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  1. I have noticed that diet has an impact on gaining experience from strength exercises. There are days when 9 experience points are given for one repetition in push-ups. And basically it's 6 points.
  2. Thanks, now I know. A question for you, as a connoisseur of the game: how much protein do you need to eat in order to have an increased experience in Strength exercises? I can't find this information anywhere.
  3. Official Wiki for the game https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Foraging Appear in groups of 2-8. As foraging level rises, more varieties can appear and berries are less likely to be poisonous. Character can identify poisonous berries by starting with the herbalist trait, reading the herbalist magazine, or reaching level 7 in the cooking skill. Blackberry, Blueberry, Winter berry and Beautyberry are never poisonous (). Holly berries will always be poisonous ( ). Mushrooms 0 Appear in groups of 1-4. Character can identify poisonous mushrooms by starting with the herbalist trait, reading the herbalist magazine, or reaching level 7 in the cooking skill. Mushrooms are significantly more likely to be poisonous than berries, and when they are poisonous they can be up to 5 times as poisonous as berries. No mushroom appearances are always safe or always poisonous. Can be used in stew, pie, soup, sandwich, salad, roasted vegetables.
  4. More like stable. I wonder if it will improve ping?
  5. Make it possible to copy the text in the game chat of the game in multiplayer, please. What is it for, you ask. For easy translation of messages from people who speak many languages. Playing on an international server. It would speed up communication.
  6. By the way, I ran into a problem. I played multiplayer. I reached Cooking level 8 and my character still can't tell the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous mushrooms.
  7. Yes. What the hell is wrong with this watering. Previously worked as it should. And now you need to repeat watering many times to completely water the bed.
  8. I wonder if getting into the car and locking all the doors should this help? I always considered the car to be such an island of safety, but now this feeling has been dispelled.
  9. I played multiplayer on a public server. The game version is 41.73. The character was sitting in the driver's seat. The car stopped, zombies approached the car, and one of them bit the character. Although all the windows were intact (55% of the integrity of the driver's window). I then returned to this car with another character and checked the condition of the car. All windows were intact. Mods used on the server: Mod list: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2800516433
  10. We can put bags, backpacks on the car seat. But to interact with the bags on the seats, we need to pick them up. Although in real life, you can get and put things without taking a backpack in your hand. Suggestion: when the bag is on the seat of the car, it becomes a container, and is available for actions with things inside the bag without having to pick up the bag.
  11. Yes, it would be very spectacular. Dismemberment is very lacking in the game. Maybe the developers do not want to introduce this so as not to increase the rating of cruelty. However, it's a zombie. The Witcher 3 dismembered living people and that suited everyone.
  12. Друже, ніхто не зробить більш якісного перекладу ніж носій мови. Долучайся до перекладу, ознайомся з програмою для перекладу і внось свої правки. Або чекай, що це зроблять інші україномовні аматори. Якщо перекладати не має бажання чи хисту, тоді ти можеш внести свій вклад в популяризацію гри. Активно піарь її, можеш навіть займатися створенням контенту по Проджет Зомбоїду: стріми, відеоролики і т.д. Я згоден, що гра має мати якнайякісніший переклад українською мовою.
  13. Magondivel

    Camp GigaMart

    Basement? Oh my God! The best news for me. Super. We wait, we hope and we believe.
  14. I did it! By brute force, it was possible to find it. The problem was the Ridiculously Rare mod. But fortunately, the author of the mod promptly updated it to version 41.73.
  15. Good. Thank you! I'll try to find the culprit. Well done developers, they created a wonderful tool for detecting failed mods in a running save. It is a pity that it is impossible to do this before starting the save.
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