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  1. I noticed it doesn't show body/container content when you are in front/close to it, always floor first and you have to click every time to see what's inside.
  2. Doesn't save here: every time I quit, it crashes. Just to know, am I the only one? Also, played a few minutes and looks like there's more stuttering compared to the previous build. Edit: Windows 10 64bit Happened both on saved and new game in the saved one, for example, it crashed the first two times when I went to sleep, third time worked.
  3. Yes, no street lights also. I think it's annoying but...bearable. The fact you can't see your character behind a wall or under a roof sometimes, well, that makes it unplayable for me instead. Don't mind bugs, I expect them being there in IWBUMS, found some in the past, it's ok, game was still ok as a whole, but this one is, as I said, a bit too much.
  4. Is it supposed to be with carpentry and metalworking unlocked/free? I am not complaining... (except for wired fence, wire required)
  5. Ok! It's about Salads and Bleach. Looks like it doesn't happen every time... EDIT this is the video of the second time this problem appeared, this time it affected just the fruit salad https://youtu.be/tm-roqCdmpo
  6. Not sure how to describe this problem... Put some loot in a big hiking bag, if I select what's inside the bag my salads start having problems here's the video: https://youtu.be/aKnDKqg7cOg (Edit: I have the save file in case someone wants to test it...) Off-topic I am sure you guys found even more, but, well, this guy meant business
  7. Marco1


    Never said it would, or at least not necessarily would. I even wrote team size means nothing, so I know that. Ok for the rest before that. Let me say that this game, in my opinion, needs a little more than those "small" and "big" things you wrote to be a finished product, but if you meant what Devs said PZ would need to reach the 1.0 point, that's ok, I agree with you. Once again, they can take all the time they need for Animations, to name the first one coming to mind, it's perfectly understandable. For me, no problem about that. My first point was more general. Like for example we know they decided to go for the new animations (for reasons that I completely understand) but they could have said "ok, just a step back and do what we can do with this, we'll finish in a way more reasonable time and probably do a better job" and they actually still can say that. I cannot tell if they're doing for the money or any other reason, maybe just pride, no idea, anyway...What I said makes sense if you believe time is an issue. I think it's safe to say Devs' "pace" overshadows all the good things they are doing, at some point that affects their reputation (they may or may not care about this, not my problem) and, probably, credibility. And leads to negative reviews. It's not what I want, but at this point I am not sure dragging this too long is the best possible option, even when done with the best intentions. That was what I was trying to discuss with my first post and tried to explain with the other ones. Like you I'd prefer to see a complete game for sure, no doubts about that. I accept that, not that not accepting it would change things, but I am perfectly fine with that. Actually I respect the fact after all this time they're still trying to deliver and often bother to post and explain. Once again, that won't make me look at things differently or go in denial mode like some other users. @kirrus I wasn't complaining, but, ok, I understand your point. I think there's way worse in life than some people complaining about NPCs or Animations, but it's easy to understand when you're working and probably doing your best that isn't exactly what you want to hear. Thanks for your reply. @Erkinwine Not matter how hard you try to make me look like a troll, it won't happen and now that we're at it...Grow up, it's for your own good. That's why I can't take you seriously, sorry. So something becomes good/efficient/worth because you like/enjoy it? Your logic is astounding. I like what they're trying to achieve with Project Zomboid and I play it to see in what direction they're going, to test new features and helping looking for bugs. Replay-ability? Who's even thinking or talking about this? And by the way, I am not sure what it means in an incomplete game. Bored? Why? Who's bored and when did I say that? Oh, wait, no no, please don't write to me anymore, after this I had enough. Hey, stop there Sherlock. I said robbed because you said tomorrow and the sense was it would have never meant they never had the intention to finish their game, but only take the money. I could have used "fooled" but sounded a bit too strong and wrong considering money involved, but it's ok in the sense they said they would deliver. And once again, you said: TOMORROW. The rest you read into that is your imagination, not my words. Yes, with Early Access you buy that game as it is at the moment you're buying, but I am not complaining about the game as it is now, it's incomplete and I know very well, actually I am not even complaining, I was only talking about the current situation of development and about things to come, so...what do you want from me? I am, for sure I don't need you to tell me this. Yes, bitching right, because you say so. This game is early access for a reason and no matter what you say, I can still play to test a feature without having lots of fun like you're having. Considering at the moment there's no late game (not even mid) and after 3-4 weeks in-game game's not throwing anything at you anymore and you're set to grinding part until you reach the stats to test all existing features (or new features if they exist), I am not sure what you're talking about, I mean you could watch for hours a white wall and call it good value because it's free entertainment, your choice or stare at the popsicle stick for hours remembering how good that popsicle was, looks like something you would enjoy as well. But please don't drag me into your idea of entertainment. After the first 2 in-game months stage (but it could take a little more if you take it slow) you just have to "work" to test new and old features, for bugs, in a game that is essentially over, unless you give yourself goals and it becomes more a grinding quest (which is totally fine in this kind of game) to check the features while enjoying your farm. Yes, that's what I paid for, if that was the "final version" with no further updates, probably you would have been the only one buying it anyway 3 years ago, because you seem to be that kind of person. Because, after all, this is the funny part, I was/am the one trusting TIS could deliver, while you're just one guy playing with an incomplete game, just because you have some time to waste. At this point I was just saying after 6 years and 3 from steam release, I would understand them looking for a way out, maybe with a step back giving up some of the ideas they had for PZ in order to move on and be more productive... Not that it's what I want, but it's a point where this would be understandable and that's all my post was about. And unlike you I couldn't care less about when Animations will be released... I consider the whole $10/hours of fun really stupid, but feel free to value things for their cost and the enjoyment you take from them instead of talking about what they're supposed to do, from your words I assume that cucumber must have been your best purchase ever! Now, please, leave me alone! Hope I explained myself, now please don't quote me anymore, if possible. For sure the last thing I want is to write another line in this thread! @kirrus and @Butter Bot Thanks for your time.
  8. Marco1


    @Butter Bot The only bad feeling I get from this is from the words of people like Erkinwine, they don't have an opinion, but feel the need to say I am wrong... I write something, a few lines, 1 minute in a week of thoughts about PZ and I see you reading way too much into my words. However I am a grown up, dealing with people, devs are working and I respect that, if I feel you misunderstood my words I try to explain myself better. Maybe complicating things, who knows. "Constantly telling us what you think we should do, that we're over ambitious and should just give in, that there's a good chance we'll fail because we're "slow" or you're impatient and bored of the wait is constantly on our minds and voiced everywhere, as is. " Constantly... A couple of posts, c'mon... Like Devs care what I think or what others think... In case any of them would read my words, what could happen? Nothing. They already know if I am "wrong" or "right", actually even without reading my post. Never said bored and I am not impatient. I wrote almost every time I don't care about ETAs, I can wait, no problem about that. That doesn't make TIS fast, right? That's my point. I guess it would be better if they were all praise, but most of the times even the ones complaining for something here are polite and often show they like the game anyway, I am sure it could be way way worse. Thanks for your time.
  9. Marco1


    Bitching? Really? Yes, I played and will play Project Zomboid a lot, bought the game to some friends and I am very happy something like PZ exists, I couldn't care less about ETAs, never asked for one as far as I remember and I totally understand why they're doing that. I also understand everything you say and what everybody here wrote, sometimes I disagree, but I respect the point of view of someone that bothers to explain his position. If it wasn't I have to write an essay every time I post something to explain my intentions... I should join the praise club instead, much more convenient and less activity for the brain, I guess. Anyway, I was just trying to discuss about PZ development, I thought this forum was the right place, sure I wasn't looking for a lesson from a guy that labels as "bitching" someone else's opinion without bringing a single point to discuss, if not posting a late entry for 'Sycophant of the year, 2016'. You say: "Do you know how many games can actually keep my attention for 2 years?" I couldn't care less what can keep your attention and, really, tell me, is that the ultimate seal of approval? Please, I am serious here, not sure if you are. What's funny is what you miss is exactly the point and you show here "You are getting what you paid for." I am perfectly fine with the game being in Early access, I am just here doing my part: reminding there's a game to finish, politely. The cost for me will be justified when the game will be "complete", unlike you I didn't pay for being entertained with an incomplete game: I paid (play and post) to help TIS finish their game. Here, apparently, we have a lot of bored people with a lot of money to spend and they just want to be entertained for a few hours, like you. They expect nothing or very little, like you. So, for many of them and for you, make a calculation hours played/money spent makes sense, but...it actually doesn't make any! Some say "you paid only $10 and you played 100 hours, that means $0.10 for hour! How can you expect anything , they just kept you busy for 0.10 / hour!" Now, I don't accept this kind of replies as a serious reply to my point, not even as a part of a reply. If you paid and don't expect them to deliver or you just don't care if they ever will...It's your choice! Unless you demonstrate they're doing someone a favor finishing their game, I'll keep thinking their main goal here has always been finishing the game one day, correct me if I am wrong. This is not 'alpha-tester experience: Project Zomboid edition', it's Project Zomboid - Early Access. Saying you accept to play this game as it is now doesn't mean you have to like it, doesn't mean you have to forget you can have a point of view or expect something: I am not complaining about the current status of the game, I am just talking about PZ development in general, on topic (I think). Let me add, that if the Dev. team stopped work on PZ tomorrow, it would be sad news and I would feel robbed. For the rest I can say the same thing: Devs, please don't stop. I love this game, appreciate your hard work and look forward to playing Build 36 and beyond. @Butter Bot Back then, maybe they could have put all the efforts in a project zomboid 2 instead, completing the first one first, making it small, simple, bug free and fun to play starting the new project with a clearer mind, a more realistic approach given by experience, a solid project and maybe with more work already done, but probably less cash in the pockets for some time. There are a lot of successful second edition games in early access, however in this case, I guess, the hurry to get some good cash on Steam prevailed (as I wrote, I guess) or well, who knows, could be any other reason, anyway here we are, unfortunately, talking about TIS biting off more than they can chew... And all this because I dare to say development looks slow comparing what you get for the time you've had to wait (considering the "weigh" of the update you get) to what it's still missing to reach the "complete" status. Devs are more likely doing their best, but it's not like doing your best makes you necessarily fast and what I am saying it's actually really really obvious. About this, I read all kinds of explanations here, one of them being size of the team. Size of the team, told like you said, like a cheap excuse you can't even discuss because someone could be easily offended, means nothing. We are actually not in the position to determine they're doing their best since when we don't know: skills of every single developer, motivations, time they dedicate on the project, hardware used, tools used, external people involved, project manager, working place/places, project details, schedule, guidelines, actual budget, goals in general (like technical, for example using a specific tool you don't know well therefore it takes more time but obviously you gain in experience...) and of course many other things. And we cannot determine whether they're enough for a project like this or not, maybe they're too many, maybe just incompentent (it's just to make the point, I am not saying that they are), maybe just the wrong people...So size of the team itself means nothing. And their best, again, doesn't necessarily mean enough or, in this case, fast enough. And in the end this doesn't even matter, because it's their decision to invest on this or that, do this or that, what is relevant and known is the result of those decisions -> the game we're playing now, the updates we're getting, the updates they say we'll get. TIS didn't tell me "we're fast, we'll finish the game in a month", so it's perfectly fine (not sure what they meant with "have in the can this year", but whatever). However development is and feels slow, for those who care to talk about this kind of issues and it's not an attack or an insult. Pointing that out won't make them faster, but can I say that, when on topic, every now and then? I'd like to remind you, all this because I said something like "maybe they could just do something smaller they can probably handle in less time and better", what an insult! "Might never be finished" is just like a good excuse for failure, playing defence, useful/necessary from a legal standpoint, like "read terms and conditions", but doesn't sound well, does it? And I am not even complaining, just talking about (slow) development in a topic about future updates, even saying nobody told me it was supposed to be fast, what a world.
  10. Marco1


    I am sure they did their math, it wasn't even a problem for me, not sure why you're telling me this. Thanks for your reply and your time, of course. I am aware of all of that, my concern is the pace, that's all. I don't think finishing this game is their priority now, so I am quite sure it will be even "worse" when PZ will become "just" a previous project they still provide support for.
  11. Marco1


    I meant: I play Project Zomboid regardless of the fact my save could not be good anymore, because I like the game, I play the game and I am not one of those that play it for 10 minutes and treat me as a "hater". I never said I want that and of course I would be disappointed as well. However I am trying to be realistic. Yes, a lot to do and that's exactly why I said that. Considering there's so much to do I have little hope I'll see PZ reach its potential or come even close, well, at least before 202X (at this pace)... I understand that as well, but they don't even try... If you know what you're doing you know if you can do it and approximately how long it will take. I am sure a lot of us at work have to deal with projects and deadlines, knowing your staff, their skills and everything, but, hey, that was and has never been my point. Now, I know really well a single line of code could ruin your day, but hey: do you think it will take 1 month? Say it will take 2 even 3, we'll never know if they'll spend the rest of time drinking coffee and chatting. Otherwise it looks to me you have no idea about what you're doing. Also TIS is not Microsoft and PZ is not Windows... And you know what? I couldn't care less about ETA, I don't even want ETAs. I never asked for ETAs. So you're talking to the wrong person. My opininion is just: at this pace they'll never be able to deliver a full game, at least, once again, anytime soon. I hope there won't be a guy asking me what I mean for full game, like for the "simple things" in my previous post. I can reply, of course, but please make an effort to understand my point first. No No, I pay attention, a lot. Supposed to have NPCs? Yes. Ok, does PZ look to you like a game ready for NPCs? No. Not even close. There are so many things this game needs, NPCs are last of my concerns and for how this game is made I guess it should be one of the last things to come "to life". They're too much connected to how the "final" game will be and it would be too complicated (if not planned properly and not "flexible" enough to adapt to serious change of code) and a waste of time to complete them now and change half their code later. I'd prefer to have less in a reasonable time, not even saying tomorrow or next year, than a lot NEVER (or really really too late). That was my point. Early Access, I wrote many times, for me is not charity. TIS are lucky EA exists, they got the money without having a "final product" to offer and, be sure, many people could only dream that kind of opportunity in their line of work. So, let me be one of those annoying fools here to remind them there's a game to finish. And forgive if I am arrogant saying this game lacks a lot of features to be considered "complete" and in the last 3 years changes were not "worth" the wait. Please don't let me define "worth" or "weigh" the changes so far, it's something you get or don't. The part that some people don't seem to get is: when you know how many things this game still lacks and how long it took to get here, unless something "magical" happens this game won't be complete any time soon, I mean years, not days or months. Years, many, more than you would consider "enough" for a game like PZ. That's my point.
  12. Marco1


    Not that I don't want to reply to you guys (Teesee, Butter Bot and Blasted_Taco), but I think it would be a waste of time for all of us. I wrote all I had to say in my first post, if you didn't get what I mean or you disagree, well...good to know. In the second one I tried to explain my point a bit more, but didn't work well, I guess. Let me just say, it's not what I want, it's what I think devs should consider instead of dragging this longer than necessary. It's not about my expectations, but...expectations. If you expect nothing or very little, if you think EA is like throwing money at people because you can, well, good for you. If you think it took three years to DEVS to go from point A to point B and you understand there's a long way (considering what this game is still missing) ahead of them, maybe you have, in my opinion, all the right to wonder if you're actually going to play a final version of PZ one day (possibly before 2020).
  13. Marco1


    Oh, really? I wouldn't like invest time in something that has high chances of being not compatible with final version. Like you would not spend 100+ hours playing while you know your save won't be compatible with the next update, that maybe is out tomorrow. Here I read a lot of people talking, but a very few of them really playing the game for hundreds of hours and I am not talking people playing online with cheat modes, I mean people playing SP in IWBUMS... I know what this games lacks because I've been playing it and be sure it hasn't changed much, for sure not 3 years-worth-of-development (and doesn't matter, if small team, one guy coding or else, it's not MY problem) in a normal world, if we start from the steam release, of course. Compared with when it first came out...even worse Ok, last line explains your view on this. Define Impatient in years, define slow development as well, please. Consider how they're struggling with "simple" things, wouldn't a sandbox for modders make more sense? And may be a more realistic goal? Can't believe how little this games has changed...And it's not about being impatient. I couldn't care less if they want to finish it, it's their choice. Sometimes you can be slow even if you're giving your best, at this point it's not an opinion it's a fact.
  14. Marco1


    I think the best option for them would to create tools for modders and leave the game to the community, they should focus on fixing bugs, finishing the "base" of the game and spend/invest the rest of the money they earned from this and their time in some other field/project (I wouldn't early access for sure). Unless there's still some more to milk from this game. Sorry if I sound rude, that's my personal opinion. I am sure a bunch of motivated modders would work faster and, I am afraid to say so, would do a better job in general.
  15. Marco1


    @EnigmaGrey ehm... I never asked why they don't hire people...If that's what you got from my words, damn, that's a problem... I said something like: a small team is not good as an explanation/excuse for delay, it may be the right number and problems could be elsewhere; when you use that as an excuse it's just an own goal (and incorrect). I even wrote to the guy: " How can you tell this could not be done by a small team? " Whatever, your last post made everything way clearer...
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