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  1. Dear, EnigmaGrey, can I participate in testing a new render? Or is it still impossible?
  2. I meant that spears can be used as fuel for a fire
  3. Make homemade spears, as well as broken homemade spears, add to the campfire.
  4. 41.71 Review Once moved, the composter cannot be used.
  5. 41.69 Feedback 1. There is no sound of chopping trees with a stone axe. But there is the sound of cutting bushes. The sound of stone axes hitting the door may disappear. 2. An extra step of filling the bottle has been added: Draw water - fill the bottle - fill one. Despite the fact that the character has only one bottle. At 41.68 it was more convenient.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I specifically disabled the steam overlay to save resources. And the in-game counter works more accurately. It's great, just like the rest of the game. Please add this option. I really love playing the masterpiece challenge "CCDA", and in this mode there are many starts.
  7. But you have to press it every time you enter the game. You can add an item in the settings, by enabling which the FPS will always be visible.
  8. Please add the "Always display FPS" option.
  9. Certainly! Too bad it won't work in multiplayer.
  10. I know about it. This is convenient when the flashlight is taken for the first time. But when it was already in the hand, it would be more convenient to automatically return it to the hand. Especially when walking in the dark among zombies.
  11. Hello! Thanks for this great game. You put your soul into it, it shows. As a devoted fan, I would like to offer small pleasant things that I think would be appropriate. Pleasant changes 1. Make it so that when the flashlight is in hand and the character changes the battery, the flashlight remains in the hand, and does not move to the inventory. 2. You can streamline the character's main inventory with the ability to fold all the clothes into one line "Clothes", this would reduce that large list of items in the character's inventory. 3. Add the ability to transfer items from the character's main inventory to equipped bags via the context menu "Transfer to backpack on the back, fanny pack, and so on. 4. Add the ability to fix the main inventory panels, environment containers, health panels. So that during the game it was impossible to accidentally move them. Thank you for your titanic work!
  12. Мне очень нравится вызов «Это просто не твой день». Нехватка еды, предметов, мало рабочих машин и многого другого. Я хотел бы иметь возможность выбирать настройки в песочнице, как в задании «Just Not Your Day».
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/kvr3ej/we_are_a_death_meat_now/
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