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  1. did you open my eyes? I'm so stupid, I didn't know it (sarcasm)
  2. Most importantly, don't do everything in a hurry. The game has already been rushed to release, and it is still raw, and the price has already increased. As for me, it was necessary to sort out the optimization in multiplayer, and then increase the price of the game. It's just that my friends and I do not understand why in SP we have 2 times more FPS, and even on an empty server there is less FPS. Also, for a start, it is worth finalizing the visual style of the cars, we are surprised that the game is in release, and the trunks and doors still do not open visually, although we all know what you were going to do with the cars. And no, I am not asking you to make for me a tuning mechanic now - I am asking you to make cars of "release quality". Also in your beautiful game, which has a lot of small details, one huge detail is missing: All objects do not have a snowy appearance. That is, if we put a chair on the street in a blizzard in winter, it will not be covered with a snow sprite. Also, cars do not have a snowy layer, but it would be cool that if we did not clean the car from snow, then we have no view!) Return the draw-artists to the winter stage - work through these omissions) Thank you) P.S. I hope Nasco and Ringo took a rested in the New Year holidays, because the guys seemed to be lived with us in discord)
  3. turbotutone Can I request an update? When I start the program, I need it to offer me the language with which I will work. Since I can translate normally from English into Russian, but from Russian into English it will be a little incorrect. I would like to create a Russian radio, and only then transfer it to translate into English to a person. But here's chagrin - the program writes radio in English localization, not giving me the choice of my language.
  4. EasyPickins Please add support for horizontal and vertical walls. It was really cool and added more variety for us as map and building creators. I hope it can be done, and I am more than sure that people want it. If you doubt that we will not find a use for these horizontal and vertical walls - do not hesitate)
  5. thanks for the tip. I don't really like the eyes myself, although they look good from a distance. I will play with them some more before the release, and try to change them to more beautiful ones. There are also skin color options similar to "Spoon's skin". But I think such a decision should be made by voting.
  6. can you please us with new screenshots?)))
  7. EN: Hello everyone! My simple attempt to make our beautiful female sex beautiful and in game. As far as possible at the moment. Redesigned all skin tones and makeup. Mod is not the final version, there will be improvements. RU: Всем привет! Моя простая попытка, сделать наш прекрасный женский пол, прекрасным и в игре. Насколько это возможно на данный момент. Переработаны все тона кожи и макияж. Мод не финальной версии, будут доработки.
  8. EN: The release of the mod Better Female will take place on December 20, 2020. I want to expand this area and start working on women's makeup (which will only be available to women). At the same time, I will make the Better Male mod. Submit your ideas here, upload pictures of the makeup that you want to see in mod. Thank you very much for the help: Star, PawLow and AuthenticPeach RU: 20 декабря 2020 года состоится релиз мода Лучшие Женщины. Я хочу расширять данное направление, и начать работу над макияжем женщин (который будет доступен только для женщин). Паралельно я буду делать мод Лучшие Мужчины. Предлагайте ваши идеи здесь, загружайте картинки того макияжа, который вы хотите видеть в моде. Огромное спасибо за помощь: Star, PawLow и AuthenticPeach
  9. Cool, my comment on the importance of any life has been deleted. Damn racists! I, as a resident of Belarus, as a whole, do not understand your cries specifically about BLACK life. In my country, it doesn’t matter to everyone what color you are, matter that only you are a bad person or not. Important only life. And as in any country in the world, you can meet people of any nationality. America seems too free. Since in your country only BLACK LIVES are important. Maybe this is the problem? There are also hundreds of nationalities in Russia. And there are even black ones. And no one divides death into colors. Delete my comment again. After all, you are the main ones here, and only you can talk about what which life is important.
  10. Will radios broadcast the players' voices in multiplayer (voice, not text)?
  11. One more request. Make some kind of system that will replace the translated UI. At the moment, my translation uses a script for this.
  12. Dear developers. I would really like my translation to fall into the main assembly of the game. I know that, according to the rules, I must keep the translation files publicly available on Github, but I do not want to do this. Since I will always follow my translation, and follow the reviews of people about it. I make quick edits. And if you put the translation on Github, then some people will be able to make it bad. In a word, a workshop and our Russian community are enough for me to support the quality of the translation.
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