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  1. Yeah, it's a (known) bug allright. It is logged and reported and will be fixed in the future.
  2. Not as easy as all that - hasn't happened to me once (and I really did try! lol ) Could you record a video and post it here, pretty please? (since you seem to know exactly how to reproduce this)
  3. This indeed is the reason for why it's impossible atm.
  4. Are you using any mods? And which version of the game this is?
  5. Do not see this on my end.. Which version of the game are you on? Any mods? Is this wile picking up generator through the fence? Any other circumstance?
  6. Golden Digital Watch? Are you using any mods (no such item in vanilla)? If so, have you tried without mods?
  7. Thank you for the report! This is a known issue and will get fixed in the future.
  8. Out of interest - were the Jeans patched in any way?
  9. This is a known issue that has reappeared recently. We're aware and are working on fixing it. Again.
  10. It is not possible to Plumb anything in an existing building if a water is still running. Needs to be a player-built place, water needs to stop or there needs to be a water collector above the sink / bathtub.
  11. .. A couple of those recordings you mention would be helpful Perhaps, we can figure out what's causing this which is a half-way to fixing it!
  12. Can't say I've experienced this one before. Could you give some details (so I can try harder and "righter" as it were ) For example, was the char still crouching and running? Or walking towards - or backing up away from - the zed? Was the zed moving towards the char? What kind of weapon was equipped? Did the char manage an attack before tp happened?
  13. This is an intended change, very recent one at that. Even Wiki has not been updated with this info yet
  14. Hmm.. do not see any errors Are you using any mods? What type of compost is this? What stage of growth are the plants in? Does it happen to all plants or some specific ones only? If you could share the "console.txt" file found in "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" (right after the error shows up on the screen) to a site like pastebin.com and then post a link to that here so we can take a look.
  15. Yeah, we still have a list of these that needs fixing up... There's little we can do with some layering issues, unfortunately.
  16. Known. Should be fixed in the next patch. Known. WIP. Thank you for the reports! (keep 'em coming )
  17. Yeah, a few instances are still there - for me the most easy to reproduce one is when my weapon of choice is a Frying pan. What weapons do you use, peeps?
  18. There is no right or wrong way of playing PZ If you have any issues with running the game why don't you report what is happening and ask for help?
  19. Working on bringing that back. It is a brilliant piece of storytelling!
  20. Yeah, oldie but goldie - will be a sad day when it's fixed
  21. This issue is already on our radar and will get fixed as soon as we can get to it.
  22. Pandorea

    Task manager

    Is this really a bug? You exit the game in an inappropriate way, most likely causing corruption of game files, no?
  23. This is a known issue and should be fixed in the next update.
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