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  1. I encountered a vehicle zed story where a group of zombies where hanging around on the side road next to a sports car missing one tire, on the ground there was lug wrench, jack, broken value-tire and a brand new performance tire. It was a nice touch, but few minor suggestions. None of the zombies had the key to the car. The doors were locked. I dont think he would have locked the car just to change the tire. 3 tires on the car were also performance tier, so he was driving on a 3 good tires and one value tire, while having the 4th wheel on the trunk as a spare.
  2. UI opacity option in the menu would be a game changer, no need for the background to be so dark that you can't see your surroundings. Could we also have a hud scale option? Any chance we could get the game to remember window positions? Every time I do a new character the inventory windows pop in default positions, and it's a hassle. Especially with splitscreen. Spare tire space that works like an extra inventory storage, accessable through the trunk. Holds spare tire or usable as an extra storage, if you take out the tire. Add Radiator as a part to vehicl
  3. ^ excactly what TheZombiesPro115 said.. We can apparently revert back to vehicle build 21 via steam beta, but that is like going back to stoneage. Saving with the ingame hosting option seems to work, when doing it manually with /save command, but upon exiting the game, it crashes. Here's few other bugs I ran into: - User built structures doesn't seem to exist in multiplayer straightaway, unsure was it loading the game or just staying away for awhile what made them appear. - Can't use mouse to look around when pressing ctrl. And one suggestion... It's 1991, the golden age of c
  4. I took the station wagon for a looong spin. First it all worked very well, but after 5-10 minutes of cruising down the mainstrip, bashing in to pedestrians, the screen refresh got weirdly choppy. And with every minute it got a bit more choppier. Turning down any graphical setting didn't affect it at all. Maybe it was because I had high zombie population, and too many got interested in my car. Soon it got so choppy, I had no other option than to leave the residential area and hit for the open road. Eventually screen refresh got a bit better, but it was still noticeably choppy. Gettin
  5. EDIT: Lot of this must have already been said, but I listed here some of the most basic things you would experience in a zombie-apocalyptic world as car owner and an explonation how they would affect upon your vehicle. If you leave an old battery hooked to a car without taking it for a spin for weeks, it will most likely get flat. Most people have have old batteries in their cars, they just run them so often it wont get empty. I mean it's only logical that there should be somekind of random factor for a battery being dead, or having so little power on it that it can't run the al
  6. Just to set the record straight, I didn't walk in to anyone's office declaring you are doing it wrong, I made a topic on a public forum where i expressed my fear about ending up with a bad in-game chat. See the difference? The only mistake I did was the NPC word. But thanks on the excact info, I honestly don't know how I missed that... Plus now I just have to ask this... when on earth have I been rude or condescending towards others repeatedly, especially since I have only 3 posts and 1st and 3rd were 100% clean from anything that can be taken offensively? Since this is quite touchy su
  7. I did. And I did read it all again. I still managed to miss the DIRECT RESPONSE TO THIS EXACT IDEA. Just after 2 post I have never felt more un-welcome by any community, just because my first post contained a single word. It wasn't even the main point of the post. I just added it as an example, apparently should have used vehicles since the word NPC causes more aggression here than the word immigration in real world. How is that going backwards? That is like a getting your car manufacturer taking the stereo away and saying that it will get replaced with upgraded bluetooth, but years p
  8. Okay, this settles it for me then. I was actually worried we would end up with a server wide chat but this will work nicely. I'm not against any new features, it's all bonus to me as a customer but I still have my rights to say what I think about the way the game feels. It is up to you if you want to take them in to account or not, but you shouldn't deliberately try to make me feel guilty about expressing them. The rest is pretty much going to be off-topic towards VOIP feature, My post wasn't even about the NPCs, I just used it as an example, but sinc
  9. I just read about this in the latest IWBUMS update and had to come to hear what others think about it. I personally don't think it's a feature the zomboid would really need right now, especially if it's long and hard job. I first played zomboid like in 2013 and there were promises of NPCs already back then, which so far has not been filled. There are already loads of handy programs to use when playing with your friends, just for example Mumble, which has a positional audio feature available. The only way this would actually work is if the VOIP communication would only be heart by anoth
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