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  1. Have you tried using D-pad buttons to move the floor tile selector? I've noticed this yesterday while testing the build but for the life of me can't figure out how to make it move obvious... Any ideas, anyone?
  2. Pandorea

    Sprites of items dropped on the floor go behind walls

    Yeah, there are a number of places to look for reported issues and a number of ways to report them The Pie thing was decided specifically to avoid the issue of "spamming" the forum with "thanks, for the report" messages.
  3. Short answer - Yes! ..Longer answer: we're still working on improving controls, so any input is valuable. But you have to put in work first (the key words in the name of this thread are "active participants")
  4. Hey, the "Transfer All" and a bunch of other inventory options are already in game (if you're on version 11) Simply open up the inventory (Y) and look at the bottom of inventory panel.
  5. Pandorea

    Sprites of items dropped on the floor go behind walls

    I'm sorry but... what did you expect? The issue has been noted (the Pie thing) and added to the (huge) pile of things that need to be fixed. As it is not a gamebreaking thing but more of a visual one, it is less likely to be fixed in the near future.
  6. Pandorea

    Xonic's Crossroads Mega Mall (WIP)(Updating)

    That's a whole lot of Mall and a story, to boot! Well done
  7. What do you know: eating a bucket of Ice cream does make your weight arrows go up pretty much instantly! No wonder your char gained weight so fast. But for reference: Ice cream has crazy amounts of calories per bucket, about 1700 and Watermelon about 1400. Eat a number of these every day and you'll gain weight like there is no tomorrow! To get more insight into this Mechanic, play a game with Nutritionist trait. Thing number two: it'll take some time for this created trend to stop. It won't happen after you've eaten, or skipped a meal, but it'll settle over a couple of days. So keep up salad eating!
  8. Hmm, I've not seen weight changes happen so fast in the first days of a game, tbh. Have been eating high-calorie / low hunger-reducing foods a lot? Things like peanut butter, pizza, ice cream?
  9. Pandorea

    40.43 (Steam) Dismantle car wreck

    Any mods?
  10. Pandorea

    PZ is lagging in Singleplayer

    Have you tried Verifying Game Files? Can be found in Steam > Zomboid > RMC > Properties > Local Files
  11. This should not be happening... Have you got any mods? Does this happen in SP or MP?
  12. Thanks for taking time to update your post! Yeah, there is an issue with attacking in this update: the attack / push will only work if you used "Loot all" to get a weapon and then L-Dpad to assign it. Attacks will not work if you've "Grabbed" and "Equipped Primary / Secondary" Stas is well aware of this and is working on finding and implementing solution right now.
  13. Pandorea

    A few Bugs [IWBUMS 40.38]

    It's a known issue and happens after you drive over a zombie that is in "getting up from the ground" animation. They sort of "get stuck" between being dead-dead but in "pushed back" animation. Forever. Poor souls...
  14. Pandorea

    project zomboid steam / GOG

    So you need to type in -nosteam into Set Launch Options popup in you Steam > Library > Zomboid > RMC + Properties.
  15. How do you mean "Melee doesn't seem to work"? Melee doesn't work on assigned button or on any other button press, too? Also, it is advisable to delete gamepads / joypads folders and gamepadBinding.config file between different game tests. This should help with inverted keys, hopefully.
  16. Pandorea

    project zomboid steam / GOG

    To clarify: some you have Steam version and some GOG version?
  17. The panel should update once you've closed and re-opened it(?)
  18. Pandorea

    Some fire related bugs.

    Yup, these things happen.
  19. Have you deleted Gamepads / Joypads folders and that gamepadBinding.config file?
  20. Pandorea

    [40.43] Character doesn't lose weight

    Are you an Admin?
  21. I was not able to replicate this in SP at all. How exactly did you achieve that?
  22. Pandorea

    FPS Low & CPU GPU also Low this is not right

    Any mods? And when did the problem start?
  23. Pandorea

    NPK Fertilizer should empty to sack

    Ok, hahah I see what happened. You should have started with that^ "Just as the title says, using the entire bag of fertilizer leaves an empty sack" - to me sounds like a description of what happens in game now. And certainly not like an expression of a need or a wish of any sort. I'm sorry
  24. Pandorea

    NPK Fertilizer should empty to sack

    This is good, though, no? You can reuse the sack for your own-made compost or for carrying things if needed.