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  1. Sorry that you lost your grill. But even still that's a pretty funny bug. I was able to easily replicate it. Permanent change too, no getting the grill back from there. https://i.imgur.com/48RPCKo.mp4
  2. I'm also a big fan of this idea. I've never been that keen on short sighted even while being short sighted because it doesn't feel like how it works in real life. It's not that you lose your peripheral vision, and seeing the earlier tech demo video that feels way more accurate. They seem like really cool optional ways to play that I'm all for.
  3. You can see some table items even if you haven't been inside the room and the door is closed. At first I thought these items in the screenshot below were on the floor, but realized after checking the room they were on a table in a room that I had not been inside. These were table event items, but after I picked up the notebook and placed it again myself I could still see it through the wall.
  4. Saw this video earlier and it really made me think about how more of the furniture in game should have the option to jump over it. I'll post it below, but basically they got backed into a living room that's sectioned off by a few chairs and a couch. While they may have gotten lucky and ran through some zombies to escape, I realized if I had gotten backed into my own living room like that, I wouldn't feel stuck, I'd just jump over the couch. I think couches, chairs, maybe even some of the low counters like low cabinets and jewelry counters should have the option to vault over them. In a non-threatening situation it can make navigating some rooms easier, and in a moment of panic it gives you an option to flee for your life. There's already the mechanic that you can fall if you're going faster than a walk when vaulting fences, so in a panic it's not just a free getaway: you could trip and fall if you try to do it fast. Downsides I'm thinking would be zombie navigation, in enclosed spaces like in the video they might start crawling over furniture way more often instead of just pathing around like they would here. Even still a zombie on the ground in that situation would have me in a panic as they try the floor swipe. Getting stuck behind some furniture that we could easily jump over. Starts at around 18 seconds in.
  5. I've been using a crowbar on the studio challenge, so I'm in combat a lot every day. I probably see this half a dozen times an in game day. In my old 41.50 games I was mostly using a machete or 2-handed axe and saw it with some regularity.
  6. Typically an item carried or attached to the belt will show you its effective weight followed by the unequipped weight, like a hammer on the belt will display weight: 0.7 (1.0 unequipped) However, I'm using the Premium Technologies Walkie Talkie and while it does get the weight reduction bonus for being equipped/on the belt, it doesn't report this weight when you hover over the item. Walkie Talkie weight while not in inventory is 8.2: Weight correctly goes up by 2 when taken to inventory to 10.2: Receive the weight reduction bonus from equipping to belt down to 9.6, but Walkie Talkie does not display accurate weight: I also noticed that the battery/ear buds being equipped to the walkie talkie don't effect the weight, but it seems Faalgorn already noticed that but I'll leave that link here too since it's weight related.
  7. Looks like this is very similar to what I was about to post, so I'll share a couple more jacket+vest clipping issues here. This is without any mods enabled, so BrainlessSurvivor I think what you're seeing is likely unrelated to your current mods. This kind of leather jacket clips with the police vest: as well as the diamond pattern sweater vest:
  8. I'm still seeing a lot of this. Zombies rotating 180 degrees while on the ground, rotating while I'm hitting them, and the occasional flipping zombie, where they kind of flop up into the air and then land facing the opposite way, usually resulting in my smacking their feet instead of their head. I've not noticed it any better, I'm getting it with regular frequency. Unless their were other instances that were fixed of this, it seems just as rampant as it did before. There was a bug report issue for it here where I've also included an older video, 41.50, where I had the air flipping happen, no video of the rotating while on the ground though.
  9. I was playing a CDDA challenge and happened upon a couple of houses that had the table event of a cake being prepared. The cake preparation is still good, even 6 months later, while the rest of the food on the table has long since gone rotten. Faalagorn, years ago, posted about Food that should go bad but doesn't, which highlights that this has been a thing for a long time. However, the preparation was never much of an issue before since it would only be found if created by a player. Not only that, you would have had to have found the milk while fresh to even have had a chance to make the cake (with eggs being something you could get later from foraging after the house eggs go bad). Now, however, you can find something created using eggs and milk, which rot, mixed together and lasting indefinitely without going bad. If Cake prep. table events are going to pop up, it would make sense if cake preparation also had a rot timer. While I was happy about the fact I actually found something safe to eat in my CDDA game in those first few critical days, it also feels weird to safely eat 6 month old "fresh" cake batter left on the table during the apocalypse.
  10. Good day Survivors! I propose that the TV Remote, a typically rare item to find in the usual loot settings in game, also provide a battery when you dismantle it. They don't even need to be 100% batteries, they could have varying amounts of charge left. As they currently function, the TV remote dismantles into a 100% chance at a scrap electronic as well as a receiver. If it's a matter of balance, what makes sense to me would be a 50/50 chance of receiving a receiver or scrap electronic, and a very high chance at a random charge remaining battery. It's way more likely that, upon breaking down a remote, you'll end up with a functional battery than working components. And considering how uncommon it is to find these items over a long playthrough, it wouldn't end up being a game-breaking amount of batteries to find (radios would be way more common). Especially for the time period, all TV remotes would need a battery to function. There's even the cliche of stealing batteries from a remote to use for other things when you've run out. In the apocalypse scavenging remotes would be a prime place for a guaranteed battery (but who knows how long it will last?). I had come to this realization with remotes and batteries when thinking about a no/low gas playthrough, where power that doesn't come from gasoline would be way more important. Let me know what you think about this suggestion, I'm sure there are many great ways that something little like this could be balanced around the quantity/chance of a battery and other parts but right now with no batteries it feels weird. Good luck out there survivors!
  11. I jumped back into the tutorial with 41.52 to see how it was looking. I'll preface this with I don't have any of these issues in a regular game, it's just issues with the tutorial. No mods installed or enabled. 1. When I got to the part where you need to open the curtains, I right clicked and selected open curtain, but got stuck aiming the shotgun instead. At that point you're stuck in place, can spin around, but other than that can't do anything except left click the curtain. Left clicking the curtain triggered the next part though, so it was only that one option that failed. Video for it here. 2. I couldn't complete the tutorial when I got to the part where you need to sprint to the outhouse. A video wouldn't be super helpful here since it's just me walking and jogging while alt fails to make me sprint, I just continue walking. I haven't changed the keybind and as I mentioned, the sprinting works fine for me in a regular game. So at that point the tutorial was softlocked. I tried again a second time, but this time without triggering the bug in number 1, so i just left clicked the curtain to open instead of right click > open curtain. I continued on and was able to sprint when I got to the appropriate stage. edit about number 2: it could also have something to do with the clothing in the cabinet? One attempt I just put on the jacket, and was able to sprint, another attempt I put on a bunch of gear including the boots, and couldn't sprint. Got to the part where I thought I was softlocked and put the sneakers back on, and could sprint again. It seems some combination of the clothing & the curtain bug prevents it, but I'm not sure what specifically is doing it since some combination of these things work, and some combinations do not work to let me sprint. Hopefully this helps, let me know if you need any more info. Have a good one!
  12. In the screenshot here I had just heard the level up music and checked to see what I had learned. I had just got level 3 lightfooted, however I hadn't checked the skills list after I had got a level awhile ago for level 1 short blunt. When I hit 3 Lightfooted skill, I open the skills menu and it still has Short Blunt highlighted, even though you can see I had gained significant experience in the mean time so it really wasn't the last skill that leveled up. Lightfooted should be the one highlighted green here.
  13. I'm experiencing the same. At the moment if you place a sheet on a window or windowed door, you can't reclaim it with the move tool like you could a curtain, and with the removal of the right click "remove curtain" option there isn't a way to get a sheet back.
  14. First thing I wanted to do was stress out the garbage collector and see how it works with the 'travel chug'. Anyone who's done a lot of driving in PZ knows that after you go a ways down the road, it starts to stutter and the game gets real choppy and freezes for a few seconds and the only remedy was to restart the game, which can get pretty frustrating when you only just started playing 15 minutes ago and go on a cross-country drive. I started an Apocalypse sandbox but with easy use vehicles so I could get on the road as quick as I could. Started in West Point and drove west towards the northern outskirts of Ekron, then further west to Scenic Grove, then beyond that to the gas station along the highway on the far west edge of the map. And while you still do get the 'travel chug' from driving a long distance, the garbage collector does its job and, without intervention, it would go away when it would do its cleanup. I didn't need to restart my game to get rid of stuttering or freezing, and was able to fight and do everything smoothly once I got there. So thank you, thank you, thank you! 41.51 remedies one of my biggest gripes and lets you keep playing without having to restart to fix long distance travel!
  15. My rooftop garden does find this encouraging. I would be interested in that. Usually it's not a big deal for me, but I've got a nice long lasting character going so if there is anyway to move that character to .51 I would love it. Though if I'm understanding what this means incorrectly, then maybe he can retire with grace instead. All around amazing to see, and I can't wait to have a table covered in the hundreds of Money I've found around the map! edit: EnigmaGrey answered the question on reddit: Transferring means switching to the build 41.50 build in the Steam beta tab once 41.51 goes out so that people can continue their saves.
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