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  1. Cool, my comment on the importance of any life has been deleted. Damn racists! I, as a resident of Belarus, as a whole, do not understand your cries specifically about BLACK life. In my country, it doesn’t matter to everyone what color you are, matter that only you are a bad person or not. Important only life. And as in any country in the world, you can meet people of any nationality. America seems too free. Since in your country only BLACK LIVES are important. Maybe this is the problem? There are also hundreds of nationalities in Russia. And there are even black ones. And no one divides death into colors. Delete my comment again. After all, you are the main ones here, and only you can talk about what which life is important.
  2. Will radios broadcast the players' voices in multiplayer (voice, not text)?
  3. One more request. Make some kind of system that will replace the translated UI. At the moment, my translation uses a script for this.
  4. Dear developers. I would really like my translation to fall into the main assembly of the game. I know that, according to the rules, I must keep the translation files publicly available on Github, but I do not want to do this. Since I will always follow my translation, and follow the reviews of people about it. I make quick edits. And if you put the translation on Github, then some people will be able to make it bad. In a word, a workshop and our Russian community are enough for me to support the quality of the translation.
  5. At the moment, everything that is available for translation has been translated. I expect rest of the lines from the developers. Also, I would like to translate the "debug" mode.
  6. Workshop Name: Народный Русификатор для Project Zomboid (People's Russifier for Project Zomboid). Official Contributors : Translation: Lord Hobotok, TruBlueberry, Narrnika Translation UI: Lord Hobotok Script: Star (the script is used to work the translated UI textures) Translation Radio: LeoIvanov, lordixi, Larnest, Humort Special Thanks: (C)IMeowZoldyck, Doctor, Mythos, Whooley, KuzMich, Baby Ruth, Hu_Fu, Nativel, Arseniy_Kotikov, Cores, Narrnika. Workshop link GoG link Other: Well, the fact that I will not abandon the translation - i sure) And at the moment - I'm the only one who translates the game into Russian. And the pace of the translation is as follows: The patch came out - I translated. Errors are also corrected quickly, in the process of receiving messages about them.
  7. [RU] Итак. Мои планы на следующее обновление мода Regional Map. -Изометрическая карта Малдро -Изометрическая карта Калифорнии -Изометрическая карта Дикси -Изометрическая карта Дрейтона -Изометрическая карта МарчРайда -Изометрическая карта Одинцово -Изометрическая карта РедВалей -Изометрическая карта Розвуда -Изометрическая карта Сценик Гроув -Изометрическая карта Сайлент Хилл -Изометрическая карта Южный Малдро -Изометрическая карта Безымянного Города -Изометрическая карта Валлей Стейшен -Изометрическая карта Вест Поинта -Оптимизация и Балансировка Крафта -Возможность помечать все важные места на карте -Возможность помечать Авто-Заправки на региональной карте -Возможность помечать Известные Места на Региональной карте [EN] - Isometric map of Muldro - Isometric map of California - Isometric Dixie Map - Isometric map of Drayton - Isometric map of MarchRaid -Isometric map of Odintsovo - Isometric map of Red Valley - Isometric map of Rosewood. - Isometric map of Scenic Grove - Isometric map of Silent Hill. - Isometric map of South Muldro - Isometric map of the Unnamed City - Isometric map of Valley Station - Isometric map of West Point -Optimization and balancing of craft -Ability to mark all important places on the map -Ability to mark Auto-Refueling on a regional map -Ability to mark Famous Places on a Regional map
  8. I will speak about the fire. The fire looks nicer and I really like the smoke. But! The spread of fire, as before, looks unnatural. Here is my suggestion: You are already using dynamic puddles. Why don't you use them for the Molotov cocktail? Throwing the Molotov cocktail, it falls to the ground. A puddle of fuel spreads on the ground, and immediately burns. Fire starts from the center to the edges. I would like to see a slight delay in the fire, Which seems to be going behind, behind a spilling pool of fuel. P.S. Make two levels of smoke (two floors) at bonfires to see people at a forest edge picnic. People in multiplayer will think: Is it worth it to make a bonfire on the edge of the forest and attract the attention of others, or not.
  9. I will tell you a secret. The game can be played on one screen up to 4 players. BUT! In the standard branch of the game, sometimes clicks do not work. And in the test branch of the gamepad there was no such error. Moreover. While there is no multiplayer in the assembly with animations, I play with friends on my screen, through the the functions Steam - Remote Play
  10. All 3D models lack shadows when items are lying on the floor. 3d items without shadows are few perceptible, especially boards.
  11. SOON! NecroForge support! Balanced Crafts Support New Maps
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