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  1. Maybe I don't get the question but, the world does not seem sterile to me. I see trash on the ground, overflowing trash bins, graffiti on the walls, etc. It depicts the result of chaos after the apocalypse.
  2. Glad to see someone asking this question. I had the same issue and just gave up trying. Didn't die, didn't get infection so....meh
  3. I've always considered it a safe place where I could go and possibly find a sledge hammer. You can usually find a few in one of the main buildings but, yes, the parking lot is void of zombies. I kind of like knowing there is one place where I won't have to fight so hard for my life.
  4. fcolley3


    Thank you for your response MadDan2013. I started playing PZ after the beta build was made public, never played any of the earlier builds. I have seen some youtube videos with either a survivor mod containing NPCs or them playing with an earlier build. I found the NPCs more annoying than anything else and the youtube videos is what I have based my interpretation of what it would be like. I really hope you are right about it being an option in sandbox so it's not mandatory but, I guess there could be some part of playing with NPCs that could be ok. I love the game enough that I guess I would gi
  5. I've been dismantling wall lamps and table lamps found in bedrooms for months now. I've also dismantled microwaves using the torch. If I remember correctly, the table lamps have to be placed on the ground to dismantle. I don't think you can do it from inventory. I've discovered a lot of things can only be dismantled from inventory or, once placed on the ground. So, I give it a try both ways and I'm usually successful, depending on what it is. Would also like to give a shout out to the Devs, animators, scriptors, everyone that makes this game so great. And again want to voice my support in how
  6. fcolley3


    This sounds like a wonderful game but, it's not Project Zomboid. Introduction lines state This is how "YOU" survived. This is how "You" died. I've stated it before, I have no interest in dealing with NPCs in my game. I like playing alone and I have many strategies and game plays which alleviate any chance of boredom. That being said, I have absolutely no problem with this being a feature in sandbox that you can turn on and off. When I found PZ several months ago, I immediately embraced it and it has become my favorite game to play. For months now I have neglected all my other games and have on
  7. Smashing windows are now much easier with the new dial menu. I don't try to find that sweet spot any more. I just stand next to the vehcle, press V and a radial dial comes up with the option to smash window. Perhaps using this method will allow for only having to smash once and not multiple times?
  8. I guess it was a bug that has since been fixed by the Devs. Not finding near as many digital watches as I was but, the ones I am now finding are staying in the container.
  9. Logged off by hitting ESC then quit to desktop. Logged back in by choosing Continue in Steam menu. I had stored the watches in a wooden crate. I've managed to hang on to the one in my inventory the last two times I've logged out and back in again, so that's a positive thing. In the past I've discovered that right after an update (hours after) sometimes things are a little screwy but, in 3-4 days they seem to work themselves out somehow. Not the big issues that could cause my death but little things. I'm hoping this is the case with the watches since I've been able to hang on to the one I have
  10. After the 41.40 update, I'm having an issue with my digital watches disappearing when I return to my game. I understand I initially had to find new watches after the update but, I've logged off a few times to come back and discover the new digital watches I've previously found have disappeared. To test this, I spent a good bit of time going around looting and killing zombies just for the watches. I probably had 7 or 8 that I placed in a container for safe keeping before I logged off. Upon returning, they were all gone. No problem with the wrist watches, I still had all of those but, the digita
  11. Not a hunter but, I'm not able to craft a snare (the only trap I've tried so far). I've read the hunter recipe for it and I've read trapping for beginners. I've made sure I have all the needed materials but, not able to craft one. I did not gain any trapping xp from watching TV in the beginning, how do I actually gain some experience if I can't make a trap to set? And if it makes any difference, I have very high carpenter skills. Thanks in advance for the response.
  12. fcolley3

    Covoid 19

    Welcome back and I guess that makes you now immune to the Covid? Looking forward to all the tweaks and fixes and hoping that enabling power to player made rooms that are added on to exiting houses is in that mix. The 3D items look great and can't wait to see them in the game....in the future. Cudos to the whole Dev team. I've only been playing for a couple of months but with all the hours I've logged, it feels like a year or so. Loving this game enormously. So much for my obsession with Dinosaurs.
  13. And that's why I hit that TV immediately upon spawning. Got 8 or 9 days to play TV tag and then we're on our own.
  14. Wow...I'll enjoy it until we can't anymore.
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