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  1. Not really but I'll pass this on to someone more knowledgeable than myself
  2. These should be fixed with the next game update.
  3. Is his a SP or MP game? Which version? Are you using any mods?
  4. Yes, this is an old issue that requires a fair bit of work to fix (so I'm told) It is planned to be fixed in one of the future builds.
  5. This affects so few people and we were not able to reproduce any of these issues at all Are you using any mods? Is this exclusive to SP or MP, perhaps?
  6. Thank you for posting a solution! Will come in handy
  7. Thank you for all the reports! We are aware that this happens (in all it's multitude of forms!) and the fix is in the works. Should be out with the next update. do let us know how it goes! (after the update is out, obviously )
  8. Have you changed any of the "Safehouse" options when setting up the server?
  9. Do you have the keys in char's main inventory or in the keyring? They won't be used otherwise. Is this a SP or a MP game? Any mods?
  10. Known issue and should be fixed with the next update!
  11. Some of those issues are known and fixes are being worked on for them. Do wait for the next update and see how much that helps Other than that are you using any mods? Are they up to date?
  12. Thank you so much for posting a solution! This may help someone else down the line
  13. There is a setting in Sandbox options that allows to disable this function: This feature was added to remove all the zed dropped items so that those have less of an effect on performance.
  14. This is known issue and there has been a fix put in for it. Should be out with the next update (do let us know how it goes!)
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