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  1. vek

    Disruption Week

    The player jumps out of the window, but he does not have a fire trampoline under the window and his brains are scattered with splashes. Sorry for the naturalism.
  2. vek

    Disruption Week

    I present an epic picture. A player jumps from the height of the thirtieth floor and lands on a fire trampoline, gets off and runs away. And behind him, zombies jump in a stream and scatter in different directions like splashes!)))))
  3. vek


    I am really looking forward to the expansion of the map, underground levels, new lighting and real darkness, and I hope that bows and crossbows will still appear in b42, although they were not promised.
  4. vek

    Martial Arts

    In fact, in order to avoid being bitten by some zombie, you don't need karate, but the ability to use the stationery tape available in the game to wrap thick clothes in three layers. So you can make perfect armor against zombies, which will be impossible to tear or bite through. But I know that it will break the whole balance in the game.
  5. This is a very logical desire to have a watch in the car. But even if this is not implemented, it seems to me that no one will be particularly upset. There are already many hours in the game world.
  6. I think it's time to add bows and crossbows to the game.
  7. It turns out that when I pass through the crown of a tree, a zombie can't hit me at that moment either? Then it turns out that you can be invulnerable in the crown of a tree? And how to hunt wild animals in the forest, because in a dense forest they will very often be in the canopy of trees and the shots of hunters will not reach the target?
  8. Actually, it's not really a mistake. Maybe I just made a few mistakes in the game myself. I just want the developers to pay attention to it. I play without mods on 41.78. Fight in the forest. A zombie is coming towards me, a tree is between us. He is alone, nothing distracts me, I know the range and range of my homemade spear. So I calmly wait for him to hit when he is in range and calmly go on. A zombie enters the crown of the tree that separates us. I stop seeing him, but I know that he is there and that he is walking slower than he walked before. I wait a second and hit the crown of the tree with a spear, while according to my calculations I have to hit a zombie, but I don't hit a zombie, and after another half a second he will attack me, appearing from the crown of the tree where I just hit. It should be noted that I have played PZ for several thousand hours, I am quite good at killing zombies in this game and have killed many tens of thousands of zombies with different weapons all the time. In this regard, the question. Does a zombie lose its physical properties by disappearing from view in the crown of a tree? Am I still not calculating the impact time correctly?
  9. Sterile rags in this game work wonders.
  10. Judging by the description of the loot, it is rather zoned as an office.
  11. vek

    Farm of Fear

    I have already voted for PZ in the nomination "favorite child". I think you're all doing great!!!
  12. In my opinion, this is very reasonable!
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