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  1. Maris

    Zombies everywhere on the map

    It looks strange if zombies are everywhere even in deep forest. But anyway players need resources like nails, pots etc. So they have to go to town and to face the zombies.
  2. Maris

    ramshackle books

    I think you should inject into stop() event in reading time action. But personally I don't like this idea. If you want it to be more rare you may just make it more rare. Or you could add it to recipe in your mods like I did in mods "Cure Zombie Virus" and "Nocturnal Zombies Fixed".
  3. For example: local bd; local function fnEveryTenMinutes() if not bd then bd = getPlayer():getBodyDamage(); end ..... end Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(fnEveryTenMinutes); I think it should reduce overhead on api calls.
  4. Maris

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Need more animations for complicated things like animals etc otherwise it looks like a 2D game.
  5. Maris


    My character have no sleep traits but he sleeps 12-15 hours (in multiplayer) if I don't interrupt him. And it does not matter if I am surrounded by zombies or in moving car. I sleep a lot in any situation. Sometimes I even feel a strong panic during sleep. Is it OK?
  6. Maris

    A Hardcore Server

    You should find group of people who will start simultaneously. Joining old world without loot is not fun, but playing in new world with high loot is not fun too. So only one option is struggle for resources from the start of the server. P.S. I would join but I have high ping.
  7. Maris

    Error on item:setColor()

    -- wash the clothing! function WashMyClothing_OnCreate(items, result, player, selectedItem) for i=0,items:size() - 1 do local item = items:get(i); if instanceof (item, "Clothing") then local name = item:getType(); if DIRTY_TO_NORMAL[name] then print("New item:",DIRTY_TO_NORMAL[name]); local new_item = player:getInventory():AddItems(DIRTY_TO_NORMAL[name], 1); if new_item then print("new_item",tostring(new_item)); local color = item:getColor() print("color",tostring(color)); new_item:setColor(color); -----> ERROR HERE?! end return; end end end end Crash log: I can't understand what's wrong. "new_item" is valid and "color" is valid too. So why item:setColor(color) causes an error?
  8. Maris

    Rooms on the map

    I researched the map for my own needs and created a list of some rooms. West Point (Center): West Point: Muldraugh: Rosewood: Here are some popular containers in known rooms (dirty draft):
  9. The character must learn only ONE of the recipes with the same name. Now I have: recipe My Recipe 1 { Apple, .... Result: myItem, ... } recipe My Recipe 2 { Banana, ... Result: myItem, ... } As a result I have TWO recipes with different names "My Recipe 1" and "My Recipe 2" with numbers in its names. But these recipes must have the same name, because they produce the same item. For example, "My Recipe". And if I do so, I will have an issue. For example: item myMagazine { Type = Literature, TeachedRecipes = My Recipe, ... } This magazine will teach all recipes with equal name. How I can make two magazines with different recipes but with the same name?
  10. Maris

    Floating cars

    Restart the server will help. Also you can push the car using another cat and it may help but takes time and luck.
  11. Maris

    Removed House-Shadow left behind

    Did you remove the roof?
  12. Maris

    40.36 - Car and fire

    You can't set fire to a car. But if you are in a car, you may still get a burn. 1) Drive so you (while driving) are over campfire. or 2) Drive so you (while driving) are over burning zombie or another burning item. Looks weird.
  13. I know that there is OnTest function. But it takes only item as argument. It doesn't access to the character who is trying to use the recipe. My recipe is for making a book. And I want to disable it if a character (in multiplayer) has "Illiterate" trait. Because it means that character can't write (not only read).
  14. Maris

    Cure Zombie Virus

    Version 1.0 is released. Documentation:
  15. Hello. I had a very cold winter and I sit in a car with broken windows and turn heater on. It helped to get warmer but it shouldn't.