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  1. numbersixthecat

    Ohio Orio

    Congrats to Ayrton for joining the team, his map is awesome and I think he'll do an awesome job on the vanilla map. Also it is fantastic to hear about revisiting 90 degrees turns on roads! Great job as always for the team, you guys rock.
  2. I think that you do not have enough Ram on your system, also the hd520 is a rather weak video board. If the memory is the key issue, maybe you could try a linux build with a lightweight distribution to optimize memory usage (e.g. xubuntu), as W10 is a memory hog. I have the same CPU but 16gb and an nvidia graphics, pz runs well under kubuntu.
  3. It would be neat if, when using the "add sheet" to windows, it would be possible to put on curtains "more tidily", so that you get the default curtains instead of the baggy bedsheets. Useful if you want your base to look good and classy
  4. I admit that I'm somewhat clumsy, but I feel there should be a little of autoaim (or a little more than what we have now) especially for the shove mechanic. Sometimes I miss the zed I'm fighting when it's right there and no way my char would have missed it.
  5. I noticed some collision issues also between zeds and characters , in that they can pass through each other while fighting one on one , while shoving , etc .
  6. I actually do this on my north-facing terrace when it's winter and my fridge is full (northern Italy). It works for about 4 or 5 months depending on weather.
  7. Thought the same. Btw I sometimes also miss those "alien" zomboids, maybe some modder in the future will bring these back...
  8. Having 45 degrees road elements would be a good addition imho.
  9. Nice mod, thanks! Have you tried asking the guys developing "orgm rechambered" mod?
  10. Maybe transparency should only be something around 80% so to leave a silhouette in place?
  11. In before the obvious... did you check / delete the folder inside your user home directory?
  12. Isn't this, like, kind of how it already works? If you dig in the forum you'll see that somebody made a lot of testing with generators and wrote a series of posts about it. Turns out that the average hourly gas consumption is proportional to the number of connected appliances (but not actually taking into account the actual power draw, as this would be a bit too complex).
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