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  1. Currently on build Vehicle Test 40.6. Tested on default Survival mode with no mods: - Riverside - Rosewood - West Point Only 1 vehicle I've found has had any gas whatsoever, after a search of appx. 100 vehicles or more. Is that normal? I've checked the fire departments, the police stations, the town halls, several shopping centers, parking lots, residentials and everything. None of the vehicles had gas at all. They had vehicle parts of varying conditions, loot of various professions, all sorts of neat stuff. But zero gasoline at the onset of the apocalypse doesn't make any sense... Did everybody go to work that day and know they wouldn't need gas at the end of their shift because the zombies were coming?
  2. The only problem I have here is that I've survived a bite. I don't have the save file to prove it anymore, but I actually had a survivor survive two bites once. Never have I even survived a bite once before then, or since. But back in build, I dunno, 34 or so, I had a character survive two bites. Interesting, no?
  3. Not to take an unproductive macabre direction with this... But my immediate thought when I saw the toaster in the bathroom was not of a bed-and-breakfast scenario, but one more akin to someone who decided not to try to survive the outbreak and take their own way out... (run-on sentences ftw) Either way, great work Kenneth!
  4. I've been doing my own unscientific study of melee weapons and there seems to be some variance in weapons concerning what I like to call "critical hits", zed stamina, and "sweet spots". Having never even looked at the code, I've gathered that some weapons have a higher chance to successfully do damage than others, and that zombies seemingly have a "stamina" buffer that can influence how much damage you do when you hit them. What I mean by stamina is that depending on how long a zombie has been lunging towards you, they have more or less stamina, which I believe is determined by their deteriorating speed until they "replenish" their stamina and revert to original speed once again. At the slowest portion of their moment is the time to strike I believe, as I think it increases your chance of rolling higher damage, chance of knockback or knockdown, and chance of critical. Again, this is all conjecture based on my experiences and observations; this could all be completely wrong. But I've killed enough zombies to start noticing patterns, and there is a pattern to be found. I may simply not have found all parts of it yet. But on the topic of weapons, baseball bats have high knockback, and the spiked variety does more damage. However it seems to me that the original bat has a higher critical ratio, as just by feeling, it seems like I one-shot zombies more often with the unmodified bat than the nailed version. There also seems to be a sweet spot to weapons that isn't fully explained or distinguishable. I've found that by timing my attacks differently to hit zombies with various "locations" of the weapon (tip of the bat, handle of the bat, middle of the bat) you can achieve seemingly different results. Long weapons benefit from achieving hits with the very end of the weapon; short weapons are about close-quarters timing. Hammers are a good example; the timing is precise since the weapon is so small, but a max-range hit seems to be one of the best critical rates for a blunt weapon I've found; there are times where I can eliminate multiple zombies in one hit (fresh fast shamblers and decayed shufflers both) with the hammer and a few well-placed hits, and at least four points into blunt skill. As far as combat effectiveness goes, I think we've all established that panic reduces accuracy, anxiety reduces accuracy and damage... depression may also have an effect on this, though I rarely let my characters get sad so I have very limited knowledge about that moodle. Maybe these ramblings are completely wrong and I'm insane. But I find melee to be quite engaging as it is... I'm just concerned that the animations update is going to force to me to learn how to play the entire game again. P.S. Pool sticks are crazy weapons. You swing them at light speed and they have an extremely low chance of knockback. Yet, in the right circumstances, you can demolish a group of zeds with one. What's up with that?
  5. Given how easy it is to burn corpses, I think there should be something like a multiplicative time factor for how long it takes to burn corpses. The more bodies you have in a pile, the longer it should take to burn them. I think it'd be great to add a weight component too, so that you can only place so many bodies in one place. Then again, that would take away from making "giant mounds" of corpses to burn, but... I agree DramaSetter, there needs to be a change to the way burning corpses works. As it is right now, I can stack two hundred corpses on the same exact campfire and toss a few shoes on the fire, start it up and voila, five seconds later those two hundred corpses are no more!
  6. I remember doing extremely basic cryptography in a Discrete Structures of Math class in college and holy crap, was that stuff complicated. Math isn't my strong suit to begin with so to even contemplate myself decrypting a military message is a funny thought. However, notes from fallen service members could provide information about channels to tune into when looking for new orders if your superior has died or something of that nature. The odds of a fallen soldier carrying around the key to an encryption is next to none, I'd think. That would be the type of info you might find at Fort Knox, but I digress. I have a friend who is currently serving in the United States Marines and is currently stationed overseas; I'll ask him what some of his knowledge regarding military radios/comms is and see if he can provide any insight!
  7. I've found that with a group of two survivors you can easily stay well-fed with a well-balanced diet by simply foraging. You have to cover a bit of ground, and of course invest the time to level your foraging to a high level, but the amount of resources nature gives you is borderline crazy! Sticks and twigs (fire fuel), rocks (for axes!), logs (at high level), eggs (yum!), frogs (a different kind of yum), worms (we lived at McCoy Logging in Muld, so fishing wasn't really feasible but hey, trapping!), a plethora of berries (good snack throughout the day), mushrooms (wild game and mushroom stir-fries ftw), and HERBS, oh my LORD the herbs! Herbs are a non-perishable food source and the medicinal herbs make tending wounds a drastically less painful experience. With the right poultice, you can cut the healing time on a wound down to half, or perhaps even more. I am a firm advocate of adding Foraging to the OP skills list.
  8. I find your comment about the character being able to make their own decisions (albeit in a highly limited way) interesting Enigma. When I play the game, I suppose I find myself putting myself into the character's shoes, a la role-playing style. I still power-game and do things that break the world of "roleplaying" (check BlindCoder's online map, fast-forward time, grind the book/exp system, etc), but I've never found myself thinking that my character has any ability to make a decision past what I specifically tell him to do. That's why your comment was so interesting to me, and you gave an excellent example in the way of describing aiming in PZ. I'm curious: Are people more interested in controlling a character that exists independently of the player (as in, you give them an action and the character then performs it based on situational criteria), or do people want a more deliberate, player-driven character? Both concepts are fine, but the former is something that for whatever reason, brings back memories of escort missions on console games. Perhaps it's the fault of the AI designers, but AI characters just don't function as well as a human ever would. On the flip side, it would be interesting to see a more... simulation-style (not sure of the right word... but this is the best I can think of) approach to the game. I'm not sure if that's the right word to describe it, but I find it easier to think of entities acting on their own decisions within a simulation rather than a more player-driven game.
  9. FireOnAsphalt


    I am deeply sorry to hear of your loss RJ; I have a brother myself and I cannot imagine losing him, so I can only fathom what you're going through. Stay strong! This game and the community it has created is a testament to the love people have for your efforts! Now I'm thinking how awesome it would be to have in-game posters with your brother's amazing artwork to bring home and display... On an unrelated topic, right on Svarog! Community Member of the Month award goes to you!
  10. Sounds like you visited an alternate version of me. I'm always the guy who smokes a ton of weed and introduces people to music they've never heard before. And I also love pizza. K.Flay is pretty popular though, so I won't be surprised if a few forum members have heard this one before. Caravan Palace is also very popular. This one in particular is pretty groovy.
  11. That's an interesting detail I never thought about; deaf characters should have zero ability to listen to the radio! Sure, televisions usually have text accompanied with pictures, or subtitles could be turned on. But unless I'm mistaken... there's no such thing as subtitles or text images with radios.
  12. This erosion bug is present on build 37.14 as well; during some of my longer gaming sessions (4-6 hour mark), I've noticed that upon visiting an area I've yet to load during that session, grass and foliage will be rendered incorrectly. The spot this occurs most at is the small construction yard in south Rosewood, along the road heading towards the gas station. All along those fences, on the outer-most side, there are rendering issues with my erosion. I get the impression it has something to do with the way line-of-sight is drawn, because the only places where this rendering glitch happens are in unseen areas (unseen, as in yet to be revealed during that play session).
  13. Jeeze... I don't want to sound like a "Negative Nancy", but these screenshots were enough incentive for me to just turn off auto-updates for my Project Zomboid on Steam. I'll stick with build 37 until these rendering kinks get worked out. I would have conniptions trying to play like that.
  14. I completely agree Trombonaught. When I was uninitiated to the ways of Project Zomboid, the helicopter event was an extremely dreadful experience every single time I played the game. However over time, I learned. Over time, the developers changed the way zombies move and helicopters operate. At this point, I feel like the helicopter is almost more of a blessing than a curse. I use it to clear city zombies into a rural area so that I can get a clean sweep of my looting zone of choice. Of course, it doesn't always work that way, but the days where I was terrified of the chopper have departed. They've instead been replaced with days of carefree looting! Not a complaint, but I do miss the old challenge I used to face. That's why I think us veteran players (and I use that word because while I haven't hit the lofty one-year survival status, I consider my roughly nine months of survival enough experience to consider myself a proficient survivor) are looking for a fresh challenge, and one of the things that remind us of challenges we once faced is the helicopter. On the one hand, I don't want to try to fix what isn't broken. But on the other hand... this is a sandbox game. To have it play out the exact same way, every single time, sort of goes against what I play sandbox games for. Again, not a complaint! Just... an observation. Such is the life of a gamer and becoming more experienced with a game... It reminds me of how I wish I could learn about the Dark Souls series for the first time again...
  15. As for creating new axes with an axe head from a previous, broken one... Also, I'm not sure how I feel about broken items becoming completely useless once broken. I suppose it would cause the player to keep a far better eye on their equipment, but there are times where RNG makes you quickly bust through two chunks of durability on two axe swings on a tree and BAM, now you've got a useless axe? Crap... seems harsh. I watched my father break an axe once like a jackass (who tries to use an axe as a stepping stool while it's embedded into a tree? ) and so he removed the head and replaced the handle with a new one and affixed it with, naturally, some wood glue and a nail! Maybe only some items should be rendered useless when broken and some should still be salvageable? Not every item is a black/white case of "when broken, this is now useless".
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