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    Maris reacted to ATPHHe in Help !   
    Mods should not be inside "C:\Users\USER_NAME\Zomboid"
    Mods must be extracted to "C:\Users\USER_NAME\Zomboid\mods" instead.

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    Maris reacted to ohgodspidersno in Making Zeds 'Interactable'   
    The ISContext Lua files in media/client/ISUI deal with all that stuff
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    Maris reacted to ohgodspidersno in How to throw items   
    Perhaps, but it might be realism. I feel like it would be exceedingly difficult to light a molotov cocktail using a match in one hand.
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    Maris reacted to Primal in 41.36 Damage to machines. Is it reasonable?   
    Hello. I like how the power of the machines was cut, but they are collapsing as fast as if water was flowing from under the tap. I did not go at high speed. I crawled like a turtle so as not to destroy the hood. But at some point, my engine died. On other machines, all body parts + wheels died.
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    Maris reacted to Livio Persemprio in Stealth indicators   
    clothing do affect stealth by changing the amount of noise you do when moving. 
    as per the above, they probably heard your footsteps, especially at lower sneak levels and without the proper shoes. 
    the third point is actually really needed, together with the future cover system / peek from cover system.
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    Maris reacted to BoogieMan in Stealth indicators   
    Maybe, but some other things would have to get more attention for it to work well.
    -I'm not aware of clothing affecting your stealth in any way at present, although it should based on lighting.
    -Zombies seem to hear you doing things if you're within a certain distance even if you're not triggering the game to play a sound effect. You hear nothing, they hear "something."
    -Zombies don't seem to me to be affected by things that should reduce their ability to hear you such as rain, thunder, or a car idling nearby.
    Any sound that is a good deal louder than others should reduce or even cancel out the quieter sounds unless those listening are very close to the origination.
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    Maris reacted to QUADRA in Stealth indicators   
    Would it be useful to add indicators of the noise you make?  And an indicator of visibility, how well you can be seen in a particular setting, including clothing worn on you.
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    Maris reacted to ohgodspidersno in Do open windows and doors affect temperature indoors?   
    It's supposed to but a few releases ago they disabled that because they're still fixing some bugs.
    It's possible they've reintroduced it but I personally don't remember reading anything about that in the changelogs.
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    Maris reacted to valll in FORTIFY CARS   
    Hello, it would be very realistic to arm the cars and customize them with thorns, weapons, or even turn into a mobile trailer.
  10. Pie
    Maris reacted to Banjo in How do you get the player's co-ordinates?   
    Simple question, related to my other thread but since nothing showed up in searches I thought it would be better to ask in a new one so others can find it for help if they want to do the same...
    I figured it out, but for those who are wanting to know how, here's the code from Robomat's awesome Co-Ordinates Viewer mod...
            local absX = player:getX();
            local absY = player:getY();

            local cellX = absX / 300;
            local cellY = absY / 300;
            local locX = absX % 300;
            local locY = absY % 300;
    absX and absY are "absolute" co-ordinates (where in the whole game world you are)
    cellX, cellY, locX and locY are "relative" co-ordinates (current cell and location within it, as used in start spawns)
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    Maris reacted to ATPHHe in Load files order   
    Hmm. Not sure if one guide exists yet as I haven't found one.
    From what I've seen in the CMD/Debug Console, the game loads PZ Lua files, then Mod Lua files from the "lua" folder based on what's happening below.
    Build 40
    Lua files in these folders are loaded when you are booting up Project Zomboid, reloading lua mods, or returning to the main menu:
    Loaded 1st:     "../media/lua/shared"      ( folders/files loaded alphabetically - PZ Lua files, then Mod Lua files ) Loaded 2nd:    "../media/lua/client"      ( folders/files loaded alphabetically - PZ Lua files, then Mod Lua files )  
    Lua files in these folders are loaded only when you are starting up a Singleplayer game/save, or a Multiplayer Server:
    "../media/lua/server"      ( folders/files loaded alphabetically - PZ Lua files, then Mod Lua files )  
    Build 41 seems to keep the same load order for Lua files from Build 40.
    For other files like 3d models, scripts, textures, texturepacks, etc., I cannot confirm yet how they are loaded exactly.
    Hope this helps a little bit though.
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    Maris reacted to Misha in IWBUMS 41.36 RELEASED   
    The backpack will stick on hand when picking up a generator.
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    Maris got a reaction from Nebula in IWBUMS 41.35 RELEASED   
    Also it would be nice if a player can fix hood (and other parts except windows) using propane torch.
    And ofc we all are waiting for armored parts for vehicles (including armored metal windows). At least plz add possibility for modders to use armored models of vehicle parts in their mods.
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    Maris reacted to Sanctus in How to play Split-Screen using Steam Play Together? (B41)   
    If anyone's curious you need a special api to use mouse and keyboard in coop.  I'm looking into it and I'll let you know how when I figure it out.
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    Maris reacted to Morbo513 in Vehicles are overpowered   
    Would like everything Strepan mentions, though I think vehicle modification should be quite extensive - reinforcing the chassis and other major components, in addition to different types of passive weapons and armour, eg. a cow-catcher, wire mesh and/or bars over/instead of windows, that sorta stuff. Nothing too mad-max but just enough options for the player's vehicle to be able to be somewhat unique. These would have course make the car heavier, slower to accelerate, harder to handle, less fuel-efficient and harder on its tires, suspension, brakes etc - the player could balance this out by stripping out non-essentials and using different parts.
    That said, realistically, I think you probably could run over a zombie at low speeds without doing significant damage to the vehicle or occupants - doing so to a zombie at a time, 100 times over, I don't think would make much of a difference. Rather, I think cars should have a risk of getting their wheels caught in piles of corpses so it's more risky to use against crowds.
    With the changes to damage to vehicles from hitting zombies, I think cars should preserve much more intertia at medium and high speeds, especially if they're on the heavier side.

    On the subject of vehicles in general, something else I'd like to see is being able to use "seats" for both passengers and cargo, regardless of whether there's a seat installed - currently that just means even more empty space, but for some reason you aren't allowed to use it. For passengers, it could mean they're much more susceptible to damage from crashes - cargo could be dropped/damaged on crashes, especially if the boot's open or the car's missing doors.
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    Maris reacted to uncleseano in Is Resting the Same as Sitting on the Ground?   
    When you want to have a break and remove the exertion moodle is finding a chair better than sitting down? If do couches/arm chairs give more rest than table/dining chairs?
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    Maris reacted to uncleseano in Is Resting the Same as Sitting on the Ground?   
    Does it go down faster or slower than 'Resting'? I get it when you hit Rest on a chair you can see the progress bar filling to show you how much is left for a full rested state BUT is it the same speed as sitting on the ground?
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    Maris reacted to Хибити\Hibiti [BLR] in RUSSIAN TRANSLATION [BUILD 41+]   
    At the moment, everything that is available for translation has been translated.
    I expect rest of the lines from the developers. Also, I would like to translate the "debug" mode.
  19. Spiffo
    Maris reacted to Хибити\Hibiti [BLR] in RUSSIAN TRANSLATION [BUILD 41+]   
    Workshop Name:  Народный Русификатор для Project Zomboid  (People's Russifier for Project Zomboid).
    Official Contributors :
    Translation: Lord Hobotok, TruBlueberry, Narrnika
    Translation UI: Lord Hobotok
    Script: Star (the script is used to work the translated UI textures)
    Translation Radio: LeoIvanov, lordixi, Larnest, Humort
    Special Thanks: (C)IMeowZoldyck, Doctor, Mythos, Whooley, KuzMich, Baby Ruth, Hu_Fu, Nativel, Arseniy_Kotikov, Cores, Narrnika.
    Workshop link
    GoG link
    Well, the fact that I will not abandon the translation - i sure)
    And at the moment - I'm the only one who translates the game into Russian. And the pace of the translation is as follows: The patch came out - I translated. Errors are also corrected quickly, in the process of receiving messages about them.
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    Maris got a reaction from Nebula in Bandage Club   
    Try to sleep on the ground in RL.
    Even if you haven’t slept for 2 days, it’s quite difficult to fall asleep on the ground. In any case, the sleeping will be restless and incomplete. And in the game there is also a fear that they will eat you, which certainly will not allow you to sleep normally.
    In the bed, at least, you can hide in a blanket, and the "monsters" will not see you.
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    Maris got a reaction from Rattletrap in Bandage Club   
    Try to sleep on the ground in RL.
    Even if you haven’t slept for 2 days, it’s quite difficult to fall asleep on the ground. In any case, the sleeping will be restless and incomplete. And in the game there is also a fear that they will eat you, which certainly will not allow you to sleep normally.
    In the bed, at least, you can hide in a blanket, and the "monsters" will not see you.
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    Maris reacted to weekendkiller in IWBUMS 41.34 RELEASED   
    Multiplayer. When?
  23. Pie
    Maris reacted to ZombiesLoveBrainiacs in How to get localized name of an item?   
    try Translator.getDisplayItemName("Wire")
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    Maris reacted to ATPHHe in How to call a LUA method as a response to a Zomboid Event?   
    One solution is to change "MyClass:OnPlayerUpdate(p)" by removing the colon and replacing it with a period, "MyClass.OnPlayerUpdate(p)".
    I am not sure why this works, but it has to do with how  . and : on "MyClass" both act with Zomboid's Events.
    local MyClass = {} function MyClass:new(o) setmetatable(o, self) self.__index = self --Events.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(self:OnPlayerUpdate) -- Error: function arguments expected near `)` Events.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(self.OnPlayerUpdate) return o end function MyClass.OnPlayerUpdate(p) print(p) end local o = {} local instance = MyClass:new(o)  
    With this change, "print(p)" should produce this now.

  25. Spiffo
    Maris reacted to ATPHHe in getMusicPosition()   
    You can use "getSoundManager():getMusicPosition()".
    You can also test and play around with "getSoundManager():getPosition()".
    Both functions "getMusicPosition()" and "getPosition()" return only floats.
    To be exact, they both return Time Elapsed in milliseconds (ms).
    To get seconds, you need to divide the music position by 1000.
    local sound_position = getSoundManager():getMusicPosition() local totalSeconds = sound_position / 1000  
    I created a function that prints the time of the music being played in many various forms.
    You can choose which time formats you'd like from this, or you can edit or reference this code.
    -- Prints in various forms, the current elapsed time of the music that is currently playing. function printCurrentMusicTime(isoPlayer) local sound_position = getSoundManager():getMusicPosition() print(string.format("Current Music Time Elapsed (ms): %.2f", sound_position)) local totalHours = sound_position / 1000 / 60 / 60 local totalMinutes = sound_position / 1000 / 60 local totalSeconds = sound_position / 1000 print(string.format("Current Music Time Elapsed (hours): %.1f", totalHours)) print(string.format("Current Music Time Elapsed (minutes): %.1f", totalMinutes)) print(string.format("Current Music Time Elapsed (seconds): %.1f", totalSeconds)) local totalHoursRounded = math.floor(sound_position / 1000 / 60 / 60) local totalMinutesRounded = math.floor(sound_position / 1000 / 60) local totalSecondsRounded = math.floor(sound_position / 1000) print(string.format("Current Music Time Elapsed (hoursRounded): %.1f", totalHoursRounded)) print(string.format("Current Music Time Elapsed (minutesRounded): %.1f", totalMinutesRounded)) print(string.format("Current Music Time Elapsed (secondsRounded): %.1f", totalSecondsRounded)) local music_clock = millisecondsToClock(sound_position) print(string.format("Music Clock: %s", music_clock)) end -- Returns a clock as a String in "hh:mm:ss" format. function millisecondsToClock(ms) local sec = tonumber(ms)/1000 if sec <= 0 then return "00:00:00"; else local hours = string.format("%02.f", math.floor(sec/3600)); local minutes = string.format("%02.f", math.floor(sec/60 - (hours*60))); local seconds = string.format("%02.f", math.floor(sec - hours*3600 - minutes*60)); return string.format("%s:%s:%s", hours, minutes, seconds) end end Events.OnRenderTick.Add(printCurrentMusicTime)  
    When this function "printCurrentMusicTime" is called, it prints the various time formats on console.

    Here's the actual SoundManager functions. I hope this all helps. Enjoy


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