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  1. What do we learn from this? not spam the keys That said, Esc should have stopped the action, I'll look into it. To uninstall / reinstall a car window successfully you'll need a screwdriver in your main inventory, a mechanics skill at level 3, one of the Laines magazines (for intermediates), a second vehicle. Then use V > Vehicle mechanics > RMC a window you'd like to uninstall > job done. To install that window in your car, follow those steps but use > install window option. There is less chance your char will succeed if your Mechanics skill is low...Lucky that "Smash window" option is also available from the same menu.
  2. After some consideration - many traits are: Hard of hearing, Shortsighted...
  3. Sleeping inside car

    You can. Use V > sleep.
  4. Sandwich values are bugged

    Hey littleblueboxes, how fresh were the ingredients that you've used? Did the individual components have any Unhappiness or Boredom values?
  5. What is the PhysicsDelay setting in servertest.ini?

    This setting adds some lag to the processing of collisions. Not recommended to change it for ... reasons
  6. Word Association Extra

    Brand -> Lies
  7. Hi wanderinbilly, (Just to narrow it down) Did your char "die" or "zombified"? Did you have a Generator running? What traits did your char have? Thanks
  8. Hey undvoice, his looks like a MOD issue, you're better off notifying the creator.
  9. Firesuit Proof 12 Water Issues

    Hey there! It looks like some MOD is involved so you're better off contacting the creator of that MOD for help.
  10. Barricades

    Hm...can't repo it, so must be fixed.
  11. Barricades

    Hey, Mamlot, which version of the game are you on?
  12. Word Association Extra

    God -> Lucifer
  13. Sealed Room Can Be Seen Through

    Which branch/version is this in? (haha, Mondays, right )
  14. Sealed Room Can Be Seen Through

    Which branch/version is this in?