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  1. Zombies aren't real, therefore the devs should remove them to make the game more realistic.
  2. Hugo Qwerty

    Chunk Problems

    If it helps, the maximum value Integer.parseInt can parse is 2,147,483,647 - this errors show the code is trying to parse 4,444,444,449.
  3. You might have more luck on the PZ Modding Community Discord: https://discord.gg/V9RAwGSc There's a 'Commisions & Requests' section.
  4. Traps don't take the whole item (with the exception of worms), they take 5 hunger units from the item. You can take the bait out of the trap and have two items, but no more hunger units than you had to begin with.
  5. LOL. Spears are without doubt he best weapon in the game at killing large numbers of zombies. Yes, if you don't have enough experience they can absolutely get you killed - but when you know when to use them, and more importantly when not to, then they become so OP they are basically broken (given how easy they are to make, and how often zombies provide the weapons to make them with).
  6. Hugo Qwerty

    One Door OpenZ

    I'd be more than happy if smithing takes ages to level, e.g make us hunt a deer to get an antler, to make an antler pickaxe to mine copper, to make a copper pickaxe to mine tin, to combine with copper to make a bronze pickaxe to mine iron etc. Also, I'd love it if: 1) zombies have less impaled weapons over time, so you have to loot / craft your own. 2) Basic crafted weapons were terrible (stone hammer is bad, stone axe is good, crafted spear is geat - no matter how much Reddit says otherwise).
  7. With very few exceptions (e.g. the open car door visual bug) taking damage from a zombie is a skill issue. The people that can survive for over a year aren't lucky, they're just good at the game. Armour helps to protect you from damage, but its not going to save you if you keep making mistakes - and it may even hinder you as it can make you overheat.
  8. The following is the function CalcAttackVars referred to in the error, decompiled with decompiler.com. public void CalcAttackVars(IsoLivingCharacter var1, AttackVars var2) { HandWeapon var3 = (HandWeapon)Type.tryCastTo(var1.getPrimaryHandItem(), HandWeapon.class); if (var3 != null && var3.getOtherHandRequire() != null) { InventoryItem var4 = var1.getSecondaryHandItem(); if (var4 == null || !var4.getType().equals(var3.getOtherHandRequire())) { var3 = null; } } if (!GameClient.bClient || var1.isLocal()) { boolean var13 = var1.isAttackAnim() || var1.getVariableBoolean("ShoveAnim") || var1.getVariableBoolean("StompAnim"); var2.setWeapon(var3 == null ? var1.bareHands : var3); var2.targetOnGround.setMovingObject((IsoMovingObject)null); var2.bAimAtFloor = false; var2.bCloseKill = false; var2.bDoShove = var1.bDoShove; if (!var13) { var1.setVariable("ShoveAimX", 0.5F); var1.setVariable("ShoveAimY", 1.0F); if (var2.bDoShove && var1.getVariableBoolean("isMoving")) { var1.setVariable("ShoveAim", true); } else { var1.setVariable("ShoveAim", false); } } var2.useChargeDelta = var1.useChargeDelta; var2.recoilDelay = 0; if (var2.getWeapon(var1) == var1.bareHands || var2.bDoShove || var1.isForceShove()) { var2.bDoShove = true; var2.bAimAtFloor = false; var2.setWeapon(var1.bareHands); } this.calcValidTargets(var1, var2.getWeapon(var1), true, var2.targetsProne, var2.targetsStanding); HitInfo var5 = var2.targetsStanding.isEmpty() ? null : (HitInfo)var2.targetsStanding.get(0); HitInfo var6 = var2.targetsProne.isEmpty() ? null : (HitInfo)var2.targetsProne.get(0); if (this.isProneTargetBetter(var1, var5, var6)) { var5 = null; } if (!var13) { var1.setAimAtFloor(false); } float var7 = Float.MAX_VALUE; if (var5 != null) { if (!var13) { var1.setAimAtFloor(false); } var2.bAimAtFloor = false; var2.targetOnGround.setMovingObject((IsoMovingObject)null); var7 = var5.distSq; } else if (var6 != null && (Core.OptionAutoProneAtk || var1.bDoShove)) { if (!var13) { var1.setAimAtFloor(true); } var2.bAimAtFloor = true; var2.targetOnGround.setMovingObject(var6.getObject()); } if (!(var7 >= var2.getWeapon(var1).getMinRange() * var2.getWeapon(var1).getMinRange()) && (var5 == null || !this.isWindowBetween(var1, var5.getObject()))) { if (var1.getStats().NumChasingZombies <= 1 && WeaponType.getWeaponType(var1) == WeaponType.knife) { var2.bCloseKill = true; return; } var2.bDoShove = true; IsoPlayer var8 = (IsoPlayer)Type.tryCastTo(var1, IsoPlayer.class); if (var8 != null && !var8.isAuthorizeShoveStomp()) { var2.bDoShove = false; } var2.bAimAtFloor = false; if (var1.bareHands.getSwingAnim() != null) { var2.useChargeDelta = 3.0F; } } int var14 = Core.getInstance().getKey("ManualFloorAtk"); int var9 = Core.getInstance().getKey("Sprint"); boolean var10 = var1.getVariableBoolean("StartedAttackWhileSprinting"); if (Keyboard.isKeyDown(var14) && (var14 != var9 || !var10)) { var2.bAimAtFloor = true; var2.bDoShove = false; var1.setDoShove(false); } if (var2.getWeapon(var1).isRanged()) { int var11 = var2.getWeapon(var1).getRecoilDelay(); Float var12 = (float)var11 * (1.0F - (float)var1.getPerkLevel(Perks.Aiming) / 30.0F); var2.recoilDelay = var12.intValue(); var1.setVariable("singleShootSpeed", (0.8F + (float)var1.getPerkLevel(Perks.Aiming) / 10.0F) * GameTime.getAnimSpeedFix()); } } } It looks like the issue is that var1.bareHands is null, so calling null.getSwingAnim() is causing the crash. I know the game has a 'bare hands' weapon, I assume this is the 'weapon' you have equipped when you have no weapon equipped - not sure how this could ever be null but that seems to be what is happening.
  9. https://github.com/demiurgeQuantified/PZEventDoc/blob/develop/docs/Events.md
  10. I don't think you can have a server only mod, but you can make a mod that works on a server and does nothing client side. My 'Daily Kill Count' (on the Steam workshop) has code for writing to a file, I borrowed some code from the Twitch Stats mod by M3ss. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2629062026&searchtext=twitch+stats File is created in C:\Users\username\Zomboid\Lua\, I don't know if there is a way of writing to a file somewhere else.
  11. Just tested this and the only wardrobe I found in ~20 houses that had something in was in a child's bedroom (loot table WardrobeChild, I assume). All the others were empty, it felt like more bedside tables than normal were empty as well.
  12. I noticed this in my current game (Zero to Hero, unfit & obese, so fitness of 0). I placed chairs at the distance from my base where I got the endurance moodle when running, however when I lost obese and gained overweight the distance I could run went down rather than up. Tested in debug mode to confirm: At full endurance, but 0 fitness & unfit, this is how far I could run with obese and overweight.
  13. It looks like one of your mods is throwing errors (just visible in the bottom right). Your console file (C:\Users\Username\Zomboid\console.txt) might shed some light on the cause.
  14. By default recipes (but not evolved recipes) don't accept rotten or frozen food (or broken items), so I assume this is also impacting on stale items (possibly because IsRotten() returns true for stale itemsn not just rotten items.
  15. Can't see what's wrong, but an easier way to do this might be to overwrite the Toothpaste item in a script file so it is a Food item instead of Normal - then it wouldn't need any code to work.
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