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  1. Hey hey hey! This isnt dead! Well, it was, but now it is undead! haha....puns My boredom has rekindled an interest in this.
  2. Holey shite batman. well done Mr. Wolf.
  3. I thought it was mods causing the issue but apparently not, I disabled all of them and just ran the steam version of mcdonalds. Keep on running into this when starting a game. console.txt
  4. Is it just me or are cars not spawning at all?
  5. I am following both of your design routines, thank you lol
  6. Gonna try again playing around tonight and see if I can get a test cell up and running. I think I am gonna start with the smallest town and see just how many cells it would be. I am a pleb and want this to scale lol. At least as close as it can be. I guess I dream of potential for what this game could be, it is the closest thing to what I have dreamed up over about 8 years so why not dream big right? Do you know where I could find somewhere that shows the cells of the finished maps for comparison?
  7. Does the image have to be at least one cell large? Was trying to make a smaller one just to get the swing of things and it seems to not want to load into WorldZed
  8. Aight. Ever since the conception of games in this style such as Class3Outbreak, the idea of making my home area has been a thought. There are so many amazing options, Monroeville and the mall, Evans City, Any of the boroughs and townships in Butler and Allegheny Counties. And hell, to top it all off there is Pittsburgh. Now, I have absolutely no mapping experience and may just be using this as a good excuse to forget about my fiancee leaving me. However, I really want some input here. Here are some Google Maps images of local areas including the aforementioned. Monroeville: https://g
  9. Forget the sound fix I cant even get no 3d models to work xD This is a sad thing with Jab. And even worse that they havent implemented it yet.
  10. I try something new almost every single playthrough. I really have never had the chance to do anything extravagant, but my current character im playing for the death survey has quite the base here https://gyazo.com/54b3a42c13ecd77cedc34efc21205330 If it goes anywhere ill post screenshots :3
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