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  1. Pandorea

    How to save seeds?

    Farmed plants go through a number of stages, from "seedling", to "ready for harvest", to "seed-bearing". "Seed-bearing" is the one you want to harvest seeds from your plants. This stage is over really quickly and ends in plants becoming rotten, so one thing I can recommend is this: do not leave your plants unattended once they start flowering and gather the seeds as soon as possible. All plants change in appearance when they go from one stage to another, so you'll need to train your eye somewhat, but once you know what to look for, it should be easier. Also, if you have got any mods - the mechanic could be broken altogether... Hope this helps
  2. Pandorea

    Improved Controllers Build: Ongoing Player Reports

    IIrc, It was a duplicate of an existing function.
  3. At the moment majority of the team are busy with the anims build and all kinds of associated implementation issues. This "all hands on deck" period may feel like we're not here or that players are being neglected but it's not true. We're still checking forums, and reddit and steam; and answer and help wherever possible, and continue adding bugs to the (huge) collection; but..resources are limited and some things have to be prioritized over others. Please, stay patient with us P.S. just as a reminder, things like "it's an issue, I'll report it" and such have been swapped for a "piece of cake" as a way to prevent spamming the forum with messages like that and at the same time to acknowledge the issue with the player.
  4. @PapayaKing so what you're saying is: bring back "Quick transfer" (perhaps, sacrificing "Loot all")? And fix the "shifty inventory" thingie? I must say that even after some trial I'm still not sure what you mean
  5. Pandorea

    Big issues with item transfer

    So, Beard pointed out that there is a server setting that may limit number of items you can have in a container. The setting can be found here: And having a "0" here is good
  6. Pandorea

    Need water in inventory to clean bandages.

    You can also use a cooking pot or a saucepan filled with water to clean / disinfect bandages. And then re-fill from your water-source, obviously
  7. How about gamepadBinding.config file? (sorry, gotta eliminate all possibilities here ) Other than that, have you got any Mods or software supporting Dualshock on a PC? (the build doesn't support mods and additional software will interfere with performance..)
  8. Pandorea

    Опять не работает Project Zomboid

    Dude, asking for help with a pirated version of the game on official forum is a bit.... much? Don't you think?
  9. Yeah, binding attack to a different button seems to be ropey (I'll look into it) Could you try attack without changing any bindings? Simply delete folders / files, start a new game, assign a weapon and then use R2 - does it work?
  10. Pandorea


    How many objects using power have you got in the building that is powered by the generator? Has this number increased? Generator will use more fuel to power more appliances so it seems)
  11. Pandorea

    Big issues with item transfer

    20 items or 20 "units" of weight per tile / container? Different items have different weights: think 20 worms, 20 hammers or 20 generators, for example.
  12. Pandorea

    Weight system

    If you have the arrow pointing down - it means the char IS losing weight. It just doesn't happen very fast. You can "up" the exercise and amounts of calories your char burns with jogging, zombie bashing - that kind of stuff - to help out with faster weight loss (just like real life )
  13. Have you tried using D-pad buttons to move the floor tile selector? I've noticed this yesterday while testing the build but for the life of me can't figure out how to make it move obvious... Any ideas, anyone?
  14. Pandorea

    Sprites of items dropped on the floor go behind walls

    Yeah, there are a number of places to look for reported issues and a number of ways to report them The Pie thing was decided specifically to avoid the issue of "spamming" the forum with "thanks, for the report" messages.
  15. Short answer - Yes! ..Longer answer: we're still working on improving controls, so any input is valuable. But you have to put in work first (the key words in the name of this thread are "active participants")