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  1. If you're right about how the stacking works, you can probably edit the translations yourself to prevent them stacking. Just edit /media/lua/shared/Translate/EN/ItemName_EN.txt Line 9: ItemName_Base.308Clip = ".308 Magazine", Line 1000: ItemName_Base.M14Clip = ".308 Magazine",
  2. You might be able to use the Event system: https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Modding:Lua_Events Not sure which event would be best, OnPlayerUpdate perhaps? Then check the players inventory for a tool box, however I expect that event runs a lot so it might be excessive for something like this.
  3. Would this work? https://zomboid-javadoc.com/41.65/zombie/inventory/types/InventoryContainer.html#setWeightReduction(int)
  4. One simpler option would be to create new items for food items in Tupperware, e.g. Stew in Tupperware, with a longer life span. Then create a recipe to create that item from a stew and a Tupperware container. Maybe add an OnTest or OnCanPerform function to check the Stew is fresh.
  5. Blood decals cause performance issues in my experience, try turning them off.
  6. Try the Boat Club, there's a library upstairs. If you stagger your crops right, you can get by without a generator. For example, I plant potatoes 3 times a month (on the 1st, 11th, and 21st) and the next crop is always ready before the last crop goes stale - so I don't need to refridgerate anything.
  7. The vanilla function is in /server/ rather than /client/, so you should probably do likewise. If that doesn't fix it, can you post the stack trace from the console?
  8. Concrete is coming in Build 42. (bottom right)
  9. IIRC, it's just the ingredients of the recipe, so that would be the spear, weapon and duct tape. You can confirm this by adding a print call within either of the for loops, e.g. print( items:get(i):getType() )
  10. This is apprently caused by the door closing being interrupted by the player, e.g. if the player opens their map before the door has closed.
  11. LOL You just right click on them with a trowel etc equipped and there's a Remove option.
  12. You can slice them, although I'm not sure how many recipes the slices can be used in. The tool tip on sliced onions should probably be on the onion itself - as it mentions them needing to be sliced.
  13. I've seen this too. The offending code is in zombie.ai.states.SwipeStatePlayer: if (Rand.Next(var6 + var1.getMaintenanceMod() * 2) == 0) { WeaponLowerCondition(var5, var1); } else if (Rand.NextBool(2) && !var5.isRanged() && WeaponType.getWeaponType(var1) != WeaponType.barehand) { if (var5.isTwoHandWeapon() && (var1.getPrimaryHandItem() != var5 || var1.getSecondaryHandItem() != var5) && Rand.NextBool(3)) { return; } var1.getXp().AddXP(Perks.Maintenance, 1.0F); } It appears the code only checks that you have a weapon equipped, so it can give xp for a push - and I think you can also lose weapon condition from the push.
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