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  1. Pandorea

    Falling through the Riverside restaurant balcony

    This is a known issue and is has been added to the list of required fixes (will be some time though )
  2. This already happens in game, no? Character with low fishing skill or while fishing out of season has higher chance of catching socks or shoes.
  3. Pandorea

    Split Screen Visuals

    Thank you for your report. This is a known issue and is already on the list of things that need fixing.
  4. This may happen if the building is a designated "zed spawn" point. Which building is this?
  5. Pandorea

    E-window-hopping problems

    Thank you for the report. In the meantime, you can use RMB to get to window options and see if the window is broken. Hope this helps!
  6. Pandorea

    Word Association Extra

    Eyes > Blindfold
  7. Pandorea

    Word Association Extra

    Show > Cinema
  8. Have you tried using V > enter vehicle option? Bug nr. 2 is a known issue.
  9. Added to the issues list. Unfortunately, there is no work being done to fix any of reported bugs because everyone is doing their bits for animations.... Sorry about that.
  10. Which build are you using, Cyrix? (gotta check if this is known issue or a new one)
  11. Pandorea

    Most buildings have invisible walls...

    yup, that ^
  12. ..seems to be too easy to die on the roads as is atm
  13. Pandorea

    CLH - Russian Retexture | КЛХ - Русские Ретекстуры

    I imagine that it is abbreviation of The Indie Stone.
  14. Pandorea

    CLH - Russian Retexture | КЛХ - Русские Ретекстуры

    "Specials" - (generally) foods that are prepared and served daily and may not be available any other day or foods that this particular place specializes in (sorry, haven't got Russian keyboard )
  15. Pandorea

    Can't barricade with metalwork

    Looking at the screenshot, there is a mod involved? I'd see if vanilla Propane torch would do the job...