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  1. Try WP, above the Food Market (close to gigamart and hardware store), near the door on the right, that's where I start basically every game I play. The other day I started a new game and it happened 3 times in a row. I push them with push/stomp key. Try against just one zombie and push him somewhere close to the door on the right, when the zombie is down press again (or press quickly multiple times). If that doesn't happen after a couple of attempts, please let me know and I'll install shadowplay - or whatever it's called - and record it (I still owe you a video about char not moving when fishing + F4 ). My guess is something related to the flipping zombie, basically there's not enough room for stomping, you push them instead and it just "flips" the zombie up. Worst part is once up the zombie immediately reacts and bite/scratch is basically unavoidable.
  2. Can't check right now, not worth a new thread...just curious...can you still add gas thru a player made wall? I remember I was able to add gas to the generator thru the log wall.
  3. I think it still happens on 41.55 when you click on a tile with the river bank instead of "only" water.
  4. I noticed something similar, regardless of strength/fitness. For example it happens when I push zombies when their backs are close to a door. Let's say you press the push button quickly twice, first push the zombie goes down, but when you click a second quick one anyway after he's already down, he gets immediately up and most of the times you cannot avoid the attack. The only way to avoid that is to press push just once, see if he goes down before pressing a second time.
  5. Can you please check this one in West Point? I can't disassemble the desk in the room full of file cabinets (first floor, the first door on the right) in the Town Hall. Position on the map (select lvl1) https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.7380120091689446,0.26101033439162363,928.6995627732668
  6. You're probably right. With my Big Hiking Bag it stopped at 22/28. Weird...because I noticed it, but I was sure it was possible to forage above that limit doing something. Need to test it more.
  7. I see, thanks for the video. Now I am curious... By the way, does it happen with every other kind of bag? Also, is it a new 41.36 game or you started on previous build? I mean, is this a 41.36 only problem? Because I am sure I could fill the backpack this way in previous versions...(well, I have some doubts now, but still pretty sure)
  8. I am going to check it myself later, but, in case you're there...What if you go somewhere else (let's say a place with 100%) and select put in backpack with already 29.9 inside, what happens?
  9. About this last video (the foraging Bug), I am no mod or anything, but isn't that because the log is too big so the game starts to fill the main inventory? I mean, at least that's what happens in my games and I think it's completely normal.
  10. Waiting for a reply from Mods (or whoever knows the answer for sure), my guess is you're supposed to start a new game. In my saved game started with 41.28 it never worked. I started a new game (41.34) a few days ago and it works. First body disappeared after about a month.
  11. It's just he pressed too early, no bug there. With the aim on the first one, this would never happen, of course he wants more room after the swing to leave, but when you miss...that happens. I am not sure what you mean here, but I can say I really do prefer the way it was before. Now I can't push who I want and stomp the guy on the ground because another one is close (pushing him instead). Or finish the one on the ground because someone is close. I remember a guy complaining a few weeks ago (maybe it was on reddit? Not sure): he was killed because character went for the finishing on the one on the ground instead of the one coming his way. Except everything was working fine and the solution was simple, never try to hit until they completely pass the one down; I personally never had a problem with that and I am not sure why they changed it. Fighting three now feels different, not good as before, now you just push everyone and can't kill the one you're standing on, while before I could push the ones I wanted to push and stomp on the one on the ground.
  12. I don't like the fact that sometimes when you're running "thru" one of them animation freezes for a second or more (the animation freezes and then zombie bite animation starts) as they bite you. You can't do anything, you're waiting for the bite that kills you. Would make more sense you fall, like bumping against a way or just trip.
  13. Tried to kill a couple of zombies, fell both times, scratched one of my hands both times. The second time I tried I killed one at (what I considered) safe distance, he wasn't even crawling towards me. I killed him and I fell just right after that. Honestly, there must be a better way.
  14. Not really reporting a bug or anything at the moment, considering it happened just once after 8 in-game months. I was fighting a small group (hit, push, run away) and suddendly my character froze while running away from crowd, I mean, the animation froze running right and zombies managed to reach and bit me, because I couldn't move. Too bad I wasn't recording... I'll do next time. Off-topic: I never noticed you could climb inside West Point gun store once the glass is broken. I never tried before (after 10000000 hours), don't know why. Near the vending machine looks like you can't remove broken glass (not sure it's possible or I just don't know where to point and click), also I can go in, but not out, every time a scratch :D, while I can climb the other broken window (near the garbage bin) and obviously zombies can as well. Too bad
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