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  1. How are you adding these items? You have to drag CD into "Device options" of the CD player for example.
  2. How did you determine that then? I might be looking in a wrong place because I do not see any discrepancies..
  3. This bug has been fixed What version of the game are you playing? Are there any mods?
  4. yes, this is a known issue that is caused by placing crates that were picked up from higher locations than the ground (applies to crates picked up from the ground being placed in the same location as other ground crates or if a lower crate is destroyed for example).
  5. How old is your save (does the game predate the most recent update)? What happens if you start a new game (for testing purposes)?
  6. Sometimes a reinstall is not enough and things still "linger" in the system. Try deleting "mods" folder in "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and then verify the game.
  7. Yes, this is a known issue. There are a lot of new items being added / have been recently added to the game that have not been "plugged" in properly. We're working on it!
  8. Don't think you need a mod this anymore - this feature has been added to the base game recently.
  9. Sorry for the late reply! Doe this still happen in 41.71?
  10. Hmm... still no go and I can loot without any delays. So yeah, a video would be great (in case I'm looking at it all wrong)
  11. There are a lot of items being added to the game constantly. This is is still very much a VIP area and new functionality will be added in the future.
  12. If it has not been listed in the fixes above how can it be fixed?
  13. Did the issue persist after relog? Where was your mouse / aiming reticule in relation to char when this showed up?
  14. Not sure I understand this correctly: the screenshot shows the capacity as 1.2 out of 130? Meaning that the current capacity is 1.2 so it works as expected?
  15. PVP has not had as much attention and polish yet as we'd like but we're working on it! Thank you for the suggestion, I'll pass this on
  16. Can you remember what shows were those? I'm pretty sure there are a couple that do not give XP (like one about water collection iirc) Or was it the actual show or just some advertisement?
  17. Thank you! Additionally - which way was your char facing in relation to the fence (and to your view as a player)? Did the zed do crawl attack "straight forward" from the fence or did the zed go "at an angle"? (bear with me - this is quite hard to explain )
  18. Oh, I see. Thank you for the reports, I've passed this to our interior bug tracker!
  19. Note that, even though the branch is no longer active (all work has been merged with the current beta), the work is still being done to improve playability with (any) controller. So if you do have problems or suggestions - do post them! We do try to read and process all info that comes our way
  20. Sweet! Looks like the same thing I believe this should be fixed with the next update. Do let us know how it goes!
  21. Well.. "SafehouseAllowTrasspass = false" means nobody is allowed to trespass? What do you expect with this option? Is the Admin in question a member of the safehouse?
  22. mebbe I have to have moar caffeinated drink in the morning! Sorry for being blind..
  23. Is the char tired enough? I get an option to sleep both in a car and in a tent without issues..
  24. There was fix for this problem a while ago but it seems that a few locations with this problem still linger Could you provide a location for that specific house please?
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