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  1. What version of the game were you playing?
  2. You can also remove everything from your inventory > RMC Generator > equip in both hands.
  3. Hey, this issue has been discussed at lenghts in this thread: Basically what happened was a bug fix; a bug where zombies where pretty much blind to player presence from more than 10 tiles away. Now they are not. To counter their better vision character stealth will be buffed in the near future. Hope this short explanation helps!
  4. Pandorea


    Thanks for the report! This is already on our lists and will be fixed as soon as possible.
  5. Yeah, pretty sure this one has been fixed a while ago. What version of the game are you on? Also, what Beard said.
  6. 2. This has been changed to stop player smashing windows when they fight zeds next to a window. 4. Just bad luck. tripping has a random chance of happening, afaik. All other I shall check and report as appropriate
  7. You can only dismantle burnt vehicles and the propane torch must have enough fuel for the operation. No other equirements as far as I know. What version of the game are you on? Are you using any mods?
  8. Which general game difficulty do you have selected?
  9. Pandorea

    Mod system bug

    Does this happen with this particular mod or all of them?
  10. This is already on the list and will be fixed sooner rather than later In the meantime Quit and Reaload should fix the being stuck issue.
  11. Helmets should be remedied with the newest patch. Knifes have been mentioned and explained a fair few times by now... they were too OP and so the ridiculous one-shot-kill-no-matter-what has been reduced to the point that the team is happy with it. Instead of destroying a horde with a few butter knives, player now needs to be good at sneaking and stabbing from the back.
  12. In what way did your char "glitch"? Did char get stuck in a repeated anim even without spear equipped? Also, any fish?!
  13. You can only forage in areas with large, mature trees and not in fields or where the trees are young.
  14. Is this on Zoom branch?
  15. This issue was fixed, iirc. Could you confirm what version of the game you're using, what controller and have you got any mods?
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