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  1. Hyzo

    Firearms B41

    Well unless you want to do it manually it should just be as easy as subscribing on the Steam Workshop and then activating the mod in the in-game mod manager
  2. I'm assuming the optimizations you made to the ScriptModule.getRecipe() broke the "Override:" variable in recipes, or it's a concious decision to remove it? Otherwise really great update
  3. Hyzo

    Firearms B41

    Overall firearms overhaul. Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2256623447 Github: https://github.com/AccountHyzo/Firearms Adds several new guns: Glock 17, Colt Peacemaker and an M24. New model for the sawn-off shotgun with sawn-off stock aswell. Now possible to also make a sawn off hunting rifle. This also changes the models for the 1911, Shotgun, MSR700 and MSR 788. Working silencers to specific weapons, including: Glock, 1911, M9, M700, M16, M14 and M24 Excluded from silencers are the Hunting rifle(MSR788), Desert Eagle and Shotguns. 3D Models for attachments such as slings, recoil pads and bipods. Removes the requirement to have a screwdriver to add and remove attachments to guns. This mod is a work in progress and I will continue to add attachments and guns as well as replace vanilla models. Please consider this when subscribing. There is a possibility for things to change.
  4. Hyzo

    Ammocraft B41

    Sorry for late reply, thank you all for the ideas you were all invaluable and I now have implemented spent cases spawning when firing a gun!
  5. Hyzo

    Ammocraft B41

    Adds ammocrafting to Project Zomboid Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2245813444 GitHub: https://github.com/AccountHyzo/Ammocraft To make any one round of any weapon caliber you will need a bullet tip, a casing of corresponding caliber and an amount of gunpowder depending on the caliber and then bring it together with a Reloader press. You can find boxes of both tips and casings scattered around Knox county, but you can also re-use your old casings and make your own gunpowder as well as cast your own bullets if you find the right book with the knowledge to do so! Gunpowder runs out quite quick so I added Jars of gunpowder that hold 10 regular gunpowder so this mod might make the game unbalanced for those who like to use pipe bombs. -Adds several magazines with the recipes for dismantling ammo. -Adds new icons for all magazines and ammo types. -Two new tools with icons and 3D models: Reloading press and a pair of pliers. Any feedback is appreciated! It's hard to get spawn rates to be balanced.
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