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  1. Ha ha it is always small details with PZ. Regarding notifications...irl you wouldn't get one; instead, you'd keep it in the back of your mind that the water and electricity will shut off eventually. Best to remember that one while playing The bandages washing in a sink is a known issue however it is rather minor atm. We'll get to it sooner or later!
  2. Cannot reproduce. How often do you encounter this? Are you sure that "Alarm on" is active when alarm doesn't go off?
  3. Works on my side... Would be greatly appreciated if you could disable ALL mods, verify the game, start a new save and see if this still happens?
  4. Hey, thank you for the report! How often does this happen? Is this a new save or one you've played for a while? Do you have any mods?
  5. Afaik, it was never an option to clean dirty rags/bandages in a sink (unless it bacame true while I was on holiday ) ..And what do you mean by "towels don't work"? Thay don't dry or what?
  6. Thanks for the report! Could you specify what type of a wound those were, please?
  7. There are 4 buttons on pause screen now. Are you sure that you've got the latest updates for the game? Could you verify the game by going to Properties > Local files > Verify integrity of game files. And then try to start a new game to see if it helped?
  8. Lol, my favourite type of issue
  9. You can change seats in a car before exiting. This should prevent your char from getting scratched until the issue is resolved.
  10. This is not really a bug. For one, you can pick up furniture and move it out of the way. And two, you can use this to your advantage to stop zombies coming in even if they break that window.
  11. Works here... What resolution are you changing to?
  12. Hmm.. did you check the state of those items in zeds inventories, by any chance? Were those items broken? Or have they disappeared even from zed invenotries?
  13. Thank you for the report! The issue is already in our tracking system.
  14. This should be fixed in the next patch I believe.
  15. Varint rifle and Hunting rifle are weapons from pre-build 41. They should not even spawn in game now. Are you sure it's not a mod messing it up?
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