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  1. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    Vacation Islands (pre-Alpha 1)

    Oh oh. how often did the game start flying on this map. What about the remake of the map?
  2. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    Vacation Islands (pre-Alpha 1)

    Thuztor Your map is good. When I have free time, I will deal with textures x2
  3. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]


  4. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]


    Tell me that I’ll see a test build next week.
  5. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    Add transparency to the lines at the crosswalk.
  6. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    CLH - Regional Map

  7. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    CLH - Russian Retexture update 3| КЛХ - Русские Ретекстуры обновление 3

    Update! Исправлены ошибки Fix BUG
  8. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    Ham Radios not working?

    most of all I don’t like that the radio doesn’t broadcast the survivals microphone
  9. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    Ham Radios not working?

    Each radio has its own signal sending range. The radio can receive a signal from any point on the map if the transmission is conducted from a military radio
  10. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    CLH - Real Cars

    Update 1.8 !!!!!!)
  11. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    CLH - Real Cars

    [RU] Ребята. Вы можете помочь с модом. Если вы уверенны, что какая либо машина покрашена не верно - сообщите и прикрепите изображение. Спасибо ребята) P.S. Следущие авто ФОССОИЛ. Нужно подумать) [EN] Guys. You can help with the mod. If you are sure that any car is painted not correctly - inform and attach the image. Thanks guys) P.S. Next car Fossoil) I need to think)
  12. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    CLH - Real Cars

    Update 1.7
  13. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    NecroForge [Item Spawner & Utility]

    Hello!) Thank you for your mod. It is intuitive, good and all that. But what about localization support?) The mod is simple and straightforward. But I like to see my native language This is not to mention the more familiar search for items in their native language)
  14. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    CLH - Real Cars

  15. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    CLH - Real Cars

    [EN] Hello! I decided to make more realistic retextures for vanilla machines. I decided to create a mods theme on the forum, maybe someone is more comfortable. Work is still ongoing!) [RU] Всем привет! Я решил сделать более реалистичные ретекстуры для ванильных машин. Решил создать тему мода на форуме, возможно кому то так удобнее. Работа все еще продолжается!) Мод тут | Mod Here