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  1. Generally speaking, if a Lighter is equipped (primary or secondary) it will be turned on. You can RMC that equipped Lighter and if you see an option to "Turn off" then it's on Finally, a lit lighter will illuminate an area so you can walk into a dark room and see if it gets brighter.
  2. Yeah, looks like due to the update and work done on trunk capactiy/etc the van got it's seats removed but the trunk capacity was not changed to compensate Very unfortunate.
  3. Could you delete "mods" folder in "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" to ensure no mod-related stuff remains. Then re-verify the game again: In Steam Library RMC Project Zomboid > Select "Properties" > "Local files" > "Verify integrity of game files". What are your system specifications?
  4. You need to uninstall both Hood and Trunk lid to get the option to repair them.
  5. Is this a van from a new game in build 41.47 or one updated from 41.46? All vans (apart form one 6-seater type, the one with windows) are now 2-seater vans. But their trunk capacity has been "upped" to acount for this change. What is condition of this trunk (40 seems to be awfully low)?
  6. There has been a change to how clothing works in 41.46 and this affected a number of Mods. I'd recommend disabling Hydrocraft (all mods), verifying game files and trying in a new save to see if the issue is persists.
  7. Impossible to see from the screenshot, but are there any windows on those walls?
  8. Just to note: it is Trunk lid and Hood, not Trunk itself (that remained as it was)
  9. This is not a bug. Only Vans with windows on their sides have seats in them. All other Vans are 2-seaters for now. On the other hand, their Trunk capacity has gone up.
  10. This is a known issue and will get fixed when it's time comes.
  11. The cars mod that you're running? (only one of these vehicles is vanilla)
  12. Should be fixed with the next update
  13. Any mods? Was a new save started in 41.46 or a save "updated" from 41.45?
  14. If there is a tile in that spot already, you won't be able to place another tile on top.
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