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  1. I will tell you a secret. The game can be played on one screen up to 4 players. BUT! In the standard branch of the game, sometimes clicks do not work. And in the test branch of the gamepad there was no such error. Moreover. While there is no multiplayer in the assembly with animations, I play with friends on my screen, through the the functions Steam - Remote Play
  2. All 3D models lack shadows when items are lying on the floor. 3d items without shadows are few perceptible, especially boards.
  3. where is the gamepads support? Т_Т
  4. SOON! NecroForge support! Balanced Crafts Support New Maps
  5. [EN] Hello dear developers. For a month now I have been enjoying 41 builds of the game, and I admire animations. And every time I open the character panel, I want to see sharper shadows, and a background image. I assume that due to the low polygons of the model this is not possible, But what if a more detailed model is used in the character’s window? Like in the portraits window in WarCraft 3. I understand that this is an additional waste of resources, but I think the idea is good, and many will like it + this will not affect performance, because the character window will have a separate model from the game. Also about the background image. You can also make it not static, but so that we rotate the character, and rotate the picture. And I can offer an option with a picture + 3D models. [RU] Здравствуйте уважаемые разработчики. Уже как месяц я наслаждаюсь 41 сборкой игры, и не могу налюбоваться анимациями. И каждый раз когда я открываю панель персонажа, мне хочется увидеть более резкие тени, и фоновое изображение. Я предполагаю что из-за низких полигонов модели это невозможно, Но что если в окне персонажа использовать более детализированную модель? Как в окне-портретов в WarCraft 3. Я понимаю что это дополнительная трата ресурсов, но думаю идея хороша, и многим понравится + это не будет влиять на производительность, ибо в окне персонажа будет отдельная модель от игры. Также по поводу фоновой картинки. Можно её сделать также не статичной, а чтобы мы вращая персонажа, поворачивали и картинку. А еще вариант могу предложить с картинкой + 3д моделями.
  6. SOON UPDATE! New and updated map of the Region!!! And many other maps!
  7. Also, there is a bug in translation when improving walls. He was even in the 40th build
  8. I am doing my translation, and 2 patches for version 41 have already been released, but some translation lines are missing
  9. Very often, sitting zombies appear right behind their my back on the street against the walls =/ And now everything is much cooler. I entered the house through the door. I checked the toilet. There were no zombies. Im went into the kitchen, turned and:
  10. If our hero is ordered to eat food, and while eating take items from the container. You can not wait for the animation to complete and run away from home, the items themselves are teleported into inventory. Video here: https://yadi.sk/i/0Y2ovJgcGeFRjQ
  11. I noticed several bugs: 1. After death, if you load the game, you will not find objects on the floor (I lost the car key and clothes with a bag). 2. When you click to download the game, in the list of games you see the wrong image. And also, it happens that the game loads where you were an hour ago. 3. If you open window from inside the house, the window may be locked (our character is inside the house)
  12. [EN] At first, I was furious about the new battle system. But after playing the game for a couple of hours, I got used to the baseball bat, and now I calmly fight with groups of zombies no more than five pieces. BUT! I only got used to it with a baseball bat) I don’t know why, but with other weapons it’s more difficult to act. Also, at first I was not used to the fact that the hero can hit and push in movement. That is what opened my eyes to the combat system. (Who cares how to kill a zombie with a baseball bat in three clicks of a button: 1.Hit, 2.Push (zombie falls), 3.Stay on chest to hit the head = dead zombie.) I hope you will not simplify the game, but only do balancing (the impressions of other weapons are very strange, although then there were the first minutes in the game).
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