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  1. Esc should cancel any action, including reading in a car. Does this not work for you?
  2. Have now tried this with a number of weapons - can leave and switch seats without a hiccup. Are you using any mods? How often does this happen?
  3. You can change frequency of these events in Sandbox > Sadistic AI Director tab.
  4. Pandorea

    Minor Issue

    Hmm..I'm at a loss here... Could you record a short video of this and get a screenshot of your overall game settings, please?
  5. Ok, thanks! Added all additional info to the internal bug tracker. You can use Stakes and Mortar and Pestle to respectively attack zeds (knife stab kind of attack) and to create poulstices for healing.
  6. Yes, this is a known issue. Thanks for reminder!
  7. I've had the game freeze recently - similar to your last report - when using up a bag that I had equipped. Can you remember what you did generally before transferring needle and thread? Did you have a bag equipped in a secondary slot?
  8. Pandorea

    Minor Issue

    Do you get a description of a Profession or Traits in character creation screen when you hover the mouse over them? Are you using any mods? Mouse drivers up to date?
  9. Could you check if your Garbage bags are empty? They need to be, otherwise they won't count in the crafting menu.
  10. Console.txt and logs are always welcome!
  11. Atm char cannot lose the smoking trait. However, such changes are planned for the future (talking future builds)
  12. Nice catch! This should be fixed in the next patch, I believe.
  13. Could you be more specific as to which guns do this? Are these vanilla guns or mod guns?
  14. You're right - Underweight comes with a Fitness drop and Out of shape trait.
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