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  1. You can change seats in a car before exiting. This should prevent your char from getting scratched until the issue is resolved.
  2. This is not really a bug. For one, you can pick up furniture and move it out of the way. And two, you can use this to your advantage to stop zombies coming in even if they break that window.
  3. Works here... What resolution are you changing to?
  4. Hmm.. did you check the state of those items in zeds inventories, by any chance? Were those items broken? Or have they disappeared even from zed invenotries?
  5. Thank you for the report! The issue is already in our tracking system.
  6. This should be fixed in the next patch I believe.
  7. Varint rifle and Hunting rifle are weapons from pre-build 41. They should not even spawn in game now. Are you sure it's not a mod messing it up?
  8. Pandorea

    New Hot Bar

    Interesting.. all works on this side.. Could you update the game (to ensure latest patch is there fully), start a enw save (no mods) and try again?
  9. Could you disable the mods and see if that changes anything? (lol, should have said that in the first place )
  10. This is because your char "skips" the lines in the show that produce XP. Easy solution - watch those shows at normal speeds (well, x2 also works )
  11. This has been added to the list of things to fix already. Thank you for the report!
  12. Works on this side. Does it fail for you when attempting to destroy any object or just some? Do you have any mods?
  13. Does this only happen whe your char is eating? Can only see thi if I release all movement buttons to change direction of movement. Wondering if this is the same thing...
  14. It does. When the char is below highest level of Exhaustion. If you're also Tired (sleepy) Sit on Ground will not do anything.
  15. Could you guys supply map coordinates for these locations please?
  16. Pandorea


    Char will not climb a fence if they are overencumbered or too weak / tired / exhausted.
  17. Controllers were not the focus of this build, so no work was done up to this point. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the fix will have to wait.
  18. Not as far as I know. All available debuffs are listed in Traits/Occupation section on char creation screen.
  19. Could you confirm that this still happens, please? And if it is, could you give more detailed steps? Also, if there is a bottle available in nearby containers the char will take that and use it to clean dirty bandages/sheets. Is it possible this happened and not the duplication?
  20. Indeed. Thank you for the report!
  21. Any traits? Hypochindiac is deadly if your char gets scratched. Eating something rotten and burned (gross, I know) and perhaps drinking tainted water could have the same deadly effect. Anything of the above applies?
  22. This is a known issue and has been added to the list. Thanks for the report!
  23. Only one Shovel works for that purpose at the moment: the one with a sharp-ish pointy end. Thanks for the report!
  24. Works on this side. What is it you're trying to destroy? Could you supply a screenshot of the console when one of them "red squares" pops up?
  25. .... How are rifle clips and icons related to your bug that reads "can't rip clothes and take curtains from windows"?
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