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  1. Maybe clothes and bucket could both work, with a super low heat tolerance before "burning" and destroying the item while also increasing the oven's chance of starting a house fire (and indicating "damaged/messy" oven or something like that, to signal the risk of fire).
  2. I think no to the plot- my unfounded understanding is that the game will generate mostly random NPCs to interact with that will develop their own "stories" as they go, with a few set NPCs that will recur with their own associated events or something like that. A plot suggests a climax and resolution, but I think that kind of structure would work against the "Story of How You Died" vibe.
  3. trombonaught

    Like, sew cool

    I'm finally getting time for some extended digs into the new build and have to share, new elements with movement/cooking/protection/zombie lethality have really balanced the game into everything I ever wanted out of the foundation of it. I walk past ambling zeds instead of killing them for xp/fun, because they're deadly; raiding involves way more strategy and preparation because you can't mindlessly kill the mindless anymore, but the raids are much more rewarding now that clothing and soap are valuable. Finally coming up on winter and it's felt (and looked) nothing like any other play I've been through. Can't wait for MP so I can orient my game group to this new world!
  4. Nothing new to add but... yeah. Holy cow it's rough out there.
  5. trombonaught

    Thermal Expansion

    LOVE IT. I was worried we were about to read about some boring old DII hotbar biz but this sounds very Zomboid. Bravo!
  6. Just posting this in a relevant thread: possible hypochondriac issues detailed here.
  7. Hey good to hear! Thought my memory was off but hypochondriac seems super lethal. I like the challenge of never knowing when I'm truly infected, but thrice I've died from non-infectious scratches (did not zombify even after letting the screen run for ten minutes to an hour). The troubling thing is I died despite being generally well fed and rested throughout (I always prep a bunker to wait out the inevitable sickness). Hypochondriac seems to have turned into a death sentence.
  8. New problem. Yesterday I could play a couple hours no problem- today, it crashes 1-60 minutes in.
  9. Movement. Is. BEAUTIFUL. *Signal boosting the "no indoor lights visible on a Mac" item. Currently using TV screens to see indoors.
  10. I think it's less that the scratch infected you, and more that blood or fluids from the zombie's own injuries were able to enter your body when they broke your skin. Still, I AM having trouble recalling movie lore that supports a scratch-born infection.
  11. I'd try it with all mods off first which should fix it, then layer your mods back in until you find the one causing the problem. Just played again and I've got models for everything from crowbars to saucepans.
  12. (MacOS, Survivor) 1. Rainbow Mac zeds (and similar problem on player character when particular clothing was warn) fixed! Thanks! 2. Indoor building lighting doesn't work- but lamps/lampost work fine indoors. 3. Shoving zeds- after a couple days of playing, not being able to more than one zed at a time feels a little much. I wonder if defaulting to a half-strength, dual shove would be a fair (and perhaps, still realistic) balance. 4. Movement (welcome to disregard until movement comments are being accepted)- Movement in general already feels more natural, except for turns at more than 45 degrees. After some experimental apartment dancing, I think the radial arc of movement is a little too cumbersome- we can turn on the spot with relative ease by keeping one foot in place while the other swings to a 180 orientation (taking our torso with it). Having the character do a little semi-circle dance to turn 180 feels too inefficient (and dangerous!). 5. LOVING being able to see models for all of the various bits and bobs I want to whack zeds with!
  13. That's weird, I was smashing heads with a crowbar all night without this problem. Do you have any mods enabled?
  14. I should mention too, I think the game runs BETTER than before on my 2014 macbook pro. Much impress.
  15. Overall- love it! Observations and bugs after playing through a day (disclaimer- this on MacOS, survivor): 1. Pants, jackets- only pants and shorts work, textures break on others and all attempted jackets (limbs turn to single hue of green, yellow, red, or blue) 2. Movement feels unresponsive- felt a need for faster initial acceleration, especially when accelerating at new angle of rotation, when the circle-dance also comes into play and really slows you down. 3. Zeds turn invisible on defeat. Still able to view inventories. 4. Zeds have invisible limbs, or monochrome limbs/faces (probably because they are wearing the gear mentioned above) 5. When sneaking, E opens doors but not windows. Is this new? 6. Equipped items- have no "drop" option (unequip only). Is this new? Unequip + drop feels unnecessary. 7. Cursor- Combat targeting seems out of place. Pulling grass, opening windows appears to operate at the point of the cursor rather the plane below the cursor. Seems odd to have to internalize different planes for different actions (referring to the targeting reticle that appears when sneaking/aiming). This may have always been the case, but with the importance of head stomping, it now seems problematic. 8. Lights- no effect indoors? Played around with a few settings, but nothing seemed to make a difference. 9. Blood accumulating from zed smashing appeared greeny blue on player skin and clothes. (Or maybe that's just what zed blood looks like! Nothing wrong with that!) 10. Head stomp- LOVE it. Really makes luring away zeds one by one a much quicker process- a welcome relief given the new gratifyingly dangerous threat posed by anything more than 2 zeds. Lots of good things to say but that list is too long so... gerd jerb.
  16. Hmm question... is this a thing that happens? What's the basis for this idea?
  17. I'm a high school principal, I've seen some things haha.
  18. Love to see this, but I can imagine it being a build 42 (hunting) priority instead.
  19. I think it'd be cool but in the window's defense, these things can be TOUGH. Not sure about the 90s though.
  20. trombonaught

    StreamZed III

    Lookin real good. Can't wait to be afraid of zeds again. Ps- Forget the snarky peeps, honestly please hold off on release until xmas vacations because I don't want to get fired for being late/tired/absent from work!
  21. Is that a bug? Should you not back away and wait after opening a door anyways? "Real life" situation- if you open a door without caution and there's a zombie on the other side, it's probably going to get you. Or does it happen in such a way that it looks like a bug to you?
  22. Not sure this is an edge case, since it plays out in more ways than one (literally any time there is a fence or different planes involved). It IS weird that zeds always know exactly how to get you, even when that involves navigating multiple doors, corridors, and staiwells. That's not just "stupid" zeds, that's omniscience. Not to tell devs what their priorities are, but let's at least agree that it's weird and recurring throughout the game. I take umbrage at "edge case" sir, haha.
  23. Disagree with changing the tone of the default music. Strongly agree with making the cd player functional.
  24. trombonaught


    Excellent. It's been a while since I played now but I remember in SP that Zeds could sort of grab you (slowing you down when you're too close) but that this didn't occur in MP. Great to hear it'll be all grabby all the time!
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