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  1. Maris

    Load files order

    We know that Lua files from all active mods load in alphabetical order. But I noticed that files in server folder load after files in client folder even if you have only one active mod. Is there any full guide about load order?
  2. The result of getName() is equal to getDisplayName(). But getType() is better anyway in this code.
  3. -- when you or a npc try to hit something xpUpdate.onWeaponHitXp = function(owner, weapon, hitObject, damage) local isShove = false if hitObject:isOnFloor() == false and weapon:getName() == "Bare Hands" then The function getName() returns translated name! It may be not English. So it should be: weapon:getType() == "BareHands"
  4. Maris

    Wet clothes

    pants:setDirtyness(100) pants:setWetness(100) pants:flushWetness()
  5. Ctrl+F "multiplayer".
  6. I'd play this style but nights are too dark for me even with cat's eyes. I just don't want to deteriorate my real eyes. I wish there was high contrast nights so I can't see what my character can't see and I can clearly see what my character can.
  7. Maybe you are right, but I won't play this game without working cars.
  8. Use the map to choose a place for home. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2018682364
  9. I think that the mod should not contain instructions for the player about replacing files. The mod should be in the style of "subscribe and play."
  10. Maris


    I had that kind of issue too (on 41.29). There was stuttering even on pause of the game and even if I restart the game via main menu. Only after restarting both whole game client and Steam (I'm not sure what exactly affects) issue had gone. By pause I mean game pause when you can still type text in chat or console and move ingame windows. The game freezes every ~50 seconds (about that). P.S. I have no antivirus.
  11. Procedural distributions have one more level of sense. Common distributions: room type / container type. Procedural distributions: room type / container type / logic type. For example, counter on the kitchen may be either for dishes or for pots, and they are not mixed anymore.
  12. What do you suggest to do with sleeping system?
  13. I prefer random spawn on a farm somewhere, so it's not easy to figure out where it is. Sadly, it's not possible without mods. But I think this is more fun. Decisions do not depend on the map, but on the distance, the availability of a car and gasoline, etc. Often you have to get to the next location on foot. You also have to save food and other resources, spend the night in different places.
  14. 3. Hey, there is a mod "Realistic Inventory". With this mod you can carry only few items in hands. Very small items goes in pockets. But if you want too high accuracy and realism, the game will become boring. And I will name it "inventory management simulator". 2. There is a mod, both for metal walls and for wooden. I would rewrite them from scratch with a more neat game design. But do you want zombies to destroy everything? Do you want vanilla walls to attract zombies too? How do you imagine that? All zombies will beat their heads against the wall, not paying attention to the player. I prefer to think of it as the fact that zombies have remnants of memory. And if something seems familiar to them, they don’t touch it. 1. It's easy to fix by a mod. I did not find exising mod, but idea is simple. Just remember that it will change balance in multiplayer, so there is no reason to start the game in winter in empty world (looted by other players). More likely that it will decrease new players on a server while winter. Old players will also have nothing to do in the winter, so it will also be more convenient for them to wait offline until the winter is over. Finally, about floating buildings: There is a mod "Obey Gravity, it's the law!". I'm not sure if it's still working but it should work. Anyway it's not a big deal to rewrite it for build 41, I guess.
  15. Hydrocraft is strange in general. I remember "realistic" pets which are just bags. I remember "realistic" pushcarts which can not be dropped fast. Animals without animations. And so on.
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