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41.78 UNSTABLE Released


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 Hotfix 41.78.14 - December 5th:


- Fixed being able to still add a split-screen player when AllowCoop is disabled.
- Fixed seeing through walls sometimes after loading into a game.
- Fixed an error in ISZoneDisplay:getZoneTooltipText.




 Hotfix 41.78.13 - November 29th:

- Added AllowCoop server option to allow or disallow splitscreen clients.
- Added MaxTextureSize (default 256) and MaxVehicleTextureSize (default 512) options to the Display options menu. Each of these can be 256, 512, 1024 or 2048.

- Fixed the propane required for the metal wall upgrade system so that you are capable of making a Mk II metal wall without having to upgrade first.
- Fixed sleeping pills not being taken in account with the panic sleep exploit fix.
- Fixed some vehicle textures (such as for wheels) being limited to 256x256 instead of 512x512.
- Fixed reading ServerList.txt and ServerListSteam.txt with the default system encoding instead of UTF-8.
- Fixed being unable to slice or smash a rotten watermelon.
- Fixed an error in the farming menu that limited squares watered after the first to 50 water units maximum instead of 100.
- Fixed /additem command exception when run from the server console.
- Fixed redundant console output from ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua
- Fixed distant remote players not being displayed on the in-game map.




 Hotfix 41.78.10 - November 21st:

- Fixed being able to purify Watering Cans in a Microwave or Oven.
- Fixed being able to turn Cooked Eggs back into Uncooked Eggs.
- Fixed Pizzas having the hasMetal tag.
- Fixed error in SliceCooked test.
- Fixed distant players not appearing on the in-game map when the server option allows it.
- Fixed Male_Undies not having the "OBSOLETE = TRUE" parameter. Also removed them from the foraging pool.



 Hotfix 41.78.9 - November 17th:

- Several tweaks to clothing masks.

- Updated the Clean Tray recipe so it works with trays of Biscuit Dough, and also so that it works with rotten and cooked ingredients, so players can always recover a tray from rotten trays of food.

- Fixed "Pour on Ground" Shortbread Cookies recipe, replaced it with a recipe to Empty Baking Trays.
- Fixed possible Lua error with setUseSteamRelay(nil) calls in the server browser.
- Fixed being unable to slice Cakes or Pies.
- Fixed being unable to put evolved recipe Rice and Pasta into Bowls.



Hotfix 41.78.8 - November 16th:

- Propane Torch usage rebalanced for Fixing and Repair scripts to accommodate the change in capacity; all reduced to 2.

- Added "AllowRottenItem:true" parameter to the recipes to Empty Frying Pans; Griddle Pans; and Roasting Pans. This will allow players to reclaim said pans when they let Stir Fries and Omelettes get rotten.
- Recipes such as the Mildew Spray Cure, and Emptying Sacks of produce now have the field "AllowRottenItem:true" which allows rotten items to be used in that recipe.
- Fixed the Make Mildew Cure recipe not allowing both regular and Canned Milk; as players were unable to make this cure after all of the normal Milk has gone rotten.
- Fixed being unable to use Rotten Milk to make the Mildew Spray Cure.

- Commented out the "Make Pot of Soup" recipes; they're obsolete given the evolved recipe system which handles this matter better.
- Fixed being unable to use Canned Soup to make evolved recipe soup.
- Changed the display name of "Canned Soup" to "Canned Vegetable Soup".
    Note: To make Pots of Soup with Opened Cans of Soup you must now add them to a pot of water, as an evolved recipe soup. This fixes the Super Soup exploit and will allow players to also add additional ingredients to the Soup. The other way of making Pots of Soup was an obsolete and in many ways incompatible method from before the evolved recipe system.

- Added missing SetMelee Delay on Pistol Whip animation.
- Fixed Hoodie and Vest masks to work properly with base mesh.
- Fixed JokeKnife, JokeArrow, BunnyEars, FurryEars, Antlers and GodStar Headbopper to work with all hairstyles.

- Fixed moodle and heart wiggle-speed, now reduced by half.
- Fixed an issue with forageSystem.lua not accounting for the new loot rarity settings.
- Fixed the veteran having some duplicate clothing selection options.
- Fixed in-game map road that was made curved in cell 35,31.
- Fixed print() statement from JoyPadSetup.lua that resulted in unnecessary messages in the console log.
- Fixed source files not being loaded in the Lua debugger on Linux.
- Fixed mod Lua files not being loaded in the Lua debugger.





Hotfix 41.78.7 - November 9th:

- DB Viewer userlog will now have the value in the amount field increased for repeated counts of suspicious activity.
- znet is rebuilt for MacOS 10.12.6
- Fixed in-game map position of a shed in cell 35,32.
- Fixed Lacerations and Stitches not becoming infected. Cover stitches with alcohol soaked bandages to avoid them from getting infected.




Hotfix 41.78.6 - November 8th:

- Multiplayer clients will now retry the GettingServerInfo request 3 times.
- Fixed Encoding of Radio and TV content for Chinese languages.
- Fixed lightbulb lifespan sandbox value error.




41.78.5 - November 7th:

- Adjusted Type 3 and 5 Anticheat to reduce false-positives.
- Fixed zombie Pinpoint hearing not working as intended.
- Fixed not being able to empty rotten sacks of produce.
- Fixed infinite Propane Torch glitch when disassembling items.




41.78.4 - November 4th:

- Added a display option to enable the new outline around highlighted containers.
- Changed ISCloseVehicleDoor to play the door closing sound when the action is completed instead of its start. This is to provide better feedback for players in cases where they have unwittingly cancelled this action.

- Increased the spawnrate of Thread and added the chance of Sewing Kits to spawn in gloveboxes.

- Adjusted duration of the stationary Pistol Whip animation, it's now the same length as the shove animation.

- Added Checksum logging for MP servers, enabled by default for now.
- NetChecksum logs are extended:
Client dumps logs into checksum.txt.
Client sends logs to server.
Server dumps logs into checksum.txt.
Server dumps client's logs into checksum-.txt.

- When sorting the relative paths of scripts and Lua files to determine load order, the relative paths are first converted to lowercase. This is to fix platform differences breaking checksums in multiplayer. It also fixes the issue where the same file might be loaded more than once if mods use different capitalization for the same file or folder.

- When the Sound.WorldSound.Render debug option is enabled, world sounds are rendered according to the Hearing sandbox option.
For Hearing=Random (where each zombie may have a different radius) sounds are rendered using the Hearing=Normal radius.
This does not mean that their hearing radius is not randomized, it only means that a world sound radius cannot be rendered on a per zombie basis in debug mode.
For Hearing=Pinpoint/Normal/Poor, meta-zombie hearing radius is rendered accordingly.

- Commented out the GunLight and Bayonnet entries in the foraging definitions; they're currently non-functional and confuse players, and were commented out of the loot spawn tables.

- Exposed the MediaData.MediaLineData class.

- Fixed players being unable to fire guns from inside vehicles under some circumstances.
- Fixed firearm damage being affected by the distance to the target.
- Fixed the infinite timed-action progress bar being displayed for actions that set useProgressBar=false.
- Fixed recently introduced bug that caused sounds to attract zombies from too far away.
- Fixed WorldSoundManager.getSoundAttract() not using IsoZombie.hearing.
- Fixed masking problems with Hoodie and Poncho being worn together.
- Fixed transparency issue with trouser texture.
- Fixed the rate of moodle and the heart (health panel) icon wiggling not handling ui offscreen rendering and uncapped framerate.




Hotfix 41.78.3 - October 26th:


- Further reduced the chance of zombies to injure the groin.

- Changed back container max capacity display to the adjusted value when Organized/Disorganized traits are used. The previous change ended up being more confusing than what it was aiming to fix.

- Added logging of player injuries caused by zombies to the console when in debug mode.

- FileDifferent, FileNotOnServer, and FileNotOnClient errors will now display the absolute paths of both files. This should make it clearer that a mod might just have been using the wrong capitalization for a folder.

- Fixed incorrect pathing for masks on some clothing items which should fix clipping issues.
- Fixed spamming the 'manual floor attack' and 'shove' keys while aiming resulting in firing empty firearms and shoving distant zombies.
- Fixed not-crawler zombies sometimes injuring the feet or legs.
- Fixed assorted errors in food items' EvolvedRecipe parameters.
- Fixed error with randomized zombie senses.
- Fixed the Disable Bleach Poisoning setting in multiplayer causing issues when adding food to Evolved Recipes.
- Fixed sawing off a Double Barrel Shotgun not changing its weight.
- Fixed not being able to host locally with a nonsteam server.
- Fixed zombie hearing radius being too large.
- Fixed being unable to rip Varsity Jackets.
- Fixed ripping all clothing unintentionally ripping clothing worn by the player.



- Added a prompt for the updated Terms of Service as we are a big boy game now and have to fit in with the other biggerer boys.


- Added sandbox option to disable Fake Dead Reanimation. Disabled Fake deads in MP by default.
- Added more control over fake dead behaviour to the sandbox options; having zombies that were "killed" having a chance to become fake dead is an option that is off by default.
- Added sandbox option that allows Corpse Maggot spawning to be disabled or limited to corpse inventory.
- Added sandbox option that allows poisoning food to be disabled, or for poisoning food with bleach to be disabled.
- Added sandbox option to disable the Tainted Water Tooltip/Warning for hardcore play
- Added sandbox option for enabling/disabling XP multipliers affecting passive skills, which is false by default.
- Added sandbox option that prevents survivor vehicles from spawning.
- Added sandbox option "Light Bulb Lifespan". This does not affect Light Bulbs in vehicles, only in light fixture tiles.


- Added "Randomize" options to Zombie sandbox options for Memory, Sight, and Hearing.
- Added loot rarity settings "Incredibly Rare" and "None", as well as a "Super Low" option for Fuel Pump content.


- Items from table stories/randomized stories/etc will still spawn when loot rarity is set to none.


- Renamed Item "Weight" to "Encumbrance" in the UI and context menu.


- Added an Accessibility Option that makes the player character automatically walk to a click container within a short radius of 3 tiles.
- Added the ability to set custom "Good" and "Bad" highlighting colours in the Accessibility Options menu. This is applied to things like traits, tooltips, and the aiming outline.
- Added an option to bind "Walk To" to a key instead of having to go through the RMB menu.
- Added highlighting to clicked Crates so it's easier to tell which crate is selected.
- Added a Context Menu entry that enables/disables Auto-Drink.
- Tiles that are being disassembled will now be highlighted in the "bad colour", red being the default.


- Resolutions higher than 1440p will have their zoom levels adjusted to allow closer zoom-in, bringing it more in line with lower resolutions.


- Disabled some Randomized Survivor Safehouses from occurring in instances where a building has over 10 rooms, or is a spawn location. The limit is 10 for some and 20 for other Randomized Survivor Safehouses.
    This also means the Toilet Paper story is now disabled in buildings that have over 10 rooms or are spawn locations, which will likely reduce the amount of Reddit posts about it by 50%.
- Added a check to prevent any of the randomized burnt building stories from occurring if the building is a spawn location.


- Added "HasMetal" tag for items. This tag was added to food and water items in metal containers, which will now set microwaves on fire when microwaved.


- Adjusted the mechanics UI so that both the Battery Charge and Condition are included in the Battery entry in the list of parts.
- Modified the vehicle mechanics UI to prominently feature the % of a full tank of gas it has, in addition to the battery charge.


- Added a few more existing clothing options to the character creation.
- Added the ability to destroy only one wall when selecting corner walls.
- Replaced the bucket world static model textures with metal icons and textures and not plastic ones, as buckets are now metal and not plastic.
- Updated the BucketEmpty and BucketWaterFull scripts with tooltips and IsCookable to reflect that they are now metal and not plastic.
- Changed the icon of the Watering Can With Water to match the Empty Water Can and the Watering Can models.
- Added a stale tooltip for perishable food to display, when appropriate, that such food is neither fresh nor rotten.
- Added tooltip to Club Hammers and Mallets explaining that they are unsuitable for driving nails.
- Flatpack model is applied to movable items that use the Flatpack icon.
- Made more food items capable of being added to tacos and burritos.
- Bell Pepper can now be added to Stews.


- Added a check so cooked eggs cannot be used for inappropriate non-evolved recipes.
- Removed the requirement for hot water to make a bowl of oats.
- Changed the Violet FoodType to NoExplicit.


- Trash tiles (Movable items) and Plastic Bags can now be used as tinder and fuel for fires.
- Changed the Sawed-off Shotgun recipes to only use the hacksaw, and not the garden saw; a wood saw would be unable to cut through the metal barrel of a shotgun.
- Added the Meat Cleaver to the Slice Onions recipe. Removed it from the Jack-o'-lantern recipe.


- Changed the Cigarettes script to prioritize using Matches before a Lighter if both are in the same inventory.
- Added a new Doctor's bag and military duffel bag.
- Renamed "Hemophobic" trait to "Fear of Blood".
- Vehicle Spawn Chance rate can now be a float value instead of just an int.
- Added a check to prevent items that "weigh" over 50 units from being put in vehicle seats.
    This is an ongoing issue with bags/containers that are modded over capacity, which get stuck once placed in vehicle seats when the bag + contents have an Encumbrance of >50.


- Changed translation strings to make bottle names more consistent.
- Changed IGUI_HouseKey from "House Key" to "Key" to avoid issues with non-residential keys.


- Removed the numeric information tooltip provided when selecting eat all/half/quarter food item context options.
- Commented out the tool definitions in ClothingRecipesDefinitions as they currently are nonfunctional and serve no purpose aside from confusing modders.


- Commented out the WoodenLance in the safehouse weapons distro lists; that item is redundant vs SpearCrafted, and also doesn't work with spear recipes. SpearCrafted already spawns with safehouse weapons.
- Replaced AmmoStraps in the safehouse armor distro list with AmmoStraps_Bullets and AmmoStraps_Shells.
- Changed the display name translation string for the wearable AmmoStraps items to Bandolier on account of consistent confusion with the weapon attachment that is also called Ammo Straps.
- Changed the display name translation string for firearm magazines to use the firearm it is for, and not the caliber, as the prefix. Solves having two .308 Magazines, for both the MSR788 and the M14, and also that's how they're named in real life.
- Added a tooltip to firearm magazines that displays the ammunition type that it accepts.


- Added missing models for Candy Corn, Candied Fruit Slices, Hot Sauce, Fountain Cups, JuJubes, Nettles, Shrimp Dumplings, Poached Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Packaged Corn, Pickled Ginger, Sugar Cookies, Fish Sushi, Radio Receivers,Radio Transmitters, Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, and Tent Kits.



- Added server option "KnockedDownAllowed" to enable/disable the PVP knockdown.
    This is a stopgap change to give servers an option to make PVP combat less frustrating before we can address PVP combat more directly in the future.  


- Added auto-completion for player nicknames when pressing TAB while typing in the Chatbox.
- Added RCON command "checkModsNeedUpdate" to check for mods that need to be updated.
- Allow other non-admin permission levels to delete items in inventory/containers.


- Fixed the multiplayer "whisper" command corrupting the Lua environment due to multithreading.
- Fixed being unable to claim a safehouse unless standing on the ground floor.
- Fixed not checking upper floors for other players or zombies when claiming a safehouse.
- Fixed an exception on the server when food rots into a new item in a container that isn't in the world any longer.
- Fixed new stubble getting added to remote players after each appearance change.
- Fixed text annotations not appearing on annotated maps in multiplayer.
- Fixed Endurance sync in the Admin Health Tool.
- Fixed a bug that didn't display mods in the mod list of a server in the ESC menu.
- Fixed admins being unable to remove car hoods while inside the vehicle.
- Fixed players being unable to interact with Radios they placed themselves.
- Fixed a safehouse owner always respawning in their safehouse when the option to do so is unchecked.



- Modified the M16 & M14 critical values to be more consistent with other rifles.
    - M16 CriticalChance changed from 30 to 25.
            - Added CritDmgMultiplier 10
            - Added AimingPerkCritModifier 12
    - M14 CriticalChance changed from 0 to 30.
            - Added CritDmgMultiplier 10
            - AimingPerkCritModifier 15
- Disabled the cumulative slowdown until the next shot when firing the M16 in automatic mode. Firing the M16 in automatic mode will cumulatively reduce the chance of a critical with each additional shot. This is intended to represent the loss in accuracy due to recoil.
- Set some traits to be mutually exclusive to remove exploits or illogical combinations.


- Hot-Wiring a vehicle will have a low chance of causing a car alarm. The chance for this is decreased further for higher electronics skill levels.
- Zombies pushing up against a previously unentered stationary vehicle have a chance to set off an alarm.
- Removed the undesired RNG check that made vehicle alarms go off only 20% of the time.
- Fixed car hoods being unable to trigger vehicle alarms.


- Disabled being able to make melee attacks while inside a vehicle with the window rolled down.


- Randomized the fall damage that zombies take. This randomized spread will average out to the previous damage before it was randomized; this will have a minor impact (hohoho) on the damage that zombies that fall suffer, but slightly more of them will be able to be killed by this than before.
- Made it so groin injuries from not-crawler zombies are less common, and that crawlers can also inflict uncommon groin injuries.


- Increased the yield of metal parts when scrapping wrecked vehicles by 33%.
- Added a new procedural container, "CratePropane", to garages and shed.
- Increased the spawn rates for Propane Tanks in the distributions.


- Trailer capacity now reduces slightly when damaged, as there was no point in repairing them before.
- Changed Bowling Ball Bag capacity from 2 to 8.
- Increase number of Plaster uses to 10, same as Paint.
- Allow plastic bags and money to be used as tinder


- Adjusted the capacities of pistol and revolver cases from 7 down to 4.
- Adjusted Encumbrance of the sturdy stick item to 1 to be more consistent with other items.
- Adjusted Encumbrance of fire extinguishers to 2, to be consistent with other items.
- Decreased Encumbrance of Walkie-Talkies.
- Adjusted Encumbrance of the TreeBranch item to match that of a crafted spear, to 1.7 from 1;
    The Encumbrance discrepancy has been remarked upon repeatedly, and this also serves in making item Encumbrance more consistent.
- Adjusted the amount of fuel that spawns in fuel pumps at Low and Very Low.


- Updated the nutritional value for Canned Evaporated Milk. Calories 472; Carbs, Lipids, and Proteins at 23.6
- Changed the days until rotten for Bagels from 2 to 6.
- Gave the Stir Fry and roast script items a default hunger value of 10. This was previously reported as a bug when players spawned the item in instead of making it via the evolved recipe.


- Maggots are slightly more poisonous.
- Fewer maggots spawn, especially in spring and fall (maggots don't spawn during winter).
- Maggots are now a default item in the world item removal lists. Added a comment for the world item removal lists explaining that Base.Maggots should stay in the list due to corpse maggots.
- Additional safeguard to prevent errors when using mods that remove maggots altogether.



- Added a search bar to the LootZed cheat panel.
- Added vehicle distributions to LootZed.
- Improved inventory check-in Check Stats panel.


- Right-clicking on a fuel pump in debug mode will display the amount of fuel in the pump in the right-click context menu.


- Added isStartValid function check for BaseTimedAction. Allows checking if an action is valid before the action starts.
- Added saving ModData from IsoGameCharacter to IsoDeadBody and from IsoDeadBody to IsoZombie.
- Added "OnPlayerGetDamage" event.
- Added event "OnWeaponHitThumpable" (Args: character, weapon, object)
- Added a trigger for the OnFillContainer Event when vehicle part containers are filled.
- Added the tag "CarBattery" which can be used with mod item car batteries so they can be charged with the vanilla car battery charger.
- Added the event "OnThrowableExplode", which transmits the IsoTrap and IsoSquare when one detonates.
- Added a toggle option in the vehicle debug context menu that will show if a vehicle's alarm is enabled or disabled.
- Changed Fast Move cheat in debug. Players can now levitate on different height levels via the PageUP/PageDown keys, and move around via the Arrow Keys on the different height levels.
- Made ImageScale, SeatOffsetY and SeatOffsetX global and not local in ISVehicleSeatUI.
- "Missing translation", "ignoring invalid ItemPicker item type", and "VEHICLE MISSING CONT DISTRIBUTION" console messages will now only appear when using debug mode.


- Fixed characters in godmode still changing body weight.
- Fixed instances of the Cheat Menu not working after a player died.
- Fixed removing bodies via Horde manager not working in SP.
- Fixed being stuck in a vehicle after trying to uninstall/install a car part through the Mechanics Cheat, when a character was inside the vehicle.
- Fixed bug with health panel: Fully healing a body part now also removes its muscle fatigue.
- Fixed mod texture packs being loaded before Core.TileScale was set based on the double-sized-textures option. This would result in 2x texture packs being loaded instead of 1x texture packs.

- Fixed issues with the Tile picker:
    - Fixed being unable to lock Doors placed via Tile Picker.
    - Fixed Tree Tile issues.
    - Fixed electronic tiles (TV, radio, generators, etc).
    - Fixed Garage Doors.
    - Fixed Street Light tiles.
    - Fixed Search Bar issues.
    - Fixed Light Switches.
    - Fixed not showing all tiles.
    - Fixed Fireplace objects.
    - Fixed Wells and Lights.



- Fixed only being able to add Maple syrup to "PancakesRecipe" and not to "PancakesCraft" or "Pancakes".
- Fixed not being able to make 2 or 4 bowls of Rice or Pasta with a Saucepan anymore.
- Fixed lipstick not being appliable when player had Foundation Makeup in inventory
- Fixed Make-Up not being appliable when in a car.
- Fixes and changes to item categories.
- Fixed destroying a wall with a Lightswitch on it not destroying the Lightswitch too.
- Fixed making 2/4 bowls from a Saucepan returning a Cooking Pot.
- Fixed putting a hat on a Mohawk resetting hair growth timer.
- Fixed not being able to make a Molotov with an Empty Beer bottle.
- Fixed repeatedly building/disassembling some carpentry objects increasing the number of Planks sometimes.
- Fixed Sand/Gravel Bag wall behaviour when built at an angle.
- Fixed selected part of a garment in the "Inspect" UI being too faint.
- Fixed Shirts and other clothing items getting auto-removed from the world.
- Fixed unnecessary extra Muffin recipe. United the two existing Muffin recipes into one.
- Fixed being able to make Cake Batter using rotten ingredients below level 7.
- Fixed unused Zombie Decomposition sandbox option still being listed.
- Fixed NullPointerException in bThump animation variable when the object isn't loaded.
- Fixed being unable to click on open doors in an adjacent room.
- Fixed the starting house in "A Really CDDAy" challenge sometimes not being on fire.
- Fixed possible Lua error in MOBarricade.lua when a barricade sprite is on the east or south edge of a chunk.
- Fixed minor issues in ISZoneDisplay UI and text colours.
- Fixed Foraging icons rerolling when a search focus was selected.
- Fixed ISSearchManager check for valid zoneData when loading icons.
- Fixed not being able to rip Jeans/Leather Jackets when they're on the ground instead of the player inventory.
- Fixed disassembly of Favourited items.
- Fixed randomized crashed cars not having the correct car keys spawned for them.
- Fixed Mouse Trap related collision.
- Fixed sound issue when pressing W and S at the same time.
- Fixed sound issue when switching Seats while Cruise Control was enabled.
- Fixed Refill tool not updating the container visually.
- Fixed incorrectly named recipe for making Wooden Box Traps.
- Fixed several tile and cutaway issues.
- Fixed Lighters draining completely when used with a Molotov.
    When a Lighter is equipped it will no longer automatically become lit, instead it will do so only if activated using the flashlight keybind or radial menu, or using the inventory context menu option to activate them.
- Fixed evolved recipe error in scripts for Lemons and Lime.
- Fixed Machetes not losing condition when used to craft spears from branches/planks.
- Fixed Empty Beer Bottle using the wrong icons.
- Fixed the space before commas in evolved recipe item names.
- Fixed missing recipe for Opening Canned Fruit Beverage.
- Changed "Canned Condensed Milk" to "Canned Evaporated Milk" because people are really passionate about milk in can lore.
- Fixed melted ice cream not rotting.
- Fixed house keys spawning with a long string of numbers in their display name.
- Fixed climb sheet rope speed.
- Fixed water collision bug when placing Stairs on water.
- Fixed missing textures for Flatpack model.
- Fixed ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.doEvorecipeMenu error.
- Fixed the on-screen keyboard returning asterisks instead of the actual text when entering passwords.
- Fixed microwaves not stopping the StoveTimer sound when turned off.
- Fixed missing context menu translation string for "Item Water Capacity".
- Fixed missing movables translation strings for Oak Bars.
- Fixed missing translation string for foodtype cocoa.
- Fixed wrong tooltip for Onion Slices.
- Fixed pies and cakes being able to be sliced when uncooked.
- Fixed frozen ice cream cones causing boredom and unhappiness; added the "GoodFrozen" tag for such items that should still be enjoyable when frozen.
- Fixed characters not limping when they had their groin bitten.
- Fixed being able to fill a square over its capacity by using the Place Item interface.
- Fixed cooking rotten eggs producing fresh boiled eggs; now if food is rotten and has a "replace on cooked" value, it will not be replaced but will still be cooked, i.e. you will get a cooked rotten egg when you cook a rotten egg.                                             
- Fixed Propane Torch not being used for disassembling objects.                                          
- Fixed Walking and sprinting not burning more calories than standing still.
- Fixed NullPointerExeption when throwing a bomb from above ground level with a controller.
- Fixed not being able to pick items that were dropped to a removed seat slot.
- Fixed being stuck on a seat when trying to change seat twice in different places.
- Fixed being able to do Fitness during sleep and while sitting in a car.
- Fixed the eternal fire after destroying a lit campfire with a sledgehammer.
- Fixed Map objects disappearing when a player aims at a stealthing player.
- Fixed bug with item icons in halo text when foraging.
- Fixed a bug with locking/unlocking doors inside buildings.
- Fixed different values between standard and evolved recipes for Soup.
- Fixed an issue where the interaction between the two different separate zombie population sandbox settings was inconsistent between singleplayer and multiplayer sandbox setting interfaces.
- Fixed equipping "Bandana (face)" placing the bandana on the head.
- Fixed not being able to get a key ring. Some zombies will now have their house or vehicle key in a key ring, and key rings can also sometimes be found in store displays with watches.
- Fixed that it was impossible for a randomized name to be "Pat Bren".
- Fixed adding poisonous berries or mushrooms to an evolved recipe did not make the product poisonous.
- Fixed missing icon for Scrambled Eggs.
- Fixed currently nonfunctional bayonet and gunlight items not being commented out in the distribution files.
- Fixed missing models/textures for Fountain Cups, Recipe Pizza and Recipe Bread.
- Fixed missing "Obsolete" parameter to BakingTrayBread as it's an unused test item without a model.
- Fixed missing checks to prevent buildings with inappropriate randomized dead survivor stories from being alarmed.
- Fixed being able to use the place item option to place infinite items in a floor square.
- Fixed cut and paste error in the unused function HandWeapon.getToHitMod.
- Fixed an exploit where players, especially ones with desensitized, were able to sleep immediately after breaking LOS with zombies.
- Fixed a couple of inconsistencies between the default MP settings and the Apocalypse setting on account of the loot setting changes.
- Fixed CannedMilk not having the parameter CannedFood = TRUE.
- Fixed only pouring 50 units when selecting the option to put 100 units of water into a farming plot.
- Fixed an issue with the vehicle alarm debug tool, BaseVehicle.setAlarmed also needed to set previouslyEntered to false for the vehicle when enabling an alarm.
- Fixed car horns continuing when switching seats while honking.
- Fixed being able to hold down keys while AFKing to grind nimble; now a check is made to ensure that the character has actually moved before awarding XP.
- Fixed error with broken glass script name in distro files.
- Fixed hazmat suit missing blood locations.
- Fixed being able to put uncooked bacon into tacos and burritos.
- Fixed Pink Hair Dye not being in the distribution lists.
- Fixed not being able to put Black Beans into a salad.
- Fixed Strength XP levels causing slower Sheet Rope climbing at certain levels, especially at level 10.
- Fixed bugged interaction with building metal objects and the Propane Torch.
- Fixed not being able to disassemble car wrecks due to a missing Propane Torch, even though it was in inventory. This needs Balance feedback since the usage per Torch was also changed.
- Fixed interaction when pressing shift+e near passenger seat to move to the drivers seat.
- Fixed ISBuryCorpse action validity check.
- Fixed using a firearm to repair another firearm evaporating the ammo, magazine, and attachments of the first weapon. The items will now be placed in the player's inventory.
- Fixed being unable to read in a car when the engine was running.
- Fixed zombies spawning inside buildings when the zombie populations is set to 0.
- Fixed missing world static model for Bag_ShotgunDblSawnoffBag.
- Fixed search window tooltips still appearing on hover when the world map is open.
- Fixed player able to walk away while equipping items to scrap or destroy an object to perform the actions from afar.
- Fixed dismantling floors with the character on top by moving character to an adjacent square where possible.
- Fixed disassembly context menu issue: added highlighting of target object in world and object texture in disassembly tooltips
- Fixed reflective and shooting glasses having reversed icons.
- Fixed some events of ZomboidSoundMP.bank not playing for remote clients. This is to potentially fix sounds cutting out when several players are together.

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"Firing the M16 in automatic mode will cumulatively reduce the chance of a critical with each additional shot."


Is this a new feature that we can mod/turn off? or is it just a natural occurrence with firing with fast weapons like it already seemed like when using modded weapons with bigger mags/custom fast fire rate set?

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Btw was capacity of all containers nerfed? I couldn't find anything in this post about it but when I booted up the game I saw tha my military backpack has 28 capaity instead of 35 (I have organized trait). This also applies to multiple other containers such as cupboards having 50 capacity instead of 65.

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1 hour ago, TheUltiM8Guy said:

Btw was capacity of all containers nerfed? I couldn't find anything in this post about it but when I booted up the game I saw tha my military backpack has 28 capaity instead of 35 (I have organized trait). This also applies to multiple other containers such as cupboards having 50 capacity instead of 65.

Same here.  Looks like Organized isn't being recognised correctly.

I've done some digging, and I think some code is calling getCapcity() instead of getEffectiveCapacity()

ISFishingAction:getUsedInventory seems to be doing this, as are ISInventoryPage:update and javaTransferItems.

Edit: - Seen on Reddit:
"This is an intended change to help with container capacity in MP when one/more than one chars have/have not Organized trait. Now it shows the "standard" capacity of a container at all times but a char with the trait can chuck more stuff (up to a usual limit provided by the trait) into said container." - PandoreaAKA

Edited by Hugo Qwerty
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2 hours ago, TheUltiM8Guy said:

Btw was capacity of all containers nerfed? I couldn't find anything in this post about it but when I booted up the game I saw tha my military backpack has 28 capaity instead of 35 (I have organized trait). This also applies to multiple other containers such as cupboards having 50 capacity instead of 65.


48 minutes ago, Hugo Qwerty said:

Same here.  Looks like Organized isn't being recognised correctly.

I've done some digging, and I think some code is calling getCapcity() instead of getEffectiveCapacity()

ISFishingAction:getUsedInventory seems to be doing this, as are ISInventoryPage:update and javaTransferItems.

Edit: - Seen on Reddit:
"This is an intended change to help with container capacity in MP when one/more than one chars have/have not Organized trait. Now it shows the "standard" capacity of a container at all times but a char with the trait can chuck more stuff (up to a usual limit provided by the trait) into said container." - PandoreaAKA


Thank you :) 

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I think you are going to get a few bug reports about the change with Organized / Disorganized.  Disorganized now means a container is effectively full, even when the game tells you there is available space (e.g. a school bag is full at 10, while telling you it has 15 capacity).  I think the benefits aren't worth the confusion this will cause, but I very rarely play MP - so I didn't really care about the problem this seeks to fix.

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7 hours ago, Hugo Qwerty said:

I've heard two PZ streamers say that 41.78 has caused their ongoing games to change zombies to pinpoint hearing.

Idk about those streamers, but it seems the same way for me, shouting is 3x louder, it's loduer then some pistols and hitting a zombie attracts every zombie in your area, a bit smaller then the "default shouting radius", but yeah shouting now is like fiering a gund and hitting zombies is like shouting, also can't sneak behind zombies even with lightfooted and sneaking 5th level, it's as if I'm running instead of sneaking behind them.

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20 hours ago, Alkanshel said:

Все наши факелы сделали это после обновления, и мы больше не можем разбирать обломки.

It's very sad.

Previously, when I found a burner, I could pump the skill of gas welding without worrying about refueling it. Now I have found one burner and was able to disassemble only a few items with its help. It wasn't enough to learn gas welding.


I also noticed that by disassembling large beds, you can only get four boards, although previously you could get twelve!

Edited by mimo_za
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10 hours ago, mimo_za said:

Previously, when I found a burner, I could pump the skill of gas welding without worrying about refueling it. Now I have found one burner and was able to disassemble only a few items with its help. It wasn't enough to learn gas welding.

Previously, there was no large excess of propane on the map for welding. After making changes to the mechanics and having to spend propane for disassembly (which is realistic), it seems to me that propane will be critically lacking.
On the map then there should be large tanks for refueling propane burners, like gas stations for refueling cars.

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6 hours ago, Blair Algol said:

You can also refuel more torches from a propane tank.
A propane tank crate was added to procedural spawns.
Propane tank spawns were increased across the board.
There are also tons of propane BBQs on the map.

So, they've doubled the amount of propane in a tank but shredded the capacity of the torch 10 times? I'm all for the change that requires spending propane for disassembly but that's a bit brutal. You'll need 9 torches just to get to level 4 skill with books.

And the sad part that the whole patch note didn't mention any thing about change in torch capacity. Except vague "This needs Balance feedback since the usage per Torch was also changed." which could mean totally different thing. So, until new capacity per torch is confirmed with a patch note, the 10 capacity torch is a bug.

Not to mention that every mod that touched metalworking in any shape or form is now borked relying on old 100 capacity torch for balance.

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Let's continue the discussion of propane burners.
I used to take a welding mask and a burner with me when I went to the city for loot and dismantled all the plumbing, metal tables and chairs on the way, so I pumped the skill of gas welding.
It wasn't very realistic, but it was extremely convenient!

Several times I have pumped the gas welding skill up to 10!


Now, in order to pump the skill of gas welding, I have to carry a propane cylinder with me, because the gas supply in the burner is very small and it is not enough for anything.
This is realistic, but extremely inconvenient.


I think it's right to move towards realism, but I think making the game uncomfortable is the wrong decision.


I propose to find a compromise.

Let propane be spent on disassembly, but its supply in the burner will be much larger than it is now. Can it be like before?

Edited by vek
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Removed the use of melee weapons when the character is sitting in a car with an open window. This is realistic for two-handed weapons, BUT. A knife can also be struck from a window. Quite calmly. Yes, it will not be a full blow. But doable. Implement, please, a blow from the car with a short cutting weapon that can be stabbed.

Edited by Magondivel
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Talking about propane burners, i think it's kinda balanced right now, but in an way metalworking is kinda poor developed since it's incorporated in the game and poorly rewarding for a heavy grind of dismanteling. Personally i'm just using it to baricade and fix the cars hood... I'd love to see metalworking improved in the build 42 tho, like car mods would be already a great start.


Still waiting the Lightfoot/sneak/zombie hearing/vision fix :!:

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55 minutes ago, NagashUD said:

Still waiting the Lightfoot/sneak/zombie hearing/vision fix :!:

I don't think that lightfooted/sneak is involved. Judging from changelog they've implemented randomized memory/sight/hearing. But something gone wrong and sandbox options are ignored and set to random by default. Cuz i noticed that only some zombies now have eagle eyes or great hearing. Didn't test in debug, but feels like it's the issue.

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2 hours ago, Lomion said:

I don't think that lightfooted/sneak is involved. Judging from changelog they've implemented randomized memory/sight/hearing. But something gone wrong and sandbox options are ignored and set to random by default. Cuz i noticed that only some zombies now have eagle eyes or great hearing. Didn't test in debug, but feels like it's the issue.

Might be indeed, i play 6 month after apocalypse and just walking attracts hundreds of zombies around and follow pretty long ....

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