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  1. Were they in your main inventory? I don't think PZ checks your bags for food when settings traps.
  2. The Desert Eagle is vanilla, although in game it is called D-E Pistol. The file giving you trouble is definitely from vanilla PZ, it's not Britas causing the problem.
  3. This usually happens when a server hasn't installed the latest version of a mod, or in this case, the base game itself - so everyone trying to connect has the latest version a file but the server has the old version, which means they don't match. The servers might just need to be restarted, or if you are on a beta you might need to switch to the main branch.
  4. Line 3030 of ISWorldObjectcontextMenu is: local barList = playerInv:getItemsFromType("Soap2", true) I don't know, but if you name your soap Soap2 as well - but put it in a different module - would that work? If the game is only checking Type - and not Full Type - maybe you could trick the game without editing the code.
  5. No, the weight is unrelated to the 'capacity'. So you will need to edit the UseDelta as well.
  6. Generator's don't emit heat, and using one indoors will probably kill you. You want an antique oven if you're cold.
  7. I was tinkering with some modding and couldn't get this to work, it seems it's a vanilla issue as I've seen it happen to vanilla Perch, When you cook an item that has RemoveUnhappinessWhenCooked = TRUE, the unhappiness is indeed removed - but if you quit and re-load the unhappiness is back. For example, a raw Perch is -20 happiness, cook it and it's +2 happiness (+2 is from from GoodHot = true, I think), quit and re-load and it reverts to -18 happiness (so the game remembers the +2 bonus, but not the removal of the -20 debuff to happiness). Tested on single player, 41.68.
  8. I've no idea, but you might want to ask on the PZ Discord (in the #modding channel), or perhaps on the Filibuster Rhymes Discord.
  9. No problem. You need to kill the zombie inside the house for them to have a chance of dropping a key.
  10. 1) Hit it with a weapon, might take quite a few hits. If you lure a zombie into your house and then kill them they might have a house key - it is always the key to the building they are in when they died. 2) Fridges and freezers just slow down the rotting timer (fride 5x slower, freezer 25x slower IIRC). 3) Mods, there are lots on the Steam workshop to speed this up.
  11. I think you just want: SuburbsDistributions["Paperbag_Jays"], without the ["all"]. If that doesn't fix it, post the error message you're getting.
  12. On possible way is to use the OnEat proprty: For example, vanilla cigarettes uses: OnEat = OnEat_Cigarettes, OnEat_Cigarettes is a function that deals with happiness / stress changes from smoking. You could write your own function to just add the two items to the player's inventory, although you might need to check that the food has been completely consumed to prevent the player getting the items every time they drink 1/4 of it. Alternatively, you could create a 'TumblerAndStraw' item and return that from ReplaceOnUse, and use that in the create recipe (and create a recipe to to make a TumblerAndStraw from the two items).
  13. Thanks for this, very useful. Can I make a request - can you add a 'MountOnAdd' for use in DoParam? That would allow additions to the list without needing to replace the list. For exmaple, I need to use: scriptItem:DoParam("MountOn = Hydrocraft.HCUzi; HuntingRifle; VarmintRifle; Pistol; Pistol2; Pistol3; Revolver; Revolver_Long; AssaultRifle; AssaultRifle2,") It would be nice if I could use: scriptItem:DoParam("MountOnAdd = Hydrocraft.HCUzi") The current method will cause issues if more than one mod calls DoParam + MountOn on items like Base.IronSight, Base.GunLight, Base.RedDot. For completeness, a 'MountOnRemove' may also be useful - although it's not something I would need.
  14. This is a bug in the vanilla code, so it can't be fixed by anyone other the Indie Stone. The code even acknowledges the need to fix it: "TODO: this requires item images to be in media/textures - should get the image location from the texture here instead" (copied from media/lua/client/foraging/ISforageAction.lua). It's really not important, but it would be nice if this can be fixed - especially as it makes mods look bad.
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