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  1. I posted a bug report a couple of days ago and I've been trying to figure out myself what the problem could be, if it's not a bug. As a reminder: Vehicles that are in good condition stalling Removed all Mods and starting a new game after update Have not been able to drive more than 1/4 block before stalling so, not hitting zeds or trees Not using Sunday Driver trait Today I went back in to try again. Using vehicle with 95% condition, 54% quality and 88% quality on the battery (I've driven much worse vehicles). Again the vehicle stalls but....I started driving it
  2. ahhh...thank you for that info. I'm prone to reload my game after I start to see some stutter anyways, so that never bothered me as the reload always fixed the issue.
  3. I did a search and only found a post where vehicles are stalling in MP game. After update, all my vehicles are stalling in single player. Tried several vehicles all in good or better than good condition. Removed all my mods and it still happens. Fortunately, I'm not having near the issues I see others having, but I guess that could change with prolonged game play. I've started 4 games, found the vehicles fairly quickly, and that's where I stop the game, because of the stalling. Are others seeing this in single player game?
  4. This is a great concern to me as well. I have windows 7, will never go to windows 10. If PZ becomes (now or in the future) only playable on 10, I will loose the ability to play the only game I have been playing since I found PZ (just over a year ago with over 1500 hours of play time). Dust is collecting on all my other games.
  5. I don't know what the garbage collector is but, I'm sure I can live without it. I have windows 7 and likewise never plan to go to windows 10.
  6. I wish it were that easy. This is what I did..... 1. Found the downloaded map folder under C: / Program Files (x86) /Steam/Steamapps/Workshop/Content/108600 Here you will see a lot of numbered folders. These are the ID numbers of the mods you have subscribed to. 2. Open folder 2196102849 (this is Raven Creek mod). 3. Open Mod folder 4. Open Raven Creek folder 5. Open Media folder 6. Open Maps folder 7. Open Raven Creek folder 8. Copy everything in this folder or just copy the folder 9. Now go to C: / Program Files (x86) / Steam/Steamapps
  7. fcolley3

    Bohemian Rhapzedy

    Claps hands enthusiastically....wonderful wonderful post. Thank you so much for giving us "single player" players something to be excited about. It feels like it's been a long time since new features and updates have been directed toward the single player gameplay. Not at all complaining. I/we are being very patient as the team concentrates on getting multiplayer out the door. I've watched for months as the posts get louder and louder regarding "When Is Multiplayer Going To Be Finished?" After a while it gets pretty annoying. It's understandable that at some point you would want to direct all
  8. I've always considered it a safe place where I could go and possibly find a sledge hammer. You can usually find a few in one of the main buildings but, yes, the parking lot is void of zombies. I kind of like knowing there is one place where I won't have to fight so hard for my life.
  9. fcolley3


    Thank you for your response MadDan2013. I started playing PZ after the beta build was made public, never played any of the earlier builds. I have seen some youtube videos with either a survivor mod containing NPCs or them playing with an earlier build. I found the NPCs more annoying than anything else and the youtube videos is what I have based my interpretation of what it would be like. I really hope you are right about it being an option in sandbox so it's not mandatory but, I guess there could be some part of playing with NPCs that could be ok. I love the game enough that I guess I would gi
  10. I've been dismantling wall lamps and table lamps found in bedrooms for months now. I've also dismantled microwaves using the torch. If I remember correctly, the table lamps have to be placed on the ground to dismantle. I don't think you can do it from inventory. I've discovered a lot of things can only be dismantled from inventory or, once placed on the ground. So, I give it a try both ways and I'm usually successful, depending on what it is. Would also like to give a shout out to the Devs, animators, scriptors, everyone that makes this game so great. And again want to voice my support in how
  11. fcolley3


    This sounds like a wonderful game but, it's not Project Zomboid. Introduction lines state This is how "YOU" survived. This is how "You" died. I've stated it before, I have no interest in dealing with NPCs in my game. I like playing alone and I have many strategies and game plays which alleviate any chance of boredom. That being said, I have absolutely no problem with this being a feature in sandbox that you can turn on and off. When I found PZ several months ago, I immediately embraced it and it has become my favorite game to play. For months now I have neglected all my other games and have on
  12. Smashing windows are now much easier with the new dial menu. I don't try to find that sweet spot any more. I just stand next to the vehcle, press V and a radial dial comes up with the option to smash window. Perhaps using this method will allow for only having to smash once and not multiple times?
  13. I guess it was a bug that has since been fixed by the Devs. Not finding near as many digital watches as I was but, the ones I am now finding are staying in the container.
  14. Logged off by hitting ESC then quit to desktop. Logged back in by choosing Continue in Steam menu. I had stored the watches in a wooden crate. I've managed to hang on to the one in my inventory the last two times I've logged out and back in again, so that's a positive thing. In the past I've discovered that right after an update (hours after) sometimes things are a little screwy but, in 3-4 days they seem to work themselves out somehow. Not the big issues that could cause my death but little things. I'm hoping this is the case with the watches since I've been able to hang on to the one I have
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