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  1. I wish we could just take coolers and cold packages which both exist in the game for a COOL method of transporting perishable foods with a prolonged thawing/cooling effect.
  2. I'd really want to have this, when you think about it it's not something you'd scream for, but they way this was handled is kinda sad. When you shove a zombie into the fence over and over, there's a chance that zombie will decide on their own to climb over the fence away from you, they the'll get up and come climbing over the fence towards you again which is a good what!? moment. This feature would fill up this sad "bump in the road" with a unique animation for pushing a zombie over the small fence with a modest chance of it happeni after 2-5 shoves to avoid just tumbling over a whole horde with a single shove.
  3. Unfortunately devs said that camuflage like this one and zombie guts camuflage like this one as in the walking dead that let's you walk among the dead will never be added, also they marked it as a BIG NO in thick red letters to symbolize how unwilling they are to add such for reasons beyond us and our understanding. (I know it'd be overpowered but I doubt that any regular citizen from Kentuckey or not would be willing or have an idea to do it, so I imagie it'd be a late late game thing to avoid that horde which respawned next to your base for the 1000th time, well once you character figures out that he can do that stuff/isn't grossed by it)
  4. Just find books, tools and 5-10 low - medium condition cars (save the 70%+condition parts) that's guaranteed level 6 maintance in a 1 game week, find those VHD for mehanic skill with those two brothers who repair cars, use it for levle 9-10 with 16x xpe multiplier. It's literally level 10 mehanics in under 15 days. Most zombie games have a way with first aid/zombie however dull it is, but in PZ right now it might as well not even exist (don't even think about that skill) it does barely anything woth noticing + 1 bite = ded/rip/goner Now for this passive leveling, It's thumbs down from me, I see what you mean but It's a far-fetched idea. I mean if I read a good book, odds are it would have entertained me, but if I just walked on Earth I don't think I would become an astronaut. People who drive a vehicle aren't familiar wih mehanics because they are simply in it driving it around, it's because at some time the certain part broke and they had to replace it, having no clue how they went to educate themselvs or ask someone who knew or just gave it to some who knows how to replace it and never learned how. In a nutshell you passive leveling is basically getting to know how this and that works without ever doing it which is kinda :I ... yeah
  5. I took an hour to write a detailed explanation of how this logic of yours is poorly integrated with the game of Project Zomboid, with this "Video games are simplified models of highly complex interactions" being used more as an excuse to bend and interact with this "tug of war" where devs take a feature, say it's a game and modify it to screw and punish the player for a little mistake real hard, life getting a scratch of the foot, no biggie in real life but it makes you temporarely disabled in PZ, then ther's a single zombie slaping his way throug a fridge and a an idustrial metal garbage bin in an hour which is beyond the tug of war thing (just doesn't make sene.). Now you have the ladders model, the actual sturdy ropse, but you have to resort to making SHEET rope out of socks and what not. I'm sorry you don't get the better detailed version, but clicking on steam and back to the forums in 7 sec deleted everything I worte so I apologise again, in a nutshell I tried to explain how most features lean towards the "it's a game" to punish you hard even thoug it make little sense and some are half-assed made with little care or idea.
  6. Uh huh, I get the high velocity crashes with other solid object would bend and utterly destroy your trunk video game or not, but for 1-5 organic zombies with no solid foundation standing on two feet barely keeping balance to walk as reanimated corpses can stop your 1 tone car in place, not fall and still bend your trunk as if you hit an fing concere pole. No sertiouslly you could just scrape a single zombie with your van at higher-ish seeds with you sides and it could lower you trunk by 5 storage units, in some fing way beyond our understanding. Have any devs considered how little this makes sense? It's as if zombies started cheesing the game by exploting the universal laws of physics to screw the player over, while we as the players get the middle finger from the same universe, this feature needs a rework asap, also ladders they exist for more then 10000 years, also why do I have to use my neighbours socks/skirt/t-shirt/pants to make the most unstable, riskiest thing ever called sheet rope, when you already have the sturdy more efficent itme called rope in the game. Not trying to be rude I'm just trying to make a serious conversation and also see how deep the rabbit hole goes, what and way are these features so inefficent, unrealisting, strange, lacking...
  7. Agreed, just because spiders and caves scare me doesn't mean that I don't have courage to face my mother when I broke her vase... or if zombies came at me.
  8. I thought of it to be something as this too, press w to go back up and s to go back down/slide back down, For me this seems to be sucn an undeveloped / badly made feature. I mean it's a thing, but it's a s if devs said "We'll leave this prototype to bait players into thinking that it's useful before we force their demise upone them because the feature sucks hihihihhi hhahahah hehheheh xoxxooxoxoxo."
  9. To those who don't know/have yet to experience this nonsense when you start climbing the sheet rope you can't stop and go back up nor back down, so in a nutshell once you start climing up you're frozen in a slow animation and if there's a zombie coming he'll evaporate the sheet rope with his eyes and you'll fall down to him/ if you were going down and the zombies were coming you'll have to watch your character slowly crawling his/her way towards the zombies with no way of saving them like for example tellig him to do the oppsoite and go back up the sheeth rope. Also, I know this game is supposed to simulate the colape of humanity and descent to cave man - iron age - medieval period, but there's NO WAY I'd be desperate enough at any point in time to make an unstable trash rope look alike made of my underwear, my neihbours socks and my deceased wife's skirt, I congratulate any "average" Kentuckian who can do this to make an actual working rope thingy able to hold their weight. Worst part is you have actual sturdy ropes in the game that could be 1000% more efficent and realistic with only one use as of now and that is bundling logs :I There are two things that don't add up and a rework would be appriciated.
  10. Try soulflinchers mod famimng time It lets you grow beets and wheat for sugar and flour making, also watermelons, grapes, corn, lettuce, bell pepers etc. I think you can even make more yeast with sugar and water + bowl, now you'll be able to eat as many breads, sanwiches, stews, soups and salads as you want, or rather grow!
  11. Remember that most new and fresh players are fresh and new players to Project Zomboid so they could likely accidentally walk over a campfire not knowing the dire consequences of stepping on an amber for 0.000001 second. List time it happend to me was in b39 as I said but Imagine if it happend again accidentally on my 7yr old run, who's gonna feed my npc's both human and animal huh?
  12. The fact that you can catch yourself on fire naked and burn all the way through until you're dead speaks for itself, though fire can burn brick walls in PZ soooooo who knows
  13. Happend once in six months later, it was b39 vehicles IWBUMS, I tried to burn off mega hordes with controlled flames, I accidentally walked over one of the flames from a dead zombie, it lit me on fire instantly and I died in around 10 real life seconds, I had a katana too, I know exactly what this is all about.
  14. Yeah I forgot to mention that this is as you said very appropriate in relation to vans + a picture i was supposed to post
  15. I mean that's it, why have 26 storage per seat when you can take them out and have a "merged" trunk which would be a lot more space efficent than having stuff on the seats and you can put so much more, trust me or atleast trust my neighbour, he did it so he could put 30 heavy crates of raspberries, before that he could barely put 10 crates in the car. Also a buff to the trunks would be cool too.
  16. Just take a bottle of water and right click on the flame, you'll get the "extinguish" option as you can see down below in this picture the same has been done, all fires in this 4x4 tile radius will be extiguished including fires on yourself. All it takes is just a bottle of water, carry 3 bottles when lighting a campfire or when preforming a controlled burn of zombie hordes but I wish we could roll on the ground and not just poof into flames to our enternal sleep if we don't have water on us, also naked characters shouldn't be flamable, you'd get burned on the body but not get engufled in flames naked, makes no sense. I get what people are talking about, but I'm more angry that they haven't added ladders which exist for more than 10.000 years and instead we have to make unreliable recently nerfed sheet ropes that can break any second (realisticlly speaking) tough 2-3 zombie can still destroy them,, it's just stupid.
  17. What in the Hillary Clintons name is this post about!?
  18. Take food high in calories like lard, butter past, rice and dried kidneys with beans dried ckinken with peas or whiskey all of these individualy give more than 1500+ calories well 2000+ only whiskey has 1500 everytin, lard has 3250 calories, eat some of those and you'll be good
  19. Irken Empire

    Camp GigaMart

    Ok by the definiton of brave it mean to face or endure unpleasent situations or behaviour without showing fear, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to be brave (in general) when facing 10 zombies for example or some other "situations" and still be agoraphobic/claustrophobic (fear tight places or outside world), this combo of traits doesn't do anything even now (as it should be) I have brave and claustrophobic on my current run, since I spend a lot of time outdoors killing zombies, travelling from town to town with loot etc. the only time claustrophobic kicks in is when I go to small aprtmenst complexes/houses/sheds which maxes out my panic in less then 6 real life seconds, but when I go outside it takes 30-40 in-game minutes to fully calm down, and then I can "bravely" face 10 zombies without panicking. You should leave these three as they are sicne changing them would be illogical and there's nothing to be exploited there while cowardy + agoraphobic + adrenaline junkie can be exploited for a huge sped benefit.
  20. Me: Listening to PZ players aguing on how unrealist it is to set yourself on fire when stainding on an open flame in flammable clothing.
  21. We already have random car stories like the bandit event, police blocade, special police blocade, crashed ambulance, crashed regular vehicles and so on, they can easily add heavy/commerical vehicle wrecks along or on the roads, they're still random in form of stories that appear as you expore in different locations. It would be probably easy, I just don't understand why we don't have trucks.
  22. This is still in my head, in the walking dead game season 1, 3 months into the apocalypse Lee's group is unable to go to another city with a train because of a "heavy vehicle wreck" type of situation, an even like this would be cool too. Sadly the picture wont show up https://walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/Highway_Overpass but this link will show you what I mean if you're interested.
  23. In my left hand is a red pill, if you eat it you'll be able to make wells in a specific amount of time, months - years In my righ hand is a blue pill, if you eat it you'll be able to craft rain collector barrels in a day which will provide water as long as the rain keeps falling Which pill do you choose?
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