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  1. player:getX() is float, and it may be 1234.5 (absX / 300) is float too! Not integer. So I think there is a mistake...
  2. Maris

    Load files order

    As I remember, server files are always loaded when you create/join game session. And lua/client files are loaded only on client (not on dedicated server).
  3. The grass is on the zombie but she was just killed.
  4. Finally! Also it would be nice if a player can fix hood (and other parts except windows) using propane torch. And ofc we all are waiting for armored parts for vehicles (including armored metal windows). At least plz add possibility for modders to use armored models of vehicle parts in their mods.
  5. You need to add custom function. It may be simple or may be complicated like this one: require "Items/ItemPicker" require "Items/SuburbsDistributions" require "Items/ProceduralDistributions" require "Vehicles/VehicleDistributions" --Duplicate loot chances (or remove loot) local function CopyLoot(old_name, new_name, mult) local cache = {} local function patch(t) for i=#t,1,-1 do if t[i] == old_name then local num = (t[i+1] or 0.01) * mult; if old_name == new_name then t[i+1] = num; --overwrite elseif new_name == 0 then table.remove(t,i) table.remove(t,i) else table.insert(t, new_name) table.insert(t, num) end end end end mult = mult or 1; for room,r in pairs(SuburbsDistributions) do for container,c in pairs(r) do if c.items and not cache[c.items] then cache[c.items] = true patch(c.items) end end end for proc,p in pairs(ProceduralDistributions.list) do if p.items and not cache[p.items] then cache[p.items] = true patch(p.items) end if p.junk and not cache[p.junk] then cache[p.junk] = true patch(p.junk) end end for vehicle,p in pairs(VehicleDistributions) do if p.items and not cache[p.items] then cache[p.items] = true patch(p.items) end if p.junk and not cache[p.junk] then cache[p.junk] = true patch(p.junk) end end end CopyLoot('Thread', 'Thread', 4) -- thread loot x4 CopyLoot('Umbrella', 'Umbrella', 2) -- umbrella loot x2 CopyLoot('Needle', 'MyMod.MySuperNeedle', 0.3) --rare super needle CopyLoot('Needle', 0) --Then remove needle from all loot tables
  6. I am very interested in how to play if both players use the keyboard.
  7. Maris


    Download Steam mod using special sites like this: https://steamworkshopdownloader.io/
  8. I'd like to see that annoying message only once (or twice). Thanks god, somebody wrote the mod "Disable Welcome Message".
  9. If you want less zombies, check map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2018644411 For example this place is peaceful enough (but not 100%):
  10. Maris

    Load files order

    We know that Lua files from all active mods load in alphabetical order. But I noticed that files in server folder load after files in client folder even if you have only one active mod. Is there any full guide about load order?
  11. The result of getName() is equal to getDisplayName(). But getType() is better anyway in this code.
  12. -- when you or a npc try to hit something xpUpdate.onWeaponHitXp = function(owner, weapon, hitObject, damage) local isShove = false if hitObject:isOnFloor() == false and weapon:getName() == "Bare Hands" then The function getName() returns translated name! It may be not English. So it should be: weapon:getType() == "BareHands"
  13. Maris

    Wet clothes

    pants:setDirtyness(100) pants:setWetness(100) pants:flushWetness()
  14. Ctrl+F "multiplayer".
  15. Maybe you are right, but I won't play this game without working cars.
  16. Use the map to choose a place for home. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2018682364
  17. I think that the mod should not contain instructions for the player about replacing files. The mod should be in the style of "subscribe and play."
  18. Hydrocraft is strange in general. I remember "realistic" pets which are just bags. I remember "realistic" pushcarts which can not be dropped fast. Animals without animations. And so on.
  19. How to find out the world coordinates of the rear left window? Now it seems that world coordinates (getX, getY) of all parts are the same.
  20. 1) "Apply the list of the mods to the all existing saves". 2) "Apply the list of the mods to the last save". 3) "Automatically apply the list of the mods to the last save".
  21. Maris

    Vehicles list

    How to list all vehicles in the world? For example, I'd like to add rust while raining.
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