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  1. Trying to rein in the cynicism and attitude so I'll just say... Lots and lots of games out there. Not every game fits to every one's taste. Doesn't mean there's something wrong with that game. Especially when it has such a great following and fan base. I personally love this game, I look forward to each update post from the devs every two weeks. It continues to challenge me and I never get bored. I will get cocky from time to time and that's when the game reminds what the outcome of the game is suppose to be. So I say, Not today. Not dieing today and I tighten up my game. You can go back to playing b40 at any time. no one is stopping you.
  2. I was recently looting and in an upstairs bedroom when I heard an alarm go off. I know that zoms are very keen at hearing and when in this kind of situation, I stop what I'm doing and quickly find a situation where I can't be seen through a window, sit on the ground and wait for a while. I don't walk around, move things through inventory, and I try and make no noise at all. After a bit however, I start getting bored and am forced to open the inventory and find a book. I can hear my survivor thumbing over the words and turning pages. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the zombies can hear you reading.
  3. Love this game. Love playing this game. And I love watching other ppl play. Thanks for posting on YouTube. Most of my fav players all post on Twitch or Discord now.
  4. Single Player Windows 7 Glad to know that Turbo's health has improved and, thank you for making us aware of his situation. The PZ Community, especially those that have been around for a long time, kind of feel like family. We've supported and defended early access and updates for so long, we appreciate giving us extended news and bringing us in the realm of what's going on with "family". Loving all the new music updates. There is one area, and I think I detected it before the latest update, where about 2-3 seconds of the music made me think of Game OF Thrones. As I'm a big fan, it caught my attention immediately. I wouldn't mind hearing more. Looking forward to running across a deer while I roam in the forest. Great to hear about the paths that animals will be prone to use. Might make my sighting more possible. I'm such a huge fan of PZ that I rarely play any of my other games and it's rare that an evening goes by that I don't play PZ. I believe we need to acknowledge and celebrate the things that make the game so awesome and, we need to let the devs know about those things we're not so keen on. For instance, I will never play multiplayer but I'm so happy for those that have waited so patiently for it for so long. I don't care for the idea of NPC's and hope that I can turn them off in Sandbox. I rarely attempt foraging anymore as I like the old foraging much better. These are personal likes and dislikes. This is not saying that there's anything wrong with these things just that I think the devs appreciate knowing those things that we take great glee in and those things that don't appeal to us. I don't expect anything to be changed to satisfy my preferences, I just want to be the kind of supporter to offer information whether it's praising the game or siting those things that I personally don't care for. I had another game that I was such a fan of that I couldn't speak highly enough about (before PZ) and I was waiting with baited breath for series II. When it came out, I was devastated. You could no longer play it on windows 7 . I can't reconcile updating to Windows 10 just for a game and so, I no longer play that game at all. I won't go into detail the whining I did and how disappointed I was. That is a waste of energy. PZ is my number one game now and I don't even feel the urge to go back and play the series I game. I'm not a big poster and you rarely see me do so. If I have something to say, I'll do so. It struck me this week that the blogging staff thought perhaps they were over stepping by offering us information about Turbo and felt the need to somewhat apologize for it. That spurred me into posting. Again, I'm so glad his surgery went well and we're glad he's back making our PZ dreams come true. Love you guys!!!
  5. I do, and I see that you have no problem seeing the "inflate tire" option on your sports car. So that would be a good assumption...that I have a mod interfering and it's not a bug. Thank you for taking the time to respond and submitting the pic which pretty much offers the answer.
  6. Any car that is a sports model. I can't remember if I get the above information when I click on the tire. If I remember correctly, you right click on the tire to get the options to "inflate tire, uninstall, etc. That is where I am having the issue. I do not get the option to "inflate tire". I can still inflate tires on Heavy duty and Standard. It's been like this for quite a while now. I was waiting to see if this is a bug that would get fixed. One of the first things I do when I acquire a vehicle is inflate the tires. Now, if it's a sports car, I leave it alone. Sports cars are off my acquisition list. I'd like to know if anyone else has this problem with sports cars and I'd like to see this fixed as I've seen some pretty cool sports cars that I'd like to ride around in.
  7. I'm unable to view tire stats for sports cars in the mechanics window, so I'm unable to add air to the tires. Everything else is showing just fine, just can't see any tire details. This is only happening for the sports cars. I can add air and do anything else necessary for heavy duty and standard vehicles. When I move the mouse over the tires, I see nothing. I noticed this a few months ago but waited a while before reporting it in case the devs were aware of this and had plans to fix it. I've elected to not commandeer any sports cars because I'm a bit OCD about immediately adding air to the tires. I would appreciate it if you could take a look at this please.
  8. There are battery chargers in the game. Find one and you can charge your battery back to 100%
  9. Thank you for your response. So I should no longer see the double "Place Item" here? Just be mindful of how I'm placing it? ... via inventory or "Place furniture" option on the left? I just want to make sure I understand you correctly. I will no longer see 2 "Place here" options.
  10. Playing on 41.68. The second "Place here" option is missing when I try to place the radio on the counter. When I try to place now, the radio is tiny. I'm guessing this is a bug? I now just dismantle in my inventory and wait until I find one already placed in-world to tune in to the weather situation. Please take a look at this, thank you.
  11. fcolley3

    Milky Milky

    I haven't been this excited for a patch in a long while. Sounds like a lot of work but that's what makes this dev team so exceptional. I am an animal lover and my Survivor will be thrilled to have four-legged company. I can see him/her dedicated to caring for their animals. Not normally into guns but, will have to dedicate some time to this in order to protect my friends/livestock. One question I have had for quite a while now that will definitely effect my game play, is if we can turn off NPCs in the sandbox. I don't play multiplayer and have always played as my Survivor is the last Survivor in Kentucky...perhaps the world. Please tell me that I won't be forced to play with NPCs if I don't want to. Much gratitude to the dev team that has given me a game that has taken place of all my other games. I hardly miss a day playing.
  12. I really hope you're right about the "options". I don't think I'd be as interested in the game if NPCs are something I'd be forced to contend with. It just wouldn't be the same game for me. I know adding NPCs is something that the devs have always intended but I didn't realize it was such an intricate piece that was considered a "must have" in the game. Although I don't play multiplayer, it's understandable that's a piece that the devs felt was a very important piece that had always been a major goal and that the game would not be complete without it. I've been watching some of the multiplayer videos on youtube and some of them are quite entertaining. Again, not something I'd be interested in participating in but I've had many great laughs while watching others. Thank you for your response. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see if it's an option or not. I get the feeling that it will be quite a while before it's included and that's perfectly fine with me.
  13. For those who have been really wanting NPCs, I think it's great. For me, one of the things I love about PZ is I don't have to perform quests or play to anyone else's imagination. I play solo and for the past couple of years, I've learned to make up my own little goals and things to keep my Survivor progressing and in some cases...Alive! I remember reading posts about some ppl getting bored after a certain amount of time but that has never happened to me. It's because my Survivor has a purpose, a constant reminder that he/she must push forward and perform certain tasks to insure they survive in the apocalypse. For most people, PZ is one of the hardest zombie/survival games out there and it's nothing to loose your survivor after a couple of weeks or even a month or two. In the very beginning, I couldn't stay alive for more than a few hours or a day or two. I do know of some very awesome veteran players that have had their character survive for a year maybe two? But I think they are not the norm. Even the very good players cannot predict what's coming around that corner and some of us get complacent and cocky. So there's no need for me to have non-human players in my game to make it exciting. Each day I survive is a challenge. I've said this before but it's never been confirmed...I truly hope that NPCs are an option. If not, it would be no different than playing any other RPG where I have to seek out people, perform quests, etc. The rawness and realistic way that PZ plays is what attracted me. That's why it has been my main game to play for a couple of years now. This is just my feelings about NPCs and gameplay and for those who really want them, I'm glad this will eventually become a reality for you.
  14. Try this website https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Main_Page There's loads of information on there.
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