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  1. Hey! that's a great idea! Now this could be done VERY easily guys, all you'd need to do is have mash make is tiny thermostat panel on the walls of houses (probably like the size of a light switch turned on its side. then when its accessed with the "e" key a menu pops up with the same kind of dile set like the cars A/C. coding wise you'd have to figure out how to cool the whole houses interior, but I'm curious if the way that fog reads the outside edges of houses could be implemented for keeping a a/c system hot or cold in the boundaries of the house. Devs, you should deff add this in!
  2. New money art to look more like the bills in the 90's, Unfortunately most 1963 to 1990's bills kinda look similar, And because I tried to make the bills look like there real counter parts its a bit hard to tell the difference between them, but if you look closely there is diffrences. Also re did the "golden" 1 dollar coin to a Susan B 1$ coin because the gold dollars didn't exists in 93. 1 2 5 10 20 50 100 Susan B 1$ ----------------------------- Finished The stacks of money. each stack in real life would have 100 of each bill in
  3. New eye dropper art --------------------------------------------------- Made the two missing 6 soda six packs ---------------------------------------------------- New Pack of hotdogs (I"m honestly surprised this isnt in the vanilla game yet even though there is art in the files...) ------------------------- Based on the Organized Storage mod I decided to make our own art since the mod creator never got in touch after many attempts, figured we can do our own. Regular band-aids box -9 pack- B
  4. Tons of new stuff for you! and replacements! Food : Box of Baking Soda: Can of Stew: Pizza Sauce: ------------------------------------------ Drugs: Cannabis: 1 Gram: 1 Ounce: 1 Pound: Cannabis Oils 1 Gram BHO:(on wax paper) Quarter Ounce:(on a jar lid with saran wrap to seal it) Making BHO: Can of butane: Butane Hand torch:(used as a refillable lighter, only can use the can of butane to refill) BHO Extracting tube
  5. No problem! If you find any other bugs or issues that you don't see posted please feel free to let me or hydro know
  6. This is a bug with vanilla zomboid code, when anything that can deplete like this (Charcoal, water bottles, concrete bags, bee smokers) are on the ground and they get used for a recipe, this bug will happen. Its something unavoidable currently, so make sure you always keep things like that in your inventory while crafting/using them. Hope this help!
  7. Heres the fish hooks ya needed Bone: Copper: Tin: Bronze: Iron: Steel: Aluminium: Titanium: --------------------------- Bone stuff : Wish Bone: Bone cut open: Extracted bone marrow in bowl: Bone Marrow Cake:
  8. @Hydromancerx Damn that's true! I totally forgot that the refrigeration code is weird. hmm cant we just copy the code for a refrigerator and have it not require power? I know with the coolers they needed the ice pack or what ever which i could see that being weird, but I thought maybe just making it a freezer with no power needed, sigh easier said than done haha. btw if were on steam at the same time i need to message you about something I'm working on. its a big project but there's time, I think you may like the idea (I hope, fingers crossed lol) @Sparrow OMG!!!!! I love it!!!! th
  9. Oh this is awesome!!!!! This link will help me out soooo much! thanks! now im not sure weather to use molds for smithing the brass or to use brass sheets and other equipment...hmm or both!? maybe I could make a basic way and an advanced way to produce ammo, basic would be smelting the bars ect. or once you have high enough levels and the good machinery you can make ammo in bulk using the sheets and the proper machines. oh man, more ideas turn into more work haha but it makes it fun in my opinion
  10. hmm, this makes me think that maybe in order to make the casing molds i should add in needing to have a measuring tape/ some other kind of measuring device since theres some in HC already, and to need to have the Ammo manufacturing textbook on your character while making the casing molds ect. i did add for FMJ rounds you need a Cupronickel ingot to case the lead tips in. I know irl its much harder and requires a ton of presision , but I do have to dumb it down a bit for game sake lol. although i think maybe i should make certain rounds require a higher gun & aiming skill to manufacture? ju
  11. now that would be amazing to actually find spent casings on the ground, I actually love that idea haha. especially to be able to pick them up and re use them!. now for the primer crafting. I actually have a chemical recipe put together using the hydrocraft chemistry system, which already has almost all the chemicals needed, (acetone, hydrogen peroxide, Muriatic Acid) I'm currently doing the art for the sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda lol. after using the lab station in hydrocraft and various of the chemicals stated above and it'll leave you with a dried bag of primer ready to press into cap
  12. yeah it definitely is a ton of work, honestly I may just worry about the ammo crafting and not hunting and leave the hunting to the vanilla weapons lol. however my OCD wouldn't allow that :I . Im actually working on a text document coming up with a more realistic way to craft ammo including your new types (FMJ and HP rounds) I'm going to be working on art tonight for the new items. I do however need to have a chat with hydro though and see what he thinks of my ideas. Hopefully this idea will run smoothly though lol
  13. Any idea on when the next update will be released? I finally got a new cpu I can use to record a series and ive been itching to get it started ;D
  14. Oh man I"m definitely looking forward to testing this out! looks great from what I've read and I'm straight up excited haha. I'm curious if you'll be making a compatibility patch for hydrocraft's ammo crafting system and hunting? There is one on steam that does the ammo crafting but I'm not sure if it'll work with the new update/ If not that's fine too, maybe ill work on it in my free time if that's okay with you? of course my free time now a days is extremely limited lol
  15. Had an idea for a late game electronic. You'll need around level 7/8 electronics and about level 5 metalworking to make it. But its a solar powered chest freezer! Ive made two new items you'll need to craft it. the crafting recipe is as follows: Items with *'s are new items 15 - Nuts 15 - Bolts 4 - Large Steel Sheets 2 - Regular Steel Sheets 3 - Door Hinges 1 - Leather Strip (handle for freezer) 6 - Plastic Sheets 4 - Fiber Glass Sheets* 1 - Rubber Tube 1 - Copper Cooling Rack* 2- Solar Panels 1 - Large Battery 4
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