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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1919438901
  2. These commands do the same:
  3. A programmer or a game designer (balancer) may be a founder.
  4. Движок для падежей - самое сложное было. Но это в прошлом. Теперь их можно прикручивать, куда душа пожелает. Вот, играюсь с модами. Например, Craft Helper:
  5. Maris


    Please test your network code with packet loss over 1%. Before there were lags when driving at high speed.
  6. How to reproduce: 1) Start new challenge "You Have One Day". 2) Go back to main menu. 3) Enable any mod in main menu, e.g. "Mod Template". 4) Load the game using "Continue" button. Don't press "Load" button. 5) You will see the red error (bug): ----------------------------------------- STACK TRACE ----------------------------------------- function: preLoadLastStandInit -- file: LastStandSetup.lua line # 7 ERROR: General, 1596264292792> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: OnInitWorld of non-table: null a
  7. How to reproduce: 1) Start new challenge "You Have One Day". 2) Go back to main menu. 3) Load game. But don't press "Continue". Press "Load" button exactly. 4) Wait for 24 hours. (Actually 25 hours, because zombies should spawn at 10:00). 5) No zombies! This is the bug. P.S. Probably this topic may be helpful.
  8. For example, ClothingRecipesDefinitions.lua by now: ClothingRecipesDefinitions = {}; ClothingRecipesDefinitions["Sheet"] = {materials="Base.RippedSheets:4" } --ClothingRecipesDefinitions["Belt2"] = {materials="Base.LeatherStrips:1"} ClothingRecipesDefinitions["FabricType"] = {} ClothingRecipesDefinitions["FabricType"]["Cotton"] = {}; ClothingRecipesDefinitions["FabricType"]["Cotton"].material = "Base.RippedSheets"; ClothingRecipesDefinitions["FabricType"]["Denim"] = {}; ClothingRecipesDefinitions["FabricType"]["Denim"].material = "Base.DenimStrips"; ClothingRecipesDefinitions["FabricTy
  9. They will only add multiplayer if there are no questions about multiplayer. Oh, now the multiplayer is postponed again.
  10. Maris

    [WIP] Mod Options

    Not yet. I'm waiting for multiplayer in B41. But client mods work fine. It's possible to change options right through the game. As a side effect, host may change options right through the game, but each mod must handle its own server options using "not isClient()"
  11. Maris

    [WIP] Mod Options

    What you think about mod options ingame? I was making the mod options as a part of another mod but now it's a separate mod. So any author of a mod can add their custom options to their mod. There is a tab in game options menu. So user may click checkboxes and press Apply.
  12. OnTickEvenPaused event isn't working while the game is paused.
  13. Maris

    Exit Game Event?

    Is there any event when the game (dedicated server) is about to go down just before saving the game?
  14. Maris

    Really Real Time?

    Nevermind. I've got it.
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