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  1. Maris

    Mod collision

    What if two mods have an item with the same ID but different properties? What definition will be stronger? Is there any rule about how Zomboid decides which mod is stronger?
  2. 0.05 means 0.05% in general. But it depends on may other factors. For example, there is a limit of items in container, so many items with high drop chance will compete to each other. Also loot is increased in areas with high zombie density.
  3. Don't delete topics. Ask other users (e.g. EnigmaGrey) if they want their messages to be deleted.
  4. Maris

    [WIP] more mod tags

    At the very beginning, I just wanted to add the tag "Build 41". For myself, I solved this issue. But then I decided to go further and make a real mod "more_mod_tags" for other modders to add custom tags. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2138864719 But which tags should be there? This is the question. So I ask you about your ideas. I don't like too many tags, so I want to add just most popular and useful. Currently there are these tags: Build 41 Build 40 Multiplayer Interface Textures Models Vehicles Items Clothing Weapons Food Literature Medical Traits Bugfix Tweak Framework Language Easier Harder Realistic
  5. Is it shown as 41.38? I've got update via Steam but it's still 41.38
  6. Maris


    The function EveryOneMinute() sometimes occurs twice at the same time.
  7. I mean animation + stopping running for a bit. --e.g. player:Fall() --would be helpful There are some unknown functions but they don't work: player:setFallOnFront() player:fallenOnKnees() -- adds blood player:setbFalling() player:setFallTime()
  8. LOG : General, 1592574621554> false LOG : General, 1592574621572> false LOG : General, 1592574621587> false LOG : General, 1592574621604> false LOG : General, 1592574621620> false LOG : General, 1592574621637> false LOG : General, 1592574621653> false LOG : General, 1592574621670> false LOG : General, 1592574621687> false I tried to figure out where this annoying print is and made neat print detector: print = error; But this did not help, rain of false continued. So it's on Java side.
  9. Oh, thanks, but I meant changes to exact single separate item in inventory. Your code affects ALL (new) items in the world. Btw I found a way to save weight: item:setActualWeight(0.33) item:setCustomWeight(true) But I still can't save custom changed icon of vanilla item (not custom item from my mod).
  10. Axe (FireAxe) in each hand.
  11. If I change icon: item:setTexture(new_icon); everything is fine but after reloading the game there is old icon. If I change weight: item:setWeight(0.5); item:setActualWeight(0.5); everything is fine but after reloading the game there is old weight.
  12. Each "1" means 0.01%+ So "60" means 0.6%+, i.e. greater than 0.6%. But formula is not simple, and the chance is higher in places with high zombie density.
  13. I have only this in my country (400g): https://i.imgur.com/mDtzFnj.jpg
  14. It has weight 0.8 ingame. And I think it's 0.8 kg.
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