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  1. Have you tried starting a vanilla game and seeing if the issue persists (completely new save, no mods)? Sometimes mods do not play well with updated game and can wreck havoc to your save games (nature of IWBUMS, unfortunately).
  2. Looks like someone had similar problem and brought it up on mod's page in Steam Workshop. Here's a (copy > paste) of proposed solution: Well... I have found the solution. As I suspected from the console file the game is looking for the spawnpoints.lua in the wrong folder. If you move the maps folders from the steam workshop to the PZ game folder they work. So move the folders from "SteamLibrary\SteamApps\workshop\content\108600\1911132112\mods\Pillows Many Spawns - By Location\media\maps" to "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\maps" Hope this helps
  3. Maybe... can you remember what dish you were making? Was it via RMC or Crafting menu? Are you using any mods?
  4. Most dishes in game allow to add 6 ingredients/instances (exception being sandwiches, which allow to add 4 iirc) + condiments, probably a good thing to keep in mind when crafting those awesome feasts in game
  5. (as it is hart to tell from the screenshot) is your char insde or outside? also, does this happen every day or only when there's storm outside?
  6. Does this happen for you with non-modded vehicles as well? (out of interest) does th bus behave in this manner if you simply drive, not running zeds over?
  7. Have you tried lowering graphical requirements in game options (blood decals, tex compression, etc)? And you could try running a ProjectZomboid32.exe (Program Files(x86) > Steam > Steamapps > common > Project Zomboid)
  8. Pandorea

    The Walking Spiff

    .. well, this has been enlightening: I forgot in Russian laguage one can attempt to express themselves using swearwords. Way to go with great and mightly language!
  9. That applies to pretty much all the foods in PZ (player-made soups and stews being the exception, iirc). I am not sure when/if this will get looked at, what with much bigger fishes to fry elsewhere
  10. Hang on a moment, how did you make the Stick trap work then? Can you add bait to it if you just drag it down out of inventory?
  11. The issue has been logged the first time around (here, have another piece of pie ). Nothing has been done about fixing it yet because ... well, the team has other priotities atm. I can see how it can be frustrating to not see fixes for older issues while new features are coming in, but with game development you need to pick your battles.
  12. Could you share an image of that black van, please? D4M Black truck doesn't sound like a vanilla game vehicle, are you sure there are no mods?
  13. ..The same goes for all other bags and even weapon belt, no?
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