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  1. Be happy to answer that question as best I can! The reason for picking stout again would be so you can get yet another +2 to strength. So if you have a lumberjack and you take stout, you will get the +1 from the occupation, and also the +2 from the trait. That'll bump up a default strength character to level 8 strength, increasing your melee damage and carry weight even more. Taking the question a step further, if you take strong as a Lumberjack you will get maximum strength at level 10, which gives you the highest melee damage and carry weight possible in the game.
  2. Lumberjacks get a +1 to strength, and if your character's total strength is above level five they're considered stout and get the trait. Fire Officers get the same thing along with a +1 to fitness, which gives them fit and stout traits if there are no other traits that modify fitness and strength.
  3. All traps except the wire cage trap just drop wooden scrap, which isn't much of a problem. However, removing a wire cage trap drops a full spool of wire, allowing you to get an unlimited amount of wire.
  4. I actually did not know that both magazines and the skill levels were necessary. I thought it was just one or the other. Thanks for clarifying.
  5. I remember that before hunters were able to craft all the trap recipes, just like a Park Ranger. However, as shown in the attached screenshot, it doesn't seem possible for them to craft a trap box now (at least not before getting level 2 in trapping and level 1 in carpentry). All mods were disabled so I could be sure it wasn't caused by any conflicts. Please let me know if any further information is required, or if maybe I missed something. Thanks!
  6. Hmmm... maybe this is more of a case that certain other professions could be updated to stand out more, rather than that these professions are necessarily unbalanced? I've played games using these professions, and I would definitely agree that Lumberjack is a potent profession if you want to brawl with the zombies (arguably the best), especially because of the axe man trait. But I think part of the problem is that there is no profession yet that offers any skill points (or special traits) for spear, long blade, or long blunt. I think a better long-term solution would be to wait for a profession overhaul where more weapon types have professions with bonuses, rather than just nerfing Lumberjack and Fireman in the present. I say this because we still have a state of balance with professions where carpentry is the obvious superior choice to metalworking in terms of utility and variety of constructions, yet Metalworker costs more points to chose than Carpenter and gets no bonuses to a weapon type. At some point once combat has been pretty well ironed out in the animations build, hopefully a profession revamp with more weapon type bonuses will be somewhere down the pipeline.
  7. I can't wait to be able to actually knock some zombies over while sprinting, instead of just tripping and falling over. Hopefully at some point like OP said, there will also be zombie variants missing one or multiple limbs, as well as a chance to dismember zombies when attacking with long blade and axe weapons.
  8. Sure, no problem. I always play on apocalypse with all the default zombie and character settings.
  9. When performing a jawstab on a zombie next to another, the screwdriver got stuck in and killed the targeted zombie, but the jawstab hit sound played twice, and the zombie next to the one I was attacking (the one in the purple vest) died as well. It was a funny moment, but I'm pretty sure it's not normal game behavior. I'm not sure if this bug can be duplicated, but If I find anything else out, I will attach it to this post through edits. -Other possible bug: I've been getting this since 41.33. Sometimes I will attack a downed zombie that is in the middle of recovering (getting up), and the character will do a ground attack, but neither the miss (thump) sound plays, or a hit sound, and the zombie completely ignores the hit. It's not game breaking, but I've had it happen often enough at this point that I think there may be some weirdness with targeting of downed zombies. If others have encountered either of these, please share. Edit: I found a video example of the ground attack miss I've been experiencing. Right at 7:38, when they swing at the downed zombie, the attack hits the ground and seems to still be perfectly on target, but nothing happens and neither the missed hit sound plays or a hit sound.
  10. Been playing a bit more of the game this weekend, and I had some more thoughts. I've been trying out the short blade weapon class to see how this patch affected it. The result seems to have matched up with what I previously said. Getting a guaranteed backstab is just about impossible now on default apocalypse settings. I'm not sure what necessitated this change, as I never thought short blade was overperforming as a weapon class since the IWBUMS update that gave them a chance to get stuck in a zombie and also removed the silliness with common kitchen utensils like butter knives. I also disagree with the spirit of nerfing zombie back vulnerability, especially now that it will be more difficult to maneuver behind a zombie anyways thanks to melee attack movement disruption (unless the zombie is alone). The player character gets almost instant death levels of back vulnerability (which I think is fair), whether they know there's a zombie coming from behind them or not. Why shouldn't a player also be rewarded with a guaranteed critical hit on a zombie if they manage to get behind it, whether the zombie is alert or not? In short, I think knives will definitely need a little love after this patch, and I hope back vulnerability on zombies will continue to be adjusted to a sweeter spot.
  11. -I'm not sure if it's due to the above change, but the vertical movement of the player model when killing a zombie with a wood axe looks really odd now. Instead of the player model's upper body moving down into the swing, sometimes it looks like their whole body tilts forward. A bit of a nitpick, but it is noticeable. -I don't mind the stopping of character movement when attacking, but what does bother me a little is that it doesn't seem to be synchronized with an attack windup, instead the character stops moving a moment after the attack, which to my mind contributes to the movement feeling clunky. -I've also noticed that getting a guaranteed backstab with a short blade weapon seems impossible now. I don't tend to use the weapon type much, but I have never gotten close enough to a zombie from behind to get a backstab with a short knife without alerting it. I doubt it's even possible. This change seems like an excessive nerf of knives, unless there's plans to allow a different way to get a backstab. Minor criticisms aside, I am enjoying the patch. Thanks for all the toilet paper and the fishing buffs!
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