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  1. Duplicating bags should be fixed (along with many other things!) when the next update comes out
  2. It is still in the works as it turned out to be a way bigger issue than we've initially thought.
  3. Would be great if you could make a video of this happening, so that we could see exactly what you mean by "instant death".
  4. Have you been switching betwen B40/any and B41, perhaps? If so, could you delete the Lua folder in "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and see if that helps with empty menu?
  5. Doesn't happen every time, I take it? To double check: char walks up the stars and at the top they somehow manage to hop the railing from the stairs side into the "corridor" side > fall through?
  6. Are you using any mods that could cause the crash?
  7. Ah, but can you see inside of the house when you get closer?
  8. Could you share the details of your system (esp graphics card and ram), please?
  9. Could you be a bit more specific? Exactly what do you do and when? I cannot reproduce this
  10. Farming is going to get an overhaul in one of the future builds. This will include more crops, more realistic growing times, etc. For now we have to live with what we've got
  11. This will be fixed when the next update is out.
  12. Hmm.. works here.. Could you double check that the char in that save HAS the trait? With no other adjustments it takes 6-7 hours for char to become anxious, how long are you waiting? Any mods?
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