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  1. Have you been using keyboard / mouse to start the game and then try to switch to a controller from inside of the game? That part is broken, reported and awaiting a fix atm.
  2. Pandorea

    The game constantly crashes when I try to run it.

    Yes, because cars are 3D objects.
  3. Pandorea

    Hi, Lay.

    Same as life in general, no? It all ends in death but we're still living and kicking (as opposed to ending it or not participating because it's rigged to stop one day)
  4. Pandorea

    Sideways rain

    When you say "deadly" what do you mean? Was it showing a "getting cold" moodle? Is it possible the wind was so strong that it sent the rain horizontal?
  5. Pandorea

    Sunday driver/Speed demon need changes.

    I like this idea. Push yourself out of comfort zone > get panicked > get less control over car because you can't take it Would be great if the char could overcome this in time, similarly to gaining / losing weight.
  6. Pandorea

    40.37 — upstairs interaction.

    This only happens in houses with a specific layout, iirc (as in: a sink should be under the bed when you click on it, or similar)
  7. You already can do it by selecting the container first and then RMC > grab item. Unless I'm misunderstanding completely what you mean here
  8. Pandorea

    No longer getting wet

    The rain just works for me...but a couple of things I've noticed: 1) umbrella is very good at it's job and 2) not all rain is equal (in other words, it may look like a lot of rain, but in game it's only some 5-10% of a full strength rain..meaning that the character is less likely to get drenched because the rain is so light)..
  9. Pandorea

    Durability wall

    How would increase of wall hp or decrease in axe hit strength help if anyone can build stairs to enter?..
  10. Pandorea

    Can't lose weight

    Any mods? Are you an admin?
  11. Well, this issue has been highlighted in this thread a number of times. The team is working on it.
  12. Pandorea

    Word Association Extra really should take that back
  13. In all the menus before starting you use D-pad to navigate and select options. In the char creation screen this is not highlighted too well atm, but Stas is working on it, so we'll see it one day (still you should be able to see a light grey outline for an option once "up" has been pressed) And to loot, go up to a container, press Y ... and here comes the fun part starting with 2 huge inventory windows. LB switches between char's equipped stuff; RB switches between containers "in the wild". To scroll through items use D-pad. To interact with an item - A + D-pad. Job done. None of the UI have been modified to show controller buttons (yet), but B should close most of them. In case of the Survival Guide you need to use D-pad to highlight "x" and you're done. Hope this helps some
  14. Pandorea


  15. Pandorea

    Word Association Extra

    Find > Treasure