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  1. No way, this is the story of your death.
  2. Yes, that's right. This has always been the case, and it is unlikely to change.
  3. I support the proposal to add such points for loot. A truck with a fuel tank, a truck with weapons, a truck with tools, with spare parts for cars, etc.
  4. This is an interesting idea. It would be nice if the developers paid attention to this. Sharp stones are needed in large quantities, and an ordinary stone is needed only once to create a hammer, and then only if the player decides to survive in the wilderness.
  5. I don't care about that. Right now I only use simple wooden spears.
  6. The initial set of items, depending on the story of the hero chosen at the beginning, has already been discussed here. In my opinion, this is a good idea. The lumberjack starts with an axe. A policeman with a rubber baton. Welder with a gas burner and a welder's mask. A cook with a meat cleaver and an apron. An auto mechanic with an adjustable wrench. etc. But here we must understand that the initial set of items that depend on the profession of the character, if done, is a disabled option. Like a baseball bat and a backpack right now. After all, it is interesting for an experienced player to just start with an absolute zero of equipment. If I have a bat from the very beginning, then "the devil himself is not my brother."
  7. If this is true, then I will be very surprised and upset. Now the spear weighs 1.7 kg - this is quite consistent with the real weight of a wooden sharpened stick. If the spear suddenly weighs 3.4 kg, it will be strange and unrealistic.
  8. Try to uninstall the game, and then install it in a different place, not where it is installed now. Sometimes it helps if the error is registered in the registry.
  9. vek

    Martial Arts?

    The animation of cutting for a spear in the game is justified by the fact that you can attach, for example, a knife or a machete to the spear.
  10. As far as I know, the standard sandbox settings do not provide such an opportunity. And I do not know of mods in which it would be possible to set a differentiated appearance period for different types of items. Maybe someone else knows.
  11. If there were no wolves in the area before, then they will not appear there quickly, because they need to migrate from afar. But ... There are a large number of dogs in cities and on farms. And if the small ones can be neglected, then the big ones will quickly get together in packs and will pose a danger to a single person no less than a pack of wolves. Especially after a while, when they go wild. And they go wild quickly. In game reality, you can make the appearance and danger of packs of dogs as a configurable parameter (a month, three months, six months, a year since the beginning of the apocalypse). Yes, and how often do dogs attack people? It seems to me that much more often. Simply because a person encounters them much more often.
  12. vek


    Now there are no endless bottles to create Molotov cocktails. But! Yesterday I was faced with the fact that not all bottles can be filled with gasoline. I had three identical empty wine bottles in my inventory again. I was standing next to a gas station. But there were only two available for filling gasoline. When I poured gasoline into these two bottles, I had one left in my inventory that was unavailable for pouring gasoline. Why? I play on 41.73 without mods .
  13. Yes, as long as you can use these bugs. But sooner or later they will be corrected and teach zombies to destroy fences and stairs. And they will consistently first destroy the first fence, then the box, then the second fence. And in order for the player not to have a raspberry life, the floor on the second floor built by the player himself will have to have a support - a wall or a pole. And zombies will be taught to destroy these walls and pillars. Otherwise, players often build second or third floors with an area of many hundreds of cells hanging in the air.
  14. At 41.73, zombies with weapons often have ammunition in their inventory that does not belong to this weapon. I often see zombie cops with shotguns on their backs, but with 9mm cartridges. And it happens the other way around.
  15. vek

    Liquid Zedball

    If it's even worse somewhere, it doesn't mean that don't have to try to do better.
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