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  1. I jumped back into the tutorial with 41.52 to see how it was looking. I'll preface this with I don't have any of these issues in a regular game, it's just issues with the tutorial. No mods installed or enabled. 1. When I got to the part where you need to open the curtains, I right clicked and selected open curtain, but got stuck aiming the shotgun instead. At that point you're stuck in place, can spin around, but other than that can't do anything except left click the curtain. Left clicking the curtain triggered the next part though, so it was only that one option that failed. Vide
  2. In the screenshot here I had just heard the level up music and checked to see what I had learned. I had just got level 3 lightfooted, however I hadn't checked the skills list after I had got a level awhile ago for level 1 short blunt. When I hit 3 Lightfooted skill, I open the skills menu and it still has Short Blunt highlighted, even though you can see I had gained significant experience in the mean time so it really wasn't the last skill that leveled up. Lightfooted should be the one highlighted green here.
  3. I'm experiencing the same. At the moment if you place a sheet on a window or windowed door, you can't reclaim it with the move tool like you could a curtain, and with the removal of the right click "remove curtain" option there isn't a way to get a sheet back.
  4. First thing I wanted to do was stress out the garbage collector and see how it works with the 'travel chug'. Anyone who's done a lot of driving in PZ knows that after you go a ways down the road, it starts to stutter and the game gets real choppy and freezes for a few seconds and the only remedy was to restart the game, which can get pretty frustrating when you only just started playing 15 minutes ago and go on a cross-country drive. I started an Apocalypse sandbox but with easy use vehicles so I could get on the road as quick as I could. Started in West Point and drove west towards the n
  5. My rooftop garden does find this encouraging. I would be interested in that. Usually it's not a big deal for me, but I've got a nice long lasting character going so if there is anyway to move that character to .51 I would love it. Though if I'm understanding what this means incorrectly, then maybe he can retire with grace instead. All around amazing to see, and I can't wait to have a table covered in the hundreds of Money I've found around the map! edit: EnigmaGrey answered the question on reddit: Transferring means switching to the build 41.50 build in t
  6. I was able to get a good video of the backpack dupe happening. I wonder if it had something to do with the fact I also had a very heavy object, as I had the antique oven in my inventory when I dropped it. I drop the backpack and it drops a ghost pack on the ground at my feet that I can interact with, but upon bringing it to my inventory it disappears. You can see for a split second it recognized it as I get a moodle for just a moment for being encumbered. Then there's me battling against my stretcher bed as I had to get into the corner to get my actual backpack floating up in the a
  7. The house located here, east of Ekron in the neighborhood by Pony Roam-o, has 3 beds stacked on each other in the same tiles. https://i.imgur.com/L8SECpM.mp4
  8. The register here, in the far Northwest corner of the map, is another register that doesn't have the correct loot.
  9. Sedgwick


    Cowboy Boot Hype! Thanks for another cool update post!
  10. I propose that a none option be available for recent survivor vehicles in the sandbox options. I've been interested in the idea of needing to really work on my mechanics to be able to get a car working 6 months later, but I know that given enough time I'll eventually find a survivor vehicle and switch from a 10% condition wreck to an 80% condition survivor vehicle. I like the idea of being the sole survivor, so a none option where no one else was around to maintain a vehicle would fit well with that.
  11. Was helping someone troubleshoot an issue with the tutorial that seemed like it was related to their resolution. If you start the tutorial at 800x600 resolution, it errors out and the tutorial fails to start. At 1024x768 resolution (next highest up I was able to select), when you reach the part of the tutorial where you open the curtains, the tutorial message is in the middle and can block most of the window. With a bit of adjusting the zoom I was able to click a small corner to get the interaction, but Spiffo was blocking my ability to click it even though it would highli
  12. @PandoreaI was able to replicate it, here's a video. I started climbing the rope then started squats while climbing. While I'm standing still, i continue to gain fitness XP even after I'm exhausted. I can move to end the routine so I'm not stuck in place, but using this can get you ridiculous amounts of XP. https://i.imgur.com/RFuq9dq.mp4 After a day of nonstop squats then burpees on a character with no traits:
  13. I both hate and love this suggestion. It'd be neat if you did have to factor in hearing protection, but the thought of hearing ringing for 1 to 2 days would drive me mad. Though I think it would require some additional methods to protect your hearing, or changing already in game protection to maybe work with helmets more efficiently.
  14. Coming back to this bug report after I had another encounter with a flipping zombie today on a stream, so I was able to get a good video clip of it happening. I'm sure we've all seen it enough to know what it is, but for anyone who may not know what's happening here's a link to see a zombie flipping right as I go in for the kill (but mostly mangle them with an axe because I'm tired and depressed). https://i.imgur.com/GaJihrv.mp4
  15. The game errors out and needs to quit to desktop after you load a spawn location, go back, and then pick a challenge map that doesn't load the Knox Country map. Steps to replicate: Start a new game and select Apocalypse (any of the playstyles work) and click next Select a different town on the spawn location screen, or keep it at Muldraugh and click next On the character traits and occupations screen go back On the spawn location screen go back On the New Game screen, choose a challenge that doesn't load the Knox Country map, such as 'Studio' or 'You
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