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  1. Btw I was talking about the original mod, not about the proposed minigame. All those wacky skyforts need to be banished!
  2. For sure, I hope something like this will come in vanilla. It's needed for better realism.
  3. 27 September 2011 , and my only "Google checkout" purchase, too. I was toying around with the free betas since summer 2011. Later I bought a fanboy edition to gift my first licence to a colleague of mine : he was mindblown when he saw me playing.
  4. I am logging in right now, from Italy, ping about 180 ms, so it's ok for me on the usual vehicle branch.
  5. I experienced the same issue, the car comes to a stop even if the black areas are still quite far away. I also noticed that sometimes the car stops completely when running over a bunch of zeds; in the previous build this was much less evident, so it might be a balance thing? But still, coming to a halt (with the accelerator key pressed) after running over 5 or 6 zombies still feels that there is too much speed loss. I also have to report the same lag issues experienced by the other players. In comparison with the previous build the game feels a lot "heavier" (but i can't say i have a lower framerate). There are so many hiccups that happen while walking and fighting that combat has become really hard. I had two characters bitten in half an hour time due to the game freezing and glitching during combat. The game would sometime freeze for about one second, as frequently as about once every ten or fifteen seconds. Many zombies would just stop, frozen in place, and then resume motion. You (almost...) can play, if you "imagine" what's going on during the freezes and can predict how to move, so it really looks an issue of lag between client and server. In general unfortunately I have to say that this update feels a bit of a backward step (of course not considering all the fixes for the other bugs, i'm only talking about lag here). I also noticed the new "block transfer" mechanism, and I think that it works fine for things that feel tiny (like nails), but also feels like a cheat for things that should be bulky (logs): you should move those one by one, or at least two (holding one in each hand). Many other sync issues have been fixed for me (fire sprites, barricading, campfires). Let me know if I can give you more details, and keep up, as always, the great work.
  6. Another strange issue, a Franklin Valuline doesn't start. I have the key, and have been using it for a while. Apparently nothing is wrong with engine and battery, however with key in ignition the systems are red. Am I missing something? See attached screenshot. Also: which recipe magazine is required to hotwire heavy duty vehicles?
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I remember (from versions 2.9.9... onward, a few years ago), the multithread option wasn't working at all under linux (you could select the checkbox, but this wasn't actually doing anything, and the choice would revert at restart). This was also acknowledged by the developers, but I cannot quote on that, nor explain why: so if anyone else has a deeper insight it would be nice to know. On a different subject, I can also confirm a few of these issues, namely that you need to equip the bags to access their content, and that sometimes car trunks work weirdly. I have experienced also all those farming shenanigans.
  8. Yes! I didn't realise that until now that you mention it. It's been a while since I last saw the fire sprites! Edit: but you can still see the small flame sprite on burning zombies.
  9. [another non-car-related] Also placing campfires requires reconnect or "walk away from cell and come back" to be able to see it placed and use it.
  10. It would be cool if the horde would attack such a car, reduce it to a wreck, and then disperse once the show is over This could take one or two hours in game, and the situation would then rapidly go back to normal.
  11. This is true, but keep in mind that while batteries discharge quickly, cars don't use a lot of gas when idling. From my experience, the sirens use lots of energy and on ambulances it is common to have two batteries, but even then you aren't supposed to keep them on for hours with the engine off. On the other hand, an idling engine can use as little as few liters per hour, so a car left on with a full gas tank could keep idling for a full day...
  12. I have the same issue since vehicle build 29. The noises related to cars don't work, MP or SP . I can only hear car crashing sounds, but no engine, brakes or tyres. All other sounds and music work without issues. Fresh install, no mods, etc., still no car sounds. I am running Linux, if this can help. It's a pretty annoying bug, especially not hearing sirens can be dangerous
  13. The server feels more laggy this morning, I had a couple or three zombies teleporting issues, also disappearing ones, and i found the "void" while driving a number of times. During the last week it never happened to me. Also I tried going back to Muldraugh PD, the horde was much more disperse than a few days back, but still very large. I tried killing a bunch of them with fire (placed campfires around the police car, light the fires and turned on the siren). The horde started burning and the zombies would glitch in and out every minute or so. Most of them would either freeze or disappear completely, and reappear later. They took a long time to die with the fire, more than what I was expecting. However, despite many death, the responsiveness of the server did not seem to increase. I don't know if this is useful and makes sense, or not, maybe or it's just some ramblings Best,
  14. Another small thing. If you place a sheet rope over a player made wooden fence, you can later "right click" "carpentry disassemble" the fence, and the sheet rope will stay afloat.
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