Cut with no real explanations. Assuming devs don't like the way it go (or need to much in deep additions). It's unfortunate cuz, more than less, it give birth to a half-dead skill, borderline to useless (except for the windows barricades with bars. It's fun and even usefull... But you don't need to skill up metalworking to do them. For note, the blacksmithing books skills and skills reviews are still presents (even if inactives) in loot tables distributions, so, maybe someday, a resurection may happens. 3) Compost I'm pretty sure rotten food in compost take around 2 months to decay into something usefull for Farming. As DramaSetter says, you then need a bag (empty) but he forgot to mention you also need a shovel in main inventory to be able to collect compost. Each rotten item you had into composter as it's own personnal decay duration. Adding new items don't reset the timer for previously puttin rotting things (ie. if you put a rotten tomato in your composter, the rotten potato alrdy there since 4 weeks won't be reseted to day 0 of decay).
  12. Light command doesn't work with Battery connector

    I can confirm in 38.24 IWBUMS, the "light" command for batconnector still don't work anymore (Light command is correctly displayed and can be interacted with ; when you do so, it triggered the "switch" sounds but didn't light anything ; no specific text in console nor red box error displayed). Let me be more precise, the light command actually work (i.e. produce light) only in a generator powered house (and strictly there : i.e. didn't work neither on hand-made balcony and/or floor not directly tied to the native plan of the house.).
  13. Various battery connector bugs (?)

    After more in depth run, it's a mixed result ; Point 1) is fixed (battery isn't instantly dried). Ty. Point 2)... Light command still not working (see other post) ; so it prevents confirmation on fast drawing energy from battery.
  14. Car and gas station tank siphoning

    ...and fortunately works perfectly well.
  15. DigGraves won't work if shovel not in Main Inventory

    Ok. Then, maybe prevent the apparation of option DigGraves from ContextMenu when shovel isn't in main inventory ?