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  1. This is an old suggestion and I'm told there used to be an actual zoom ahead option. I've asked for the option back with a toggle depending on how it plays out for players to decide which mode to use.
  2. I think the best point in this is the number of unpacking as recipes. A problem that gets much worse with various item mods. Packing and unpacking doesn't need to be visible in the crafting menu.
  3. We had a conversation on potential end game stuff previously and a few of us were talking back and forth about end game being about creating/salvaging a radio tower and trying to collect survivors. Perhaps depending on chosen skills the player could develop other tow tech but game changing constructions. Perhaps a river-side waterwheel for mechanical power. An end game of collection and trying to maintain a small community of the resistant survivors would provide lots of extra flavour for the player after establishing a base in the wild, a couple vehicles and a couple town safe homes. Kee
  4. It's been awhile, but I had a suggestion on this too, and even expanded a bit on the idea. We're on the exact same page for micro-naps, moments in time where you can simply remove vision to signify the characters as having closed their eyes involuntarily. You could dampen sound too. Zombies would have an easier time walking up on you and losing your vision while driving could be devastating. A couple add on ideas. Circadian Rhythm seems like it should be in this game. A system to slow fatigue build up in the middle of the day and speed up fatigue in the wee hours of the night. A
  5. 1130. I have tossed this in other places, but I'm going to put it here. Tackling Zombies. Runners who are too uncoordinated to actually stop. If the player dodges the Zombie, it trips as it tries to stop. If the player doesn't dodge the Zombie, they and the Zombie are both knocked to the ground. Perhaps this would be a very rare zombie type, perhaps it would be an adjustable sandbox option. It would certainly put a new fear of zombies into veteran players if they knew a runner could take them out like this. New players are already scared of runners.
  6. So... what's the difference? Can the Zombies smell you on the walls? Yes, I'm actually advocating the potential option of letting zombies hit preset walls between them and a noise or smell like they'll do with player made constructions. Oddly enough what bothers me about the way zombies will attack player defenses is that they won't attack any other obstacles the same way. Perhaps it feels a bit better because of how zombies look for windows, doors and barricades in preset buildings. But then there's a disparity with how Zombies won't hesitate to just attack a player made wall as soo
  7. Everyone go bug Soul Filcher for blacksmithing, haha.
  8. I'm sure the Mods will get around to rebalancing again, traits already change slowly overtime as the game evolves. Until then you may look into modding, I know there are a couple mods involving traits already, although usually they make the game easier.
  9. Restoring old infrastructure seems like it would be beyond the capability of the common self-taught person, especially if they're working on their own. It might be more sensible to look at smaller historical options. Are the rivers in this area swift enough for a water wheel for instance? There's a traditional source of power that might be an option for more power.
  10. Check out this guy. He's got more boat stuff and even a bit of swimming.
  11. 1217. Loot or craft to alternate locations Being able to craft or loot items straight into a container or onto the ground would help with inventory and weight management. Especially when dealing with heavy products that will injure the character simply by being in inventory.
  12. This might be an involved Mod rather than a game suggestion considering the fiddling around involved. Pillow's mods do help to mitigate the problem, but there's another aspect that's taking the fun out of things. Still, even having mentioned Pillow's, I'm going to go through the whole thing here. So one of the aspects of late game death is the loss of all progress on that character. I'm fine with that honestly, it's what comes after that is the problem. I'm more peeved about the idea of starting a new character after this point because of the state of the new character. By all appear
  13. I know crowbar is the only way to lift wooden floors.
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