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  1. How at least add text to existing tv/radio stations? It should give skills and recipes if watched?
  2. Maris

    Unable to pick up generator from car seat

    You need free 40kg in your inventory. Character can take items until inventory is full - maximum 50kg. So items in inventory including equipped items must be under 10kg. Just drop your bags and most of heavy items and you will be able to drag generator to your inventory.
  3. Maris

    Frozen Hot Food

    Color of background means temperature. Red - high temperature (in oven). Blue - low (in frigde). As you see it's red and "frozen" at the same time. And it should take very little time to defrost in oven.
  4. Maris


    v40.43, dedicated server. For some reason any generator (tried 3 different) consumes 2% of fuel each hour (sometimes 1%), but in settings: GeneratorFuelConsumption = 0.5 It seems that there all was fine at the beginning of the game. But over time something broke and now generator eats fuel very fast. I don't know how to reproduce but I can let you join and test. May mods cause this bug? I have many mods on my server including Fuel Barrel Test (v40.x) (most likely to be a problem). What can I do to debug?
  5. Maris


    How can I get/set beard color?
  6. Maris


    Probably, yes.... I mean, that beard may be missing. So I need to detect if it's exist and which type.
  7. Maris

    ORGM Rechambered

    What is best weapon in pvp?
  8. Maris

    Hydrocraft Mod

  9. What songs were popular in 1993, which are still popular today?
  10. Maris

    How to check if object is valid?

    Let's say I have a variable: obj = nil; Let's say I initialized it somewhere: for i = 0, worldObjects:size() - 1 do obj = worldObjects:get(i); break; end Then some time passed. The object could be removed from the world. How to check that the object referenced by a variable still exists?
  11. Maris

    Publishing new versions

    Hey guys, I found that if I publish new version as a separate mod with the same mod id, it doesn't conflict with old versions of the mod for which I subscribed. Seems it's a very cool feature: only one mod at a time is active with specific mod id. But I don't understand is there any rule which mod is picked exactly? What if I have few steam subscriptions, another version in mods folder and one more version in workshop folder?
  12. Maris

    On Create problem

    Use online services like this one: Test your scripts there. If there is no syntax errors, all is fine.
  13. I mean the case when item does not exist but you know it's id. For example, "Wire". getText("DisplayName_Wire") doesn't work. getText("Wire") doesn't work.
  14. Maris

    How to list all players?

    Let's say I want to check all nearby players. If and only if a player is near specific object, I want to send them a packet from the server using sendServerCommand. Is it possible? Give an example please.
  15. Maris

    Most popular songs in 1993?

    When I raid stores full of zombies, I sing: don't hurt me, no more
  16. Maris

    [40.43] [MP] Microwave out of sync

    for example?
  17. For example: local bd; local function fnEveryTenMinutes() if not bd then bd = getPlayer():getBodyDamage(); end ..... end Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(fnEveryTenMinutes); I think it should reduce overhead on api calls.
  18. 1. Build any gate. 2. Loot at health (hp) of the gate. Now each tile returns 300 hp. 3. Open the gate 4. Close the gate. 5. Look at the health again. Tiles in the middle now return 500 hp. What??? Even more. 6. Hit the gate in the middle using an Axe. 7. Look at hp. Now it's 490 hp. Okay. 8. Open the gate. 9. Close the gate. 10. Look at the hp again. Now it's 500 hp again. What???????? Opening and closing the gate restores health in the middle of it. If this is normal, let me know, please! I'm trying to figure out how to fix my mod "Unbreakable Metal Walls". By now I plan to make a kind of a hack to fix this game bug (or feature).
  19. Maris

    Cause of the death

    This is only message that we have. Sometimes we have info about someone killed someone else (even if it is NOT the cause). What about "someone was killed by posion"? "by virus" "was eaten by zombies" "was cold to death" "burned" etc etc
  20. Maris

    Interactions in a car

    1) Healing. It should be possible to open health panel of another person. 2) PvP. It should be possible to kill each other, e.g. to kill driver or try to throw him out
  21. Maris

    Interactions in a car

    2) First, you can lock the car from inside. Ofc if you have windows and doors. Second, this feature should match common PvP rules. So if it's not pvp zone or the driver is not in pvp mode, you can't kick him. It depends on server rules. But pvp interactions would be realistic. Isn't it realistic game? And finally, if driver stops the car, he may hit any other person in his car. It's pvp, so all can hit each other in a curtain room/location. And more realistic would be if driver could fight during driving but lose control of the car. It may turn randomly for example. P.S. In another topic I suggested a kind of barricades (armor) for cars.
  22. Maris

    Analysis of car definitions

    brakingForce is not defined for Chevalier Cossette (SportsCar). stoppingMovementForce is not defined for Chevalier D6 (PickUpTruck) and Chevalier D6 (PickUpTruckMccoy).
  23. Otherwise anyone can steal the car without keys. It should be easy to pull out the wire. On the other hand owner of the car will waste time again if he wants to start the car. Another situation. Owner of the car has keys(!) And someone stealed the car. Then owner get it back but he wants to continue using keys instead of wire.
  24. Now I have to check list of all players to see if my clannies are online. Let's say there are 20-30 people online and only 3-4 members of the clan.