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  1. Atm it is not possible to plumb anything while the water is still "on".
  2. Thank you fpr the report! We're aware of the issue and is in line to get fixed soon.
  3. Do you mean add another 10 to 50 units the char can carry at the max already? Or do you mean the "comfortable carry weight" for the char (one that changes depending on char's strengths and full belly)? You can't change the first one - 50 units is the max (unless maybe with mods?) the second one can be increased by eating well, getting stronger and fitter and geting a better bag equipped.
  4. When equipped, the lighter is automatically "on" and is using it's fuel. Once it runs out of fuel it disappears from char's inventory. To avoid this, either unequip the lighter or RMC > "turn off".
  5. The game crashed, so a part of the save either failed to be made or it became corrupted. If you have any mods, remove them as they can be a reason for a crash happening in the first place.
  6. "Certain corpses you find on the ground aren't actually dead and will trigger a wake up animation once the player gets close enough to them." - is intended behaviour for our beloved zeds. Duplication is not. I've been trying to reproduce this for a while now with no success Did you say you've had some mods enabled? Could you disble them for when you'll run your tests next, please?
  7. You need to click fairly close to the shore to get the option, iirc. That said, which version of the game is this? Any mods?
  8. Well, you do need a Hammer to place it. If you have a hammer but it was in a backpack and you couldn't get it out because char was already close to 50 carry limit, you could drop the bag first and then get the Hammer. If you do not have a Hammer, you can put the Stove in container - if you can find a container large enough (any crate or car seat would do)
  9. Pandorea


    To be sure, these are not closed top vanilla drums; these are (nebulous) open top drums I'm told existed somewhere where Smithing was a thing (?) or in mods. So don't go off raiding the Railyard for all the water containers
  10. When you start watering newly planted / dry plants, the "state" of dryness goes from Parched > Dry > Thirsty > Fine > and so on. How fast this progression happens depends on how much water you give the plant at once: for instance, you can use a Full bucket of water > RMC plant > Select "Water" > Full (100) which will use a lot more water at once and skip the "Dry" state; if, one the other hand, you use a Full bucket of water > RMC plant > Select "Water" > but water in small increments, say only 5 units at a time, then it'll take a lot longer to get through each state and some will show up repeatedly. The same will happen if you have multiple but only partially filled containers. Hope this explains the functionality well enough
  11. Current implementation of feat inside a building is fairly basic, but there are plans to work on this in the future to make it more realistic. This is not however a priority right now.
  12. Is the water still running in game? Do you have a barrel above (directly or +/- 1 tile)? Does the barrel have any water in it?
  13. This should not be happening.. Could you record a video or post a few images of this happening, please? Which version of the game are you playing? Also, are you using any mods?
  14. Pandorea


    What other settings do you change for your games? Any mods?
  15. You can "attack" trees with any weapon. Some weapons will be better than others at knocking trees over but all of the weapons will get damaged by using them inappropriately.
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