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  1. Мне очень нравится вызов «Это просто не твой день». Нехватка еды, предметов, мало рабочих машин и многого другого. Я хотел бы иметь возможность выбирать настройки в песочнице, как в задании «Just Not Your Day».
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/kvr3ej/we_are_a_death_meat_now/
  3. Zombies started going through other zombies with update 41.44. Everything was fair before.
  4. 4GB of RAM is very small, the integrated graphics take over some of the RAM, the operating system too, and the game is left with leftovers.
  5. Hello! Gentlemen, developers, make it possible to add fuel to the sources of fire, not individually, as now, but so that you can specify the amount. It is very inconvenient to add one board or one branch.
  6. The answer is two posts above.
  7. In 41.33 Challenges such as: A Really CDDA, A storm is Coming, Winter is Coming and so on we've got WEAPON MULTI HIT. And there was no line about that changes in 41.32 and 41.33 updates, so please make line about that change, or REMOVE WEAPON MULTI HIT FROM CHALLENGES
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