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IWBUMS 41.45 released

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- Allow crowbars to be used to remove wood barricades, and use animations for it
- Added context-menu commands for adding all fuel items, and all fuel items of a certain type, to barbecues, campfires and fireplaces.
- The warm-hands-by-a-fire now works with fireplaces.
- Added 'world' attachments to shotgun models.
- Added a shit ton of new male names, female names and surnames taken from 1994 US census so every other character isn't called Marina Hodgetts. (Thanks to Jam for putting these together.)
- The inspect-clothing command will transfer items to the player's inventory if needed.
- Inflating vehicle tires will stop at the maximum pressure instead of always adding 5. It was annoying having to cancel the action at the right time.
- Play the "craft" animation when adding patches to and removing patches from clothing.
- Updated translations.
- Display "Sleep on Ground" instead of "Sleep" in the context menu when no bed is selected.
- The "Sleep" tooltip displays the quality of the bed which can be Bad, Average or Good.
- Added cooler (can be worn in hands).
- Added satchel (3 variations, can be worn on back or in hands).
- Added briefcase spawns
- Added pistol case.
- Updated some textures for bags.

- Allow the player to shove (and stomp) sooner after attacking with a weapon.
- The crafting ui displays the the player's skill level for recipes with required skills (such as Make Trap Box).
 Required skills are displayed in red text if the player's level is below the required level.
- Added methods Recipe.getRequiredSkillCount() and Recipe.getRequiredSkill().
 Recipe.getRequiredSkill(int index) returns a RequiredSkill object with methods getPerk() and getLevel().




- brand new awesome fog now added
- added display option for new fog, can toggle between high quality, medium quality and legacy (build 40)
- changed fog generation, now variable duration based on day mean temperature.
- added chance of grey tinted fog effect to storms.
- added guaranteed strong tinted fog effect to tropical storm, now very distinctive.
- modified blizzard effects to work well with new fog.
- added new fog control panel to debug menu.



- Xp gain from exercises can now be different.
- Regularity will not drop until 24h after doing an exercise.
- Fixed some fitness animation weirdness.
- Remove the fitness UI when entering a car.
- Fixed NullPointerException in Fitness.decreaseRegularity().
- Fixed exception in Fitness.load().
- Moved fitness to health panel (new button) instead of right click menu.




- Allow washing dirty bandages from clean-water sources such as sinks.
- Dismantle Flashlight recipe is allowed if there is a battery in the flashlight.
- Renamed two Jackets to Leather Jacket. They were already leather.

- Increased antique stove weight from 20.0 to 40.0.
- Decreased gardening spray capacity

- Reduced size of zombies target outline by 20%.
- Reloading a gun will look for magazine in bags and not just main inventory.
- Toilet paper can now be used the same way as tissue (equip in main or secondary hands to reduce cough noise).
- Toilet paper can now be used to start and fuel a fire/BBQ.
- Slight bump in sneak skill (when in plain sight, will reduce the zed vision/footstep volume)
- MSR700/MSR788 now doesn't require magazines.


- Optimized ScriptModule.getRecipe().
- Declared SpriteRenderer.instance and SpriteRenderer.ringBuffer 'final'.
- Avoid some string-related gc with cutaways (parsing sprite names).
- Big optimization to cutaway rendering - moved testing of TallHoppableW, WallWTrans, TallHoppableN and WallNTrans to IsoFlagTypes since they were doing lots of string comparisons and slowing rendering down


-adjusted geometry so the gas mask works better with hats.
-added another body location to BodyLocations.lua (MaskFull)
-made welding mask part of the MaskFull body location
- Changed the cough/sneeze/fidget animations (the 'ext' state) to play as a sub-state of the 'idle' state.
-re-exported TShirt_white to not have buttoned front


- Fixed the wrong animation playing when putting on baseball caps.
- Fixed NullPointerException in IsoGridSquare.getPuddlesDir(). This happened with a fireplace.
- Fixed some missing translation files
- Fixed not being able to equip and unequip items while aiming.
- Fixed zombie fence-flop crawling attacks hitting the player through closed doors.
- Fixed recipes without required skills not working.
- Fixed items not being taken from bags when equipping a light source.
- Fixed equipping an item in one hand when it looked like it should be equipped two-handed when dragging an item onto the primary/secondary icons.
- Fixed being able to climb through closed windows sometimes.
- Fixed not being able to reload an empty magazine while aiming.
- Fixed gunshot sounds and muzzleflash effects while sitting on the ground.
- Fixed exception when lighting a barbecue or fireplace with gas.
- Fixed timed actions not working while the warm-hands-by-a-fire animation is playing.
- Fixed warm-hands-by-a-fire animation possibly continuing long after the fire goes out.
- Fixed being able to fish at long distance with spears. (also one of the problem was if you only had a spear and open the UI, it was considered as a fishing rod!)
- Fixed transition animation from standing to sitting on ground not playing.
- Fixed available hotbar slots not updating when using a controller.
- Fixed timed actions not starting while aiming in a vehicle.
- Fixed the player getting stuck exiting a vehicle if it was done while aiming.
- Fixed toggle aim on/off not working in vehicles.
- Fixed the aim-assist cursor not disappearig after the player dies.
- Fixed long lines of text extending outside the crafting and switch-vehicle-seat windows.
- Fixed the automatic moving of items on vehicle seats not moving an item if it used all the remaining space on a seat.
- Fixed regularity map being re-initlized if fitness instructor/fireman.
- Fixed regularity progress bar showing incorrect values (it could never be at 100%!)
- Fixed the info popup in the profession/traits ui not being hidden when going to the previous or next screen.
- Fixed containers with capacity 3 or less not getting extra capacity from the Organized trait. This affected Fanny Packs.
- Fixed corpse inventory capacity being affected by the Organized and Disorganized traits. Player inventory capacity has never been affected by these traits (only bags).
- Fixed issues with the "Campfire Info" command after right-clicking on a campfire that is behind a wall.
- Fixed being able to drive a vehicle forward in reverse gear.
- Fixed being unable to look around by holding the right mouse button while in a vehicle with the window closed. This worked when holding the Aim key, but not when holding the right mouse button. 
- Fixed "All All" not adding all charcoal to barbecues, campfires and fireplaces. It will add one unit of charcoal (30 minutes) at a time until all is used.
- Fixed zombies moving through walls after climbing over a fence sometimes. This was easy to reproduce north of the West Point police station when fast-forwarding.
- Fixed cough/sneeze/fidget animations playing more frequently at higher framerates.
- Fixed context-menu cooking translations for latest version of Translatoid
- Fixed clothing mod data being lost when reversing caps, putting hoods up/down, etc.
- Fixed not facing doors when locking and unlocking them via the context menu.
- Fixed not gaining only strength and not fitness exp when doing some fitness exercices.
- Fixed being able to open multiple fitness UI.
- Fixed double door and stick traps returning more than they took to craft.
- Fixed sleep traits not affecting how much a char sleeps
- Fixed not being able to disassemble large metal shelves
- Fixed not being able to remove tiredness with restless sleeper
- Fixed front strength not showing properly in debug climate plotter

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30 minutes ago, Hyzo said:

I'm assuming the optimizations you made to the ScriptModule.getRecipe() broke the "Override:" variable in recipes, or it's a concious decision to remove it? Otherwise really great update :lol:

Yep, noticed the same thing. Really curious about it.

Can't override base game recipes and 1 more recipes related


IMO recipes related code should be rewritten to add unique ids to recipes as it is with items.

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I second that dudes Birthday. I've a week off about then. :) Seriously though, it is good to see gameplay changes coming back in!


Can I assume that MP hit detection and the general synchronisation work will unlock the ability to install rams on our cars? Just a blank slot at the front that changes the impact damage? I daresay it wouldn't require much in the way of graphics, although obviously it would be good to see visual representations of armour and other accouterments one adds to the vehicles.

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Hi peeps,


The fog looks awesome!


Streamed some remote play PZ on twitch yesterday, and it would seem that the fog on one side  doesn't render to the bottom of the screen?


Screenshot included for reference.


Keep up the good work.




edit: For the life of me I couldn't work out how to access the new fitness panel from the character panel using a controller :( 



Edited by Chugawuga

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