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  1. Some things in loot tables are legacy items and yet others are there to be implemented in the future. As long as these items do not spawn - this is not a problem.
  2. If you still have problems here's a link to a discussion on Steam that contains a workaround: https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/5845107457319523757/
  3. Thanks for posting a possible solution! Might help someone else down the line!
  4. https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Bag_of_Concrete_Powder
  5. Does this happen in any sized room or only large rooms (sorry, it is not clear from the report)? Also, how big is a room? (location would be great)
  6. Is that an empty beer bottle by any chance? That is a known bug and should be fixed in the next update.
  7. Char should be able to remove (almost) all parts of a car provided they've read the 3 magazines and have required tools on them. If on top of that you do read a Mechanics book to boost xp gain - you should level up in no time at all.
  8. Have you contacted mod creator to report this issue? It would help if they knew that there is a problem and they could fix it
  9. An overhaul of the entire preserving system is planned for one of future builds so nothing will be done with this atm. (Also, Wiki is out of date on many accounts)
  10. Yes, some items now have to be "sliced" before they can be used in a recipe. Ham, Bread and Onions are some examples of this mechanic.
  11. Have you followed the steps to set up the server correctly? (just double checking ) Here's a guide to help out with that: https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Dedicated_Server
  12. Foraging zones are still a WIP as new areas and buildings are being added tot he map
  13. Just an FYI, there will be change to the process of canning / preserving in one of the future builds (new crafting most likely) so nothing will be done with this for the time being.
  14. To double check - is your char "Deaf" by any chance?
  15. Vehicle trunks lose their capacity as result of driving over multiple zeds in a short period of time or crashing a lot. This was done to counter cheesing of killing many zombies while safely in a car.
  16. Both are known issues and are on our internal bugs list
  17. Hmm.. not having this problem in a vanilla dedicated server. Are there any mods enabled? What are server settings with regards to items limits in containers?
  18. Thank you for posting a solution this problem! Might help someone else down the line
  19. This is a known issue and will be fixed in the future. Try not to exit the game while you char is sleeping to prevent this from happening.
  20. Ah, so it is due to that Water dispenser being next to a singe wall like that! There is a similar issue if a Sink as well. thank you for the report!
  21. Pandorea


    Moving all the files from the SP save folder to the multiplayer folder (make sure it is the correct MP save folder) should do the trick, since that will then load the tiles from SP. Moving characters is not possible.
  22. Such furniture occupies 2 (or more) tiles and as char can use either to initiate pick up / disassemble you see two options. If a char can only access one tile of such piece there will only be one option. If a piece of furniture produces multiple pieces when picking it up - think beds, dining tables, etc - one of those pieces can break (you might have picked up a mattress but broke a the base for example) so you only get one part of the set.
  23. Yup this is indeed a thing in PZ. It is likely you haven't seen this before because once zeds are distracted - hear or see player - they get up and attack the player.
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