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  1. [Build 40.26] Frozen meat

    But are all of those animals frozen completely? (sorry, hard to see in the video) I was able to repo this only with a Small Bird..
  2. Cannot drop items from inventory

    Are you using any mods? And have you got enough room in "floor container"?
  3. [40.26]Can't light campfires and old ovens

    my favourite type of bug
  4. Locked car bug

    Yeah, it's a known issue
  5. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    If it's not the Hydrocraft issue (as mentioned above), have you got your seed packet opened?
  6. Twiggy's Bar 2nd story window bug

    This is a known issue and has been reported to the team. For now, avoid placing sheet ropes above slanted ground floor roofs and climbing over in an attempt to go outside (or trusting that that roof is going to support your char's weight for that matter - it won't! )
  7. Shiny car windows bug

    Sweet looks like this is caused by an overcast sky with pretty uniform grey colouring and similar reflections (Hard to see in the video, but if you drive slowly, you can see some variation and movement in window reflections of other cars).
  8. Shiny car windows bug

    So, you see windows of all vehicles grey, after switching Post-processing off the windows become bright blue? Like this:
  9. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    If the first torch is empty - the option to "Dismantle car wreck" will be disabled (this issue was reported and hopefully will be fixed soon). Regarding the need for a skill level or magazines - not needed (iirc). You should be able to RMC a car wreck > Dismantle (apart form situation described above, obviously)
  10. Hm, ok, thank you for the intel
  11. Same, same, no? But I know what you mean.
  12. You should be able to continue crafting the recipe from your inventory. Simply expand the 2 recipes with identical names and RMC on the one you want to continue adding stuff to.
  13. How to Use the Bug Tracker [Read Before Posting]

    The Bug Tracker has been "retired". Just post your issue as a comment on a blog with relevant details and tags.
  14. Interesting. (From completely fictional PZ QA Manual ) Step 1: do you have any MODs? If so, could you disable them and try again? Step 2: where exactly are you on the map? I'll check out that specific location.
  15. Player dragging knockdown zombie

    So...your char is panicked, one-stab-kill fails and a zombie ends up on the ground, but "unkilled". At this moment you attempt to move away and the zombie (laying on the ground) follows your character along the ground (not "body moving", but sorta "sliding" I assume)? How often does this happen? Could it be a part of "zombie stand up" animation? Sorry, I'm just trying to understand what is going on