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  1. I'd imagine it is sort of a swap? Your char got XP in exchange. Similar to foraging, where char gathers lots of stones and twigs and abundance drops while char gains XP.
  2. Also, your doorframe should be lvl 3, so you need to upgrade it.
  3. Could you tell us what game mode you're playing on?
  4. Could you attempt this again and after a crash go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid on your computer. Find a file named "console.txt" and attach it to your next message. That should help to see what is causing the crash.
  5. Yeah, well known and reported issue. One workaround is to place your barricades one tile away from a window.
  6. Hey there! Could you record and post a video of them squares popping in and out?
  7. Bread, Watermelon, Ham and IceCream change states: fresh, sliced, melted etc. Before this fix items would revert to original caloric numbers after state change (eat 1/2 of frozen icecream, wait for it to melt and have the full caloric value of a whole pack again). Now this exploit cannot be used anymore.
  8. I am sorry if my comment has caused you to feel that way. That was not my intent - I am merely getting more info so that I can attempt to reproduce / report the issue to the team (if necessary).
  9. Where are you foraging? What are you fishing with? Are areas depleted? Could you start a new game and try again, please? Perhaps the save game is incompatible..
  10. There is an option under World > House alarm frequency that allows for alarms to be triggered randomly, too. Perhaps, this is what causes this issue?
  11. Is it all the zombies give chase during day or just some of them? Sandbox description does not say it's a 100% thing, it's more of a trend for zombies. Additionally, what time (actuall time in game) this happens? It is quite light in summer at 6am but it still may be "night time" by game reckoning.. Admittedly, this is a speculation and i need to find out more from the team
  12. Sleep-related traits are a little ... ineffective at the moment. The issue has been reported and will be fixed as soon as possible.
  13. When you equip a Lighter it is automatically "on" so it continues to use fuel. Once it runs out of fuel, Lighter is removed from inventory. Try RMC equipped Lighter > Turn off or unequip it when not using it.
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