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  1. Something like this would be nice. In the meantime, I would recommend to anyone who hasn't to enable the Zoom levels for 225% and 250% in the display settings. That and zooming out all the way will give you a little bit more time to react to things in the distance since you can see a bit farther.
  2. Some of my clothing items have issues due to holes/patches Where I can see the environment behind the article of clothing. Here are some example pics where you can see the white of the bed around the arm patch on this ranger jacket, and then the white is gone when I stand where the patch has the wall behind it. By the Bed and then one where you can see the shoulder patch showing the white of the bed behind it, while the rest of the patches have the very faint brown of the wood behind the character: The foreman vest with a hole, where the right side you can see through to the white of the bed. Add my holeless/patchless McCoy shirt underneath, can see through those same spots. And last one, with a full set of clothes on underneath by the bed, and then next to it:
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hQ-15EFT1skLOw96Z1PPNI6sWnaoZh-sq4YX0TnIzuw/edit?usp=sharing What started as a way for me to track skill books has evolved over time to other usual things I want to track. So this spreadsheet has places to track: Skill books Found Magazines Found Television shows watched Upcoming weather tracker Automated Emergency Broadcast System Channel Poison berry tracker For magazines, a note is on each title that explains what you learn from that magazine. I've found it useful, especially when book hunting or for rainy day reading. Thought I would share to see if anyone else could use something like this. Stay safe!
  4. While playing last stand accumulator in 41.46, I made it up to wave 25. I had several issues appear after that amount of time played: My character was getting thirsty, and then dehydrated. I was not able to drink from sinks, and I could not fill a mug with water. The sinks do have water (I could wash clothes) but otherwise unable to drink. My character did lose 1 carrying capacity from dehydrated, so I could tell that it was having an effect on the character. Tired: After foraging (to get berries to reduce thirst) I was tired, and wasn't sure how sleep would work. I slept on the bench by the front door. Since it's counting time differently than the standard 1hr = 1 day, sleep was at a very slow speed. Being unable to interact with anything, I pressed enter to start the next wave and end it. Eventually the zombies quickly swarmed the house while I was sleeping, unable to wake up. But because I was sleeping, I would rapidly recover health. It took them around 1 minute 30 seconds (real time) to finally kill me, since they were very ineffective at wounding me while I was in sleep mode. Eventually I had enough untended wounds that I drained out. I only noticed the tired moodle appear after foraging, could be related to that if not just from being awake for awhile. This isn't so much a bug as a request: could watches have their alarms turned off in this mode? When you've got 1000 zed on the ground, finding the beeping watch in the field is nigh impossible. After awhile you've got beeping watches all over the place. Not sure how much of this is intended for the mode (last stand until you die of dehydration instead of zombies?) but if you can buy items like ripped sheets or pain killers, being able to buy a water bottle or disinfectant would be nice too. I did end up with an infected scratch that healed after a few waves of tending it, but thought the last stand menu would be nice to have some additional features if tending to moodles is part of the game mode. With this amount of zombies killed, and not getting sick from corpses, it feels a little inconsistent managing thirst or tiredness when you aren't affected by other features.
  5. Thanks @Faalagorn! That's good to see, seems that it would be part of an improvement on the electrical system overall. I can say I'd be happy with that since it kind of drops off after 3. So it will be fun to see it come in as a system based on that previously mentioned thread.
  6. Good day survivors! A nifty feature I felt was missing from Knox county was the classic sewing machine. Hand stitching is one thing, but tailors should be able to operate in style! I figure there would be two version: An antique sewing machine that operates slowly. Uses thread more efficiently than by hand. A powered, more modern sewing machine that operates with electricity. This model would be faster than an antique sewing machine, and use thread slightly more efficiently than an antique sewing machine. A boost to helping those long tailoring levels out would be a blessing. While thread would still be hard to come by, or take a lot of work from killing and ripping up clothes, a sewing machine would let you more efficiently use what you find in the slow grind that is tailoring. Good luck out there in the apocalypse!
  7. HI all! I thought VCR's and video tapes would be a really neat and appropriate addition for the game, considering the time the knox event takes place. By '93 Kentucky had close to 2 dozen Blockbusters, and plenty of other smaller rental locations. The 80's and 90's had all sorts of educational tapes, so skill tapes would work well too. And the easiest addition, boredom/stress reduction videos. It would give TV's a use after the initial programs are off the air, and players would have to take the risk of turning up the volume to listen to the tape. Thanks for your time!
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