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  1. Pandorea

    proper nutrition

    It means your character needs to consume about 2000 calories in a day; more if the char runs and fights a lot.
  2. Pandorea

    Constructions's durabilities

    Were you destroying those walls with an Admin character, too?
  3. Pandorea

    The wall of logs is not available

    Also, can you try building that wall in a different location and a tile away from the char? (I know that it's not possible to build a door if the character is standing on the same tile, for example)
  4. Pandorea

    More highlighting issues/now arrows?

    Well.. the issue has been added to the list of other issues a few moons ago. As it is not game-breaking (sorry!) and with the focus on animations (as you yourself pointed out) it is not likely to be fixed any time soon.
  5. I don't think Mac + Controllers is supported atm.
  6. Pandorea

    Cooking frozen food takes too long

    It takes forever because Pizza (frozen or not) does not require cooking and can be eaten as is. And items that do not need cooking do not react to being heated or cooked (unless these items are explosive at which point they may.. well, explode).
  7. Apologies, you've mentioned this in the original post (damn you, Monday morning! ) So the reason why your char is not protected from the rain under just roof is... because it's just roof. You need to add walls / windows / doors and wooden pillars in corners to protect from the weather. Note: every tile of your built floor should have (at least) one wall, a window, or a door and there must be that wooden pillar in the corner, too. Hope this helps.
  8. What version of the game are you on?
  9. Pandorea

    Allow Cleaning of Things DIRECTLY in Sink

    This one has been suggested so many times now One day. For now though: you can also use saucepans / pots to clean and disinfect up to 25 rags.
  10. Pandorea

    Improved Controllers Build: Ongoing Player Reports

    IIrc, It was a duplicate of an existing function.
  11. @PapayaKing so what you're saying is: bring back "Quick transfer" (perhaps, sacrificing "Loot all")? And fix the "shifty inventory" thingie? I must say that even after some trial I'm still not sure what you mean
  12. Pandorea

    Need water in inventory to clean bandages.

    You can also use a cooking pot or a saucepan filled with water to clean / disinfect bandages. And then re-fill from your water-source, obviously
  13. How about gamepadBinding.config file? (sorry, gotta eliminate all possibilities here ) Other than that, have you got any Mods or software supporting Dualshock on a PC? (the build doesn't support mods and additional software will interfere with performance..)
  14. Yeah, binding attack to a different button seems to be ropey (I'll look into it) Could you try attack without changing any bindings? Simply delete folders / files, start a new game, assign a weapon and then use R2 - does it work?
  15. Pandorea


    How many objects using power have you got in the building that is powered by the generator? Has this number increased? Generator will use more fuel to power more appliances so it seems)