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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 39

    Would be great if this was in the bug tracker Thank you!
  2. Bunk furniture in a muldraugh motel room

    Thank you! (To whom this may concern ) there is another known instance of this at 10699,9386,0
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 39

    Hey there! Could you give some more details on this, please? Things like is it in SP or MP; any mods; what do you do just before this happens... I believe the team has fixed "the last possible instance" for the next build, but double checking doesn't hurt
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 39

    "As designed" is response from the Arts department
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 39

    Regarding hotwired vehicles: it is possible to hotwire a vehicle even if there is no petrol/gasoline in it. Once it's hotwired it won't start. Could this be the case here?
  6. Introducing Pandorea (aka Sasha)

    Well, what can I say about myself? I worked for a small game development company as an assistant producer / tester for a few years. Loved it! Loved the (incredibly hard and time consuming) process of creating fantasy worlds and - especially - participating in events in those worlds. It's like trying out many different lives in a span of just one...In case of PZ - many, many lives Like so many small development companies (unfortunately), it ended up "down sizing"... I decided to take some time off and work on my art and 3D modeling skillz with (a little) math and programming thrown in. And I kept my eye open for interesting work opportunities. And here I am...
  7. Introducing Pandorea (aka Sasha)

    Thank you guys and gals!