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  1. are you setting the origin point of your model as required by the game? (don't know much about modding / importing, but I know my way around blender)
  2. Well, what is the temperature? Perhaps it is too warm for snow to stick around and not melt? That said, how old is the mod? Is it compatible with the build you're playing? If the creator does not respond there isn't anything we can do unfortunately...
  3. This is a known issue and will be fixed in the future
  4. Does the game pick up controller input if you try to play solo? Can you enable a split-screen game?
  5. Yes, thank you! Can't seem to be able to repro this one... How exactly do you quit the game? Are you using any mods? Have you changed any settings?
  6. This guide could help? https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/3008927444642740523/
  7. I know that that's why I'm asking if items have been "placed" or "dropped"
  8. Ooo, that's a good idea! Esp as atm areas near river are generally empty.
  9. You are right that some items are set to despawn after some amount of time. Helmets (usually) are not a part of that list, only glasses, baseball hats etc that zeds drop are. So for helmet to disappear when it has been dropped or placed requires different tests on our side (hope this makes sense)
  10. The cooking show / other training shows come on at 6, 12 and 6 pm and give xp for various skills. So I don't quite understand what you mean here?
  11. Is this in a SP or MM game? Which version of the game? What are your day length settings? Are you using any mods?
  12. Did you "drop" objects or "place" them?
  13. Pandorea


    A new and improved crafting tree is being developed as we speak. That will include overhaul of many existing systems as well as new ones (or at least greatly expanded old ones!)
  14. Yes, you should be able to pick them up and move them. Also, zombies will destroy them when they come across those.
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