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  1. In Muldraugh there is a small residential building very close to and to the right of the medical clinic Cortman Medical, the layout of the premises in which surprised me. There is the only entrance to the living room only through the toilet. It seems strange to me. They don't usually build houses like this. Is this a mistake or a special idea?
  2. The other day I visited a sawmill and a complex of warehouses next to it west of Muldraugh. I was unpleasantly surprised that now almost all the boxes are filled with only boards. There are just thousands of boards there. On the one hand, it is clear why there are a lot of boards there, because there is a sawmill and these are its products. But on the other hand, the place where I used to take a lot of useful loot has now largely lost its value. Less balance, more realism. Good. But why then is there no place, for example, a tool shop, where there would be hundreds of large axes? Would this have a bad effect on the balance sheet? But what about realism? ***I use Yandex translator
  3. Amazing? This will make the players turn gray ahead of time!
  4. PZ is pretty much a micromanagement game of everything. I suggest adding unloading vests with pockets to the game. The game already has vests of builders, workers and foremen, but they are not containers for storing and carrying tools, weapons, ammunition. I think it would be right to make them functional.
  5. And you can't wear glasses in the game while walking. In fact, this is done without problems!
  6. vek


    A joke repeated twice becomes nonsense. Have made a joke once and that's enough?
  7. vek

    Moving park bench

    As far as I know, you need to drag all four boxes in parts, put them on the ground in the place where you are going to assemble it using the "mount on the ground" function. I kind of did it this way.
  8. Are you also a fan of sports activitiesin real life?
  9. vek


    Thank you for your good work! NOISEWORKS fine fellow! We are really looking forward to new turns of the road, a new search engine and Louisville!!! The first screenshot with a bunch of toilet paper reminded me that I still find one or two buildings in almost every created world, where all the shelves, cabinets, refrigerators and first aid kits are filled with toilet paper. Tons of toilet paper. If it's not done on purpose, maybe it's worth fixing it?
  10. I'm playing now at 41.54. 1. The sound of the helicopter seems to me to have become better. 2. I can't find a single double-barreled rifle. For 50+ hours of playing, I found 14 shotguns and not a single one of my favorite double-barreled shotguns. I searched every house in Muldraugh and a sawmill with a factory to the west of the city, killed 2000 zombies and survived the arrival of a helicopter. The police station was cleared first of all. In 41.53, which I played recently, I found more double-barreled shotguns than shotguns. Is it my bad luck, or have you reconfigured something? 3. I saw a message here from the developers that perhaps the weapon should be made more rare. Personally, I do not agree with this, in my opinion this should not be done, but if you do, then you need to radically increase the endurance of the weapon, maybe even 10 times. 4. After changing the part of road accidents that gave a large amount of scrap metal after disassembly, it became very much missed. I have a lot of scrap metal requires welding of metal fences. I feel a constant shortage despite the fact that I disassemble all the electric stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, plumbing, even folding chairs, etc. ***I use Yandex translator
  11. In my opinion, the crafting system in the game still requires serious improvement. In particular, your idea would be appropriate. But there is also a lot to change there, but later.
  12. Thank you. It turned out that the problem with the inability to install an antique slab on the ground is really related to the lack of a hammer in the main inventory. He was in a backpack at the time. With the help of hammers, the furnaces are installed without problems. But I must say that the mandatory presence of a hammer in the main inventory is not at all obvious to install the stove.
  13. I don't remember exactly. It's possible. I will try to reproduce this situation tonight and report it here how the presence of a hammer in the main inventory affects the appearance of this problem.
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