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  1. In before the obvious... did you check / delete the folder inside your user home directory?
  2. Isn't this, like, kind of how it already works? If you dig in the forum you'll see that somebody made a lot of testing with generators and wrote a series of posts about it. Turns out that the average hourly gas consumption is proportional to the number of connected appliances (but not actually taking into account the actual power draw, as this would be a bit too complex).
  3. Sorry, of course yes I agree (it took me a while cause my Russian... is very rusty ;-p ).
  4. I can't really see a hardened veteran sleeping with plushies during the apocalypse X-D I tend to rp trying to improve the looks of my safehouse, maybe in the future plushies can be a part of a more general "safehouse quality" (à la Rimworld) so you get buffs and debuffs according to the appearance of your surroundings.
  5. Not a fisherman myself, but this doesn't look unreasonable.
  6. You'd probably run into another lighting issue. The "shadows" in the corners of the rooms are "baked in" the original layout of the house. If you change it, you are going to see "seams" where the old walls used to be. We were told this is a performance related choice. Hopefully this will be improved / worked around sometimes, since I happened to share your desire.
  7. Where? When? This is one little stupid thing that I find intriguing so I was following it and never heard any official news. That is, outside the "tentative/confirmed yes/no" of the suggestion thread. I agree on the relatively lacking of critical thinking (and often just lack of reading comprehension) by some. On the other hand, given what has happened in the past over hyped features, I cannot really blame the devs for not setting things in stone until they are really certain about feasibility.
  8. Ok then, I stand corrected. It's bad news though. Also you might want to update the common suggestions thread: if I'm not mistaken underground levels are indicated as a "confirmed yes". Thanks for clarifying. Edit: it's the 4th last "yes" suggestion. Just checked.
  9. To be honest, and sorry if it comes out harsh, it doesn't look like such a huge undertaking as you imply. One underground level would be enough to represent most interesting situations (no need to go down 15 levels, even if it would be cool, etc etc). This would require the engine to work with a total of 9 levels which I doubt would pose performance/memory issues. Most references to "floor level #0" could be replaced with "floor level #1" using scripts, and in my experience "hard coded implicit assumptions" are just time bombs that should be addressed regardless. The same can be said about the map, where of course there should be additions, which could be limited to the more densely populated areas An effort, yes, but not useless in that it would improve gameplay (probably more than that next neighborhood of Louisville). I may be wrong, and I'm not saying it should be the highest priority task to work on: far from it. However I strongly feel that it would be a bad decision to scrap "all things underground" from this game.
  10. numbersixthecat


    Thanks for the timely update, and good luck Connall for your future endeavors!
  11. Now that fire is being improved, it would make sense to alert the player about the presence of smoke or fire in the surrounding areas. Irl you would see a column of smoke from afar, whereas in game it is impossible due to the isometric perspective. It would make sense to add some kind of visual cue to indicate that the character has seen faraway fires or smoke columns. It would also be useful to have cues for sounds coming from afar, e.g.: gunshots, car engines, helicopters, explosions, all sounds that we would expect to be able to hear beyond the immediate range visible onscreen. This was also already suggested in the past. I hope this suggestion makes some sense.
  12. I'm not completely sure (I don't have my laptop around) but if you set the zoom to auto, it will zoom out as you speed up, and pan the view towards your driving direction. Unfortunately the game engine tries to load all the cells that you can see, and as the view zooms out, there are really many to render.
  13. Indeed the game already does that. The problem is that the larger the field of view grows, the larger must be the bandwidth to accommodate the amount of map streamed as the car speeds through. This scaling is order n^2 so it's a big issue for multiplayer. The current solution is that car speeds are limited by this , and it's not enough. I wonder if they could "grey out " and just stream the sides of the road when you are driving fast, kinda simulating the fact that you don't have the time to watch every detail and need to focus on the street and its immediate surroundings.
  14. I somehow agree that driving feels a bit strange: we're surprised by obstacles that are impossible to see due to the isometric projection, but our character should have no issues in seeing them.
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