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  1. The game errors out and needs to quit to desktop after you load a spawn location, go back, and then pick a challenge map that doesn't load the Knox Country map. Steps to replicate: Start a new game and select Apocalypse (any of the playstyles work) and click next Select a different town on the spawn location screen, or keep it at Muldraugh and click next On the character traits and occupations screen go back On the spawn location screen go back On the New Game screen, choose a challenge that doesn't load the Knox Country map, such as 'Studio' or 'You
  2. Hopefully the title isn't confusing, but here's what I'm wondering if it would be possible. Take a look at level 1 of this church. There's the pews on the balcony area, but an open floor above level 0, so the roof above level 1 is keeping the building enclosed. I would like to be able to do something similar with player constructed buildings. This may be part of the cutaway issues with player built walls that I've seen Pandorea comment on, but just in case I'll include some screenshots for a player built building. This building has a roof covering level 1, but because
  3. Sedgwick

    Home on the Range

    Love to hear about the new additions! I was curious if there was an estimate to gas station fuel quantities, what kind of range are we talking about when it comes to how much or how little a gas station might have? Either way, after my last playthrough living it up at the Riverside gas station for 18 months in Apoc., I started a playthrough with "generator working in exterior" turned off to live in a post-gasoline world. Looking forward to hearing more!
  4. https://imgur.com/uenZkTx When I pulled up to my enclosed Riverside gated community, I had a straggler I hadn't killed inside the walls that was banging on the door. I opened the door to stop them from breaking it, and fought them in addition to a few others. When I came back I noticed the door was still shaking on the side that was being attacked, even though there were no zombies nearby to attack it. edit: There were some zombies nearby still, and after someone hit the door again and I stopped them, the shaking stopped.
  5. That's around here on the map if the location is also important. They've been standing out there for months and it persists through save/load. I'll forget about them until I do a patrol jog around the neighborhood and remember, so I got a screenshot this time.
  6. I found a boonie hat at one of the tent camps that is a world map event, except it is misspelled. The correct spelling would be the boonie hat, but it was spelled "bonnie hat"
  7. That's correct, it doesn't ever go away completely. It dries up and leaves a stain until you remove it with bleach and a towel. So having it wash away after awhile would be nice, especially months later.
  8. If Mows1313 was a little late, I'm much more late, but the topic of bicycles came up again on reddit and I looked for the suggestion here. While most points have been made about bikes or are pretty obvious, I thought it was worth mentioning if you use the sandbox setting where you can't power a gas pump with a generator, then you are restricted to using the gas you can find or siphon. Well, bicycles are perfect for this post-gasoline world. Without gas or without a car, inter-city travel on the map gets very restricted, taking days of on foot travel. And even still, you're limited
  9. The menu that shows the required items for a log wall is missing the slash in the amount of ripped sheets or ropes. "30 4" instead of "30/4" It only displays like this when you have enough sheets or ropes, otherwise it displays the missing items correctly.
  10. That sounds amazing! While this post was mostly about additional crops, earlier I was wondering if something like this could/would include improved crops with higher levels? A cabbage harvested at level 0 is the same as one harvested at level 10, and fertilizer/compost only speeds up growth. Having more nutritious/hunger filling crops at higher farming levels would be a nice addition. I'm a big fan of my cabbage, potato, and rabbit roasts, so having them be more nutritious now that I've mastered farming would be great!
  11. While there have been a couple different posts about a feature like this, they were pre-animation update (or right when it was getting into IWBUMS). I was inspired to post this here after seeing MrCabbuge's post on reddit and thought it was worth discussing again. A right click option on the clothing item could let you adjust the clothes in a certain way. Jackets could be unzipped/unbuttoned which would reduce their insulation for the torso if you're getting a little too warm, at the risk of losing a little bit of protection for the torso. Or if you'd rather lose the insulation/pro
  12. The left shin leather patch, when applied to these long socks, is now sewn into my knee instead of on the socks. Just a visual bug to go with the other long socks display bug.
  13. A favorite 'bath towel' will maintain its favorite status when it becomes a 'wet bath towel': But after it finishes drying, it loses its favorite status:
  14. This seemed the most appropriate forum because the behavior feels unintended. So the furniture "glass display counter" has a couple of varieties: the jewelry counters and the gun counters. The issue I seem to have is that once the "glass display counter" of the gun store variety is moved, it either 1) defaults over to the jewelry counter type or 2) having a mix of these counters in your inventory or in item form makes them forget their type. In my current game, I had taken the "glass display counters" from the farming and rural supply store here. It's hard to tell behin
  15. Being able to find crates of MREs in the military base would be a great addition.
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