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  1. What do you mean exactly? Some radios need to be equipped, others need to placed down; for all of them distance matters. We have tried all the combinations we could think of and it worked. Are you using any mods?
  2. Thank you for bringing this up. I'll pass it onto the team
  3. You might find helpful info here: https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Dedicated_Server
  4. Can you start a single player game? Delete "mods" folder in "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" then Verify the game (In Steam Library RMC Project Zomboid > Select "Properties" > "Local files" > "Verify integrity of game files").
  5. It appears I've been wrong Tires that spawn in Garages (unused, 100%) do have a higher Tire pressure threshold. Can't get this even when cheating to repair vehicles! Thank you for your report, I'll pass it onto the team.
  6. Every single trashcan (give or take) has garbage bag in it. which version of the game are you on? Any mods?
  7. Is this a new game with the mod disabled?
  8. Could it be that your mouse is on its way out? How does it operate in day-to-day use? Have you updated its drivers?
  9. Thank you for your report! This will be fixed in one of the future builds
  10. An overall crafting overhaul is planned with the next Build (42). I do not think anything will be done/released until then.
  11. Zeds also make a sound when you've finished them for good. "Splash" is there to show that that the char has hit them.
  12. There are 3 different types of Performance tire and in this UI it only shows the "Performance tire" rather then the specific type of it.
  13. What exactly do you mean with a "highlight"? Ag, gothca! Thank you for bringing this up! I'll add this to our list of things
  14. We're aware of this issue. The fix is a bigger problem, though. Will be fixed in the future.
  15. You need to have either another Propane torch or Propane tank in your inventory to build Lvl 2 wall from scratch.
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