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  1. Just comment (put a "--") before group:setExclusive("Hat", "MaskEyes") in BodyLocations.lua in the meanwhile i guess...
  2. Title (Ver 41.42) Weapon.txt value
  3. Another enemy is lag :V otherwise you can do it forever lol.mp4
  4. Yep, i do i 3 times here, one without going thru the zombies. This is apocalypse settings, no mod influencing btw. You can do it as long as you can sprint. works on small amounts of trees too. exploit_2.mp4
  5. Doesn't works so easily with sprinters tho 👍
  6. Hey guys, Paw Low here. So, i don't know if this has been reported before but i was only able to notice yesterday. Within the 41 branch. If you keep sprinting and keep slowly tapping the aim control (ctrl) in the direction you're going at the same time, you can go through any horde size untouched, you can pass zombie walls with no problems and you'll never trip. Zombies hate him, become u n s t o p p a b l e. Anyways, jokes aside. I think it's linked to some sort of animation cancel/trigger. Only found out after trying some sprinting+melee combos that looks nice but totally inefficient lol.
  7. They were pretty useful for my mod waist bags and for other people further development on mods xD
  8. Midi keyboards would be neat for instruments lmao
  9. Attached to a bone in the xml files, everything flipped but it works
  10. So, i've been trying to implement waist bags in my mod for a while and there is this one glitch that people reported to me that i can't replicate. I wish i had screenshots to show but basically whats happening is that only the waist bags models meshes and textures are warping wildly and it's not even a large file/model. I have tried remapping UVs, normals and everything but no avail. Works perfectly in any configuration or situation (with other mods, standalone etc) on my MAC (i don't know if that could the issue, mac rendering or something, out of my knowledge). Any ideas?
  11. i got a crash today because of that
  12. Just one thought... Will we be seeing the map as it is (only flat) or will there be elevated areas? (like when going up a hill or down a road). I don't know if isometric would allow changes without glitches or making the game heavier to run :c But would be cool to see those differentiations in land :/ As i know (basic isometric technic drawing) for example, that if we elevate an area by a square, it would have to fit the other side by this square (same height) to achiev this kind of idea.
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