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    Maris got a reaction from Ersir in Style of icon   
    I made a sewing mod and I'm not sure what icon will be better...
    Help me plz)
    In the mod you can craft bags and sew clothes.


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    Maris reacted to DEATH in Which Sandbox preset is equivalent to Apocalypse?   
    Pretty sure the one labeled Survival in the sandbox is still the default settings.
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    Maris reacted to Josko in Style of icon   
    Spiffo I'd say ❤️
    But I think devs gonna add sewing soon
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    Maris got a reaction from Geras in Style of icon   
    I made a sewing mod and I'm not sure what icon will be better...
    Help me plz)
    In the mod you can craft bags and sew clothes.


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    Maris reacted to Svarog in How do I edit the weapons stats and building recipes?   
    Files in C:\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\ called items.txt or newitems.txt Contain item code that controls item weight, you'll just need to find the item you want to alter and lower the Weight value.
    For clip size you can edit ClipSize value in the same file.
    Lastly, to change the "recipe" for buildable things you need to edit this file C:\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\client\BuildingObjects\ISUI\ISBuildMenu.lua
    In it find this line
    if ISBuildMenu.countMaterial(player, "Base.Garbagebag") < 4
    Change it to
    if ISBuildMenu.countMaterial(player, "Base.Garbagebag") < 2
    I recommend using Notepad ++ for editing those files. Also, of course, I can't really recommend altering the game files, make a mod instead, otherwise every single update will restore the files to defaults.
    Changing that stuff shouldn't have a bad effect on your saves.
    If you need help making a mod let me know.
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    Maris got a reaction from ilikecaterpillars in How to add custom skill?   
    I found a function in the API:
    AddPerk(PerkFactory.Perks perk, java.lang.String name, java.lang.String level1, java.lang.String level2, java.lang.String level3, java.lang.String level4, java.lang.String level5, int xp1, int xp2, int xp3, int xp4, int xp5, int xp6, int xp7, int xp8, int xp9, int xp10) But I can't use it. It exists in the game code but there is no examples how to use it. What strings are level1, level2, level3 etc? What should I give as first parameter?
    So I have to make injection directly into interface in a very strange manner:
    local function inject(u) local xp = u:getXp() local m = getmetatable(xp) local old_boost = m.__index.getPerkBoost m.__index.getPerkBoost = function(self, perk_type, ...) if perk_type == ClassCustomSkill then return 0 end return old_boost(self, perk_type, ...) end local old_mult = m.__index.getMultiplier m.__index.getMultiplier = function(self, perk_type, ...) if perk_type == ClassCustomSkill then return 0 end return old_mult(self, perk_type, ...) end m = getmetatable(u) m.__index.getXp = function(self, ... ) return xp end local old_level = m.__index.getPerkLevel m.__index.getPerkLevel = function(self, perk_type, ...) if perk_type == ClassCustomSkill then return perk_type.level end return old_level(self, perk_type, ...) end local old_up = m.__index.LevelPerk m.__index.LevelPerk = function(self, perk_type, ...) if perk_type == ClassCustomSkill then return perk_type:LevelUp() end return old_up(self, perk_type, ...) end end I'd like to avoid these dirty hacks and to start using normal API.
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    Maris reacted to Okamikurainya in Where are distributions related to loot from zombies?   
    They're all stored in "ProjectZomboid\media\lua\server\Items"
  8. Pie
    Maris reacted to Sanchez in [24/7][PVP/PVE][RU/ENG] New Hope   
    IP: Port: 16261
    Server description:
    New Hope is hardcore PVP russian server, recommended for expirienced players. Also it has PVE Zone (Shelter), several RP factions, and fixed spawn spot - KNOX Prison. New Hope Modpack includes some popular mods (Nolan's armor and traps, Immersive Overlays e.g.) and has own scripts, created and improved by server admins and players. Server was created at July 2017, active and experienced admins, discord support. Join us if you like hardcore and difficult tasks.
    Server settings:
    Xp multiplier - 1.0
    Loot respawn - 12 hours (real-time)
    Zombie respawn - ON
    Infection morality - blood and saliva (wild garlic ant antibiotics help and cure)
    Destruction by sledgehammer - OFF (call admins if you need to destroy walls)
    Fire spread - OFF (prevention of cheating)
    Factions - ON (day survived to create - 0)
    Safehouse - ON (faction leader only)
    Max accounts per user - 1 (admins create additional account for roleplay and events if you need it)
    Balance settings:
    Cold climate, farming plants don't grow if temperature below 0.
    Shorted foraging season: may-semptember for forest food, june-augus for medical plants.
    Cold and high temperature, depression (moodles), toxic rain - hurt your health.
    Zombie settings: fast shamblers, superhuman strength, tough, eagle sight, normal hearing, poor smell.
    Poor loot respawn, no fresh food, no sledehammer, zombie loot - almost trash.
    Special [resource spots]: gas, propane, components - once per game day.
    Extended craft: smithing, weaving, skill books, pills (and antibiotics), industrial craft and more.
    Useful professions: trapping for feathers and leather (arrows and armor craft), fishing for glue, cooking (sugar, vinegar, alcohol, weight control) and so on.
    Faction leader creates safehouse, 40 building squares per faction member.
    Fixed spawn zone - Prison. You should works for cigaretts and pay for prison escape. Local RP factions [KNOX] - jailers, [ABT] - prisoners.
    Shelter PVE zone - helpful beginner quests, trade, jobs, located near West Point [Picnic Area].

    Steam server guide (RU)
    Online players and statistics

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    Maris reacted to B4nny in Neck Pain   
    Question about Neck Pain. I understand Neck Pain when sleeping on a Chair or even Couch. But my Char is sleeping on a self made Bed and gets Neck Pain. Is this normal? I build it when i was Carpentry 4. Do i need higher Level? Do only Double Beds give "no Neck Pain" ? Or is it because i wear to much Clothing and a Backpack when sleeping?
  10. Spiffo
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    Maris reacted to Pandorea in CLH - Russian Retexture | КЛХ - Русские Ретекстуры   
    "Specials" - (generally) foods that are prepared and served daily and may not be available any other day or foods that this particular place specializes in (sorry, haven't got Russian keyboard  )
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    Maris reacted to Josko in Getting bored when inside is unrealistic   
    I noticed for a very long time now that when I'm inside a building my character starts to slowly get bored right away, it dosn't matter if Im killing zombies, looting, running, walking, or reading, my character still gets bored when inside. But the moment I step outside boredom goes away.

    This is ridiculous! I was in the Mall fighting tons of zombies, looting, walking, running and my character got extremely bored. This is just wrong, you wouldn't get bored like that in a zombie apocalypse fighting zombies, moving around, looting or doing some other activity inside.

    I would suggest to make so Boredom only starts if a character stays completely still and does nothing for 10 seconds.

    Anyone feel the same?
  13. Spiffo
    Maris reacted to Tiax in Some food items take an unreasonable amount of time to eat   
    From checking the LUA, it looks like smaller food items (based on "hunger" value) will always be forced to the same consumption time as cigarettes:
    o.maxTime = math.abs(item:getBaseHunger() * 150 * o.percentage) * 8; if o.maxTime > math.abs(item:getHungerChange() * 150 * 8) then o.maxTime = math.abs(item:getHungerChange() * 150 * 8); end -- Cigarettes don't reduce hunger if o.maxTime < 100 then o.maxTime = 450 end  
    I published a small mod to fix it on the Steam workshop, if you cannot wait for an official fix: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1902015925
  14. Pie
    Maris reacted to lichterloh in Some food items take an unreasonable amount of time to eat   
    Did some experimenting. There's usually a good correlation between hunger reduction and eating time, except for food with less than 10 hunger reduction:
    Food Item Hunger Time Mint Candy 2 9s Cherry 3 9s Radish 3 9s Cookie 5 9s Pickles 5 9s Processed Cheese 5 9s Strawberries 5 9s Sunflower Seeds 5 9s Raspberry Shortbread 7 9s Bell Pepper 8 9s Carrot 8 9s Peanuts 8 9s       Lemon 10 2s Modjeska 10 2s Tofu 10 2s Yogurt 10 2s Zucchini 10 2s       Candy Cane 10 3s Leek 12 3s Tomato 12 3s Corn 14 3s Lettuce 15 3s       Waffles 15 4s Banana 17 4s       Pancakes 20 5s       Pineapple 25 6s SandwichTomatoLettuceHamPickles 36 9s Watermelon 60 15s
    It's as if the low hunger items are eaten too fast for the animation system so it falls back to a default value?
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    Maris reacted to ZonaryQuasar in Some food items take an unreasonable amount of time to eat   
    Can confirm that this is happening, without head wounds.
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    Maris reacted to lichterloh in Some food items take an unreasonable amount of time to eat   
    Some (low hunger) food items take an unreasonable amount of time to eat. Notably it appears to take longer to eat a Cherry, Strawberries or Radishes than a full Can of Beans or a whole Pineapple.
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    Maris reacted to dydimos in Add options to "clothingItem"   
    Looking at a mod that modifies a swimsuit in the workshop, I realize that just by specifying the address of the image and having the name correctly you can modify an image using a mod, without having to go to the directory and do it manually.
    I would like to know if there is any way to add options for example to the file:
    In its section: "clothingItem"
    <textureChoices> schoolbag_black </textureChoices>
    <textureChoices> schoolbag_blue </textureChoices>
    <textureChoices> schoolbag_spiffo </textureChoices>
    through some code in a mod so you can put more than one "skin" customized from that BAG

    thank you.
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    Maris reacted to Rass in What is maximum armor for now?   
    Don't forget a diamond-pattern sweater (same stats as a regular sweater, but also protects the neck).
    By the way, which parts of the body does the fireman jacket protect? There's one type of jacket that only gives the usual 20 bite 40 scratch, but I've found it to be pretty good due to the fact that it also protects your crotch and thighs. That, and it makes you look like a character from a noir film if you pick the right colour.
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    Maris reacted to Josko in What is maximum armor for now?   
    Fireman jacket protects 50 bite and 70 scratch, it should protect the whole uppebody except neck and head.
    Also there is bullet proof vest that protect upper body for 100 bite and scratch!
  20. Spiffo
    Maris reacted to Loskene in What is maximum armor for now?   
    Don't forget the military boots, keep your toes where they should be.
    What I'd like to know is if there's any benefit to wearing clothes with 0 protection, at least until insulation is in. Like I throw aprons on over my clothes in the hopes outer layers get worn, bloody and dirty before inner layers, but all clothes seem to get dirty at the same rate so idk. I'd like to put it on the wishlist if that doesn't happen yet, otherwise clothes with no protection and poor insulation are purely weight penalties for roleplaying. Also think all clothes should provide some protection, even if it's only a tiny amount, less than 5. I'd still rather a longsleeve shirt over my bare skin vs zombie fingernails.
    Thinking on the flipside of buffing clothes as well, maybe there could be some kind of risk associated with wearing too many beneficial clothing items and accessories, beyond movement and thermal issues. I got thinking about this when repeatedly dressing and undressing my character washing their clothes, all these clothes with hoods, belts and holsters and big backpacks with tons of straps and slings that would be very easy to get a death grip on with zombie hands should they get close enough. Could even extend this to having long hair, very easy to grab a handful of, provides a non-aesthetic incentive to grooming your character regularly.
    Last thought on helmets: Most of them provide 100 protection, despite only covering the top of the character's head, ie hard hat, riding helmet, military helmet, while the welding mask has more appropriate numbers for only covering the face. Maybe ones that don't cover the entire head should have their numbers reduced, and add a motorcycle helmet (or maybe a space suit 😉) as a rare 100 protection item. Speaking of bike helmets, leathers please too. And maybe an actual motorbike please Santa 😂
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    Maris reacted to Josko in What is maximum armor for now?   
    It seems 57 bite, and 85 scratch defense, wearing Fireman pants, fireman jacket, any helm that gives 100 to bite and scratch, Demin shirt and leather gloves and a scarf giving 10 scratch defense.
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    Maris reacted to loudboomaker in Are zombies omnipotent?   
    Just wondering how to keep them from finding me.
    I was in the second floor bedroom of a cleared house with the lights off and a sheet over the window, I didn't make any noise and I wasn't followed in but when I left there were thirty zombies outside the bedroom door.
    How did they know I was in that specific room? I was only there for about one in game hour.
    This is especially sad for me because I had just found a katana in the room. :,(
  23. Pie
    Maris got a reaction from Pandorea in ISBaseObject bug   
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    Maris reacted to Decay in [41] Lethal tree scratches   
    I was being chased by a horde in the suburbs of Muldraugh, so I jogged through some trees to try and lose them and got a small cut on my neck and nearly bled out within three minutes, the damage that accumulates from minor scratches on your neck is horrifying and feels unbalanced.
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    Maris reacted to DEATH in Conecting washing machines   
    Yes, this works with the washing machine as well.
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