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  1. IWBUMS Beta: Version 40.35 Patch

    This was removed a few builds back because it allowed players to tell what time it was..
  2. @kill400zombies could you go to your Users > Zomboid folder and delete Joypads / Gamepads folders and gamepadBinding.config file. After this, start PZ again, and in Controller bindings JUST Invert Y or X. Does this fix the issues with directions and interactions with doors (which is on X (Dualshock) if you're facing the right way, that is)?
  3. Painting signs on bricks - layering issue

    Thank you for adding the location, it helps a lot
  4. Windchill indoors (?)

    Player-made roofs are currently not working properly and let the rain through so that could affect your dampness moodle. Windchill happens when the temperature drops low and / or your character is not wearing appropriate clothing. You can start by dressing up there are padded jackets and pants in game now for that purpose. I'd also recommend getting a digital watch because it tells you what temperature it is so you can dress properly with more ease.
  5. Could you try with a different resolution? I've highlighted the issue so hopefully the bugfixing will happen swiftly...
  6. So what happens when you start a new game with a new character and after deleting files / folders and not changing anything? Do you get Duashock or Xbone controls in game? Also, "control configuration is still carrying over" you mean bindings that you've set in a previous game? or is this about being unable to change some of the bindings?
  7. @Kaleidozombie have you deleted Gamepad and Joypad folders + that gamepadBinding.config file? PS4 controller should be recognized (I know, because I've campaigned for this ) and I am also looking at much loved Square / Circle / Triangle / X displayed in game right now...
  8. More highlighting issues/now arrows?

    Thanks! We have luminescent parts of graffiti, artifacts above wooden shelves and little triangles at the bottom-right corner of some walls?
  9. More highlighting issues/now arrows?

    ..I am sorry, but what am I looking for?
  10. Raining indoors

    The issue is already logged in the internal bug tracker. Hopefully, a fix not too far away either
  11. Ability to get stuck in car between a "wall" and another "car" (applies to all examples here, to some extent) is already logged in TIS bug tracker and (hopefully sometime in the near future) it'll be resolved. In the meantime, avoid such situations if possible, drive carefully and use the tips in the post above to get out of a "pickle"
  12. Hi, Snakeman, could you post a screenhot, please? I've just tried all available colours and nothing becomes invisible ...
  13. IWBUMS Beta: Version 40.35 Patch

    How did you manage to stack Wooden crates on to of Metal ones, Geras? According to Wiki, Metal crates are un-pickable and un-stackable...
  14. Can't barricade with metalwork

    Hi duke, could you also post a screenshot of your base, please? Metalworking works fine in any direction over here...
  15. Can't add rope to an inner chute

    Can you remove / add a sheetrope when clicking on the visible part of the window-wall?
  16. The boot is generally closed in all vehicles and you need to open or even unlock it first for the container symbol to appear in the loot window. Have you tried using V menu to access the boot?
  17. Stuck in my car

    These are not stored, you have to make one Ctrl + PrintScreen should do it (on Windows) and then just open it up in Paint, crop if needed, save, drag and drop here (for other OS - Google is your friend ) If a door is blocked but other doors are not, the character should use one of them automatically to exit (how it works for me anyway).
  18. Stuck in my car

    Only way I know of to get trapped in a car is when you park it between a car and a wall... Could you maybe provide a screenshot? (that would be very helpful )
  19. Game character

    So your character was not scratched or bitten and did not consume any poisonous food or tainted water. She / he did not catch a cold or flu from staying in the rain. The health panel was clear. Then "sick" moodle appeared and your character died (did not get zombified). There might be a new deadly virus in game...
  20. Game character

    What traits does your character have?
  21. Game character

    Was your character scratched or bitten? Scratches and bites can heal but the character could have been infected. Did you eat anything poisonous? Or drunk some Bleach? While it's possible to survive consumption of poisonous stuff, in large enough quantities it can be deadly.
  22. [Build 40.26] Frozen meat

    But are all of those animals frozen completely? (sorry, hard to see in the video) I was able to repo this only with a Small Bird..
  23. Cannot drop items from inventory

    Are you using any mods? And have you got enough room in "floor container"?
  24. [40.26]Can't light campfires and old ovens

    my favourite type of bug
  25. Locked car bug

    Yeah, it's a known issue