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  1. You make me sad. All you ask is done by AutoLoot mod. I implemented automatic looting both instant if you wanna cheat, or "as fast as possible" with Vanilla rules by default. I also added the "as fast as possible" storing button with Vanilla rules.
  2. You can also put some items in Z's corpses once you killed them. items they contain will disappear with the corpse over time.
  3. Tchernobill


    Changelog on wiki was last updated for B41.53 in July.
  4. With spears, and very tired or exhausted, most of kills are not counted. Since at least B41.50
  5. Hi, I want to adapt my B41 mods to multiplayer. What can I do ? Will there be some sort of preliminary server that will be open for mod tests a bit before MP release ? Regards
  6. I did something similar for container access in AutoLoot mod. see in AutoLoot.lua file the function AutoLoot_PlunderSquare(playerObj, square)
  7. 1/ Save and Load methods from "Food" Java Class do not save & load fatigueChange and endChange variables from "InventoryItem" class, "InventoryItem" does not save them either. 2/ Also when Coffee2 item is partially used when game is left and reloaded, the remaining uses have upgraded fatigueChange. (the initial -50 is spread on each remaining use.) e.g. Coffee2 with -30 basehunger and -50 fatiguechange is used for a partial use of 5 (that is relative to the -30 basehunger). Remaining hungerchange is -30+5 = -25 Remaining fatigueChange displayed and used in EvolvedRecipe is -50 * (25/30) ~= -41.7. so far so good. But when we leave and come back, fatigueChange displayed and used in EvolvedRecipe is reset to -50 while hungerchange is still -25. So : - Either fatigueChange should be -50 for each use and then EvolvedRecipe:addItem should not take into account the hungerchange/basehunger ratio. - Or remaining fatigueChange should be recomputed from the hungerchange/basehunger ratio in the Coffee2 item when reloading. <= please choose that. In addition to correcting coffee cup, it would open modding perspectives to have these implemented.
  8. 1/ If I set aside the strangeness of your attempt: you could parse all squares and for each of them: parse static objects for containers parse dynamic objects for containers parse vehicles for containers for each of theses containers: remove all items inside them 2/ why would you remove all items from a world ? you'd probably better create a world without items.
  9. Hi, what auto and semi auto gun exists in vanilla ?
  10. on Food you can call whatever you want: getFoodType() isPoison() isSpice() getThirstChange() getHungerChange()
  11. instanceof(item, "Food") returns true if it is Food, and returns false if it is not Food
  12. All's in the title. when you put the weapon in your secondary hand, its orientation is weird.
  13. When trying to explain it I made a video to illustrate. PZ B41 Items are "not updated" on ground: Temperature color (Hot / Cold) is unchanged on ground. Frozen state is updated. Age (freshness) is updated for food on ground as if it was at ambiant temperature independently of the color diplayed.
  14. Can we say you've not green thumbs ?
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