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  1. This looks a very light type of rain. I do believe this will change when Insulation goes in.
  2. This is a known bug and (I believe) will be fixed in the next patch. Thank you for the report!
  3. This is a result of an update that did not go completely according to plan. The fix is in the works.
  4. This mechanic is not wired in yet. In the next patch weather effects from clothing will be disabled until the whole thing is ready to go in.
  5. You may be forgetting about Ehxaustion. Eliminating all threat may not be possible because character is so tired they can barely lift the weapon or move.
  6. It was not only in the open. You could be resting in a house and zombies would break in and attack and bite you before you can even get off the floor.
  7. If the Magazine is empty it will show up in red in the inventory. Can this be the case?
  8. This is a known issue and has been added to the list of needed fixes. Thank you for the report!
  9. The detection area has indeed been increased because of the new ability to sit down and rest anywhere. Prior to this change the number of unfair deaths while resting (and fast-forwarding) has been awfully large - you sit down, fast-forward, next thing you know a zed is biting you while the char is getting up, helpless. That said there may be a bug lurking with corpses having an effect of this, so if anyone spots THAT, please do report!
  10. A tile next to a window/door will ignore any object placed on it. If you want to barricade - place your objects on adjacent tiles.
  11. Generator in a Trunk or in a seat of any car should work (just tried it). How big is the trunk space? Can you try removing all items from the boot and see if Generator fits then, please? Regaring seats: the seat should be completely empty for Generator to fit in. If not, then which car is this?
  12. Could you disable any mods and try again? Also, some clothing is not "rippable" - things like Jeans and some Jackets.
  13. I ususally select Burglar and always start with the boosts. I think this may be related to the issue of "Random" button removing pre-selected Profession. It should be fixed in the next build.
  14. Washers and Dryers do work but it may be difficult to figure out which is which. One tip I can give you: once you put your dirty/bloody stuff in and press "Turn on" the state should also change to "Soaked" (that's how you know it's a wshing machine). Another tip: it takes a fair while for a cycle to finish.
  15. If there is a zombie on the other side of the window, the char sometimes will not climb through or if they will, they will fall back. Could this be related? The Character re-start bug has also been reported a number of times. The team is looking into ways of fixing that. If you want to avoid it - try not to Continue any games in the mean time. Yes, empty houses and generally less loot are things to show that some people have cleared out and tried to leave when the Knox Event happened. Thank you for reports!
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