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  1. Thanks for sharing Faalagorn! My forum search didn't reach that far back, it seems, before I had made the post. I recently had seen another instance where this would help. With 41.73 having changed Granola bars from perishable to non-perishable, I had seen a player with some confusion on why the stale granola bar wasn't giving a negative. They hadn't known about the perishable to non-perishable change, and thought it was a messed up item. A (stale) condition would have helped here. And I concur on the spoiled change, it's a more food-focused word.
  2. Agreed, I could see this possibly already being a build 42 crafting update feature too. It could work while having the downside of using a knife would hurt the durability of your tool, whereas the saw is fine indefinitely and crafts more sticks. So it could function very similar to how crafting spears works right now.
  3. The unnamed town I'm referring to is here on the map project. It's been referred to by many names over the years, and I believe the most popular has been Ekron. For awhile the map project also had waypoints that referred to the area as Dixie, which is actually the area north if you follow the road out of Muldraugh to the trailer park. However, as noted in this post here, the actual town of Ekron is being developed and the town being discussed, as TheZedSurvivor pointed out in his video, is the location the 'unnamed town' refers to is an area called Lickskillet. By not naming the town, it has actually made referencing the area more confusing than it needs to be. Since there have been so many names attributed to the area in game over the years, I think at least one in game sign to give the town a name would do a lot of good in clearing up the confusion. Whether it gets the real life name of lickskillet, or a made up one, either way a name in game will make it a lot easier to call out this area when referencing the map. It may be a minor thing, but the unnamed town is a hotspot for players due to its location and useful stores and since it never had a name we could find in game, it meant players did their best to give it one. Even if the town in real life doesn't have a sign, for game purposes it would add a lot of value. It may be a weird suggestion, as far as priorities are concerned, but after years of seeing posts that give this town every incorrect name under the sun, it'd be good to have a single point of reference that finally gives this town a proper name.
  4. Good day survivors! While I love the new map additions with b41 stable, I've come to find the power lines along long stretches of road to be a bit of a distracting feature. I'll show a couple of examples to what I mean: While from the perspective of the camera the lines would look like this, the lines create this distracting illusion of being lines laid along the road, not up in the air due to the isometric perspective. I'd like to propose that the power lines near the character fade away in a similar fashion to the tree I'm standing next to when they're close to me. The fade away would keep the lines being directly atop the character which I've come to find a bit distracting and doesn't look as good. I've only got a small sample size of people I've asked about how the power lines look along roads like this and had a couple in agreement, so I'd thought it make for an interesting discussion if other people get that optical illusion of the lines being on the road. To check that I've got a little video clip below I took of driving along the power lines. driving along the road shown below: https://i.imgur.com/j93g6zi.mp4 Not all roads are like this, some have the power lines in an orientation that has them off the road and they look amazing driving out in the country and look that much more realistic and beautiful. The road in this video look a lot better, to me anyways. https://i.imgur.com/1ni5EXP.mp4 What are your thoughts? Do you think a fade-away option similar to trees would help with this or make it look better, or do you believe it's fine from the camera's perspective versus the player's perspective?
  5. I know it's an old post, but to add on to the fact that Police Trooper T-Shirt doesn't get bloody or dirty, you can not inspect it either for tailoring patches. edit: just noticed it's also here that someone pointed this out, but this post was slightly more recent and had additional context/bug info.
  6. After some extended testing, the sleepallowed/sleeprequired did end up working on our server. I can't say for sure what combination it was, we swapped it around a few times, but it did have something to do with the sleep settings on the server.
  7. Each whole roll of toilet paper you use adds 12 minutes of fuel. You're adding 32 of the 50 rolls you mentioned as fuel, which comes out to 6h24m. You can't break up the individual roll into multiple uses, so you'd be using nearly 3 dozen rolls of toilet paper to add that amount of fuel, not 1 roll 32 times. That's what it means by toilet paper (32), you're adding 32 rolls, not one roll. If you hover over the "one" in that add fuel menu you'll see that it says 12 minutes, and when you click that one use you'll go from 32 rolls to 31 available.
  8. Same issue here. I found people posting about it here and someone mentioned they fixed it through having players re-enable nutrition through their sandbox settings. If it's what I think they meant, then it meant checking the map_sand.bin file for their multiplayer save and changing 'false' to 'true' for nutrition. However, when we checked that all our files had nutrition set to true already. It's possible they meant something else, but I was hoping for more information on what we need to fix it, because the server sandbox.lua says nutrition is true, and we can gain weight, we just can't lose it. What I've done, which I know won't work for every server, is just temporarily give the player admin and remove it. That drops your weight back to 80. Then after that players just have to be careful about managing what food they eat.
  9. I have a hard time following that logic, because it leads me down a path of thinking why we have the condition text displayed on food to begin with. My thought was it is there so, at a glance, you can tell if food is safe to eat so you can quickly open a refrigerator and see (rotten) so you don't grab it. If I go down the reasoning used above, then I would say remove all condition text on food like (fresh) and (rotten) and then you just have to look at every food item you find and tell based off the hunger, unhappiness, or "dangerous" text which takes longer. If you open up a full container with a mix of perishable and non-perishables, then at that point you would have to already know which items are perishable vs. non-perishable or hover over each of them to see if it's worth grabbing or not. The (stale) condition text would help clarify it for those who don't know, and make looting a little bit faster for those who already know, and finally create consistency between non-perishables and perishables by have a text identifier. It's a small thing, but helps everyone quickly identify a food's value. So while not a necessary addition, I wouldn't consider it pointless, just a small quality of life feature.
  10. Right, I understand. But when food is non-perishable it also just says the name of the food. So a new player encountering a food they haven't seen before, or just new to the game in general and still learning, will have to make that connection. There are plenty of people who aren't realizing this and see "Pizza" or "Chicken" and don't understand why it's causing them unhappiness. Whether it's that they don't know the food is on its way to going bad, or they think it's some trait of the character, or not liking certain food items which isn't even a system of the game. Especially with the vast amount of new food options in game there are many food items people are seeing for the first time and not knowing it's a perishable item and get confused. I've had to explain it on multiplayer a few times. Which is why I think it'd be a relatively easy addition to just add in the (stale) condition to the food. We already have (uncooked), (cooked), (fresh), and (rotten) so the fact that stale food just gets the food name without the condition makes it the outlier when describing fresh food. It would also help you easily identify anything at a glance as perishable. If it has one of those conditions then you know it's some kind of perishable, if it doesn't have (condition) then you know it's non-perishable which wouldn't have it. Let the (stale) condition make it obvious and the unhappiness, as you say, reinforce the downsides to the stale stage. edit: I'll add in that while I had the idea that it should be added from my experience, a thread here is another example of many people in the comments not knowing or understanding the (fresh)>no condition>(rotten) system for food. While a joke post the comments have a lot of people mentioning things like 'why is my fresh food causing unhappiness?' without knowing that it's no longer fresh, because they just see something like "strawberries" without the condition, or even thinking it could be the unhappiness from eating food that has the note that it's "better hot."
  11. I see a lot of newer players especially getting confused about food that has boredom/unhappiness and they aren't sure why, as it's safe to eat. Pizza (Fresh) is pretty clear, Pizza (rotten) is too, but then you just have Pizza. If you happen upon the food after it goes from fresh to stale, you may not realize it was previously (fresh) as not all food has its current condition listed, like Chips. I think adding in the text for food that was fresh but has gone stale would make this a lot easier to understand at a glance. Oh, this pizza makes me unhappy because it's stale, and not just because maybe my character hates pizza? So FoodName (Fresh), FoodName (Stale), and FoodName (Rotten) would help describe what's going on here. Thanks for your time!
  12. Good day! I'm not sure what other new furniture/items this may apply to, but at the very least the two different flamingo items pop up under things like grass, fences, and trees that would be under or behind them when placed. The second picture was hilarious though, stealth flamingo & tree flamingo.
  13. Seems that way to me as well. I did 2 test runs of this and noticed the trend. The bugged out containers seem to be the bathroom cabinets (not the trash cans though) and the entire set of kitchen counters as well as the refrigerators. The office seems to generate loot fine and the closet seems fine too. First run was standard apocalypse, so rare loot, and nothing in the kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Second run was sandbox, apocalypse preset, but all loot set to abundant. No loot in the kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but ample loot in the trash cans, office, and closet.
  14. Good day survivors! This is a pretty niche request and doesn't come up all that often early on in game, but I think an option to merge all of certain types of items that can combine together (think thread, duct tape, wire, etc.) would be nice. In many games you won't have all that many, and combining them one at a time is just a handful of clicks. At high level tailoring, however, you can end up with hundreds of 0.1 weight thread in a single day of zombie killing and clothes ripping. While a low weight individually you can end up encumbered rather quickly since higher level tailors can get new thread from most articles of clothing. The problem comes down to a similar one that tailoring had before the "patch all" option which is that if you'd like to condense those threads down to a smaller amount of spools to save space you're clicking hundreds of times for in an game action that takes just a second. Three to four hundred individual spools of 0.1 thread can be 30+ weight, but condense down to 30-40 spools of thread that'll only weigh about 3-4 weight afterwards, but in real time you're spending many minutes to click through the menu hundreds of times. Like I said, it's not a super common problem to deal with unless you have abundant loot and lots of items or high level tailoring where you can easily generate hundreds of items in a relatively short amount of time, but it would definitely make my arm feel better than trying to merge together all that thread. I did a batch of about 350 spools and decided not to do it again and just let a bunch of half spools of thread fill my shelves from now on. My only other idea is to let thread ripped from some clothes automatically fill a spool that you have in your inventory. That would be far easier for a player but if there was any other technical issues with that then an option in the "add to" menu of an item like thread so a player can fast forward through combining them all would be nice, or at least save the hand pain of trying to click through a few hundred times for something trivial to save space. Thanks for checking out my thread!
  15. The zombie infection doesn't show up on the health tab. The infections that you see on the health tab are related to regular wound infections only. Any of those scratches had a chance to give you the zombie infection and it sounds like one of them did. Even if the wounds heal you'll still start to lose health from the zombie infection looming inside you. No amount of bandaging or disinfecting can get rid of the zombie infection once you have it. The default game settings take about 2-3 days for the zombie infection to kill you off and scratches are a low chance of infection, lacerations a medium, and bites are a guaranteed death sentence. So you did get a bit unlucky with a scratch taking you out but multiple wounds will really start to add up. RIP and good luck to your next character!
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