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  1. Resting in cars

    It is not possible to "command" your character to rest in a vehicle atm but the exertion levels do go down.
  2. Fitness XP Locked

    Are you using any mods?
  3. Bites do you fully heal

    Hi Eviltuna, could you give some more info on this? For example, what do you mean "will not heal"? does it bleed and require change of bandages or it's just a "mark" on the character health screen? Does the health continue to go down? How did you treat the wound? How long since the bite the wound remains? Settings-wise: do you have "infection mortality" and "transmission" set to none (or what )? Thanks
  4. Horn queue can make you stuck

    I do not think it gets "chopped off", it just stops once you stop pressing Q. In my experience that's how it works in real life. Anyhow, the SFX have an update planned for them, so... I do not see the problem here: use Q and you know the sound stops once you stop pressing it; or use Esc to cancel the the action, when in doubt.
  5. Window unable to hand sheets or Barricade

    This happens due to the location of that particular window in relation to the stairs. One way around it is to build a floor tile right under the window, which should allow you to add sheet / barricade and still use the stairs.
  6. Vehichle drops

    Slightly floating vehicles on load is a known issue and the team is working on a fix. Regarding the wheels...the thing that can cause this is their bad shape. Do you happen to know what was their "condition"?
  7. jumping railings not fully working

    Holding down "E" works for me... Also, you can destroy the railing with a Sledgehammer and avoid the whole thing altogether
  8. Horn queue can make you stuck

    What do you mean, MadDan2013? New sound? New controls?..
  9. trunk of car

    Have you tried opening the doors and the trunk with "V" > open door / open trunk?
  10. Horn queue can make you stuck

    Esc. cancels the action. Also, you can use Q to sound the horn. That way it doesn't queue up.
  11. Loud Cars

    Vehicle engine loudness can be adjusted in Options > Audio > Vehicle engine volume
  12. Car key disappear in multiplayer

    (Just to eliminate some possibilities) Are you using "easy vehicles" option?
  13. RELEASED: Build 39 - The Vehicles Build

    Hey rsdworker, the fuel consumption works fine here. The only thing that may affect it is the "Gas consumption" setting. Are you playing in Sandbox?
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Hi Shin! I cannot reproduce this so perhaps some specific combination of settings is responsible.. What settings have you got in your game? (SP/host, presets, etc)
  15. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    It is possible to lower car engine sounds in options > audio > ambient sounds. I assume you've tried this and the result is not satisfactory?