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  1. vek

    Brush with Death

    We are really looking forward to playing together with our friends during the New Year holidays.
  2. As we now know, the currency can be vodka and cartridges. Animal meat deteriorates quickly and does not have the obligatory sign of money - it is not capable of being a means of accumulation.
  3. You have to understand that there is such a thing as a gaming agreement. In particular, this applies to clothing in the game. If the zombie apocalypse really happened, I would wrap myself in several layers of tape (arms, legs, torso) And I didn't give a damn about trying to bite or scratch me.
  4. More time is spent on the burial of corpses. That's why I burn corpses.
  5. The room temperature is regulated only by the heat source. The air conditioners were not delivered.
  6. vek


    My friends and I are really looking forward to MP. We have already agreed that we will spend the New Year's holidays together in Louisville.
  7. vek


    Then it's strange that a naked character has as many pockets as a fully clothed one with a large number of items of clothing.
  8. We've all been through this. Over and over again.
  9. vek


    I have already offered unloading vests (military, tourist, fishing) with pockets. And in response, silence.
  10. vek

    Search and DeZtroy

    By the way, small objects lying on the ground are now clearly visible when snow falls. Until the snow falls, they are not visible on the grass, but as soon as the snow falls, they become noticeable. Although the snow should hide them.
  11. If you manage not to notice this problem, you are playing too little.
  12. The main thing is not to be nervous, work calmly! Do your job well.
  13. I think it's time to cancel this joke. She stopped being funny. It's also okay when you find tons of toilet paper in a small house on the outskirts. Maybe that crazy woman lived there. It's sad when you find a grocery or hardware store where all the shelves are occupied not with the goods you need, but with toilet paper. I think it's time to cancel this joke or better set it up so that it doesn't spoil the gameplay.
  14. Good suggestions. One moment - you can destroy objects using a trash can. Put the trash in the trash can and click "delete all". In Spiffo and other cafes there are garbage cans with a capacity of 65 kg. For example, you can immediately destroy a whole set of worn-out car wheels.
  15. I would add more. I play without mods on 41.56. Sandbox installations: the beginning of the apocalypse on January 01, the weather is very cold! My character doesn't have a tourist train. At the same time, I wear jeans, a sweater, a scarf and a regular or leather jacket, as well as leather gloves and do not feel discomfort on the street. Even with long raids. Winter clothing turns out to be unnecessary (winter jacket, winter trousers, long johns, winter warm hats). It seems to me that if a player sets the sandbox settings for a VERY COLD winter, he wants to get the experience of real survival in the cold, when it is impossible to exist for a long time without a roof over his head and a stove nearby. And it would be nice to give the player such an experience.
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