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  1. Same here, game freezes when I click on "Exit Game". It corrupts the save somehow, dissapearing corpses and items, etc... Pretty much unplayable :'(
  2. EvaN

    Cloud Saves

    Hey everyone ! It probably has already been suggested countless times, but just in case, here it is, one more time : I suppose I'm not the only one playing this game and often switching computers (home, work, friends', GF's, etc...) It would be really cool to continue our savegame on different machines via steam's cloud. I know I can copy my savegames on a USB stick and take it back and forth, but that's really a pain in the *ss
  3. Ah yes, I suppose some people would like to keep graves intact Maybe add an option to remove them manually then ? Or maybe make it so only un-decorated graves dissapear over time... Or maybe just keep it like that and burn corpses to save space But the smoke would pollute the air ! Think about the planet, and your children !
  4. Do graves dissapear after a while ? In my game I've dug a ton of them, and I'm running out of space around my safehouse, between those and my crops... Would be nice if they did dissapear, else it would just be simpler to build a firecamp and burn corpses over them (or using gasoline), as it saves much more space...
  5. EvaN

    Survivors Mod

    I've tried this mod during the week-end, on the vehicle test beta. It's fun but some things are strange : -when I take control of a survivor, the camera stay centered around the main character. Even the fog of war remains the same. Also pressing "Esc" does not return me to the main character. -The wife started whining about food, so I dropped some cans on the ground. She was "hungry (33)" and ate all 3 cans, and now she is still hungry (25)... Looks like she can not go under 25 hunger, and will simply eat anything I can throw at her , resulting in a huge waste of food. Is this because of incompatible version ? (Playing Vehicles test beta)
  6. Only problem i'm having right now is a looped beeping sound when I start the game (even before the main menu, frequency is about 2-3 BPM). The beeps loop for about a minute then stops. It only happens with IWBUMS 35.5 (I often switch between IWBUMS and stable release for solo/multi). Except for the beeps, the game works just fine No idea what is causing that
  7. EvaN

    Driving Cars Mod

    Lost yet another character to an zombie-virus infection, resulting from a minor bump with a tree (yep, you can get infected by car-related injuries ) I'm not even mad tho, I'll start a fresh game to enjoy all the new cars and stuff
  8. EvaN

    Driving Cars Mod

    Very nice additions, also the cars seems to be facing random directions now, love it
  9. Hello everyone, I just wondered if there is a mod out there making Hydrocraft and ORGM compatible ? I just can't seem to find anything on Google... Some Hydrocraft recipes require a vanilla gun/shotgun/hunting rifle, but if you play with ORGM, you can't find those... Regards, Evan.
  10. EvaN

    Driving Cars Mod!

    Enjoying this mod more and more, great work, makes the nomad way of life much more enjoyable Some more suggestions : -Being able to board cars even without gas ? No moving obviously, but being able to evade rain, honk or sleep inside (might wanna check the "Sleeping Bag mod" for the code) -Keeping the car immobile not consuming gas ? (Pretend i'm just jumping in to evade rain, not turning the engine on) -Increase honking's noise range ? (for diversions) -Increase car visibility / moving noise to zombies (I'm playing with eagle eyes/pinpoint hearing zombies, and I need to be really close to draw their attention, about the same distance as sneaking... obviously a car with a running engine should make at least as much noise as a running character, and be seen from further)
  11. Very nice mod, have you considered creating a wiki about it ?
  12. EvaN

    Driving Cars Mod!

    Oh, so that's a technical limitation, my bad Also BUG REPORT : That's the second character I lose due to scratching my shins/forearms in a low speed car-crash. For the first one I wasn't exactly sure, but now I can confirm 100% I've not been bit/scrached by a zombie, yet I'm still zombified by the car related injuries (also no hypochondriac trait and no "everyone's infected" sandbox option).
  13. EvaN

    Driving Cars Mod!

    Hum, I can't see the need for registration papers in a apocalipse... Sorry mister deadcop, looks like I stole this car ! Whatcha gonna do about it ? Anyhow, I'll just keep stashing those on zed corpses and burning them once in a while, until this is fixed. Talking about suggestion, how about that : -Make "Car keys" rename-able with possibility to put them on the keyring
  14. EvaN

    Driving Cars Mod!

    Very nice mod, congratulations, but... what's up with the "registration papers" ? I'm having one spawn each time I start a car...
  15. Hello everyone ! I'm having a little issue with this mod, playing with an AZERTY keyboard, each time I want to go up (Z key), my character spams "I don't have a digital clock with me" I've been searching the files and found the right one to modify in order to change the "clock check" to the W key, but it's a code (it gives Z = 44)... So, what's the number for the W key ? I've been googling many sites for LUA key codes, but none of them gives Z=44, so I guess it won't work for the W code... Regards, Evan
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