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  1. So, not really 100% running but you can exploit the initial acceleration boost from holding shift and only using clicking "move to" with the mouse to move way faster while limping. Or you can wait for the limping animation to stop and start moving again while holding shift, alternating between the start and end of the initial boost animation. Probably just another animation overlap thing, like the using of the "sprinting-to-sudden-stop" animation while sprinting to never trip while running into zombies.
  2. No errors, it just doesn't seems to apply on the right place so temperature doesnt change
  3. Really wish i could work on blender 2.8> right now Been using a old script for 2.79 but it just can't deal with rig/bones so i only get static models so far
  4. Fix GUID insertion method for mods please.
  5. Hi! Before anything, I just wanna say that all sounds remaster in PZ was wonderfully done so far. One thing that still gets me it's the "new" zombie sounds. They're great quality and everything but they sound so much like "modern" wild zombies, from movies. Not a problem but it really escapes that Romero idea (maybe make lunging/sprinter zombies sound like the present SFX group, which is more feral and make slower/calmer shamblers more like moaners?). I used to feel that zombies (even back then when they were green and blue aliens) sounded more menacing, curious, hungry. Now, most times just feels like they wanna kill you cuz they are really bothered about your boring conversation topics lol. Please take it as a professional suggestion. It is not something that changes the game experience. Just the mood zombies gives that starts to settle after some time in-game. Peace and Love Paw Low
  6. Atsumori

    Body temperature

    HALP!!11eleven!!11 So, i've been trying to make a specific function set the body/core temperature back to normal but whatever variation i try the game doesn't applies, works great for bodydamage/stats but not for temperature, any ideas? Appreciate.
  7. Just comment (put a "--") before group:setExclusive("Hat", "MaskEyes") in BodyLocations.lua in the meanwhile i guess...
  8. Title (Ver 41.42) Weapon.txt value
  9. Another enemy is lag :V otherwise you can do it forever lol.mp4
  10. Yep, i do i 3 times here, one without going thru the zombies. This is apocalypse settings, no mod influencing btw. You can do it as long as you can sprint. works on small amounts of trees too. exploit_2.mp4
  11. Doesn't works so easily with sprinters tho 👍
  12. Hey guys, Paw Low here. So, i don't know if this has been reported before but i was only able to notice yesterday. Within the 41 branch. If you keep sprinting and keep slowly tapping the aim control (ctrl) in the direction you're going at the same time, you can go through any horde size untouched, you can pass zombie walls with no problems and you'll never trip. Zombies hate him, become u n s t o p p a b l e. Anyways, jokes aside. I think it's linked to some sort of animation cancel/trigger. Only found out after trying some sprinting+melee combos that looks nice but totally inefficient lol.
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